The Gateway Friend - Recap

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The episode begins with Melanie, Joy and Victoria returning home after a shot of Botox. Melanie tells Elka that, they would for the next 24 hrs be expressing their emotions by saying them, as their faces are numbed by the Botox. They had to go to Los Angeles for their treatment as that is where their doctor is. Joy tells Elka that their dermatologist Dr. Minton is the best in country. All A-list celebrities go to him, and the girls managed to see him, thanks to a friend of theirs named Courtney, who in this case is the doctor’s receptionist/girlfriend. The girls in return, do various favors for Courtney.

Melanie meanwhile receives a call from Courtney, telling her that she wants to come and stay in Cleveland with the girls. Courtney has basically broken up with Dr. Minton and quit her job as a receptionist, and she now needs a shoulder to cry on. Later, Elka informs Joy and Victoria that a historic tree in town is about to be bulldozed, and she is angry about it. Elka informs them that a day spa would be built in the place of the tree. On hearing this news, both are overjoyed. Just then Melanie rings the doorbell with Courtney in her arms; she is then carried into the house by Joy. Courtney couldn’t bear the pure oxygen outside LA and hence couldn’t stand on her feet. The girls then try convincing Courtney to patch things up with Dr. Minton.

Meanwhile, Elka is off to save the tree. Then while Courtney leaves for the powder room, the girls chalk up a plan to get the Dr. and Courtney back together. They plan to make her feel insecure about being older than 40 and in the process convince her, of not being able to find a new partner at this age. Once she is back they put their plan into action. In the end their plan works, and Courtney is convinced that she has to get back with the Dr. Meanwhile, the girls and Courtney arrive at a bar to celebrate Courtney’s imminent reunion with the doctor. In the bar the men ogle at Courtney making her realize that, she is yet desirable to men. The girls are now stumped as to how they should play it. Courtney in the meanwhile, proceeds to acquaint herself with some of the men.

They in the end decide to get rid of Courtney from Cleveland, so the men aren’t distracted by her, and don’t stop giving the girls attention. Courtney in the meanwhile plans to stick around, as she is overjoyed by the fact that the men there love her. Later, Courtney also manages to win the karaoke competition at the bar, which Joy was so looking forward to win. Courtney then announces to everyone in the bar that, she is moving to Cleveland. Later, the girls land up at the tree to support Elka, as they now have nothing better to do, and want to get away from Courtney. The girls then take Elka’s photograph and mail it to Dr. Minton, saying that it’s Victoria’s. Dr. Minton immediately flies in on seeing it. He then sees Elka and assumes its Victoria’s treatment that has gone wrong, rendering her looking the way she is. Elka keeps pretending to be Victoria, but in the end the doctor realizes it not her. Victoria then walks in and tells the doctor why, he was deceptively brought in. The doctor tells the girls that he loves Courtney but isn’t ready to settle down, just then he sees Courtney being carried into the house by Josh Cribs.

The doctor then proceeds to tell Courtney that he loves her, Courtney in turn wants to settle down but the doctor isn’t ready yet. She then tells him that she can get any man she wants in Cleveland and hence would rather stay back in Cleveland. Later, the doctor meets up with Elka at the tree, and has a heart to heart. The doctor tells Elka that he loves Courtney, but isn’t ready to settle down yet. Dr. Minton then begins to leave and falls off the tree. Later, he comes on crutches to meet Courtney at the house. He tells Courtney that he loves her and wants to be with her. He then proposes Courtney for marriage. Courtney says a yes. The doctor then tells the girls that, he wants to settle in Cleveland with Courtney. He shall also keep the tree, as he plans to outbid the day spa people and open a clinic there.

He then tells the girls much to their dismay that, he will no more do cosmetic procedures but would instead concentrate on serious dermatological problems. Later the girls search the internet, for a dermatologist in Cleveland, but don’t manage to come up with anything satisfactory. The three then contemplate going natural, but are harrowed by the thought of how they would look in merely three years, as they try imagining it in their heads. They in the end decide to go with a dermatologist in Cleveland. The episode ends at this point.