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Polly Bide     Executive Producer 
Adam Bullimore     Executive Producer 
Richard Reisz     Executive Producer 
Sacha Baveystock     Executive Producer1 Eps
Aidan Laverty     Producer 
Tristan Quinn     Producer1 Eps
Michael Lachmann     Producer1 Eps
Penny Palmer     Producer1 Eps
Nick Green (1)     Producer 
Mike Radford     Producer1 Eps
John Lynch (1)     Producer 
Guy Smith     Producer1 Eps
Ron Orders     Producer 
Heike Rebholz     Producer 
James Van Der Pool     Producer 
Daniel Barry     Producer1 Eps
Mark Bates     Producer1 Eps
Rebecca Harrison     Producer1 Eps
Barbara Altounyan     Producer 
Matthew Barrett     Producer 
Alexandra Briscoe     Producer 
Robert Eagle     Producer 
Matt Haan     Producer 
Sarah Kinsella     Producer 
Mark Loughlin     Producer 
Deborah Cadbury     Producer 
Dr. David Malone     Producer 
Tristan Marshall     Producer 
Sascha Olofson     Producer 
Andrew Cohen     Producer (2000) 
Julia Cort     Producer (2001) 
Adrian Pennink     Producer (2001/2003) 
Zoe Heron     Producer (2002) 
Nathan Williams     Producer (2002) 
Johanna Gibbon     Producer (2002-2004) 
Sue Learoyd     Producer (2003) 
Jemima Harrison     Producer (2004) 
Sanjida O'Connell     Producer (2004) 
Thomas Lucas (1)     Producer (2004) 
Jackie Higgins     Producer (2004) 
Sophie Harris     Producer (2004) 
Annabel Gillings     Producer (2004-) 
Alan Spalding     Production Designer (2004) 
Rory Ferguson     Editor 
Matt Kortekaas     Editor 
Andrew Cohen     Editor1 Eps
Shirley Escott     Unit Production Manager 
Alex Barraki     Unit Production Manager 
Nathan Williams     Staff Writer 
Adrian Pennink     Staff Writer 
Thomas Lucas (1)     Staff Writer 
Sue Learoyd     Staff Writer 
Aidan Laverty     Staff Writer 
Jackie Higgins     Staff Writer 
Zoe Heron     Staff Writer 
Sophie Harris     Staff Writer 
Nick Green (1)     Staff Writer 
Deborah Cadbury     Staff Writer 
Nick Davidson     Staff Writer 
Sanjida O'Connell     Staff Writer 
Andrew Cohen     Staff Writer 
Julia Cort     Staff Writer 
Johanna Gibbon     Staff Writer 
Annabel Gillings     Staff Writer 
John Adderley     Music 
Jack Ketch     Music 
Daniel Giorgetti     Music 
Michael Bacon     Music 
Richard Blair-Oliphant     Music 
Lorne Balfe     Music 
Erika ├ľkvist     Costume Designer 
Peter Harvey (2)     Camera Operator 
Ross Keith     Camera Operator 
Mark Molesworth     Camera Operator 
Ash Mills     Camera Operator 
Ken Morse     Camera Operator 
Rob Goldie     Camera Operator 
Dave Drum     Camera Operator 
Bob Cranston     Camera Operator 
Colin Clarke     Camera Operator 
Jean-Marc Bour     Camera Operator 
Dewald Aukema     Camera Operator 
Steve Rayle     Camera Operator 
John Beck     Camera Operator (1996) 
Paul Jenkins     Camera Operator (2000, 2004) 
Scott Walker (1)     Camera Operator (2001) 
David Baillie (1)     Camera Operator (2001-2002) 
Richard Lerner (1)     Camera Operator (2004) 
Shirley Pereira     Production Coordinator 
Henrietta Thring     Production Coordinator 
Abigail Watts     Production Coordinator 
Hannah Riesner     Production Coordinator 
Emma Wass     Production Coordinator 
Emily Samson     Production Coordinator 
Anna McGill     Production Coordinator 
Rachel Lyon     Production Coordinator 
Jane Hudson     Production Coordinator 
Paul Appleton     Production Coordinator 
Peter Badcock     Production Coordinator 
Emily Brownridge     Production Coordinator 
Victoria English     Production Coordinator 
Patricia Fearnley     Production Coordinator 
Nik Gawinowski     Production Coordinator 
Doug Goddard     Gaffer 
Guy Yorke-Wilkinson     On-Line Editor 
Richard Wilding     On-Line Editor 
Richard Snape     On-Line Editor 
Grant Lester     On-Line Editor 
Duncan Balmain     On-Line Editor 
Funda Odemis     Other 
Tricia Power     Other 
Susie Salmond     Other 
Rosie Schellenberg     Other 
Linda Woodhouse     Other 
Arthur Pita     Other 
