Season 6

105 :06x01 - Comfort and Joy

It is a difficult decision for Joy to make about the man she will be marrying. Victoria's film proves to be very challenging. Elka attempts to bring film jobs to Cleveland.
Guest Stars: Craig Ferguson as Simon | Dave Foley as Bob | Tom Parker as Peter | Connor Barrett as Heath | Karishma Ahluwalia as Yasinia

106 :06x02 - Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

The ladies meet up with the creator of Victoria's new television show in L.A.. Elka attempts to convince him to have the production of the show moved to Cleveland.
Guest Stars: Mario López as Himself | Timm Sharp as Zed Simms | Andrew J. West as Cooper | Casey Washington as Shane | Dio Johnson as Jax | Kalpana Pot as Waitress | Ryan Caltagirone as Brian | Alan Pietruszewski as John

107 :06x03 - Bossy Cups

The women decide to try out some new things after reading inspirational coffee sleeves. Joy attempts to help Victoria.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Wagner as Jim |
Guest Stars: Will Sasso as Frankie | Nichola Fynn as Olivia |
Co-Guest Stars: Ty Mayberry as Fred

108 :06x04 - Naked and Afraid

Elka throws a party in an effort to sway the vote of a rival politician. Melanie attempts to discover if a cute neighbor saw her naked.
Guest Stars: Rhys Darby as Jack | Timm Sharp as Zed Sims | Bryce Johnson as Dylan | Tyler Poelle as Louis

109 :06x05 - Tazed and Confused

Victoria is taken on a ride-along with Joy and Bob. Elka and Melanie battle against Agnes and Mona.
Guest Stars: Millicent Martin as Agnes | Bayne Gibby as Mona | Dave Foley as Bob | Stephanie Escajeda as Detective Valenzuela | Casey Washington as Shane | Cesili Williams as Kori | Rob Locke as Thug

110 :06x06 - Out of Our Minds

Melanie and Jack try to spice up their relationship. Victoria becomes the spokesperson for a new vodka brand. Joy’s new hairstyle backfires when she meets Owen’s office crush. Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair.

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Ben Vereen as Mayor Deacon |
Guest Stars: Michael McMillian as Owen | Rhys Darby as Jack | Carrie Wiita as Debbie | Mary Buckley as Cheryl | Daryl Crittenden as Ben | Brandon Reece as Dwayne

111 :06x07 - Cold in Cleveland: The Christmas Episode

Mortified by an old Christmas movie she made, Victoria tries to get the rights from her ex-husband, Ernie Hudson. Melanie and Sally compete over decorations. Joy spends Christmas without her mother but finds an unlikely proxy. Guest stars: Ernie Hudson, Kelly Schumann, Lesley Nicol

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Ernie Hudson as Himself |
Guest Stars: Lesley Nicol as Margaret | Kelly Schumann as Sally | Steve Monroe as Sam | Robert Neary as Ted | Michael Edwin as Judge | Ramone Hamilton as Danny

112 :06x08 - The Young and the Restless

Melanie enlists Joy’s help to convince Jenna to go to medical school. Victoria obsesses over a nude scene for her new show. Elka takes “Councilman for the Day,” Lance, under her wing.

Source: tvland

113 :06x09 - Bad Boys

Melanie, feeling smothered by her boyfriend, Jack, enlists Frankie’s help to break off their relationship. Victoria’s dad, Alex, comes to town with a shocking announcement. Elka tries to fight off Alex’s advances.

Source: TVland

114 :06x10 - We Could Be Royals

The guys repair Jep's old chicken coop and Uncle Si behaving oddly after too much soda.

115 :06x11 - About a Joy

After Bob helps Joy's grandson deal with a bully, Joy sees him in a new light. Melanie finds inspiration.

116 :06x12 - One Wedding and One Funeral

Elka requires Melanie's help after her affair takes an unexpected twist.

117 :06x13 - Scandalous

A damage control team attempt to cover up a mayor's death. A woman gives Victoria's show a bad review.

118 :06x14 - Family Affair

The women take a DNA test and learn about their ancestries. Melanie pretends to be someone else when she meets a handsome relative. Victoria finds out she’s a Native American. Joy and Elka make a startling discovery.

Source: TVland

119 :06x15 - All Dolled Up

Elka is convinced that Bob’s gift to Joy is a voodoo doll. Melanie accidentally doses her boyfriend, Dane with estrogen. Victoria gets a visit from her agent.

Source: TVland

120 :06x16 - Bad Girlfriends

Melanie feels jealous after her boyfriend becomes Victoria's love interest in a play.

121 :06x17 - Duct Soup

Everybody attempts to help Joy's son organize the rehearsal dinner for his wedding.

122 :06x18 - Cleveland Calendar Girls

Having taken some engagement photos, Joy discovers something new about Bob.

123 :06x19 - Kitchen Nightmare

Melanie has to deal with a difficult chef. Victoria attempts to impress a restaurant critic.

124 :06x20 - All About Elka

Victoria has to direct both her mother and son in a musical play. Elka attempts to secure a part in Victoria's play.

125 :06x21 - Say Yes to the Mess

Victoria and Melanie attempt to adjust to Joy leaving. Bob attempts to impress Joy's mother.

126 :06x22 - Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!

The cast and crew discuss their favorite episodes, bloopers and behind-the-scenes moments.

127 :06x23 - Vegas Baby

The friends manage to rediscover themselves whilst in Ohio.

128 :06x24 - I Hate Goodbyes

Joy and Bob's wedding plans do not go to plan after they find out that there is a baby available for adoption.