The Conversation - Recap

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The episode begins and Emmet and Victoria are in bed together, in Victoria’s trailer. Suddenly there is knock on the door and a woman calls out for Emmet from outside. Emmet seems terrified and chooses not to respond. The woman therefore barges in and when asked by Victoria who she is, she says she is Emmet’s wife. Victoria is visibly shocked to hear this. Emmet later tells Victoria that he and Nikki are divorced in every sense of the word “except legally”. Emmet’s wife Nikki tells him that she has been chosen to be a part of a reality and the makers want her on the show as “Emmet’s ex-wife”.

Also, she will only be cast if Emmet agrees to make two appearances on the show and make an angry phone call. Emmet refuses to comply, but Nikki says that he knows she will eventually wear him down. Later at home, Victoria tells Melanie how the appearance of Emmet’s ex-wife is bothering her. She is basically worried because Emmet is still married and didn’t tell her about it. Melanie feels Victoria should honestly tell Emmet what’s on her mind, but Victoria doesn’t think that is a good idea. She feels it’s too soon to question him as she and Emmet have been dating only for a few months. The mailman arrives and to get to know him better Melanie chats up with him. He tearfully tells her how his wife of 30 years left him. She feels sorry for him and calls him in for some lemonade.

In the kitchen Elka tells Melanie she is “too much of a mush” and shouldn’t entertain people so readily. Elka basically feels the mailman should go and decides to send him packing herself. Later, when Melanie goes into the living room with the lemonade, she sees Elka consoling the mailman. Elka tells Melanie the mailman would be “staying for the weekend”. Joy on the other hand has just finished giving her Biology exam. She comes and thanks the young resident named Lloyd, who helped her study for the test. Joy thanks Lloyd for helping her and hugs him. The two, then end up making out. At home, the mailman is all settled in and neither Melanie nor Elka have the heart to tell him to leave. Joy and Lloyd are out for dinner and Joy is shocked when she finds out Lloyd is under 21.

He shocks her further when he reveals that he is only 17. He then corrects himself and says he is actually 18, and explains that he keeps forgetting that he turned 18 a week ago. Joy is visibly distraught, but Llyod assures her that age doesn’t matter to him, what matters is he and her have a real connection. He scares her even further when he says that he loves her. At home Victoria discusses with the mailman her relationships issues and he gives her some useful advice. Later, Joy tells Elka and Melanie her issue. Joy comes up with a plan to drive away Lloyd. She decides to tell him she wants a long term commitment and feels this will scare him off. She puts her plan into action and Lloyd ends up asking her to marry him.

Joy is shocked at the proposition and to discourage Lloyd she tells him she can’t marry him as she is already married to Victoria. That doesn’t discourage Lloyd who says she could get a quick divorce from Victoria. Victoria in the meantime tells Nikki she will convince Emmet to appear on her reality show if she signs the divorce papers. Nikki says she signed the divorce papers years ago it’s Emmet who hasn’t signed them. Nikki explains how Emmet falls in love with different women and the moment those women ask for a commitment he uses the excuse that he is still married, which is the reason why he still hasn’t signed the papers. Victoria is quite disturbed with what Nikki has said.

Joy once again tries to talk some sense into Lloyd, but it doesn’t seem to be working as he again tells her that he loves her. Victoria comes clean with Emmet and tells him what’s bothering her. Emmet in turn surprises her by handing her his divorce papers which he has now signed. Victoria is ecstatic on seeing the papers. Emmet tells Victoria he took the decision to sign the papers because he really cares for her. At home, the mailman’s wife is back.

Turns out, she was only gone for the weekend. Just then Lloyd arrives and again proclaims his love to Joy. The mailman intervenes and talks sense into Lloyd; he then shows him a photo of his beautiful daughter and asks Lloyd to come to his house for dinner. Lloyd agrees and parts ways with Joy. The episode ends at this point.