Cleveland Fantasy Con - Recap

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The episode begins with Joy and the girls admiring a shirtless Sean. Sean is the fireman Joy is now dating. Victoria on her part can’t stop herself from again mentioning how she is dating “Sir Emmet Lawson”. Sean is impressed on hearing this and comments how it must be a rush to date someone so famous. Victoria realizes that Emmet is much more famous than she is and therefore begins to worry, if his fame will act as an aphrodisiac to other women. Mamie doesn’t help the cause when she reminds Victoria that Emmet has lots of options. Victoria gets a call and leaves the room. Elka and Mamie then discuss about their secret business.

Melanie tells Victoria over the phone how she is waiting at the office for Alec to come in and is really nervous. Melanie asks for Victoria’s advice in dealing with the issue and Victoria gives Melanie, her kind of advice. The advice doesn’t appeal to Melanie and she instead decides to show some cleavage. A little later Alec enters. Alec tells her that he overheard what she said about him, just before he left. Just then Chloe enters and Alec isn’t able to complete what he was going to say. Chloe tells Melanie that she was with Alec and they spent a romantic weekend together. Chloe then leaves to get some coffee. Alec tells Melanie that he is crazy about her too and that too from the first time he saw her.

They are then about to kiss, but Melanie stops herself and asks about Chloe. Alec reveals that Chloe flew down to where he was just to inform him that their pet cat had died. “Chloe was a mess and I was trying to console her and she misinterpreted it” Alec says. The two then discuss as to how they should break the news of them liking each other to Chloe. They are both worried about the repercussions, so Alec suggests they take baby steps towards revealing the truth to Chloe. Alec decides to get Chloe a new cat and then after she is a bit emotionally stable he will break the news to her. The two decide to fool around secretly behind Chloe’s back, till Alec tells her. Later at home, Joy returns with Sean.

Turns out, Sean is a huge comic book and Star Trek fan but Joy isn’t, but is pretending otherwise. Sean is excited when he comes to know that Alec’s company would be hosting a comic book convention and decides to go to it with Joy. Joy isn’t too excited at the proposition but plays along. She is even more dismayed when she finds out she has to wear a costume in order to get in. Victoria on her part is worried sick about Emmet cheating on her and decides to spy on him. She decides to go to Venice, where Emmet is at, for an award show. Elka and Mamie in the meantime are pulled over by a cop. Mamie under pressure blurts out “the stuff is in the trunk” the cop checks the trunk and says he will have to take them to the police station. But it turns out, Elka knows the cop’s grandmother and asks the cop to give her a call and tell that he “pulled over Elka”. Victoria spies on Emmet while hiding in a food cart, which is wheeled into his hotel room.

She is overjoyed to hear him say to a friend that he might be in love with Victoria. He then says he is going to call her. Victoria who hears this is petrified as she realizes she has her phone on her and it will ring the moment he calls her. She hurriedly switches off her phone. Melanie in the meantime is on the ledge of her office trying to bring in the cat that Alec gifted Chloe. Basically, the cat got out of the window and onto the ledge because Melanie opened the windows, as she wasn’t aware the cat was there. Chloe found this out and forced Melanie to go out and rescue the cat. Chloe steps onto the ledge with Melanie to rescue the cat. The cat goes inside the office through the other window.

They see this and Melanie asks Chloe to go back in. Chloe says she can’t as she has just now realized she is deathly afraid of heights and therefore simply can’t move. Melanie tries to make her move but Chloe says if she moves she will jump. Alec enters the office and hears Chloe say this. He assumes Chloe is planning to jump because Melanie told her the truth. Alec looks out of the window and begs Chloe not to jump. “Melanie why did you tell her about us?” he then asks. Chloe is shocked to hear this and asks “you two are together?” Alec realizes his mistake and Melanie explains to him the real reason for them being on the ledge. Elka and Mamie in the meantime are let go after playing the “grandma card”. Alec and Chloe come clean with each other. She is repentant that she cheated on him.

Joy on the other hand is finding it difficult to come to terms with Sean’s passion for cartoons and comic characters. She finally tells him they have to break up. They arrive at Alec’s office, as they had planned to all together for the convention. Sean sees the situation there and steps onto the ledge to rescue the girls. He and Chloe immediately form an attraction for each other. Later at home, Victoria tells Joy, what she overheard Emmet saying. Alec then with the help of the girls creates a really romantic ambiance for his first kiss with Melanie. Melanie is impressed and the two kiss each other. The episode ends at this point.