In the Doghouse - Recap

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Anthony is called to the Beachfront Inn in Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin. The owners, Terry and Tammy Bork, have their entire savings tied up in the hotel. If they lose it, they lose everything. They bought the hotel in 2004, a pet-friendly hotel with 20 rooms and a private beach on Lake Michigan. Despite their ideal placement, they've been losing money ever since.

When he arrives at the Beachfront Inn, Anthony sees the Vacancy sign. He's impressed by the exterior and how nice and clean it is. It's been recently painted and has fresh flowers. Anthony spots Lake Michigan out past the hotel and takes in the view, including nice furniture and a fire pit, and figures that it's worth a million dollars on the value of the property.

Next, Anthony checks out the hotel pool and discovers that it's equally nice, with expensive furniture from a high-end retail store. There's at least $15,000 worth of furniture, and Anthony wonders if that's why they're having financial problems. As he goes outside on the lawn, Anthony steps in dog manure and confirms that the whole lawn has been destroyed. The place is pet-friendly but they don't have anywhere set aside for dogs. He spots two guests with a dog and they explain that they came there because the Beachfront Inn is pet-friendly. They say that there's a "no dogs allowed" sign in the lobby and that bothered them. Anthony talks to another guest, Natalie, who says that the owners' dogs were in the lobby. She also thinks that any dogs should be allowed into the lobby.

When he gets to the lobby, Anthony doesn't see the "no dogs" sign and wonders if the Borks took it down because they knew she was coming. Tammy is seated behind the front desk and greets him, and Anthony says being greeted by someone who is sitting down turns him off as a guest. She explains that she does all of his business work from the front desk. There are three dogs there and Anthony tells Tammy what the guests said about the "no dogs" sign. Tammy tells him that the sign normally isn’t there, but Anthony points out that it was there a day earlier. He figures that Tammy is playing him and explains that he sent in a secret shopper who took a photo of the sign a week ago. Tammy still insists that they don't put the sign up very often, but Anthony doesn't believe her. When Anthony tells her that she could lose business, Tammy refuses to discuss it on camera. Anthony pushes the issue but all Tammy will say is that it would make sense if she could explain it. He tells her that he's leaving to give her time to think about whether she is going to cooperate with him, and then drives off.

The producers talk to Tammy separately but don't have any better luck than Anthony did. Once he cools off, Anthony comes back and says that if Tammy wants him there, she has to be honest. She explains that she doesn't want guests in until they know what the situation is with the guests' dogs. They had a permanent solution planned to put in a doggy door where the guest bathroom is. Anthony tells her that it's more urgent because guests are already complaining, and says that he wants to make her happy by helping the hotel out.

Anthony inspects the hotel and goes to the second floor, where dogs are not allowed. The room is older with a TV twenty years old. He confirms that it doesn't work, and notes that 20% of travelers would check out of a hotel if the TV doesn't work. Anthony looks around the rest of the property and goes to the lobby. It's cramped and cluttered and doesn't show off the beach. The outside deck is in bad shape and smells like dog manure. There's a doggy door and Anthony realizes that the owners' dogs use the deck, and there's manure visible in front of the lawn.

Tammy and Terry meet with Anthony and Terry admits that he admires Anthony for winning an argument with his wife. Terry is a long-haul truck driver and is only home two days after a seven-day trip. The owner admits that it's stressful but that he thinks their marriage works because he isn't there all the time. Tammy says that she'd like Terry there full-time so they can fix up the property. However, they need the extra money that Terry brings in. Anthony realizes that he's going to have to do something even though he doesn't want to get involved in a family matter.

Anthony asks for their profit-and-loss statement and discovers that they only made $3,000. When they replaced the pool, it went $80,000 over budget and they used credit cards to make payments for a total of $38,000. Now they owe the bank $825,000 on top of that, and Anthony suggests that they may have to declare bankruptcy. If they foreclose on the loan then they'll lose everything. The Borks have a family farm and they had to attach it to the loan. Tammy breaks into tears and explains that she promised Terry's dad on his deathbed that they'd keep the farm in the family. The Borks admit that they'd walk away if not for the farm. Anthony promises to do his best, but admits that he can't work miracles.

