Where's Elka? - Recap

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The scene opens with Melanie coming in the house with Elka’s computer. Victoria is not paying attention and Googles herself. Joy Googles herself too about her Governor problems. Melanie checks her recent searches and they all have to do with Canada and realize that Elka fled to Canada. On the road, they hear on the radio that the media knows that Joy is a foreigner who is looking for a green card. Victoria admits that she told the public so that when she has the story, she will be able to push to the top. They see Elka’s car parked next to a horse and buggy. They walk into a bar and it is filled with Amish people. Melanie realizes that they are in Ohio’s Amish Country.

Melanie asks if they have seen their friend and the bartender tells that Yoder is the man they want to talk to. He asks if they want a drink and they say that they want some cider. The bartender warns them that the cider is not normally for women. They say that they can hold their cider. However, several cups later, Victoria, Joy and Melanie are passed out on the table. Yoder comes in and asks for two shots. He gets up to leave and Victoria wakes from her stupor and chases down Yoder. The next morning, she wakes up in a bed with a bunch of Amish women. She asks where she is and Elka pops up and tells that people are trying to sleep. Victoria asks why Elka is there and she says that she can’t go back to the slammer. She gets up and Victoria says that she can’t leave her alone with the Amish. However, the Amish women love Victoria and say that she has the face of a goddess. She decides to stay.

Back at the bar, Melanie and Joy wake up and Melanie has a beard. Melanie laughs at Joy’s hair and Melanie asks how she got a beard and the bartender says that they re-enacted “Witness” for them. They asks where Victoria is and the bartender says that she went with Yoder and he will give them direction. Meanwhile at Yoder’s house, the women are gathered and sewing. Victoria realizes that she is having a fun time with them because they adore Victoria. They keep complimenting her and she loves every moment of it. The head woman says that they get to wear makeup on their “Rumspringa”, a time to get away to realize that Amish living is the better of the two. She asks if they really have not seen her show “The Edge of Tomorrow”. The head woman asks what part of “No Tv” does she not understand. Victoria says that she is touched and loves them all. Victoria and Joy drive around and pass by Elka. They asks her what she is doing and she tries to hide that she is Elka.

Back at Yoder’s, Victoria is churning butter and she tastes it. She is surprised that it tastes good. She sees that she has a callus. Joy and Elka come in and Melanie comes in and the women mistake her as a man and Elka says that she needs to get to Canada. Victoria says that she is going to stay. She proves that she has read the Bible. Later, Elka, Melanie and Joy go back to the house to find Mrs. Shaw, the Governor’s wife and is there and says that they are waiting for the poll numbers to come in and if there is infidelity, the numbers go down 5%. She says that she will use her influence to get her a green card. Joy asks if she can have Elka pardoned. Elka and Joy fight back and forth and Elka says that Joy has two people who can stand her and Joy says that she is trying to help her. Mrs. Shaw says that she could do both and they celebrate.

Later that night, the girls watch the Governor say that he made a mistake and that it is a happy day. Elka says that it doesn’t feel like a celebration without Victoria. Suddenly, Victoria comes through the door and tells them to run the blender just because. Victoria realizes that her time with the Amish was her “rumspringa”. She hears horses and Victoria says that it is Yoder, her husband. She says that he wants to live a life with her. However, Elka tells that she is not a virgin and Yoder says goodbye. He asks Melanie, Joy and Elka and Elka pretends to be a virgin to get a free date out of him. The episode ends.