Don't Bug Me - Recap

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Anthony is off to the Sevilla Inn in Kissimmee, Florida. The Seville Inn has 50 rooms and is owned by Rene Choudry and her daughter Peggy since 2005. Their business has been dropping off ever since and they need Anthony to save them. When he arrives, he's impressed that the paint job is good and the grounds are clean. However, when Anthony pulls in he finds handwritten signs warning the guests not to bring in their pets and they will pay $10 if they lose their keys. The lobby contains shelves of goods. The front desk agent, Margo, welcomes Anthony and explains that her daughter Peggy owns the hotel. Margo says that the guests need food, and explains that they don't allow visitors or pets.

A couple checks in and Anthony asks how they found the hotel. They explain that they saw the sign and the wife is from Sevilla, Spain. The couple plans to check the room before they sign in and Anthony advises them that it's good policy. He goes with them to take in their first impressions, and they say that it smells like cleaning products. They check the bathroom and admit that it's clean. Anthony shows them how to check the bed and they find a bloodstain on the sheet. The wife says that she wants to go to another place even though Margo offers to change the sheet.

Anthony returns to the front desk and has Margo show him how he would check in. They have the guests sign in on paper and file it, and don't have a property management system. Margo tells him that the rate is $39, even though the average rate is $97, and Anthony figures that translates into cheap. He goes to the king room and immediately sees spackle on the walls and stains on the furniture. The air conditioner filter is covered in dust and the sheets are striped and covered in pubic hairs. When he checks the mattresses, Anthony finds bed bugs for the first time on the show since it's started. Checking carefully, Anthony finds another one and orders everyone out of the room.

The hotelier refuses to subject his crew or equipment to the bed bugs until every room is inspected. He calls an emergency meeting with Rene and Peggy and tells them about the bed bugs. Anthony shows them one in a bag and the owners insist that Rene has sprayed as recently as two weeks ago. However, Anthony says that only registered professionals should do the work. He gets a master key and goes through every room, and calls in a certified canine training master, Bill Whitstine. Bill uses a trained dog, Ozzy, to sniff out the bed bugs. They check one room and find a half-dozen bed bugs. Bill confirms that the owners are using powdered pesticide, meaning that the guests are in further danger.

Casey Noble arrives and Anthony shows her the lobby. She's not impressed either and Anthony tells her to take the lobby while he handles the rooms with the bed bugs. He tells Casey to dry-clean her clothes when she goes home.

Anthony checks in with Bill and reports that so far seven of the twenty rooms he's checked have bed bugs. Casey brings in a team to work on the lobby while Anthony sits down with Peggy and Rene. They explain that they wanted to do a family business, but admit that they don't get as many tourists as they used to. Anthony points out that 52 million people came to the Kissimmee-Orlando area in the last year and they're not getting the business. Rene says that they don't have the advertising, but Anthony tells them that they don't know what they're doing. He explains about the bed bug issue and the fact that eleven of the rooms have bed bugs, including the housekeeping department. Peggy insists that it isn't true and that no one complained. Anthony points out that they were using dangerous chemicals and tells Rene that he's not going to work as an exterminator.

Peggy breaks into tears and explains that they've been fighting because of the stress and Rene recently had a stroke so she has been avoiding the hotel so she wouldn’t put stress on him. The hotel is now worth less than $700,000 from an initial investment of $1.5 million. Anthony brings up video of a guest who says that it's a cheap hotel for people who are down on their luck, and there's a lot of prostitution and drug dealing going on. The owners admit that they try to help people, and Anthony asks what troubles they've had. Peggy had to call in the police to get rid of a guest that wouldn't pay, but the police said it was a civil issue and wouldn't help. Anthony tells them that the low rate is contributing to their problems, and admits that it's a mess of epic proportions.

