The Choice - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie and Brody arriving at her cabin in the woods; looks like they are on a break. But we see that peter is still keeping an eye on Brody to take him out. He then calls Estes and tells him that Brody is not alone and that he will take him down as soon as he gets him alone. Carrie and Brody go for a walk and she tells him that he father had the same mental illness like hers. She tells him that her mother left her father for the same reason and Carries is upset about the fact that her mother never reached out. Saul is still being detained by the CIA. He wants one of the officers to do him a favor and call Carrie. The officer doesn’t want to jeopardize his job.

Later, Brody tells Carrie about a second chance and Carrie says that they could have a clean slate. They then discuss about her illness and he tells her that he is not scared of it. Carrie tells him that he should be. She also tells him that she is scared about the things he’s done. Peter is still watching them and stops when he sees them making out. The next morning, Carrie goes out to buy some croissants and Brody goes to the water to pray. Peter is watching him through a high power rifle and takes aim at him. Later Carrie arrives and finds the cabin empty. She calls out to Brody. She then finds him at the backside; he is alive. Next, Estes arrives home and is shocked to find Peter sitting in his room in the dark. He asks Peter if Brody is killed. Peter thinks that after Walden’s death and Brody’s resignation, there is no more threat to the nation.

Peter thinks that they got Nazir because of Brody and Carrie is the best Intelligence Officer he has seen. And killing Brody would be like killing Carrie. So he infers that the only reason to kill Brody is for covering Estes’ ass. He doesn’t want to wreck Carrie once again; he tells Estes that nothing should happen to Brody, or else he will return to kill Estes. Next, Brody calls Jessica. He tells her that there is a memorial for Walden and that he needs to stop by at home to collect his suit. Jessica then tells him that Chris hasn’t been eating very much. Brody then goes to the cafeteria and meets Mike. He tells Mike that he and Jessica are separating and that gives his blessings to Mike to go back to his family. Next, Estes arrives to meet Saul and tells him that he is free to go. He tells Saul that he decided against killing Brody.

He feels that since Brody kept his word, he too has decided to keep their end of the bargain. And the report on Saul is being redacted as they speak. Brody is at home, collecting his suit and Dana has decided to stay back so that she can talk to her father. She asks him about Carrie. He tells her that he is screwed up. She is upset. Next, Saul and Carrie are on their way to the service. He tells her that she is going to be the youngest station chief. She wonders how Estes agreed to this and he tells her that Estes owes him. Carrie is not too thrilled and Saul wonders why. She tells him that she is scared about her illness and also that she wants a more balanced life. He realizes that she is talking about Brody. Saul is not too happy about the fact that she chose Brody over the agency.

He thinks that she is throwing her life away as she cannot be at the agency with Brody in her life. She reminds him that he doesn’t having an exciting personal life. He tells her that she doesn’t know a goddamn thing. He feels that she is the smartest and the dumbest person he has ever known. Saul arrives at the memorial. Saul lands on an aircraft carrier and he observes the burial rituals for Nazir; everything is being done according to the religious rules. At the memorial, Estes is praising Walden. Carrie and Brody sneak out of the memorial and go upstairs. She tells him that she has decided to be with him. They kiss. Just then Brody notices something weird; his car has been moved. He remembers that he had parked it elsewhere.

Carrie realizes what’s going on. Just then a bomb explodes and the flames engulf Estes who is on the podium. Nazir’s body s dropped into the ocean. The Agency is a mess after the explosion. Carrie wakes up and finds an unconscious Brody lying next to her. She removes her gun and points it at him. He wakes up and is shocked to see Carrie aiming at him. He tells her that he is not responsible for what has happened. It would be Nazir and that he sacrificed himself for this. Carrie doesn’t believe him. He tries to reassure her that he did not do this. She collapses on to the floor and begins to weep. She tells him that nobody would believe him. She tells him that they have to leave the building. At home, Jessica and the children hear about the explosion on the news. Few officials execute a search at Brody’s place.

Carrie brings Brody to a storage facility. She tells him the plan; they are going to leave the country. They enter the facility and Carrie opens a trunk; it is full of cash and fake IDs. Saul arrives at the agency and he is told that approximately 200 people have been killed and only 27 survived. Walden’s wife, son and Estes are dead. He is also told that Carrie and Brody have yet to be identified; but they are presumed dead. According to the forensics, the bomb was in Brody’s car. Saul is now the ranking officer on site and he will have to brief the President. Saul leaves a message for Carrie saying that he is looking for her. Carrie takes Brody to get a fake id made. Jessica tells the officials that Brody moved out and is no longer living with them.

Dana tells the guys that Brody did not do it as she knows that they are holding Brody responsible for what has happened. Just then Brody’s video of the suicide bombing is being aired and Dana is in tears. Following this video, there is a confession from the militant group who confesses that this is their doing. Brody is also watching the television and realizes what is happening. Carrie takes away Brody’s phone as she knows that the minute he gets in touch with his family, the Agency will be on to them like bloodhounds. Saul gets a call from his wife. She was worried about him. She then asks him about Carrie and he tells her that she is gone. She tells him that she would like to come to the US and he gladly agrees.

Carrie and Brody are about to cross to the Canadian border on foot through the woods; but at the last minute she decides against it. She tells him that she is not going with him; she intends to clear his name. They kiss and she assures him that this is not goodbye. Brody leaves. The next day, Saul begins with his investigation. He is in a hall with hundreds of bodies. He says a prayer and Carrie arrives and calls out to him. Saul looks at Carrie; he smiles. The season ends.