Everything Goes Better With Vampires - Recap

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The episode begins with Victoria finding her maid slacking off. She tells Victoria that she is on a break. Victoria then goes into the kitchen tells Melanie to fire their maid. Melanie in turn tells her she can’t as she has never fired anyone in her life. She then tells Elka to fire her. Joy meanwhile is going out on a date with a man called Rick Springfield. Victoria and Melanie question Joy if it’s the real Rick Springfield. She assures them that it is. Later Elka’s friend Mamie arrives. Elka and Mamie are writing a radio play together for the senior center. The doorbell then rings and the real Rick Springfield walks through the door. He excuses himself and runs to the restroom.

Victoria meanwhile feels Rick is rude as when she complimented his acting, she expected him to complement her acting which he didn’t. Meanwhile, Melanie is dating a professor named Donald. She confesses to Victoria though, that she is tired of him knowing about everything and talking about it. She hates it as it makes her feel dumb. Meanwhile, Elka and Mamie are busy writing the script for the radio play. Elka meanwhile suggests that there should be vampires in the play, as it would attract more audience. Mamie though is not down with the idea, and thinks that it sucks. Meanwhile, Donald and Melanie are on their date. Donald is busy admiring the wine more than Melanie. Melanie apparently isn’t too happy with that at all.

Rick and Joy in the meanwhile are lying on bed just after intercourse. Just then Joy observes that Rick doesn’t have a scar on his chest which he had gotten from a motorcycle accident years ago. Turns out, the guy isn’t the real Rick Springfield. The maid in the meanwhile shows Victoria that she has broken her daytime Emmy. Victoria is livid, and tells the maid to sit. Elka and Mamie are in the meanwhile still debating if they should put vampires in their play. Donald in the meanwhile is busy describing the wine. Melanie can’t take it anymore and tells Donald that she wants to break up with him. She then tells Donald to leave, and just as he is about to a cop comes in and tells them that there has been an armed robbery in the area and hence a mandatory lockdown has been ordered until further notice.

Meanwhile, the maid is fired, Mamie is chased out by Elka and the fake Rick is chased out by Joy. Melanie comes in and informs everyone what the cop said, and hence no one can leave. Meanwhile, Elka, Joy, Melanie and Victoria wonder in the kitchen how they are all going to kill time without killing each other. They brainstorm as to what would be the best way for them to pass time. Later the whole gang is seen playing charades. They are seen bickering, and cribbing about the problems they have rather than playing any charades. The fake Rick then tells Joy that his real name is Tom Fontana. Tom admits to Joy that he goes around pretending to be Rick and seducing women. They all then start bickering and arguing again. Just then they hear a gunshot from outside and go quite. The cop later tells them that the noise was just a misfire and the curfew is still on.

The maid later tells Vitoria that she is sorry for breaking her Emmy. She tells Victoria that she has been a little distracted since her husband left. The both of them then admit that they have their shortcomings, and promise to work on them. Meanwhile, Tom tells Joy that he is a toll booth collector and that; he can’t get too many women to sleep with him by telling them this. He also reveals that women have told him he looks like Rick, so he in the end decided to pretend being Rick, and women started throwing themselves at him. He then tells Joy that she looks like Kate Beckinsale. Donald then admits to Melanie that, he is a jealous of the fact that she is a published author, and hence as a defense mechanism he tries to sound really smart in front of her.

Mamie also admits to Elka that she is jealous, as she has gone all modern since the girls moved in, and Mamie is afraid that she won’t be able to keep up with Elka. Elka in turn tells Mamie that she still considers Mamie her best friend. The cop meanwhile comes in and informs them that the curfew is off, as the suspect is in custody. Donald then offers to take everyone out to dinner. Later, Elka and Mamie rehearse the play they have written with vampires in it. They in the end go to have a drink in the kitchen. The episode ends at this point.