Anthony calls in Bates Exterminating to clean up the rooms and Bill describes the situation to them. The owner, Bob, says that guests can move back in an hour after they finish the job. They go to work while Anthony checks out a serving cabana next to the pool area. The place is a dump, the floor is filthy, and the pool has a cloudy green tint to it. Anthony calls in Shannon May, an aquatic pool expert, to tell the owners what is wrong. Rene explains that he cleans the pool and admits that he only tests it once a month. Shannon notes that regulations call for tests twice a day. She scraps algae off the sides of the pool and Rene admits that they used to have professionals come in, but he decided to do it himself. At one point he mixed chemicals and there was an explosion, and Peggy had to take him to the hospital.

Casey is working in the lobby with a crew from Bermuda Builders. They show Anthony that they've cleaned everything out and are starting from scratch. Casey plans to showcase it artistically, and Anthony asks her to do something with the pool cabana.

Anthony takes Peggy and Rene to see the exterminators, who have found a bed frame swarming with the bed bugs and roaches. Peggy wonders why the guests didn't say anything, and Anthony tells her that it's not up to the guests: it's her responsibility. Rene admits that the long-term guests don't let him in, and Peggy yells at him. Anthony tells them to stop fighting and Peggy explains that the guest has been in the room for five months and doesn't let them in. The hotelier tells the owners that it's their hotel and they have to enforce their rules. Rene disagrees but Anthony tells him that he's being too nice.

Back at the pool, Anthony discovers that Casey is putting a new tile feature to block up the entrance. She says that there's no way she can bring them up to code with the resources that she has. However, Casey has kept the main components and guests can still sit at the bar. Anthony admits that he's glad she didn't put in a beverage-and-food component and congratulates her.

The extermination team wraps up and Bob tells Anthony that on a scale of 1 to 10, he'd rate the hotel a 15 for bug infestation. The owner promises to donate a visit once a week free of charge, and Anthony will have Bill and Ozzy check as well. He then talks with Peggy and her brother, Sean, who tells them that they have to take control of the hotel from Rene. Rene still thinks of them as kids, but Anthony gets her to admit that if her father keeps working he's going to die from the stress. He tells them to bring Rene out and then talks to him privately. Rene says that Anthony is one of the best guys he's met, and Anthony tells him that he's a good man. However, he can't let the guests take advantage of him. Rene doesn't want to lose the hotel, but Anthony warns him that the stress will likely kill him. The owner finally agrees to let go but promises that he'll be there for his children if they need guidance. They break the news to Peggy, Sean, and Margo, and Peggy admits that she's worried that both of her parents are on medication. She begs Rene to let her do it and he agrees.

With one day left, Anthony tells Peggy that she needs to take control. She agrees, and Anthony tells her to get rid of the signs and set up rules requiring a credit card and limit guests per room. He also tells her to set the rate at least $49 to deter squatters. Anthony then calls in Laura Petty, a local marketing person. Laura wants to come up with a list of 70 reasons to stay at the Sevilla. Anthony tells Peggy that Laura will work with her free for a month, and then goes off to deal with the other problems.

Soon, Peggy is trying to vacate the current guests that won't follow the policy. One guest refuses to provide a credit card and tells Peggy that she has to take his cash. He calls the police on Peggy, and she tells the officers what she's doing. The officer informs the guest that he has to follow the rules and he agrees.

Casey put the finishing touches on the lobby and pool area, while Anthony has DIRECTV donate 130 HD channels to every room and 50 32-inch flat-screen TVs. M&V Cleaning deep-cleans the entire hotel and Hotel Register provides fresh linens. Anthony shows the owners the new pool area and brings out Casey and the people from Bermuda Builders. Sunbrite has donated a set of pool furniture in a custom-made color. Anthony tells Peggy that with the improvements she can raise the rate above $49. He then takes the owners to see the new lobby. Casey has cleaned it all up and Anthony figures that they can justify raising the rates. Pegasus Solutions has donated a new website and RoomMaster has provided a property management system. Anthony wishes them the best, confident that Peggy will step up to the task.