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Elka Ostrovsky, played by Betty White

Elka knows all there is to life because she has lived for so long. Her experiences have made her tough to be able to handle situations as they come rather than letting others take over her life. She comes off as rude to some people, but for the people who know her, it is only an act under the sweet woman she really is.
Melanie Moretti, played by Valerie Bertinelli

Melanie is a go-getter that likes to look at life in many different angles. People think of her as a dreamer and she takes to life like it is her last day on earth. She is always going to be there for her friends no matter what and her experiences in love have not always gone her way.
Joy Scroggs, played by Jane Leeves

Joy has a good look on life and takes every chance she can get to find love and romance in her complicated life. She is constantly looking for the "Mr. Right" that she often gets "Mr. Wrong". However this doesn't stop her from looking. She has an up-beat personality that sometimes comes off as annoying, but she doesn't care.
Victoria Chase, played by Wendie Malick

Even though her days as a Superstar are over and dried up, that doesn't stop her from telling everyone who she is. When it comes to friends, she is a little absent-minded and she's only there for them when it benefits her.