That Changes Everything - Recap

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The episode begins with Joy looking at the baby they found at their doorstep and commenting “oh my God! We have a baby”. Just then Joy’s son Owen walks through the door and tells her the baby is his. He had left the baby at the door to get some more stuff, which he couldn’t carry all at once. Joy is overjoyed to find out that she has a grandson. “Everybody this is my grandson” Joy says picking up the baby in her arms. Joy then asks Owen why he didn’t tell her about the baby. Owen reveals that, a few weeks ago a girl he had a one night stand with, suddenly showed up on his doorstep with a baby.

The girl told Owen she couldn’t take care of the baby, so he decided to keep “Wilber”, instead of putting him up for adoption immediately, so he has time to think. Later, Melanie and Victoria take turns holding Wilber and taking care of him. Victoria asks Joy, as to what Owen is planning to do. Joy says it’s his decision and she will support him in whatever he decides. Personally, Joy hopes that Owen keeps Wilber and doesn’t put him up for adoption. Victoria suggests that, Joy could convince Owen to keep Wilber by making him realize he will have help from them all, in raising the baby. “The idea could work. I am going to be the perfect grandmother” Joy says. Elka who is now dating Pierre, asks him while he is leaving, when they will meet again. “I’ll call you” says Pierre awkwardly and leaves. “Was that a brush-off?” Elka asks the girls.

Victoria confirms that it was a “brush-off”. Joy then finds out that, Victoria had taken Wilber for a baby audition. She then looks in the pram and in it isn’t Wilber, but a different baby. The girls later arrive with Owen and the other baby, at the venue of the audition. At the venue they hear someone yelling for their baby and in the process find Wilber. At the venue, Melanie gets into an argument with another woman who is trashing Cleveland. She points out to the woman all the good points about Cleveland. Another woman named Chloe hears Melanie and is impressed with the way she described Cleveland. She offers Melanie a job. Melanie returns home and tells Victoria and Joy that she has gotten a job. Joy is busy taking Wilber’s footprint in cement, for a “timeless memory”.

But, she realizes the cement is stuck to his foot and she is unable to get it off. Joy asks Melanie to Google, for how they should get a baby’s foot out of cement. Just then, Elka enters the room and the girls are surprised to see that she has cut her hair really short. She says she went to Pierre’s brother to get a haircut. Basically she is trying to make Pierre jealous. Victoria gets a hammer to knock the plaster off Wilber’s foot. Owen arrives just then and is shocked to see what Victoria is about to do. He yells for her to stop. Owen isn’t at all impressed with the way Wilber is being taken care of. Later, Joy apologizes to Owen for everything. “It’s ok, you meant well” he says. Pierre arrives just then and yells out for Elka calling her a “two-timing hussy”.

Elka opens the door and he is shocked to see her hair. Pierre says that, he knows it’s his brother who cut her hair. Elka on her part says that, she will keep getting her haircut from his brother. “You know you need it done more than once a week” Pierre says. “Not the way he does it” Elka counters. Pierre who is now visibly agitated says, “If you are trying to make me jealous, it’s not working”. “I’ll say it’s working just fine” Elka says, upon seeing Pierre’s reaction. Pierre tells Joy that, he now realizes how difficult it must have been for her to give him up. “Now I know you loved me enough to give me away” he says. In the end, Owen decides to put Wilber up for adoption. Joy tells him “I support your decision”, although she clearly doesn’t look convinced.

At work, Melanie meets Chloe’s partner, Alec Jones. Alec tells Melanie, he needs her help on a Woody Allen movie. She in the meantime is busy wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Just then, Alec shocks her by kissing her. Melanie is taken aback but Alec explains how women waste their time thinking what it would be like to kiss him, so got the kiss out of the way. He then steps out and just then Chloe enters the office. “I see you met my husband” she says. Melanie is shocked to hear this. Chloe then explains Alec is her ex-husband but adds “we will get back together”. “So anyway hands off, ok” Chloe says. “Sure” Melanie says.

Chloe then shocks Melanie by adding “I’ll cut your hands off if you go anywhere near him”. Later at home, the girls and Owen conclude that it’s too painful for them to give up Wilber for adoption. In the end, Owen decides to move to Cleveland, so they can all take care of Wilber. “I am going to be the best grandmother ever” Joy assures Owen. Also, Pierre and Elka make up. The episode ends at this point.