Tin Man is Down - Recap

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A man, Peter Quinn, is working in a dark basement. He appears to be building some sort of bomb, which he checks to see if it is working, and then places it ominously on his fridge.

Carrie is being questioned as a representative of the CIA by the Senate. Fifty-eight days have passed since the attack, and the Senate is investigating the extent of the CIA's knowledge of Brody's terrorist involvement. Carrie's involvement with the task force is talked about, and her judgment is being examined for failing to stop the attack.

Over at CIA headquarters, Dar Adal and Saul walk into work together, discussing the investigation and how Carrie is doing. Adal thinks that Carrie taking the fall for this would be a good thing for the CIA, which Saul refuses to let happen. The ruins of the burned building outside still remain, as a punishment for how much the organization has failed.

The board continues to question Carrie, and she is shocked when she finds they have a secret document from the CIA. It is concerning the deal made with Brody for immunity, in exchange for his help. Carrie claims to not know anything about it, and defends Brody's innocence. A recess is called. Carrie's lawyer warns her how dangerous it is for her to attempt to protect Brody, discrediting her in the public eye. Carrie steps out for fresh air, leaving behind her notepad, which her lawyer sees is covered completely in frantic scribbles and ideas. Carrie calls Saul and informs him there is a leak giving out documents, and he promises to get to the bottom of it.

Dana is talking with a support group about re-entry into society. She has been institutionalized for unknown reasons, and talks about coping mechanisms. She and another boy in the group appear to have something going on between them. Dana's mother arrives to pick her up and speaks with her therapist. He tells her that her daughter has made great progress since she attempted to kill herself by cutting her wrists. He suggests continued therapy for both Jessica and Dana, following her release. Jessica is without an income, and under great stress from the public eye, so this seems unlikely. Outside, Dana kisses the boy goodbye, and they talk about remaining in contact, until she has to go with her mom. Upon leaving the center, Dana and her mother are swarmed by the media asking questions about Brody.

Saul has called a meeting at the CIA to discuss a planned strike against six members believed to be involved with the bombing. They have a twenty-minute window to attack all members except the leader, Jevadi. He has been nicknamed "The Magician," for making people disappear and no one can find him. Saul decides to hold off on approval of the strike for the time being. Dar Adal attempts to convince Saul to approve the strike, as well as letting Carrie take the blame once again.

Carrie arrives at home and finds her father examining a massive map of the world on her wall, covered in possible locations of Brody. He takes note of her erratic behavior and confronts her on not taking her medicine. She claims she is fine without it. It helps her perform better, which is something she could have used the day of the bombing.

Jessica and Dana arrive at home, Dana taking note of the FBI presence outside. Inside, her brother and grandma are waiting to welcome her home. Dana heads to her room, noticing the bathroom was re-done in her absence. Inside her room, she puts away a photo depicting her father and then begins to unpack. After finding a note from her boyfriend, she takes a shirtless photo of herself and sends it to his cell phone.

Saul is shown at home, discussing with his wife Mira his confusion over what decision to make about the strike. She has been home for two months now, although they sleep in separate bedrooms. He explains that he does not want to make the CIA into assassins: they are not supposed to kill unless absolutely necessary, and remains torn on the subject.

Carrie returns to court the following day, where the congressman brings up the subject of her whereabouts during and following the blast. In her official testimony, Carrie stated she was in the bathroom, and was then knocked unconscious for the following 14 hours that she was unaccounted for. However, other testimony has revealed people saw her leaving with Brody. While for now there is no proof of any wrongdoing, the congressman promises to uncover the truth and punish all of those involved.

Over at CIA headquarters, Saul stands at a window staring at the rubble of the blast site. Dar Adal approaches him, and Saul gives the order to take out the six targets, as his potentially last order for the CIA.

In Caracas, Venezuela, Peter Quinn is on a motorized bike following his target. He switches on the bomb shown earlier, until he sees a small boy riding in the car as well and changes his mind.

In a mission control room, Saul and his team are monitoring the situation of all six targets. Everyone is in place to go except for Quinn, who is given ten minutes to acquire the target. If he can't, all six missions are to be aborted. Quinn gains entrance into the house he was stationed outside of by using the bomb to cause a distraction. He shoots three guards using a silencer, then kills the target and takes a picture of his body. As he begins to pack up files he found on the desk, someone shines a flashlight on him, and he shoots them as well. It turns out to be a young boy, and Quinn is visibly upset.

At headquarters, at the last possible second they receive confirmation of the target's death. All five other strikes are put into motion successfully.

Carrie is shown at a convenience store buying an excessive amount of tequila as a method of self-medication. She makes small talk with a man who is also purchasing liquor, the two clearly flirting.

At the house, Jessica and her family are having dinner. She talks about how she plans to go back to work to bring in money with her accounting degree. Her mother wants her to go after the government for cutting off benefits. There is palpable tension at the table, until Dana breaks it by cracking jokes.

Carrie brought the man from the store home and had sex with him. Later, she wakes up to a phone call with a bad hangover. It's her father who wants to read the paper to her, an article about Carrie. While she isn't named in it, it discusses an agent who was having a sexual relationship with Brody. Carrie storms into the lunch Saul and his colleagues are having, and confronts him about the article. After fighting with them she is pulled away, yelling at Saul that Brody was his idea.

Dana is at home taking down things in her room, when she receives a shirtless response from her boyfriend in a text. As she carries out a box of things, she overhears her mother and grandmother discussing her attempt at killing herself. Her grandma believes that if Dana had really wanted to kill herself, she would be dead. Accused of wanting attention, Dana walks away, clearly upset.

Saul appears before Congress, where he discusses the successful attack completed the day before. The congressman does not want to discuss it in depth, and directs his attention to the article in the paper wanting answers. Under the pressure of the public eye, Saul cracks, placing the blame on Carrie as she watches on TV. He explains the agent in question is unstable, and had concealed her disorder from the CIA, among other things. Carrie watches in disbelief as tears fall down her face.