Fast and Furious - Recap

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The episode begins and the girls have come for a stay in a cabin in the woods. The cabin is a part of a camp which is also a spa and an ashram. They are there to lose weight and rejuvenate themselves. Elka says she is simply there to lose weight. “At your age…who cares?” Joy asks Elka sarcastically. “Right back at you” Elka replies angrily. The girls later enter a room and a man enters behind them. He introduces himself as Yogi Ananda. He asks them to remove their clothes and “gently touch each other”. The man had wrongly assumed that they were there for the romance package. “We are five women”, Victoria points out. “And we are non-judgmental” the man replies with a smile.

Victoria clarifies that they are there for a different package. Ananda asks the girls to open up their secrets and resentments to him, in front of the others. Joy goes first. She admits she is majoring in criminology because she wants to be a private detective. Victoria and Melanie find her idea a “bit out there” and “seedy”. “Thanks for your non support” Joy says. Victoria reveals that Melanie’s ex-husband Anders had hit on her, when he and Melanie were still married. Melanie is really hurt that Victoria didn’t tell this to her before. Victoria also reveals that Anders hit on Joy first, which outrages Melanie further. Later in their cabin, Melanie and Joy discuss how their starving is getting to them.

Melanie mentions that she can’t think of anything but food, wherever she looks. Victoria comes and the girls all apologize to each other for everything that was said earlier. The girls try to find some way to distract their minds from the hunger pangs they are having. Joy looks out of the window to distract herself. In the neighboring cabin she sees the silhouette of a man and a woman together. Initially she thinks they are dancing, but later it looks as if the man is strangling the woman, who apparently collapses to the ground. Joy yells out in panic, both Melanie and Victoria run to the window. But, the silhouettes disappear before they can get to the window. Joy asks them to call the police, as she is sure she saw what she saw.

A ranger is called and he checks on the cabin, but doesn’t find anything. He suggests Joy must be imagining things, as her starvation is playing tricks on her mind. Joy says she is sure of what she saw and won’t let this thing go. The girls also see from the window that the Yogi is staying in the cabin, in which Joy saw the alleged murder happen. Elka and Mamie Sue have a falling out. She tells Elka that Elka is too bossy and also that she doesn’t want to be a part of the secret business they are into, as it’s illegal. Mamie Sue then walks out, despite Elka warning her not to.

During their session, Joy who is convinced that Ananda is a murderer tries to use her guile to get the truth out of him. “Joy for the third time, I didn’t strangle anyone” he in turn tells her, reading her insinuations correctly. “Your psyche has manufactured a crime you have to solve” Ananda tells her. Basically, telling her that she is hallucinating. Joy pretends she believes his theory, but right after he leaves she decides to spy in his cabin for evidence the moment she gets an opportunity. Joy asks Victoria to book a private session with him, so she can spy in his cabin while he is away. Joy spies in his cabin and finds a blow up doll with long hair in his closet. Just then Ananda enters and catches her spying. Joy in the meantime realizes her mistake.

Ananda says he wasn’t strangling anyone and was simply deflating his doll. He in anger threatens to calls the cops, but Victoria who has just arrived changes his mind by offering to talk to her celeb friends in LA, so he can open an ashram there. Mamie Sue returns and Elka and her, make up. Elka says Mamie Sue doesn’t have to be a part of the business if she doesn’t want to. But, Mamie Sue wants back in and says it’s probably a good thing that Elka always pushes her, as she is “one of those people, who probably needs a good push”.

Melanie in the meantime realizes that she wants to be with Alec and wants nothing more. Joy and Victoria return to their cabin and see Elka, Mamie Sue and Melanie having pizza. Melanie says she passed “the universe’s test” and is celebrating. Joy and Victoria too indulge themselves, as they too have learnt some valuable lessons. The episode ends at this point.