The Anger Games - Recap

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The episode begins with Victoria showing the girls that she has been featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine. Victoria is all excited as being in a movie and dating Emmet Lawson has made her “press worthy” again. Melanie and Joy leave to play tennis with Alec and his friend Bill. Joy suspects it’s a fix up but Melanie assures her it’s not. Joy says she is taking a break from dating. But, when Melanie mentions Bill is handsome and owns his own restaurant, Joy is ready to get back into the dating scene once again. Elka on the other hand gets Victoria a spot on Jimmy Kimmel.

Later, Melanie isn’t too happy when Alec tells him he is in the running for Cleveland’s most eligible bachelor. She reminds him that they are in a relationship now. Hence he isn’t suppose to be “eligible” anymore. Alec reluctantly agrees to drop out of the race, just to make Melanie happy. Because of Alec dropping out, Bill wins the title. Bill doesn’t know that Alec has dropped out and decides to rub his win in Alec’s face. Elka in the meantime has promoted herself to Victoria’s agent, from her assistant. She gets Victoria a part in the new Tarantino film. At work, Melanie sees that Alec is visibly dejected at having to drop out of the race. He claims he isn’t dejected and is in fact happy it will give him an opportunity to grow a soul patch.

The discussion veers towards Alec having dated women in his office in the past. Melanie asks him who the woman was. Alec asks her to let it go and assures her she is the only woman in his life. Bill and Joy decide to spend their “game night” with Melanie and Alec. Alec while talking to Bill addresses him as OBB. Melanie is curious and asks him what the abbreviation means. Alec reluctantly tells her and asks her to promise not to tell anyone. She does. Later at home Melanie tells Victoria and Joy that the full form of OBB is “One Ball Bill”. Melanie says she had promised she wouldn’t say anything, but she felt Joy should know, so she isn’t surprised if Bill and she end up having sex. Joy says it doesn’t bother her. The girls then discuss about the aesthetics of male testicles. Melanie then asks Joy to help her.

She basically wants Joy to find out from Bill, as to who Alec has dated in his office. Later at the office, Melanie gets a text from Joy informing her that Alec has slept with nine of his co-workers. Melanie is shocked to know this. Its game night and the whole gang, is together. Victoria informs everyone that Elka has gotten her a part in the next Tarantino movie. Victoria goes to get Elka a drink and Elka tells everyone “she didn’t get the part”. Turns out, Elka demanded too much money, as she was “drunk with power”. Bill rubs his winning the title of “Cleveland’s Most Eligible Bachelor” in Alec’s face. Alec is visibly shocked to hear this, he is even more shocked when he finds out the winner is being given free Superbowl tickets. The gang then begins playing Pictionary.

Alec wants to win, but realizes Melanie isn’t very good at the game. Elka in the meantime through the game lets Victoria know that Sharon Stone got her part. Victoria is dejected and leaves to call her “real agent”. After Victoria leaves Elka mentions that Victoria has also “lost Kimmel”. During the game, the girls let it spill about Bill’s one ball. Bill is shocked that the girls know and reprimands Alec for revealing the secret. Joy assures Bill that she is completely fine with him having one ball. Things calm down and they continue playing. Bill out of spite reveals that Alec cried on Jeopardy, after losing badly. Alec is outraged, and he and Bill get into an argument as a result. While everything is being put out in the open, it is also revealed how Joy hates Bill shortening every word, while speaking and how Melanie hates Alec’s soul patch.

Alec also lets it slip that he is upset about having to drop out of the most eligible bachelor race. Melanie brings up the fact that Alec slept with nine other women in office. “I didn’t write nine I wrote Nina…stupid autocorrect” Joy says. In the end, game night concludes rather acrimoniously. Later, Melanie and Alec sort things out and make up. The episode ends at this point.