Battle of the Bands - Recap

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The scene opens with Victoria ordering tomato soup with Vodka in it. Joy says that she will have that too and Elka says that they will take a pitcher of it for the table. Melanie gets a text from her agent that says that they want to do a monthly column from her book. Melanie sees that the bar is having a Battle of the Bands contest and Melanie says that she has always wanted to be in a band. Joy says that she always wanted to be in “The Bangles”. Elka says that she wanted to be in “Hole”. She defends it by telling that she lives in the Rock and Roll capital of the world. Joy says that she was a lead singer in a band when she was a teenager. Melanie says that she can play guitar and Victoria is on Bass and Elka is on drums.

They start practicing and sing “Some Kind of Wonderful”. They like how they sound. Joy takes charge and tells the faults of the other band members. Rick comes over and tells them that they suck and that the “Garden Weasels”, his band, is going to win because they have won every year. Joy tells that they are going to rock his socks off. Joy tells that they are going to practice until they get tired. That is what they do and Melanie, Elka and Victoria are too tired. Joy is still too hyped up and tells that they just need coffee. Melanie tells Joy is bossy. The next day, Joy is at the bar and the waitress gives her a drink and says that it is from a secret admirer. Rick comes over and tells that he is the “secret admirer” because he needs her on his band to beat out a new young group. He tells that she needs to leave them.

Joy gets home and Victoria, Melanie and Elka are dressed in suits and Joy tells that they are not going to beat the “Garden Weasles”. She tells that Rick tried to steal her from the band. Joy says that the girls can’t win without her. Melanie says that is not true. Melanie says that if she is just staying out of pity, then she can leave. Joy leaves the band and wishes them luck. Melanie tells Victoria that without Joy, they are going to blow. Victoria says that she is lead singer and Melanie says that she could do it. Victoria defends her singing by saying that she has slept with a lot of singers. Later, Melanie is trying to get her tone right for singing. Victoria comes out and says that she still can’t sing. She tells that they are naming the band “Victoria and the Chasers”. Joy comes and Victoria and Melanie pretend to have something. Joy tells that she is off to band practice. Victoria and Joy argue as to is going to sing. Elka says that they both suck, but with Auto Tuning Microphones, they are going to be great.

The next day, Victoria and Melanie are still having fun with the Auto Tuning Microphones when Joy comes downstairs. Rick comes in and tells that Joy is dressed separately and tells that they are going now because they have a pre-gig. The night of the competition arrives and Melanie and Victoria and Elka get up and Rick tells that Auto Tuning Microphones are not allowed. They panic and Melanie says that they can’t back down. Joy doesn’t like that Rick ratted them out. She slaps him and sees Victoria and Melanie bomb on stage. However, Joy tells Rick that they need a singer and joins them on stage. They get home and they got 3rd place. The young kids won and Melanie says that they still came ahead of the “Garden Weasels”. Joy apologizes about her attitude and they forgive her. That night, Melanie and Victoria use the Auto Tuning Microphones to say goodnight. Rick says goodnight and Joy asks how he got up the tree, but suddenly it breaks. She says goodnight to Rick.