Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy's Fix - Recap

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The scene opens with Elka talking to a dog. Melanie and Joy come downstairs and they say that they love dogs. Elka says that she rescued it from the shelter. Joy says that she loves rescue dogs because they are so grateful and happy. She says that she wishes that there were rescue men. Elka says that if the dog doesn’t learn new tricks, he won’t get adopted. The dog starts licking himself and Melanie says that it is a good thing that men can’t do that. Elka says that the dog’s name is Dummy and that is why probably. She says that she has a gift with dogs that she calls “The Gift”. She says that she knows what the dog is thinking and right now he is saying, “Why doesn’t Joy dress her age?”

Victoria comes in and says that she is going to make a sex tape to boost her career again. She says that her agent said that the latest thing now is Girl on Girl and Victoria says that she told him that she knows just the right girl. Elka and Joy say they are not doing. Victoria says that Melanie is a good choice. Melanie says that is not going to happen. Victoria says that she picked Melanie because she is the easiest to wear down. Victoria says that there is not going to be any touching or nudity. Joy says that she doesn’t understand sex tapes and Elka tells that she watches them after “Dexter”. Victoria says that they are supposed to do things for each other and Melanie confirms that it is “for” each other, not “to” each other. Victoria says that she gets Melanie stamps and says that it is much worse than the sex tape because she has to go all the way to the post office whereas Melanie has to go upstairs. Joy tells Elka that her therapist doesn’t believe her when she tells him the stories and Elka says that Dummy said that Joy is beyond therapy. Joy says goodbye to “old useless Dummy” and then says goodbye to Elka’s dog.

Joy goes into her therapist’s office and meets Gordon, a patient of her therapist. They talk about how the coffee shops don’t have lids that fit their coffee cups. They find that they have a lot in common. Joy’s therapist comes out and Joy tells him to tell Gordon that she is not a psychopath and he says that he can’t discuss that and changes subjects. Gordon goes in the office and then comes out and says that he would rather spend his hour with Joy. At the house, Elka says that she is cold and says that she either has to either get her sweater or knit faster. Dummy brings her sweater, but Elka doesn’t see it. She says that Dummy is good at shedding when she sees that her sweater is there. Joy comes in and says that she meet a very nice guy at her therapists office. She says that she got his files to find out if he is marriage material. Melanie doesn’t like it, but understands what Joy is going through. There is a knock on the door and Victoria says that she hired a professional at this and that she will do it. Melanie is only going to have to film it.

In the bedroom, Melanie asks the call girl what men like and she says that it doesn’t matter what you do really, but what you say. Victoria gives the call girl a script and says that she gets paid extra for being a Porn Star. Victoria says that she is promising her money and the call girl leaves. Melanie says that she still is not doing it. Later, Joy is on her date with Gordon and she hints to the fact that she is everything that he wants in a woman. They kiss and everything seems to be going right. Melanie and Victoria try to see what Victoria can do to make money and they can’t decide. Joy comes in and says that she had a great evening and says that she can’t lie to Gordon anymore and that she is going to tell him that she is going to get deported if she doesn’t get married soon. Elka comes in and says that she will be in Victoria’s sex tape.

The next day, Joy goes into the therapist’s office and finds Gordon coming in. She says that she has coffee for him and says that she is going to be deported if she doesn’t find a husband. Gordon says that they can’t let that happen and says that they are going to have to find a way for her. He says that he is afraid of flying and Joy blurts out that she didn’t read that in his file. At the house, Joy says that she went from possible green card to restraining order in a matter of seconds. She says that she feels hurt and her friends tell that she has made a step forward and Joy realizes that they all read her file. She says that she should be happy. Dummy comes up and rests his head on her leg and Elka says that Dummy is saying that there is a pitcher of margaritas in the fridge.

The girls enjoy their drinks and Dummy gets a home, it is with them. Victoria’s agent texts her and says that there might be an opening on “Celebrity Rehab”. She wonders how she can jumpstart her career, Joy wonders why she can’t hang onto a man and Melanie asks why margaritas make her feel like she will have sex with anyone. Victoria throws her hands up and says that Melanie is now just telling her this.