Designer Casey Noble comes in to upgrade the lobby and she admits that isn't horrible. When Anthony tells her that they're taking out the bathroom to make more room for their dogs. Casey also think that the desk is blocking off the area without any clear indication of where to go. They go out to admire the view and Casey admits that it's gorgeous. However, the carpet on the deck and the nearby litter box is disgusting. She figures that it's a missed opportunity and goes to work.

Anthony checks the hotel reservation system to see how quickly a booking comes into the system. Once he makes a reservation, he goes to see Tammy and discovers that she's writing down reservations. He explains what he did and Tammy brings it up on the computer. She transfers it into his system and Anthony times her. Three minutes later, she still doesn't have him checked in. Tammy explains that she has to cut-n-paste the reservation from the booking system to their system, and then write it down. She admits that reservations sometimes get misplaced and Anthony tells her that every reservation is critical to help them bounce back.

As Anthony starts to work up solutions, a major storms rolls in off the lake. The power goes out and everyone scrambles for cover. Anthony checks to see what the Borks are doing for the guests, and Terry admits that they don't have any flashlights. He realizes that he needs to look for flashlights and goes to find them. The storm lets up but the power is still out. As Anthony goes to find Tammy, a guest walks by and says that she's checking out. Several others are checking out as well and one of them has an oxygen tank. The man was concerned that they didn't have electricity for his health conditions. Anthony tells Tammy that she needs a backup generator and a contingency plan. She admits that the fire alarms don't work and they're waiting for an electrician to come in and repair them. Anthony wants to fix the situation and Tammy asks him to talk to Terry because Terry doesn't think it's a big deal.

After talking with Tammy, Terry tells Anthony that they need to get the fire alarms working. Anthony tries one and discovers that it's jammed because it hasn't been maintained. The hotelier explains that if there was a fire then Terry would be in jail for endangering his guests.

Once the power is restored, Casey and her team get back to work in the lobby. Meanwhile, Tammy gets a complaint about the TVs and admits that trying to deal with the situation is taking up valuable time. Anthony is checking on the renovation and discovers that Casey and her contractor, Eric Peil, have discovered that the wood they need to do the deck will cost $5,000. They had hoped to use part of the deck but discovered that it was entirely rotted out. Anthony inspects it and discovers that it could have caved in at any time. Casey says that she's going to try to get rid of the wood structure and put in a paver patio. She admits that the wood deck would be better, and Eric agrees. However, Anthony warns them that they don't have the money and Casey figures that they'll have to get creative. They make several dozen calls and get a discount from a local lumberyard. Now they just have to build a deck from scratch in 24 hours.

Anthony talks to the Borks about a plan to get them out of the hole. He's charted out their occupancy rates and confirms that they were sold out 84 out of 122 days in peak season. Tammy admits that they've kept one static price and Anthony explains that they need to use dynamic pricing. They are four weeks from July and they are at 60% occupancy. Anthony tells them that they increase their rates as dates approach, and that Tammy should spend most of her time on her guests and the rates. The Borks are in a great position because of the beach but they need to raise their prices to take advantage of it.

Next, Anthony addresses the situation with Terry going on the road. He talks to Terry privately and points out that Tammy is frustrated that she has too much to handle. Terry explains that Tammy is insecure because of her family upbringing, and admits that he should be more involved. Anthony tells Terry to set a goal to get off the road within a year and get them both on a salary at the hotel. Terry agrees to step up and help out his wife.

That night, Anthony meets Terry and Tammy on the beach. He has Terry tell Tammy that he'll off the road within a year to help her full-time. Tammy breaks into tears and Terry admits that he didn't know how much pressure that she was under. Anthony leaves them to enjoy the evening while he goes back to work.

Casey and her team from Peil Construction work through the night. The work continues on into the final morning, while Anthony shows Tammy and Terry one of the rooms. Hotel Register has donated new sheets and Anthony has brought in new TVs and a new system. DIRECTV has donated $40,000 in equipment and a hundred HDTV channels. Anthony then takes them to the new lobby that Casey has redesigned. The desk is less cramped and there's a continental breakfast. There's a new reservation system that books the guests directly into one system.

Anthony then takes the Borks out to see their new deck overlooking the lake. The dog area has been screened off so the guests can't see it. Casey and Eric come out and the Borks thank them, and Eric brings his crew out. Anthony is satisfied that the Borks can save their family farm.