Bye George, I Think He's Got It! - Recap

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The episode begins with George and Joy still enjoying their time together. They have just returned from Rio. George in the middle of their pleasant conversation suddenly asks Joy to marry him. George tells Joy that they will have a three month honeymoon, till he dies. Later Joy tells the girls that she has decided to get married to George. They have decided to get married on Friday and then travel the world together. Melanie asks Joy if she has really thought the whole thing through. Meanwhile Elka tells everybody that her twin sister who she hasn’t met for 40 years is paying her a visit. Then, when she meets her sister Anka, the both of them begin by criticizing each other.

Later it is shown that the two are still busy criticizing each other’s looks. Meanwhile both of them can’t seem to remember what their fight was all about 40 years ago. The two then try recollecting what it was that led their fight. George in the meanwhile calls Joy about an ugly looking lucky flower shirt of his that she has just disposed. He tells her that he wants to be buried in it. She then proceeds to retrieve the shirt before the trash man does, and just as she opens her front door, she sees Artie standing in front of him wearing the shirt. She tells Artie to give her back the shirt, and also tells him the reason behind it. Artie tells her that he can’t return the shirt, as he found it in the trash can and as he has found it, he shall keep it.

Artie wants Joy to give him a makeover so he can find a girl. Joy says she doesn’t have the time, as she is getting married in two days. Melanie and Victoria then offer to give him a makeover instead. Later, Elka and Anka still try to recollect what they fought about 40 years ago. Artie in the meanwhile is being given the makeover by Victoria and Melanie. He is shown to be making progress, albeit slowly. Meanwhile, after sex Joy and George share a few laughs. He then tells her that he has finished his wedding vows, and proceeds to read them to her. The two then mutually decide that, Joy won’t have sex for a year after George is dead. Meanwhile Melanie is out with Artie for a trial run, to test all that he has learnt.

Victoria then directs him to girl at the bar, on whom he can work his magic. He promises that once the deal is sealed he shall return George’s shirt. But soon the girls realize that there is more work to be done to complete Artie’s makeover. Later Joy comes down from her room all dressed up for her impending matrimony. Just then Artie comes in and gives Victoria the shirt; he also tells her “the deal is sealed”. Artie then tells Victoria that he wants a woman who will love him for who he is. Later both Joy and George realize that, they have forgotten to call a minister to get them married. Artie meanwhile comes to the rescue; he reveals to them that he is an ordained minister.

Artie then begins the ceremony; just then George receives a call from his doctor telling him that instead of a few months he has 2 years to live. Joy and George in the light of recent events contemplate if they should really get married. The two then come to know facts about each other, which both of them aren’t pleased about. They conclude that they are rushing into a marriage that doesn’t need rushing into anymore. Joy and George then share one last kiss and part way amicably. Later Joy tells Victoria and Melanie that this is officially her second failed wedding, only this time she is twice as old.

Meanwhile Elka and Anka are leaving for the ball game, but as soon as they realize that they are rooting for opposite teams, Elka recollects that it was for this very reason that they had fought. The two then begin to argue about the same thing once again, but head for the game anyway. The episode ends at this point.