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Hot For The Lawyer - Recap

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The scene opens with the girls giving themselves a day at the spa at the house and Elka walks in and jumps in fright when Joy takes off her face mask. The girls tell that they wanted to do something nice for themselves given recent happenings. Elka tells that she is missing Max and no has found out that he is dating Agnes Fatferd now. Victoria comments that she likes the different names that Elka has for Agnes. Melanie sees a handsome man talking on his cell phone outside. The girls jump up and check him out. Elka tells that it must be her lawyer. They all run upstairs to get presentable. Elka is dumfounded about why they would get so worked up over a guy. She opens the door and sees that he is as attractive as Melanie thought and tells that she hopes that he is her lawyer because she is defenseless.

Elka and Kurt are in the kitchen when Joy comes out in a teddy and tells that she didn’t realize that people were over. Elka is disgusted and Joy asks Kurt if he is married. He tells that he is not. Melanie comes downstairs dressed in a nice dress and talking in a deep sultry voice that Joy asks if she catch a cold. Melanie tells that she always talks sexy. Elka tells that Kurt was sent to Elka from her ex-husband’s “associates”. Victoria comes out in her Emmy dress. She tells that she has to talk to people about her win about the Emmy she won. Kurt tells that the State has a solid case against her, but he tells that she needs to pretend to be senile. They all agree that they will do anything to keep Elka out of jail. The girls all say goodbye to Kurt and Elka is already practicing for the competency court hearing.

In the kitchen, Joy, Melanie and Virgina tell that they all like the same guy. Melanie tells that they can have a healthy wager to see who can get with Kurt. Melanie tells that that she can’t have him because Joy and Victoria hasn’t hooked up with anyone and she tells that she gets to give Kurt to someone. However, Melanie tells that Kurt tells that she has an honest face and Victoria tells that she bewitched him and Joy tells that Kurt was looking at her legs. Victoria meets with Kurt and tells that she needs guidance for acting a lawyer. However, Joy is there and they try to sabotage each other. Melanie calls and asks if he can help her.

They meet at the courthouse and the girls are insulted that they said the things. Kurt comes in and they tell that it was a lot of fun. Elka comes out acting senile when Max and Agnes come in. Agnes tells that they are going to get married. She throws her slipper at Agnes. At the hearing, the judge likes Kurt and tells that it is now a good day. The other lawyer introduces himself and she tells that no one cares. Kurt calls the girls to the stand and they all tell that Elka is senile, but tries to sabotage each of their stories. Elka has enough and tells that the only crazy people are the girls. The judge tells that Elka is competent to stand trial and the judge has Kurt come to her chambers. Elka runs up to Max and Agnes and tells that she is madly in love with Max. He agrees and tells Agnes that she can’t marry her and tells that loves Elka. He tells that he and her can get married now and she tells that she wants to wait. Max tells that he wants to practice one thing though. He kisses her.

Later, the girls apologize to Elka about their behavior and Elka tells that if she gets and all female jury, she has it made. Melanie tells that she gets jealous of the girls and they all agree that they are all jealous of each other and Elka tells that all of them are hot, fabulous and alone. She leaves and tells that she has a date.