Janet Pitts     Other 
Josef D'Bache-Kane     Other 
Catherine Wyler     Other 
Penny Palmer     Other 
Tim O'Brien     Other 
Natalie Burke     Other 
Tom Cholmondeley     Other 
Sara Cropley     Other 
Fiona Fernell     Other 
Jenny Foster     Other 
Stefane Kern     Other 
Anna Kirkwood     Other 
Claire Messenger     Other 
Colin Davies     Other (2002) 
Edward Roberts     Story Editor 
Horacio Queiro     Story Editor 
Clare Palmer     Story Editor 
Sam McHugh     Story Editor 
Louise Salkow     Story Editor 
Kieran Smyth     Story Editor 
Lee Sutton     Story Editor 
Simon Thorne     Story Editor 
Paul Chandler     Story Editor 
Mike Curd     Story Editor 
Bettina Lerner     Story Editor 
Sunshine Jackson     Story Editor 
Simon Holland     Story Editor 
Matthew Barrett     Story Editor 
Martin Sage     Story Editor 
Jim Allison     Story Editor 
David Carlin     Story Editor 
Bob Ede     Story Editor 
David Fairhead     Story Editor 
Adam Finch     Story Editor 
Alice Forward     Story Editor 
John Lynch (1)     Story Editor 
David Murray (1)     Story Editor (2000) 
David Chadoir     Art Director 
Kat Law (1)     Art Director 
Jonathon Warne     Production Manager 
Jacqui Timberlake     Production Manager 
Anna Mishcon     Production Manager 
Michelle McDwyer     Production Manager 
Eileen Maguire     Production Manager 
Selina Kay     Production Manager 
Sarah Gregson     Production Manager 
Ruth Cody     Production Manager 
Lesley Cherry     Production Manager 
Fiona Reid     Production Manager (1998, 2000-2001) 
Yolanda Ayres     Production Management 
David Roche     Sound Editor 
Ben Quinn     Sound Editor 
Adam Prescod     Sound Editor 
Greg Molesworth     Sound Editor 
Neil Mitchell     Sound Editor 
Kevin Meredith     Sound Editor 
Dave Lezynski     Sound Editor 
Steve Rogers     Sound Editor 
John Rogerson     Sound Editor 
Alan Russell (1)     Sound Editor 
Peter Sainsbury     Sound Editor 
Percy Urgena     Sound Editor 
Anna Sulley     Sound Editor 
Ben Young (1)     Sound Editor 
Roger Young (2)     Sound Editor 
John Zecca     Sound Editor 
Steve Dix     Sound Editor 
Neil Laycock     Sound Editor 
George Kitson     Sound Editor 
Michael Duxbury     Sound Editor 
Simon Hammond     Sound Editor 
David Head     Sound Editor 
Julian Baldwin     Sound Editor 
Stuart Bruce     Sound Editor 
Steve Bowden     Sound Editor 
Tony Cogger     Sound Editor 
Steve Cookman     Sound Editor 
Doug Dreger     Sound Editor 
Lee Edwards     Sound Editor 
Russell Edwards     Sound Editor 
Maggie Ellis     Sound Editor 
Ron Garson     Sound Editor 
Steve Hubbard     Sound Editor 
Art Jaso     Sound Editor 
Matt Green (1)     Sound Editor (2001) 
Chris Walker (1)     Sound Editor (2001) 
Phil Stein     Sound Editor (2003) 
Tracy Hillman     Sound Editor (2003) 
Michael Keenan (2)     Sound Mixer 
Steve Crook     Sound Mixer 
Stephen Bray     Sound Mixer 
Gordy Waterman     Cinematographer 
Ian Stone     Cinematographer 
Graham D. Smith (1)     Cinematographer 
Tim Platten     Cinematographer 
Clive North     Cinematographer 
Dirk Nel     Cinematographer 
Mark Molesworth     Cinematographer 
Jon Lane (1)     Cinematographer 
David Baillie (1)     Cinematographer 
Matt Conway     Cinematographer 
Tim Cragg     Cinematographer 
Kathleen Friend     Cinematographer 
Neil Higginson     Cinematographer 
Tom Kaufman (1)     Cinematographer 
Chris O Donnell     Assistant Producer1 Eps
Phil Reed     Dubbing Mixer 
Michael Narduzzo     Dubbing Mixer 
Danny Finn     Dubbing Mixer 
Nigel Reed     Dubbing Mixer (1996) 
Colin Martin     Dubbing Mixer (2001) 
Karen Kelly     Series Director1 Eps
Steve Crabtree     Series Producer3 Eps
Igor Morozov (2)     Researcher 
Steve Crabtree     Series Editor3 Eps
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Discovery/Science
Status: Returning Series
Network: BBC TWO ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: May 02, 1964
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