What Now, My Love? - Recap

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The episode begins with Melanie and Alec brushing their teeth in the bathroom together. Melanie is hoping Alec won’t waste away the day playing golf. Alec on the other hand is hoping Melanie would allow him to spend the day playing golf. In the end, Alec asks Melanie if she would like to play golf with him “today”. “I’d love to” she replies, all excited. Later at home, Victoria tells the girls she is miserable because their movie shoot is getting over and she doesn’t know what is going to happen between Emmet and her. Victoria says she might fall apart, when she shoots her last scene with him.

Elka reluctantly agrees to be by Victoria’s side during the shoot, because Melanie and Joy have other plans. Later, Alec and Melanie play golf together and while they are at it they also flirt with each other. They in the end decide to have sex in a hidden corner of the golf course. Elka arrives at the shoot with Victoria. They rehearse a scene from the movie, which is very similar to their own situation. Emmet feels the hero is a world renowned conductor and shall in 3 months get over the love he has found in Cleveland. Victoria feels Emmet is trying to hint at the fact that he is a renowned actor and shall very soon get over her.

She tells Elka about this and begins crying. Elka does her best to console her. Alec and Melanie on the other hand are done having sex. Alec tells Melanie she is the “best girlfriend ever”, because she really knows how to have fun. She sees he has brought her toothbrush wrapped in plastic. He says he got it, because she had forgotten it at his place and thought she might need it. Melanie finds this rather odd. Joy is at a private detective’s for an interview. She wants to intern with him for a college credit. The detective begins flirting with her the moment he comes to know she isn’t married. Joy is visibly uncomfortable with him coming on to her, but plays along. The PD then gives Joy her first assignment.

He asks her to find out about a woman his dad is seeing. He hands Joy the photo of the woman and Joy is shocked to see that the woman is Elka. Joy immediately tells him everything about Elka. “Wow! You are good” the PD says. Joy says she suspected Elka had been up to something, for months. He says they have to set up hidden surveillance cameras outside Elka’s house, so they can find out what Elka has been up to. Joy isn’t really crazy about his idea. During the shoot, Victoria loses her cool, reveals to Emmet her state of mind and walks off. Later at home, she tells the girls what she did at the shoot.

She admits it was unbearable and unprofessional, but she simply couldn’t go through with the shoot. Melanie mentions how she left her toothbrush at Alec’s and he returned it. She brought this up, because it’s bothering her. The girls feel Alec is afraid Melanie is trying to move in with him. Joy suggests that just as a test Melanie should leave her toothbrush at Alec’s again, to see what happens. Later, Melanie leaves her toothbrush at Alec’s once again. While she is at it, she also leaves her lipstick behind. Later the two arrive on the golf course again and this time in Alec’s golf kit Melanie sees a “toilet shave kit”. Alec says it’s a gift for her. She finds her toothbrush and her lipstick in it.

He mentions how there is space in the kit for a lot of other things and even suggests Melanie can keep the kit in her car, the nights she stays with him. Melanie isn’t at all happy to hear this. “We need to talk about our relationship” Melanie tells him. She comes out and tells him what is worrying her and says it makes her question where their relationship is headed. Alec says he is fine with where their relationship is, at the present moment. But, Melanie apparently isn’t fine with it. Melanie hints that she wants their relationship to move forward. Alec honestly tells her he isn’t ready for their relationship to move forward “right now”. “Then maybe we should take a break for a while” she says.

Emmet and Victoria have a discussion about their relationship. He says he has been offered the role of a villain in the new Bond movie and it’s a 3-month shoot in Morocco. He asks Victoria to come with him. With the help of the surveillance cameras, Joy and her boss find out Elka selling something to his dad and other old people. Alec calls Melanie to his house and shows her that he has kept women’s toiletries in his bathroom. “And no travel kit, this all stays here” he tells her. He says he can’t live without her and gives her a key to his apartment. He then tells her that he wants to move forward and asks her to move in with him.

Later at home, Victoria happily tells the girls that she is going to Morocco with Emmet and Melanie mentions that she is moving in with Alec. Joy is sad that the girls would be leaving her alone “with Elka”. Joy finds out what Elka is hiding in an old-fashioned oven in the kitchen. Elka asks Joy what she is planning to do, now that she has found out the truth. The episode ends at this point.