Operation Sandy Part 2 - Recap

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Anthony reviews what happened at the Thunderbird Motel when Ray and Jayne Brawn, and their children Ray Jr. and Janel, and how he left when they thought he was trying to humiliate Ray Jr., and that Roy Sr. had $40 million in real estate. However, the crew had put in a lot of work, so Anthony goes back to try and salvage things with the Brawns. The family gathers and Anthony asks how Ray Jr. is feeling, but he refuses to talk. Anthony turns to Ray Sr. and insists that he was trying to provide constructive criticism, but Ray Sr. insists that the production crew wrecked the hotel. Realizing that they can't work together, Anthony takes the crew out again.

Ray Jr. confronts the producers and demands that they erase the footage, and the producers refuse. Ray Sr. points out that the crew brought in a security team and threatens to bring in one of his own, and everyone goes their separate ways.

Anthony heads out into the community to help three new hotels. The first is the 45-room Chalroy Hotel, owned by Cheryl Raley and her son Jacob. The second is the Palm Villa Suites, a 21-room motel owned by C.K Patel The final one is the Tradewinds Motor Lounge with 45 rooms, owned by the Kosenki, Melanga, and Brackett families for over four decades. Anthony plans to tackle one problem at each hotel. He goes to the Chalroy and admits that it's impressive. The pool fence came down when the tides came in, and the pool area was covered in six inches of sand. Cheryl hasn't received any money from the insurance company and has blown through $100,000. She breaks into tears and her son Jacob admits that it's been a long winter. Anthony asks how he can help and Cheryl says that she's redesigning the rooms, but needs some professional help.

Carrie goes to work by checking out a room, and she agrees with Anthony that it's outdated and needs some work. Anthony gives her two days and she says that she can do it, and then orders him out. He then calls in Chip Wade from HGTV and Matt Muenster from DIY Network. However, it starts raining, washing away all of their equipment on Baby Beach where Blanche is working. Chip Wade arrives and she explains that they're putting benches, an awning, a swing set, and a giant-size pail for the kids to climb on.

Anthony goes to the Palm Villa Suites, which has worn-out wood siding. They have a very small pool and he asks some guests their opinion. They agree about the size of the pool and Anthony suggests that it would be better if it was closed off and cleaner. The guest agrees and Anthony checks on the rest of the hotel. The front desk clerk, Ally, greets him, and he confirms that she's pregnant and expecting any day. Anthony explains why he's there and asks which problems are and aren't Sandy-related. Ally says that they get families and younger couples, and they try to separate them. There is a sign with extensive charges for any damage that the guest causes. Anthony points out that he'd check out if he were faced with all the rules and regulations, and asks Ally if that list wouule ld bother her. She agrees that it would and says that she wouldn’t bring her kid there.

C.K. Patel arrives and explains that they lost the entire first floor and the store that was attached. They have spent $300,000 to rebuild and they're still not fully functional, and can only survive six more months. Anthony tells him he doesn't need the rules if he wants to bring in families, and C.K. admits that the pool is the number-one problem. With Carrie and Blanche tied up on their projets, Anthony brings in DIY host Matt Muenster to focus on the pool. Matt wants to remove the chain-link fence and accentuate the pool, and Anthony leaves him to it.

Anthony heads to the Tradewinds Motor Lounge and meets with the three families. They explain that the roof blew up and the water came in three feet deep. All of the rooms are new but they haven't purchased bedspreads yet. Overall it has cost them up to $900,000. Anthony notices one of the women, Diana, writing down a reservation. They have no connection to the Internet and Anthony warns them that their reservation system is killing their business. They're half full for that night but they can only tell by looking at the keyboard. The families have to check the charts to find out upcoming vacancy. Anthony tells them that the system is costing them 30% of their business. Diana says that she's been asking for a computer for years, and Anthony promises to get them the resources.

After making a couple of calls for the computers, Anthony returns to the Chalroy and checks with Carrie. She explains that she's fixing everything, and has picked out new paint and new molding. When she says that she's putting in wainscoting, Anthony says that he hates wainscoting but Carrie assures him that she'll like it. He then heads to the Palm Villa Suites and gets Matt some local carpenters and a group of AmeriCorps volunteers. Anthony also brings in a designer, Tanisha, and Anthony makes sure everything is going fine.

Governor Chris Christie is making a speech nearby and Anthony heads to over to see what the state is doing for the locals. After Governor Christie gives his speech, Anthony meets briefly with him. Afterward, he meets with the Brawns at the Thunderbird and offers to give them the custom-designed cabinets that Carrie was bringing in for them. Anthony meets with Ray Sr. and offers the cabinets, Ray Sr. accepts and Anthony wishes them the best.

As the four teams work, a storm rolls in with 24 hours remaining and shuts down all of the projects. The next morning, the tide rolls in and damages the work on the beach. As Blanche and Chip shore up the beach, Anthony goes to the Chalroy to watch Carrie reveal the redesigned room. They're confident that they can recreate it for the other rooms and Cheryl breaks into tears as she hugs Carrie and Anthony.

At the Tradewinds, Anthony brings in a new computer donated by Jaydien Network Solutions. The company will install it and Anthony's friend Chuck will provide them with their Roommaster software. Anthony then takes them out to show them a truck of supplies donated by American Register. There is everything from bedspreads to pillows to housekeeping carts. The families thank Anthony for all of his help.

At the Palm Villa Suites, Matt has dried things out and finished the pool just in time. Anthony shows C.K. the new pool and the owner assures him that he can maintain it and use it to sell families. Matt and Tanisha come in and C.K. thanks them. There's a new fence and built-in seating.

The town has turned out for the reveal at the new beach, and Anthony gives them the new Baby Beach. Blanche cuts the ribbon and everyone runs out onto the beach.

Anthony finally meets with the volunteer fire department at the request of the mayor. The night of the storm, they had to deal with a shopping-center fire by boat and then return and pull people out of their homes. One of the men takes Anthony into the firehouse and explains that they set up a smart TV to run a presentation for their new recruits. Anthony explains that the mayor told him about their situation and has his people bring in a new smart TV with a computer. The fireman thanks Anthony for his help and he's glad to return some of the help that he got when his neighborhood in Queens was hit by Hurricane Sandy.