It's Not That Complicated - Recap

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The scene opens with Melanie going down to the stairs to go to New York to see her daughter in a play. She tells that she is going to be set up with one of the fathers of her daughter’s friends. There is a knock on the door and it is Nick and he wants to give back Elka’s shoe that she dropped at the dance. Elka tells that she cheated on Max by dancing with Nick at the dance. Victoria tells that dancing is not cheating and Elka tells that the Polka is the forbidden dance of love. She goes out and talks to Nick on the porch swing and tells that she is with Max. He tells that he knows but can’t fight that there was a spark between them. Nick’s pacemaker goes off and he says that he is getting overstimulated.

Melanie meets her daughter backstage and her daughter says that Anders couldn’t make it because Kim had a yoga emergency. Melanie is relieved because she would not want to run into Anders. There is a man at the door with flowers. It is Anders. Back in Cleavland, Elka receives flowers from Nick and asks Joy and Victoria for advice to what she should do. Melanie walks in the door, back from her trip to New York, and tells that she made out with Anders. She tells that her blind date didn’t show and Anders and Melanie took Jenna out to dinner and then Anders and Melanie went out for drinks and her feelings got the best of her. She tells that she felt like she was in one of the romantic movies. The girls go through the different voice overs that are in romantic movies and Joy tells that she is ashamed to be a woman. Victoria tells that it is normal to sleep with their exes. Anders texts Melanie and tells that he wants to see her again. Joy tells her to tell him no. Melanie tells that she needs to think about it and Anders texts back if he could use her bathroom. They look up and Anders is standing outside.

Melanie is sitting with Anders and he tells that Kim and him have been having problems. Joy yells out „typical” from the kitchen. Joy tells that they have to say something and Victoria tells that they can’t because they will ruin things and if they say something, they will ruin things. Melanie and Anders are on the couch and Melanie agrees to dinner. The next morning Victoria feels that she needs advice from Joy about her body and shows her naked body for Joy to judge. Elka walks in and says that people eat in the kitchen. She tells that she needs advice. Both Nick and Max asked her to the dance and she doesn’t know what to do. Joy tells her to go to the dance with one and have a nightcap with the other. Elka tells that she is not going to go because Joy’s love life is non existent and Elka feels that whatever she says is the thing not to do.

Melanie comes down and tells that she has reservations and that she needs advice. Joy tells that she is beginning to feel like the gay friend that you go for advice. Melanie wants to know when you know it is the right thing. Victoria tells that if you put on your wedding ring and Melanie finishes by saying that if it feels right then it is meant to be. But Victoria was thinking on the diamonds that refract off your eyes. Joy and Victoria are on the porch and Anders comes up and tells that he needs advice. that he and Kim are getting back together and he is flying to L.A. The next scene shows Anders huddled over and Joy tells that she never kneed a man in the manhood.

Joy tells that Anders is going to let Melanie break up with him and that he is going to cry too. They go inside and find Melanie going downstairs. Melanie put on the ring and now she can’t get it off. She tells it is a sign. They tell that she needs to break it off and that Anders is still cheating and has not changed. Melanie tells that she has changed and goes out to tell Anders. She goes out and a pained Anders tells Melanie that he is sorry. Melanie comes back in and tells that she feels terrible to do that and says that maybe it is like the movies and she is supposed to meet him at the airport and they get together. Joy and Victoria come clean and tell Melanie that Anders is getting back with Kim and that they told him to allow you to break up with him. She is upset with them and Victoria attempts to tell that it was all Joy’s plan. Melanie runs off to the airport.

At the airport, Melanie attempts to get Anders attention and the Check-Point officer stops her. She tells that she has to tell Anders something before it is too late. The officer radios her partner to bring Anders back and is excited to see a romantic movie scenario come to life. Anders comes back and Melanie, who has been watching her language through the whole episode, releases all the curse words she can think out and tells that he is a deadbeat. The officer tells that she was thinking that was going to go another way then it did.

Back in the house, Joy and Victoria invite Max and Nick over so that Elka can face her problem. Elka gives Joy the look of death and Max tells that he will fight Nick for Elka’s love. Victoria tells that they don’t need to and Elka eggs them on. Melanie walks in and starts to tell that she cursed and Victoria tells that she is proud of her. Elka tells that they need to take the Hen Party outside because her men are fighting for her. Max tells that he is not going to fight and Elka tells that she loves Max for it. Elka tells Nick that there is going to be a lot of girls at the dance and that he will have a chance with them. At the thought of this, Nick gets overstimulated and his pacemaker goes off again.

Later at the restaurant, Melanie is still trying to get her wedding ring off and it flies across the room. A police officer picks it up and asks if it is Melanie’s. She tells it was and he offers to buy her a drink. Thinking it worked for Melanie, Victoria takes her ring and throws it at a man she wants to go with and he accepts. Joy feels it worked for them and should work for her. She throws her ring but Elka is there and she catches it. She asks if she is that desperate.