Magic Diet Candy - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls arguing in front of a Priest in his office. The priest asks them to stop and one at a time asks them to tell him “what the hell” happened in his church. Joy apologizes to the priest for spoiling Wilber’s christening. Joy says it was her mother’s fault. Joy’s mother is also in the room and denies the accusation. The priest mentions that Joy’s mother did drop a “bombshell”, but her mother feels, it’s not a big deal. The priest offers to help and Joy accepts his offer. She feels a neutral observer would be helpful in settling the issue between her mother and her.

The priest asks Joy to start her story from the beginning. The scene then flashes back to Joy and Owen choosing the church they are presently at for Wilber’s christening. Joy also tells Owen that he has to lie to his grandmother that he is a doctor. She also hands him a list of all the other lies he has to tell her. Victoria, Elka and Melanie too arrive at the church a little later. Back in the present Victoria weaves into the conversation the fact that she is dating Emmet Lawson. The priest seems visibly impressed with this revelation. The scene flashes back again and Victoria gets a call from Emmet while in church. The girls are tired of hearing how she is dating Emmet. Melanie hopes Victoria would just “shut up about it”.

Elka suggests Melanie use positive reinforcement to stop Victoria. She mentions how she rewards her dogs with tasty treats, for shutting up. Melanie figures that she could try the same with Victoria by telling her that her PR firm is trying out an experimental weight loss treat. She begins her experiment by giving Victoria regular candy and saying its “diet candy”. Joy’s mother then recounts how she arrived at Joy’s home to see her great-grandchild. The scene flashes back to her visit. She has also been told that Owen is a doctor, as Joy had planned. Victoria again brings up Emmet’s mention. Melanie uses her trick of giving Victoria a candy and she immediately shuts up. Joy’s mother isn’t happy to know that Owen is Protestant and Wilber would therefore be baptized by a Protestant priest.

Owen also mistakenly lets it slip that he first met Joy a year ago, when she had told him to lie to her mother that she met both him and Wilber two weeks ago. Joy’s mother isn’t too happy with Owen’s revelation. Back in the present Victoria is worried that she has gained weight thanks to the candies. Melanie apologizes to her, but adds that she only wanted her to stop talking about Emmet. “I did unspeakable things for you” Victoria retorts. The scene flashes back to Melanie feeding Victoria candy and then making her do things that Melanie wants. Elka sees what Melanie is doing and feels she is abusing Vitoria. Melanie though, seems to be enjoying every moment of it.

Victoria later finds that her skirt is tighter than it was before. She can’t figure out the reason, as she has been eating plenty of diet candy and was hoping she would have lost weight by now. Melanie lies to her that there is a risk of gaining a tiny bit of weight with the candy, before she begins losing the weight. Victoria then asks Melanie to pray with her to the lord that the candy, work its magic. Victoria then holds her hand and begins praying. Melanie is overcome with guilt and tells Victoria the truth. Victoria is naturally outraged. Later at the church Wilber’s christening is about to begin. But, before it can begin the girls bicker amongst each other. Joy and her mother then get into an argument.

During the argument her mother reveals how she stopped Joy’s first boyfriend from marrying Joy, as he was a loser. Joy is shocked to hear this. Just then, the button of Victoria’s skirt breaks and hits the priests in the head. Back in the present the priest tells Owen to take Wilber to the altar, so he can be christened. The priest then talks reason with the girls and asks them to settle their differences.

He also has a talk separately with Joy, who is still really angry with her mother. The priest asks Joy to forgive her mother, but Joy isn’t really in a forgiving mood. Later at home, Joy takes the priest’s advice and thanks her mother for looking out for her all her life. Her mother is surprised and moved at her reaction. The two then make up. The episode ends at this point.