Homeland focuses on CIA agent Carrie Mathison, a driven woman that does everything in her power to prevent any attacks on American soil. With all the intelligence the CIA gathers for national security, Carrie has to make difficult choices in life and death situations.

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Claire DanesClaire Danes
As Carrie Mathison
Rupert FriendRupert Friend
As Peter Quinn (Season 3-present (Recurring previously))
Nazanin BoniadiNazanin Boniadi
As Fara Sherazi (Season 4-present (Recurring previously))
Laila RobinsLaila Robins
As Martha Boyd
Tracy LettsTracy Letts
As Senator Andrew Lockhart (Season 3-present)
Mandy PatinkinMandy Patinkin
As Saul Berenson
F. Murray AbrahamF. Murray Abraham
As Dar Adul (Season 3-present (Recurring previously))
Sarita ChoudhurySarita Choudhury
As Mira Berenson (Season 3-present (Recurring Previously))
Jackson PaceJackson Pace
As Chris Brody (Season 1-3)
Morgan SaylorMorgan Saylor
As Dana Brody (Season 1-3)

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3x12: The Star recap: Brody rushes to hide Akbari's body and clean up the blood. He quickly washes his hands and grabs Akbari's gun. He leaves the office and makes his way out of the building. A man stops him at the exit and asks for his visitor's pass back. The secretary enters Akbari's office and finds him dead. Outside the building, Brody gets into a black van. The gate of the compound is opened just as men come out of the building screaming. Brody holds his gun to the driver and orders him to drive... read more.

3x11: Big Man in Tehran recap: Saul is led by an agent to a man in a cell. The man is Alan Bernard and Saul accuses the prisoner of spying. Alan says he only caught him with his wife and asks what he wants. Saul is there to get him out, he needs Mossad agents on the ground in Tehran. Alan suggests that he just speak to Mossad directly but Saul can't do that. He persuades Alan that it's in everyone's best interests if he helps them out... read more.

3x10: Good Night recap: Carrie enters the office and Peter apologizes about shooting her. She doesn't want to discuss the event but Peter said he had no choice. He was worried about the damage he did and looked at her medical papers. He knows that she's pregnant and thinks she should sit the mission out. Carrie says it's none of his business so he should stay away... read more.

3x9: One Last Thing recap: Carrie wakes up in the naval hospital. A doctor explains her injury and says she will be there as long as she needs to be. The doctor informs her that her baby will be fine... read more.

recap: Saul prepares breakfast for Mira in bed. She asks if there's any chance he could skip work today but he has a meeting with Mike Higgins at the White House... read more.
Recurring Guests

David Marciano as Virgil (16 eps)
Navid Negahban as Abu Nazir (13 eps)
Hrach Titizian as Danny Galvez (13 eps)
Maury Sterling as Max (12 eps)
Jamey Sheridan as Vice President William Walden (11 eps)
Zuleikha Robinson as Roya Hammad (9 eps)
Amy Hargreaves as Maggie Mathison (8 eps)
Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn (8 eps)
Timothée Chalamet as Finn Walden (7 eps)
Shaun Toub as Majid Javadi (6 eps)

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