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Extras - Recap

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The episode begins with Joy trying to make Wilber say “nana”, but to no avail. “Its official, men of all ages ignore you” Elka says taunting Joy. Melanie come downstairs all dressed up. Turns out, its Melanie’s “big night” with Alec tonight, so she wants everything to be perfect. Emmet who is also there gives Melanie a few pointers about what men like. “If you like the show let us know” he sums up by saying. Melanie on her part is extremely nervous, but Emmet assures her it’s just “stage fright”. “You’ll be brilliant” he says reassuringly.

Victoria and Emmet then proceed to leave for their shoot; Joy too tags along as she is going to be an extra in the Woody Allen film. She is very excited at the proposition. Joy puts Elka and Mamie Sue in charge of Wilber, before leaving. Later, Elka puts on the TV despite Joy having strictly instructed her not too. Then the first word that comes out of Wilber’s mouth is “TV”. At the shoot, Joy is kissing a man, which is part of the script. After the scene’s done with the man introduces himself as Liam. The two then make some small talk. Liam tells Joy that he was a star of a show called “Boomerang Gang” when he was a teenager. Joy remembers the show, as “it was on in England”. Liam says he quit showbiz to find himself, but landed up being broke, so he had to return to acting.

Joy and Liam hit it off and he asks her out. She agrees. Melanie and Alec are in bed and both panting, after some hot sex. Alec tells Melanie how great she is in bed. Later, at home Melanie tells the girls she “fake porned” Alec. She basically was so desperate to please Alec that she set the “sex bar” too high. “Now he is going to expect fake porn Melanie every time” Melanie says visibly worried. She is worried she will be so busy putting on a show that she won’t enjoy the sex at all. Joy tells Victoria that she is going on a date with Liam, but Victoria tells her she can’t do that as Liam is Emmet’s brother. Victoria tells Joy that Liam under the pretense of finding himself ended up being an alcoholic. So Emmet read for a part meant for Liam and the director loved him, resulting in Emmet’s career taking off.

Joy after hearing the story concludes Emmet stole Liam’s career. Victoria feels it would be awkward for them to be dating feuding brothers. Melanie is again going to see Alec in the night, but this time round she has decided not to “fake it”. Later, it’s shown that Alec and Melanie are in bed and she has again “fake porned” Alec, leaving him overwhelmed and her guilty. She tells Victoria at home with utter frustration how she has raised the sex bar even higher. Melanie decides to tell Alec the truth at the office and resolve the issue. Victoria and Emmet Later run into Joy and Liam. The couples aren’t happy to see each other and get into a mudslinging match.

After Victoria and Emmet have left, Liam suggests he and Joy try to something the extras call “stealing focus”, which is doing something to distract the camera. They decide to do this to teach Emmet and Victoria a lesson. At the office, Melanie tells Alec that he faked it with him in bed and he is offended. In order to prove his sexual prowess, he asks to have sex with Melanie, then and there. On the sets, Joy and Liam put their plan into action and it manages to enrage Emmet. He and Liam then get into an argument and Emmet asks that Liam and Joy be shifted off-camera.

Joy asks Victoria to stop Emmet from doing so, but she isn’t ready to interfere. “Are you really going to side with Emmet over me?” Joy asks her. In the next scene it’s shown that Joy and Liam have been replaced with other extras and they have instead been placed off camera. Although off camera, Joy and Liam try to steal focus and disturb the scene. At the office, Alec and Melanie are done having sex and Alec tells her it was “nice”. Melanie realizes that Alec misses the “fake porn”. Alec says it’s fine and she doesn’t need to worry about it. The two, then get back to work. Then in the middle of work they end up having sex again and this time they both enjoy it without faking it.

They both as a result realize that they are regular people who find each other attractive. At home, Victoria apologizes to Joy for her behavior and Joy after a bit of ranting forgives her. In order to make it up to Joy, Victoria promises to get her a line in the movie. Joy later asks Wilber to say nana, and he says it. She assumes that’s his first word. She asks him to say it again, but this time round Wilber says TV, and Joy is immediately on to Elka. Wilber then says words like “crap” and “bitch”, much to Joy’s horror. Melanie and Victoria can barely control their laughter and Elka is at a loss for words and has no defense. The episode ends at this point.