A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy - Recap

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The episode begins with Elka telling Joy that Wilber doesn’t look “a thing like” her. Melanie comes in just then wearing a sexy outfit. Joy and Elka are visibly surprised to see the outfit and comment on it being revealing. “I don’t know what you are talking about, this is perfectly appropriate office attire” Melanie says. Turns out, Melanie has worn this outfit to woo her boss Alec, which she can’t resist admitting to, on seeing Wilber’s innocent smile. Joy admits that, Wilber’s smile does make you want to become a better person.

Melanie says she is focusing on work despite everything and had been up all night thinking up PR slogans to attract people to Cleveland. Victoria comes in just then and tells the girls, she has been asked to gain weight by her director Woody Allen, for a movie. Victoria is hoping her efforts will get her an Oscar. Melanie hopes, George Clooney would one day ask her to gain weight. Elka quickly bursts her bubble. Later, Joy decides Wilber is going to call her Nana, as she feels, it sounds the most apt. Elka is going someplace, but is being evasive about where she is going. Joy confronts her about it. “If I tell you I am going to have to kill you” Elka jokes. At work, Alec is once again nice to Melanie, although she does her best to evade him as per Chloe’s instructions. But, Alec is on the charm offensive and Melanie can hardly resist.

Alec then asks Melanie out on a date, using work as a pretense. Just then Chloe comes in and flirts with Alec, but he reminds her that they are divorced. He then blows her off. Alec leaves to get some coffee and Chloe tells Melanie that she made a mistake by divorcing Alec. Basically, Chloe cheated on Alec in order to get “a big account”. Chloe says she is worried because in the past when she used to flirt with Alec he used to flirt back, but off late he doesn’t do that. Chloe is worried Alec is falling for someone else and wants Melanie to find out who it is. “I need you to be on top of Alec every minute” Chloe says. Melanie reluctantly agrees despite knowing the risks. Later at home, Melanie tells the girls about her predicament.

Joy asks her if she is sure she is the one Alec likes. She says she is sure, because of the way Alec looks at her. Victoria on her part is finding it difficult to gorge on food, in order to gain weight for her role. Joy concludes Victoria has always been thin and therefore eating to gain weight is totally out of her comfort zone. Melanie thinks people should get out of their comfort zone and do things. In that effort, she decides to go with the flow, as far as Alec is concerned. Talking about comfort zones, Joy decides to go back to college and feels it would set a good example for Wilber. Victoria reveals to the girls she was a fat kid and was teased a lot in school. She therefore is scared to gain weight. Joy and Melanie suggest that Victoria talk to Woody and explain her situation.

Victoria agrees with the girls that “it couldn’t hurt to ask”. Later, Chloe tells Melanie that she is beginning to trust her. She feels Melanie can find out who the woman Alec is interested in is. Melanie assures Chloe she won’t let her down and promises to find this woman and tell her to forget Alec. Victoria tells Woody that; she is “struggling with the concept of gaining weight for the role”. “On the other hand I want to do anything to please you” she tells Woody. Later, Victoria tells the girls, she slept with Woody Allen and in return he said he would see what he could do, about her part in the film. Victoria decides to make it clear to Woody that she can’t sleep with him again. Melanie on her part has decided to respect Chloe’s wishes and tell Alec off, when she meets him for a date the next day.

Next day, Melanie and Alec seem to be having a good time on their date. Alec in the middle of their date tells Melanie “my date is here”. Melanie turns around and sees a young brunette at the entrance and figures out that, this was the girl Chloe was worried about. She pretends to be fine with it as she and Alec were only meeting at the restaurant for a work related date. “This was fun, I am almost sorry she came early” Alec tells Melanie. “No she came at just the right time” Melanie says. Chloe appears just then and sees the girl Alec is dating. She tells Melanie, Alec will never be happy with this new woman. She decides to make sure that she gets this new woman out of Alec’s life and asks Melanie to help her. Victoria finds out that she actually did not sleep with Woody Allen, but a crew member who looks and sounds like Woody.

Basically, the power in Victoria’s trailer was out due to lightening the night she slept with who she thought was Woody. But, now under lights she figures out the goof up. The crew member named Gary tells Victoria he has spoken to Woody and she doesn’t have to “gain a single pound”. Joy finds out that, Elka too is in the same class she is in. Joy asks Elka as to why she didn’t tell her she was “in school”. Elka’s handbag then drops to the ground and wads of cash fall out of it. “What’s all this money?” Joy exclaims visibly surprised. “What money?” Elka asks, pretending to be oblivious. The episode ends at this point.