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Method Man - Recap

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The episode begins with Melanie and Alec drinking boxed wine in office. Both seem to be having a great time and also seem a little drunk. Alec says he is glad Chloe is out of time, as he is having a fun time with Melanie. The two are about to kiss when Alec gets a text from his girlfriend Carmen. Melanie pretends that she too has a boyfriend and checks her cell phone and lies that her boyfriend has sent her 5 texts. Alec says he didn’t know Melanie was seeing someone. Melanie says it’s a new relationship but its “super serious”.

He asks her, her boyfriend’s name and she lies that its Emmet Lawson, who is a famous actor and is set to appear in Victoria’s, Woody Allen film. Alec is pleasantly surprised that Melanie is dating Emmet and asks her if she could get Emmet to represent the wine his company is suppose to market. Melanie has no other option but to say a yes. Later at home, she tells Victoria about it. Melanie says that every time Alec brings up Carmen she gets all jealous and panicky and wants to “one-up him”. Melanie asks Victoria if she could talk to Emmet about endorsing the wine. Victoria says it’s not possible, as she hasn’t even met Emmet yet. Victoria suggests that Melanie simply tell Alec that, Emmet said a ‘no’. Joy in the meantime is all ready to go to college wearing clothes young people wear.

She especially has shopped for the clothes. She basically wants to blend in and therefore has changed her wardrobe. Later Emmet Lawson pays Victoria a visit at her trailer. He says he is a huge fan of Victoria’s work. Emmet is worried if this Woody Allen movie will be one of his bad ones. “It can’t possibly be bad if we are in it” Victoria says dispelling his apprehensions. “You know I believe you and I are going to become great friends” Emmet says while looking into Victoria’s eyes and kissing her hand. Victoria is dumfounded at this and doesn’t know how to react. At the office, Alec tells Melanie that he and Carmen are heading for a long weekend. To one-up Alec, Melanie lies that she and Emmet too are going away for the weekend. Alec asks her what Emmet said about endorsing the wine.

She says Emmet said a “no”. Alec asks Melanie to bring Emmet by for lunch, so he can try to persuade Emmet. “People have a hard time saying no to me” Alec says. Melanie too finds it difficult to say a no to him and says “ok”. Melanie meets Victoria and tells her about the predicament she is in. “I just like him so much I can’t help but lie to him” Melanie says. Victoria says she might just be able to help Melanie as she and Emmet have hit it off. Joy arrives just then and complains about being ignored in school. Emmet arrives a little later insults Victoria in front of the girls and leaves. Victoria is shocked at Emmet’s reaction and tells the girls how cordial Emmet was, just thing morning. Victoria concludes Emmet must be “method-acting” as in the script he is Victoria’s ex-husband and was probably getting into character.

Victoria isn’t sure about her theory though and worries if Emmet actually hates him. She decides to write a scene where she and Emmet get along and plans to slip it into Emmet’s script to confirm, if Emmet really hates her or is only doing some “method-acting”. Joy and Melanie don’t really think it’s a good idea, but Victoria is confident it will work. Joy returns home and sees Elka hanging out with girls from school. The girls don’t seem too happy to see Joy, although she tries her best to befriend them. Victoria calls Melanie and leaves a message on her voicemail saying her plan did not work. She also suggests Melanie tell Alec that she and Emmet broke up and therefore she can’t get Emmet to endorse the wine. Emmet arrives just then and tells Victoria about the new scene that was added to his script. He says it’s the worst thing he has ever read and therefore has decided to quit the movie.

Victoria has no other option left but to come clean and tell Emmet the truth. She admits to Emmet that she wrote the scene and explains to him the reasoning behind it. Emmet promises to stay if Victoria promises that she will never write again. Emmet then flatters and compliments Victoria once again. Joy gives her classmates some sound relationship advice and is suddenly popular with the group. At the office, Melanie tells Alec that she and Emmet broke up, just then Emmet comes in and yells “Melanie my love”. Melanie is surprised to see him and so is Alec. Emmet begs Melanie to not break up with him and to give him another chance to win her heart. “Ok” Melanie says, playing along. Emmet tells Alec he is ready to endorse the wine. Alec leaves to get the wine from the other room. Emmet in the meantime tells Melanie that Victoria brought him “up to speed on the whole story”.

Emmet hands Alec his agent’s card. Alec then leaves for his vacation with Carmen and on his way out closes the door behind him. Emmet’s card falls from his hand and he bends down to pick it up, just then he hears Melanie introducing herself to Emmet and confessing to him that she like Alec. She tells Emmet how she simply can’t get Alec out of her head and then she comes to work and has to see him there the whole day. Victoria enters just then and tells Melanie how he just saw Alec outside the door.

Melanie is shocked to hear this and is worried if, Alec heard her and Emmet’s conversation. She asks Victoria to go outside and stand at the door to see if things being spoken inside the room can be heard from the outside. Victoria does so and then comes in and confirms Melanie’s worst fear. The episode ends at this point.