Bridezelka - Recap

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The scene opens with Elka and Fred meeting with a reverend to discuss the arrangement. He says that he realize that they wanted him to pretend that they are a young couple, but they could go over a few things. Elka says that they want a simple wedding. Fred tries to throw in his two cents and the Reverend says that he needs to just to go limp. He says that the day is not about him, but about her. Elka says that she like him. Meanwhile, Melanie, Victoria and Joy go through wedding magazines and Victoria tells that she remembers her wedding. However, it was with her gay husband and it was different.

Elka comes in and shows a picture that she has for her wedding album. They compliment her body in the picture and she says that she was Miss Teen Potato in Poland. Victoria asks if she was a virgin when she got married and Elka says that she didn’t become Teen Potato without “peeling” a few of them. Melanie says that they are going to plan and pay for the wedding. Elka says that she wants a small wedding and that they don’t need to be too elaborate. They tell that all the eyes are going to be on Elka and so they have to have the best wedding for her. The doorbell rings and Victoria tells that it is the thing that is going to pay for the wedding and then more. She gets the package and it is from the same company that gave her Mrs. Lady Pants. She opens it up and pulls out a letter. She says that she is going to try their new product “Mrs. Lady Pants for Body”. They pull out a jumpsuit.

Early the next day, Elka tells that her wedding needs to be big and Joy is her wedding planner. Melanie gets up and they hear crimping sound. It is Victoria. She doesn’t have much of a voice and says that the suit has been sucking her dry. Joy tells that Elka has lost it and that they have created a monster. Elka comes in with a spray tan and looks like a raccoon. They lie and she grabs the mirror and says that she looks like a Oompa Loompa. She follows the behavior of all the Bridezilla’s in the shows. Later, Elka denies the bouquets that Joy has made and tells that she wanted roses. Fred comes over with his “Hers” track suit and asks if they have to wear it all the time. Elka fake cries and he says that he will wear it. Elka is being a little rude. Joy hears that Melanie is Skyping them and they see them at the bridal shop and they are fighting off the other women. Elka tells Melanie to try it on. She starts to undress and Fred tries to sneak a peek.

Later, Joy and Fred go to the Reverend and Joy says that she is a proxy. Fred says that Elka has lost her mind. Elka texts and asks what Fred is saying about her. The Reverend says that he needs to compliment Elka in the text about her hair. He says that woman love that. He compliments Joy’s hair and she tells that she wants to have sex with him. Fred is disturbed and the Reverend says that he used to be a singer and that was one of the songs. They start singing it and Fred asks if he gets a lot of problems. Elka says that there is a new theme in a text and Fred says that the wedding is off. Elka asks why Joy messed up later and she sees Fred’s jacket. She tells that she ruined everything and Melanie tries to comfort her. She tells that there is no fool like an old fool. However, Joy tells that the wedding is not off and they need to show Fred the end results.

That night, Melanie, Joy and Victoria and the Reverend come out dancing and Fred says that was impressive and Joy tells that it is going to be fun. The Reverend asks if Victoria is alright. She has collected a lot of sweat and has inflated. Elka comes out behind Victoria and says that it was her fault that Fred got scared. She tells that she just wanted to make the wedding special because when she got married the first time, she had nothing. She tells that she is scared. The Reverend tells that he is not worried about them because they know what they want because they have lived life. Elka hugs the Reverend and Fred asks about him and she tells that he can wait. The girls and the Reverend sing “I want to have sex with you” and Elka says that they are going to stick to Sinatra. The episode ends.