Shotgun Start - Recap

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Anthony receives a call on short notice to help out a hotel. It's the Water Gap Country Club in Delaware Water Club, PA. It was purchased recently by Shaun and Julie Lyons, and has 22 rooms, a banquet hall, and a PGA golf course. They're going to open the next day and they need help.

Intrigued by the challenge, Anthony pulls up and immediately notices that entrances looks shoddy. There's mold on the chair and cigarette butts on the porch. He admits that since the hotel is opening, it's acceptable. However, when Anthony sees the lobby he dismisses it as a dungeon with a foul smell and empty portrait frames. The front desk has venetian blinds blocking the view and the desk behind it is a mess. There is toilet paper on the floor and an old-fashioned ledger system. There are golf displays on the wall featuring the famous golfer Walter Hagen. His worst game in history was at the nearby PGA course.

Anthony figures the hotel isn't ready to open in 24 hours and meets with Shaun and Julie to learn their plan. They explain that Julie's father was one of the first superintendents and they fell in the love in the place. Anthony confirms that they have never run a golf course or a hotel, and they don't have a general manager. They have Kyla, who will help Julie manage the facility. All she's done is administer nursing homes, and Anthony wonders how they plan to open in 24 hours. Shaun explains that the prior owner booked a wedding and they're committed to that, and otherwise they were going to open in two weeks. The wedding is bringing in 130 guests and the decorators will arrive the next day. Anthony confirms that they've hired a banquet and events coordinator, but that person has no hotel experience either. He warns them that they can't buy their way out of it if the bride and groom have a bad experience. They don't have a bridal suite and Anthony takes them off to find one.

The Lyons take Anthony to a room and he immediately tells them that the door has to be painted. The inside isn't any better and Anthony tells them to dust first. The Lyons have ordered someone to come in and clean it, and Anthony tells them to take apart the bed and clean it. There's nowhere to hang the wedding dress and there's a huge stain on the carpet. Anthony wants to check out the bathroom and Julie volunteers to do it rather than have him come in. He figures that she's mad at him but she insists that it is. Anthony goes in and shows the Lyons that the toilet rim is filthy, and explains that they have to inspect regularly. Julie looks nervous and Anthony says that she has to get down on her hands and knees and checks things.

Anthony calls in Blanche Garcia and shows her the lobby. He then explains about the wedding in two days and Blanche insists that she can't put together a wedding in two days. Anthony wants her to redesign the bridal suite and she says that she'll do the best she can in one day. He then rips apart the Venetian blinds, ripping out the wiring and setting off sparks. Once Blanche stops him, she goes to work.

Next, Anthony checks out the golf course, figuring that he can market it based on its history with Walter Hagen. He calls in golf expert Kelly Brook to meet Anthony and the course director, Dustin. Kelly explains that she's been a golf pro for 25 years and now she manages courses to make money. They check out the driving range and Kelly suggests that they appeal to New York golf courses. Anthony heads off to get the hotel open while Kelly and Dustin discuss further plans.

Anthony goes back in and discovers that nobody is doing anything to prepare for the wedding. He talks with the wedding coordinator, Tammy, and her assistant Chelby. Chelby is Julie's sister and has never worked at a hotel before, either. Tammy says that the chef is handling the food and Anthony points out that event coordinators coordinate the entire event. She tells Anthony that the bride is coming for rehearsal but not checking in, and he demands to see everyone so he knows what the schedule really is. Once Anthony leaves, Tammy and Chelby complain about how he's nasty.

Everyone gathers, and Kyla explains that she already works full-time at a nursing home. Anthony warns her that she can't do that both jobs. Tammy and Chelby insist that they can do, but Anthony tells them that they're screwed. He goes over the wedding schedule and Julie confirms that there are guests coming in the next day, but the bride won't check in until the day after, Saturday. However, she will drop off her luggage on Friday. Anthony tells Kyla to inspect all of the rooms, he'll take the bridal suite, Shaun will check the food, and Tammy and Chelby will make sure the reception hall is ready. Tammy has talked to the bride, who is nervous and worried that the hotel doesn't look like it did two years ago.

On Friday morning, Blanche brings in crews to work on the bridal suite. All she has time to do is paint the walls, put in new lampshades and bedding. Kyla worked through Thursday night to get the rooms cleaned... supposedly. The groom's father and mother checks in, much to Anthony's surprise, and Anthony is informed that there are bugs in the room. He comes running and Kyla tells him that the couple found a stinkbug. They go after the couple, the McKeevers, who are checking out, and catch them in the parking lot. Mr. McKeever angrily tells them to go away and Anthony immediately retreats rather than antagonize them further.

Anthony calls Kyla and her team together and tells Kyla that she's screwed up. He explains that the groom is telling everyone that the hotel sucks, and insists that it's no game. They all nod and agree, and Anthony figures that he'll have to do something later. As Anthony goes to check on the bridal suite, Tammy tells him that the bride is checking in early. Anthony and Julie run to the bridal suite to see if it's ready. He tells Blanche to get all of their people out but says that it's ten times better than it was. They check the suite and discover that the bathroom is filthy. They clean as fast as they can while Anthony tells Julie that she has to resolve things with the parents as soon as she can.

The bride arrives and everyone gets out, including the cameraman. The producers have already talked to the bride, who says that she doesn't mind them being there as long as they hang back. Tammy and Julie take the bride to the suite and when they emerge, they tell Anthony that the couple are happy with the room.

Anthony goes to work inspecting all of the rooms personally and shows Julie more about being a GM. They can't bring in new bed linens so they do what they can with what they have. A construction crew tears out the old desk and replaces it with a solid wood slab.

Saturday morning and Anthony is up early to go over last-minute details. The Lyons don't show up on time so Anthony goes to their nearby house. He finally locates the couple in the banquet hall and tells them that people aren't ready and he's pissed off. They apologize for the lack of communication and they go back to work. Julie steps up and greets the bride's mother and father, and makes sure their room is acceptable.

Anthony pulls Shaun off to the side and tells him that he's bringing in Alison Brody-Smith, a hotel-staffing expert from New York. Alison explains that they find transformative leaders to be part of hotel businesses, and will find an executive to help them run it... and they'll do it for free because of her relationship with Anthony.

Anthony and Shaun go back to the wedding and Anthony and the staff stand back to watch. Everything goes well until someone turns on power tools. Shaun runs off to shut down all of the construction, and the wedding continues to a successful conclusion. The father of the groom decides to check back into the hotel, and Anthony can now focus on hotel operations. He takes the Lyons to the golf pro shop and Kelly explains that she can make them an additional $400,000. To do that, they need to turn the pro shop into a bar and restaurant for under $100,000, leaving them with $168,000 gross profit. Kelly warns that they need to change the POS system and computerize it, so she's called in experts to hook up a new system and integrate it with the hotel reservation system.

Next, Anthony shows the Lyons the new deck and the new lobby. The lobby has new wood paneling and a wood floor, and the history of the course is on display. The couple thanks Anthony for their help and he calls out Blanche so the Lyons can thank her as well. She explains how they put in a new fireplace and VIP lockers, including an honorary Walter Hagen locker. Anthony then shows them their new property-management system and website that his people have provided. He also has a custom binder with all of their procedures listed.