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Tornado - Recap

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The season finale kicks off with Melanie and Joy trying to get into the Tornado shelter and Elka won’t let them in. She doesn’t want them to see her stash and they say that they don’t care about the stash and to let them in. Victoria comes outside and she is in a fancy dress. Elka finally opens and reminds them not to tell anyone. They enter and they all have surprised looks on their faces. The show flashbacks to earlier that day and Melanie is listening to the weather report and Victoria turns it off and tells that she is on a phone call with Paris to make sure that her dress will be ready to her before the hour, she needs to get out of Cleveland to LA for an awards ceremony. Victoria’s show, “The Edge of Tomorrow”, is being cancelled and it is the last chance that Victoria will be to show Susan Luci who the real daytime actress is. Joy tells that she has a „booty call” and tells that she needs a good “Rogering”. Melanie is scared of the tornado. She opens the door and the wind is strong.

Back to present, they show the girls in the tornado cellar and asks what all the jewels and crowns are from. Elka tells that she is Anastasia. She tells that she is not really and that she always wanted to say that. She tells that her husband was a fence for the mob when all the years that he was alive, she thought that he was an accountant. Melanie asks why she didn’t turn it into the police. She tells that she didn’t want to ruin her husband’s name and Victoria tells that it makes her an accessory and she could go to jail. Elka tells that is a reason too. Joy asks if they are the only one to see all the stuff and Elka tells that there was time when she went on “Antiques Across America” and sought to find out how much she could get for a crystal egg. Joy finds the reason why she always smelt like Pot. Melanie freaks and Joy asks Victoria if she has a pill for Melanie’s problem. Victoria tells that she doesn’t and Elka tells that she has old whiskey and tells the girls to grab a Roman goblet. Victoria is upset that she is not going to be able to go to the awards ceremony and that she will try to brave the storm. Melanie stops her and they turn around to find Joy covered in jewels, she tells that she is on edge still from earlier that day.

The show flashback to Joy on a bed in lingerie and her “booty call” is there. They kiss and Joy gets a text. She tries to ignore it but it rings again. She tells that it is just her friend but finds out that it is from her son texting her. Back to Elka and the rest and Elka asks if it is the one she put up for adoption and says that they could never know with Joy. She tells that it was. They flashback and Joy tells the guy that it is the first time that she has gotten in contact with her son and asks what she should write to him. The guy tells to say that she is busy but she goes on and tells that she was with her boyfriend and that she gets pregnant easy. This scares off the guy and she tells that she doesn’t need sex because she has her son. Back with Elka and the rest and Victoria asks if she really said that. She did. Joy tells that she lost signal before she got to write to him back. Melanie tells that she is worried about Pete and hopes that he is alright after earlier that day of something she said.

The show flashback to Melanie runs down and is on the phone with her kids and leaves a message that she might not make it through the tornado and Pete enters. She jumps on him and is glad that he is alright. He asks if she has her emergency supply kit. She tells that she has her hair dryer, makeup, styling kit. She tells that those are emergency supplies in LA. Pete looks frustrated but tells that Melanie is too cute. Victoria comes down in her fancy dress and tells that she can still catch the plane. Pete tells that it is not going to fly but she tells that it is not a problem for actors. Melanie is worried but Pete tells that Victoria won’t get far. Melanie freaks out more and tells that she doesn’t want any cows to be taken away. Pete tells that it doesn’t happen that much. As Pete goes out, Melanie tells that she loves him.

The show returns to the present and the girls only knew Pete a few weeks. They show Joy wrapped in jewels and Elka asks if Pete said it back. Joy tells that Melanie shouldn’t worry about it because people say I love you all the time. She tells that she told a man that she loved him because he told her that she looked like Kate Beckingsale and Elka asks why she didn’t give his guide dog a biscuit. Melanie tells that she could not be saying I love you, but tells that she wants him to say it back. The storm gets worse and Victoria tells that they can pretend the television works and that they are watching the Emmy Awards Red Carpet and tell who looks ugly. Melanie tells that Susan Luci looks ugly and Victoria tells that she is a good friend. Elka calls her a liar and Victoria tells that there has to be lying in a friendship to have a friendship last the 20 years as theirs has. 6 divorces (5 of which were Victoria’s) and an array of boyfriends (all of Joy’s) and Elka tells that she wishes she has what they have and Melanie tells that she does now.

The power comes back on and the storm stopped. Melanie tells that they could be in the eye of the storm. The television works and Victoria wants to know who won the Emmy. Victoria wins the Emmy and she jumps around with happiness, but the happiness when they see that Susan Luci is accepting the award for her. She tells that Victoria is recovering from a disease and she tells that Victoria had a botched surgery. The power turns off again and Pete enters in and tells that the storm is over. Melanie asks what Pete was thinking about what she said. He tells that he has been thinking about it too. The lights turn on and his attention is on the stolen jewelry. He asks what all the stuff is. The episode ends with Elka getting arrested with a to be continued.