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Hot In Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland revolves around three fabulous, eccentric, LA women of a certain age, and best friends whose lives are changed forever when their plane unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in this new "promised land." (Source: TV Land)

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Next: 6x15 -- All Dolled Up (Apr/01/2015)

Elka is convinced that Bob’s gift to Joy is a voodoo doll. Melanie accidentally doses her boyfriend, Dane with estrogen. Victoria gets a visit from her agent.

Prev: 6x14 -- Family Affair (Mar/25/2015)

The women take a DNA test and learn about their ancestries. Melanie pretends to be someone else when she meets a handsome relative. Victoria finds out she’s a Native American. Joy and Elka make a startling discovery.

Available Episodes

One Wedding and One ..
Feb 04, 2015
Season 6 episode 12

About a Joy
Jan 28, 2015
Season 6 episode 11

We Could Be Royals
Jan 21, 2015
Season 6 episode 10

Bad Boys
Jan 14, 2015
Season 6 episode 9

The Young and the Re..
Jan 07, 2015
Season 6 episode 8

Cold in Cleveland: T..
Dec 17, 2014
Season 6 episode 7

Out of Our Minds
Dec 10, 2014
Season 6 episode 6

Betty WhiteBetty White
As Elka Ostrovsky
Valerie BertinelliValerie Bertinelli
As Melanie Moretti
Jane LeevesJane Leeves
As Joy Scroggs
Wendie MalickWendie Malick
As Victoria Chase


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4x12: What Now, My Love? recap: The episode begins with Melanie and Alec brushing their teeth in the bathroom together. Melanie is hoping Alec won’t waste away the day playing golf. Alec on the other hand is hoping Melanie would allow him to spend the day playing golf. In the end, Alec asks Melanie if she would like to play golf with him “today”. “I’d love to” she replies, all excited. Later at home, Victoria tells the girls she is miserable because their movie shoot is getting over and she doesn’t know what is going to happen between Emmet and her. Victoria says she might fall apart, when she shoots her last scene with him... read more.

4x11: Fast and Furious recap: The episode begins and the girls have come for a stay in a cabin in the woods. The cabin is a part of a camp which is also a spa and an ashram. They are there to lose weight and rejuvenate themselves. Elka says she is simply there to lose weight. “At your age…who cares?” Joy asks Elka sarcastically. “Right back at you” Elka replies angrily. The girls later enter a room and a man enters behind them. He introduces himself as Yogi Ananda. He asks them to remove their clothes and “gently touch each other”. The man had wrongly assumed that they were there for the romance package. “We are five women”, Victoria points out. “And we are non-judgmental” the man replies with a smile... read more.

4x10: The Anger Games recap: The episode begins with Victoria showing the girls that she has been featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine. Victoria is all excited as being in a movie and dating Emmet Lawson has made her “press worthy” again. Melanie and Joy leave to play tennis with Alec and his friend Bill. Joy suspects it’s a fix up but Melanie assures her it’s not. Joy says she is taking a break from dating. But, when Melanie mentions Bill is handsome and owns his own restaurant, Joy is ready to get back into the dating scene once again. Elka on the other hand gets Victoria a spot on Jimmy Kimmel... read more.

4x9: The Conversation recap: The episode begins and Emmet and Victoria are in bed together, in Victoria’s trailer. Suddenly there is knock on the door and a woman calls out for Emmet from outside. Emmet seems terrified and chooses not to respond. The woman therefore barges in and when asked by Victoria who she is, she says she is Emmet’s wife. Victoria is visibly shocked to hear this. Emmet later tells Victoria that he and Nikki are divorced in every sense of the word “except legally”. Emmet’s wife Nikki tells him that she has been chosen to be a part of a reality and the makers want her on the show as “Emmet’s ex-wife”... read more.

4x8: Extras recap: The episode begins with Joy trying to make Wilber say “nana”, but to no avail. “Its official, men of all ages ignore you” Elka says taunting Joy. Melanie come downstairs all dressed up. Turns out, its Melanie’s “big night” with Alec tonight, so she wants everything to be perfect. Emmet who is also there gives Melanie a few pointers about what men like. “If you like the show let us know” he sums up by saying. Melanie on her part is extremely nervous, but Emmet assures her it’s just “stage fright”. “You’ll be brilliant” he says reassuringly... read more.
Recurring Guests

Georgia Engel as Mamie (14 eps)
Jay Harrington as Alec (11 eps)
Dave Foley as Dr. Moore (9 eps)
Carl Reiner as Max (8 eps)
Alan Dale as Emmet (8 eps)
Tim Daly as Mitch (6 eps)
John Mahoney as Roy (6 eps)
Craig Ferguson as Simon (6 eps)
Casey Washington as Shane (6 eps)
Wayne Knight as Rick (5 eps)

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