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Series 54

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Series 54

Climate Change: A Horizon Guide

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The Mystery of Murder: A Horizon Guide

Michael Mosley uses footage from the BBC to take a look at scientists' progress as they looked at the mind of a murderer in an attempt to understand why people commit such shocking crimes.

4886 :54x01 - What’s The Right Diet For You?

The would be dieters are followed through an intensive 5-day analysis at a residential diet lab at Liverpool Hope University. Whilst there they have to undergo a series of experiments run by the obesity scientists to look at whether their eating behaviour matches biological and psychological test results.

4887 :54x02 - What’s The Right Diet For You? (2)

The dieters leave the lab and take their diets home where they face the challenge of sticking to their weight loss plans with all the stresses and temptations of their every day lives.

4888 :54x03 - What’s The Right Diet For You? (3)

The show discovers how personalised dieting can work for the volunteers in the long term.

4889 :54x04 - Secrets of the Solar System

The show reveals that far from a simple story of stable objects orbiting a star, the development of the Solar System was a potent combination of hellfire, chaos and planetary pinball.

4890 :54x05 - Aftershock - The Hunt for Gravitational Waves

The show comes from the South Pole to tell the inside story of one of the greatest scientific quests of our time. In March 2014, there was a discovery that made headlines around the world, with evidence from the Big Bang itself.

4891 :54x06 - Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics?

Scientists are not sure what most of the universe is made of, with atoms accounting for only four per cent of it and the hypothetical dark matter and energy making up the rest. The Large Hadron Collider at Cern has recently been upgraded and there is now hope is that it will enable researchers to identify the nature of dark matter and reveal its true secrets.

4892 :54x07 - 70 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt's Dark Secret

The show uses modern technology as Egyptian animal mummies are scanned from museums around the world. 3D images are created of their content and experts are then able to find out the truth about the strange role the creatures played in the ancient civilisation's beliefs.

4893 :54x08 - Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad?

Chris and Xand van Tulleken take a look at how drinking can be bad for your health.

4894 :54x09 - The Truth with Space Junk

The show takes a look at the scale of the problem of space junk featuring first-hand accounts from astronauts and experts.

4895 :54x10 - Are Health Tests Really A Good Idea?

Michael Mosley has a variety of health tests currently available to people who feel perfectly well conducted on himself as he attempts to find out which of the tests are worth doing.

4896 :54x11 - First Britons

The show looks at how some new archaeological discoveries are tevealing a different picture of the very first native Britons.

4897 :54x12 - OCD: A Monster in My Mind

The show talks to different people living with OCD and also looks at the therapy available and asks what neuroscience can offer by way of a cure.

4898 :54x13 - Which Universe are We In?

Until quite recently the whole idea of the multiverse was dismissed as a fantasy, but now this strangest of ideas is at the cutting edge of science. The show asks the question if multiple universes do really exist and which one are we actually in.

4899 :54x14 - Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of Creation

The show takes a look at the real moment of creation known as the Cosmic Dawn, the moment of first light.
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Discovery/Science
Status: Returning Series
Network: BBC TWO ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: May 02, 1964
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