GILFS - Recap

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The episode begins and Elka’s friend Mimi Sue enters the kitchen and places bundles of cash on the table. Joy arrives and is shocked at the sight of “all that money”. She questions Elka about it. Elka says she and Sue have started a business together; it’s a dating service for seniors. Joy thinks it’s a good idea and concludes that, it’s the reason why Elka is back in school getting a business degree. After Joy leaves Sue tells Elka the dating service is a good idea. “And a great cover for our real business” Elka adds. Melanie is still worried about what Alec might have overheard.

She in the end sends him a text saying it was all a joke and she “punked him”, as she feels it will put things right. But, after sending the text she realizes it was a mistake. Emmet comes into Victoria’s trailer to congratulate her on doing a terrific job during the shoot in the morning. Just then, Victoria receives an alert from TMZ on her cell phone. According to the TMZ report, Victoria and Emmet are having an affair. Emmet knows this and has actually come to Victoria’s trailer to tell her this. Later, Emmet and Victoria are shown pushing around the walls of her trailer so everyone outside thinks they are having sex. They feel the “juicy gossip” would help their movie. Emmet says he has carried out similar fake relationships with many other actresses.

Later at home, Victoria tells Joy and Melanie about her fake romance with Emmet. She is glad that an actor of Emmet’s caliber has chosen her to have a fake romance with. Joy feels Victoria has genuinely begun liking Emmet, but Victoria says her “fakery is sincere”. Melanie on the other hand has already messaged Alec 8 times, but hasn’t received a reply from him. Joy, who has confiscated Melanie’s phone to stop her from texting, reads out all the texts to Victoria. Elka and Sue make Joy read an ad for their dating service and ask her to do so in a sensual fashion. She does it and leaves. But it turns out, Elka and Sue were video recording her so the video could be put on a website. Mimi points out Joy would be hit upon by every old geezer in town once the video is uploaded, but Elka feels that’s a “win-win”.

Next day, Joy returns home and tells Melanie how old men on the street were leering at her and making a pass at her. Melanie finds out from Alec’s Facebook post that he has forgotten his phone at home and is therefore not replying to messages. Joy points out that Alec will see the messages that Melanie sent, once he is back home. Also, Joy makes it clear to Melanie that she won’t help her break into Alec’s apartment so she can delete the messages. Melanie who hadn’t actually thought of this says “that is a great idea”. Melanie then points out to Joy a sensual ad of hers that has been posted online by Elka. Joy confronts Elka and Sue about it. They assure Joy she doesn’t really have to date anyone and the ad is simply to lure clients.

Victoria comes downstairs and says Emmet is taking her out to dinner. Emmet arrives a little later to pick Victoria up from home. The girls are all excited to see him. Emmet compliments all the girls. Elka makes Emmet say dialogues from his films and he complies. Then just before Victoria and Emmet are about to leave for their date, Victoria sees an alert on her phone which says they have broken up. Emmet who already knew about this, says his agent felt she wasn’t “testing very well”, so now he is having a “fake affair with Heidi Klum”. Victoria isn’t happy with the whole thing and asks Emmet to leave. After he has left, Victoria admits that she does have feelings for Emmet.

Later, Victoria, Joy and Melanie try to break into Alec’s apartment to delete the messages from his cell phone. The building manager arrives and says he received a report that three women are trying to break into Alec’s apartment. He is an old man, who recognizes Joy from the dating website. Joy offers to go out on “one dinner” with the manager if he lets them in. He agrees. Melanie finds Alec’s phone in the apartment and deletes the messages she sent him. A little later Carmen enters the apartment. She says she is there to dump Alec’s stuff. Melanie is surprised to see her as; she was suppose to be on a vacation with Alec.

Carmen explains that Alec called her up at the last moment and asked her not to come. Alec told her that “he needed time to think”. “Look at me, what is there to think about?” Carmen says and leaves. Melanie is overjoyed as she assumes Alec left his girlfriend at home because of her. Later, Emmet and Victoria patch things up and confess that they like each other. They end up kissing each other. Joy and the building manager leave for their date. Elka and Sue see them off. The episode ends at this point.