The Sex That Got Away - Recap

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The episode begins with Tori entering and saying that she pulled a muscle fastening her bra. Elka enters and wants to know what’s going on. Joy tells that Tori is having a “senior moment” and Elka tells that she gets those all the time and that she sometimes wants to pick up a cane and hit people with it. Melanie enters in excitement and tells that the Rock and Roll Hall and Fame is having party and that her idol, Hailey Nash, is going to be there. Tori tells that she is going to the party too because Johnny Revere is going to be there and she wants to rub her fame in his face and throw a drink in his face for leaving her in Arizona after a wild ride of sex. Joy is excited because she never threw a drink in someone’s face before and would like to see that happen.

At the party, Tori and Joy are talking about how Tori is going to throw a drink in Jonny’s face. Melanie runs over and tells that she tripped over a carpet and landed in Hailey Nash’s breasts. Elka enters and she is looking for Willie Nelson and tells that she always makes Brownies for Willie Nelson whenever he is in town. Joy picks up the Brownies to find out that they are just Brownies. Elka is appalled and asks Joy, “What are you smoking?” Elka goes up to a bouncer and asks where Willie is and he escorts her to him. Victoria sees Johnny Revere and she is going to throw the drink in his face but stops when he tells that she looks hot. He tells her to meet him in his hotel room afterwards. Elka comes over and tells that the girls don’t stand a chance because of all the attractive young girls at the party. Tori brags that she is going to have sex with Johnny. Melanie feels that it is a bad idea but Joy tells that there is nothing to stop bad boy sex. Tori tells that it is not about the man that she wants, it is the sex that got away that she wants back. Tori realizes that Johnny hasn’t seen her body since she was in her 20’s. She asks Joy for an underwear switch, but she is against it, but she then asks for a last minute wax job and Joy tells that she’ll have to “MacGyver” it and takes a candle and napkin.

In the hotel room, a freshly waxen but very pained Victoria Chase enters. Johnny asks if she is alright she tells that she is fine. Meanwhile, Melanie is at the bar and she tells the bartender that she needs to apologize to Hailey Nash for bumping into her boobs. The bartender tells that she can get her chance because she is right behind her. Melanie turns around and spills her seltzer all over Hailey. She tries to dab it up and tells that it won’t stain. Hailey walks away with Melanie telling that she likes her breasts and telling the crowd that she is “totally wasted”. Back in the hotel room, Tori is attempting to get Johnny into bed and he tells that he brought her up to apologize. Tori is upset and tells that the wax job was a waste of time. But he stops her and they challenge each other to have wild sex. But this proves difficult when Johnny’s knee hurts, Tori’s back hurts, Hair gets caught and difficulties with the shirt. Tori hurts her shoulder again and they feel that it is hard to do. They talk about the times they had and they kiss tenderly as they lay down on the bed.

The next morning Melanie and Joy are sitting on the porch swing and they talk about Tori’s wild adventure. Joy tells Melanie that Tori is a lucky woman. Melanie tells Joy that she wrote a note for Hailey and a CD for her to autograph as a sorry. That way she can tell if she was receptive if Hailey sends back the CD signed. Tori enters hung over and talks about their time together. She tells that it wasn’t the whole catalog, but it was the Greatest Hits for sure. Suddenly, Hailey Nash comes through the door and Melanie chokes on her coffee. Tori goes up to Hailey and apologizes for Melanie’s behavior and Hailey picks out that Tori’s blouse is inside out. Joy goes upstairs to help her so she doesn’t pull a back mussle. Hailey tells Melanie that her note was really sweet. Melanie rambles on about how she likes Hailey and Hailey kisses her. Melanie is shocked and tells that she is not gay. Melanie did not know that Hailey was a lesbian. She leaves and tells Melanie to enjoy the CD.

Afterward, in the kitchen, Joy tells that she did not know Elton John and George Michael were gay and thought that George Michael wanted her sex. Melanie tells that she thought the Village People were strait as well. Elka tells that nobody knew that anyone was gay and she had the hots for Liberace. The three girls laugh and Elka tells them that she could have turned him strait.