Blow Outs - Recap

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The episode begins with Victoria and Joy asking Melanie, as to why her hair is looking so good. She tries hiding it from them, as she doesn’t want them to know about her new hairdresser. Turns out every time she introduces them to one of her guys, they ruin it for her. Melanie then gives a few instances of how the two have ruined it for her. Later Melanie is shown paying a visit to her hairdresser Christopher, along with Elka who is there to see her hairdresser Pierre. Christopher it turns out is touchy about hair and hairstyling. Elka suggests that Melanie switch to Pierre. Pierre it turns out is quite the flirt, and he openly flirts with the two, despite the fact that he is gay. Pierre then tells both the women to sit on their chairs inside.

Christopher isn’t pleased to see Melanie sitting on her chair already, and that too without his instructions. Christopher then begins talking to Melanie’s hair, to find out what Melanie has put it through. Just then Victoria and Joy walk in. Melanie is shocked that the two have found her. The two then talk to Christopher and are extremely impressed by the fact that, he is so mean. The two then ask him to do their hair, and he tells them his rate. The two are shocked to know that he comes so cheap, despite supposedly being so good. Victoria tells him that, he can charge ten times as much as he is already charging, if he is so good. Victoria then looks at Pierre’s section, and says it’s very old fashioned and has to go. Christopher then calls Pierre out and fires him. Christopher tells him that, he is taking the salon in a new direction, and doesn’t want Pierre holding him back.

Elka and Melanie see Pierre leave, and Elka forces Melanie to storm out of the salon with her, as a sign of protest. Melanie realizes that the whole fiasco is Victoria and Joy’s doing. Later at home, Victoria and Joy find Melanie standing in front of them with a frizzy head of hair. The frizzy hair is all thanks to Melanie having to leave the salon in the middle of her treatment. Victoria and Joy then begin blaming each other for the whole fiasco at the salon. Melanie decides that all of them should vent their frustrations, in a calm and respectful manner. The three then begin pointing out each other’s shortcomings, but somehow the whole thing doesn’t take place in calm or respectful manner.

They end their argument on a bitter note; just then Elka walks in with Pierre. She isn’t at all pleased with Joy and Victoria. Victoria and Joy both apologize to Pierre, for him being laid off because of them. Pierre then tells Melanie that something needs to be done about her hair, as it’s looking ghastly. Pierre then styles Melanie’s hair like Elka’s. Understandably Elka loves it, but Joy and Victoria are mortified at the sight of her hair. Later Christopher gives Melanie a wig to wear which looks very much like her previous hair, and tells her to wear it till her hair actually grows back. Victoria is overjoyed with it. She then tells Christopher the problems she has been having with Joy and Victoria, although Christopher makes it amply clear that he doesn’t care.

Later Victoria is shown doing the same thing with a visibly disinterested Christopher. She continues with her list of complaints despite, Christopher making it absolutely clear to her that, he doesn’t care. But his interest seems to kindle when Victoria tells him that, Joy falls into bed with the most unavailable men. Later it is shown that Christopher has slept with Joy, after which she too begins with her list of complaints about Victoria and Melanie. Christopher makes it amply clear to her too that, he doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Melanie and Victoria run into each other while looking for a house on rent. Joy too comes in just then. The three confess to each other that, they are all planning to move out.

The three then confess to each other that they hate it when they fight. They also decide to keep meeting each other, although they will now be living separately. In the end the three confess to each other that, they like living together. They in the end decide to go back home, and pretend none of it really happened. They then plan to get Pierre his job back, but before they do that, they give him a makeover, so he looks modern. Just then they all see Christopher walk out dressed like Pierre. Christopher then admits to Pierre that he tried running the salon on his own after firing him, but realized that most of the salon’s clients were old ladies. Hence he had to resort to, dressing up like Pierre.

It also turns out, Pierre is Christopher’s father. Christopher tells his father that he wants him back. It also turns out that Pierre isn’t gay, like Elka had assumed. He asks Elka out on a date, which clears the confusion. Later, the girls are shown sitting with Elka and drinking Champagne. Just then the doorbell rings, and lying at their doorstep much to their surprise is a little baby, in a wicker basket. The girls are confused as to what they should do next. The episode ends at this point.