A Box Full of Puppies - Recap

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The episode begins with Mamie telling Melanie that Elka is teaching her how to flirt. Joy enters and begins searching for her car keys. She can’t find them anywhere. In the end she figures out that their pet dog has swallowed the keys. Victoria’s daughter Oscar pays her a visit. She is doing a course on journalism and is there to interview Victoria, Melanie and Joy and ask them about how they managed to adjust in Cleveland, after moving there. Oscar tells Victoria the focus of her piece is how Victoria and the girls changed since they moved to Cleveland. Elka with the others in the meantime has gone to the vet, to get the keys out of their dog’s tummy.

Oscar concludes that Victoria isn’t an “animal person” and therefore did not go. She puts it in recording and decides to expand on it later. Victoria isn’t too comfortable with that as she feels this revelation would affect her public image adversely. She asks Oscar to erase the bit about her not being an animal person. Oscar refuses to do so. Victoria is outraged, as Oscar has never in the past said a “no” to her. But, Oscar is adamant and says she has to report the facts. Seeing no option, Victoria says she has become an animal person since she moved to Cleveland. She claims she now loves animals more than people. Victoria decides to go to the vet and asks Oscar to come along. At the vet’s, Joy sees a cute guy sitting with his dog and decides to make a move.

She approaches him, but to her disappointment finds out that he is married. Victoria in the meantime has arrived and is trying to her best to convince Oscar about how much she loves animals. Oscar begins interviewing Joy. Joy tells her how she has become a more confident person after coming to Cleveland. Melanie tells Mamie to flirt with an elderly man sitting with his rabbit. Melanie gives her pointers about how she should start a conversation with the man. Mamie then approaches the man and tries to strike up a conversation. She doesn’t really know what she should talk to him about and after making some small talk, she excuses herself in a hurry. Oscar interviews Melanie. She tells her how she fell in love with her boss, but is afraid of his “crazy ex-wife” who is also her boss.

Victoria on her part tries to hog the limelight and mentions in the middle of Melanie’s interview how she is making a “major motion picture with Woody Allen”. Another cute looking guy enters with his pet and Joy is attracted to the guy. But, before she can get to the guy the nurse informs Jo that the guy is gay. Joy is disappointed and decides to give up, but just then she sees a fireman enter with a box full of puppies. The fireman says he just rescued the puppies from a fire. “Marry me” Joy yells, looking at the fireman longingly. Later, she apologizes to him for yelling “marry me”. “Don’t worry about it I get that a lot, mostly from women in cars while I run in the morning” the fireman says. The fireman then goes in to show the puppies to the vet.

Elka on the other hand is still trying to get Mamie to flirt with men. Mamie though, feels she is too old to flirt and decides to give up. Melanie feels Mamie shouldn’t give up this easily and mentions how Alec probably let go of a 20 year old for her. She also tells Oscar the story of how she and the girls broke into Alec’s apartment last week. After hearing Melanie and Joy, Oscar concludes they have changed after moving to Cleveland, but Victoria is still the same. Victoria isn’t too happy with this conclusion that Oscar has drawn. But, Oscar supports her theory with examples. She basically tells Victoria that she is still the drama queen she was before she moved to Cleveland. Victoria is shocked at the how rude Oscar is being and says she too has changed.

Victoria says she doesn’t like the change in Oscar. “I don’t care if you like it” Oscar snaps and storms out for “some air”. Later, the fireman asks Joy out on a date and she is more than happy to oblige. She hands him her number and they decide to go out on “Saturday night”. Victoria is bitten by a turtle and the vet attends to her injury and while he is at it, he gives her some parenting advice. At the end of it, Victoria figures out the change in her after moving to Cleveland has been the fact that, she is now happy. Melanie feels Victoria needs to talk to Oscar to make her realize this fact. Oscar and Victoria then have a chat and sort things out. Later the vet and Mamie recognize each other.

Turns out, they were in school together and the vet had a crush on her. He tells Mamie about his kids and his grandkids and the fact that his wife has passed away, so he is all alone now. She tells him that she too is now all alone. Elka prompts Mamie to ask him out, but before she can, he asks her out. She more than readily accepts and the two hug each other. The episode ends at this point.