Niagara Falls Down - Recap

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Anthony is off to Ontario, Canada, at Niagara Falls to help out the 30-room Ritz Hotel. Hoat and Megan Oey need his help: they bought the hotel in 2002 and have been losing money ever since. The hotelier drives to the Ritz, a 30-minute walk from the Falls, and discovers that it looks like a rental-truck business. There's a chapel, a shed with a coin-laundry area, and a large plastic ice cream cone. There's also lots of junk in the yard. Out front is a sign saying that they sell moving boxes, and another sign advertises $5 all-day parking. There's also a barbeque pit in the middle of the parking lot.

After praying to a Buddha statue in the yard, Anthony checks in at the front desk. The agent, Megan, introduces herself and explains that she's one of the owners. Anthony asks her what business she's in and wonders why there's an ice cream cone out front. They used to sell ice cream, and they still rent trucks from the front desk. There's a sign up for an Internet café but all the guests can do is rent Internet time. There are wooden masks up and Megan admits that they sell maybe one a year. An emergency phone is taped to the wall. Anthony asks about the chapel and Megan confirms that it's in one of the rooms. She says that it's nice but admits that they use it as a regular hotel room when they're not holding services. They charge $150 to have the wedding there and Anthony gets a key to chapel to check it out.

Anthony goes to Room 113, takes one look, and starts to walk out. The altar has a talking parrot on it that doesn't work, and the bed is currently in the room. There is wicker furniture and a treadmill, and a freezer that doesn't belong there whether it's a room or a chapel. As he leaves, Anthony runs into two guests that are staying there. They explain that they got a package deal and admit that they're not happy with the hotel. The couple let him check out their room and there are cobwebs on the ceiling and a stained comforter. Anthony finds a hanging and confirms that there's a hole behind it. The husband wipes the toilet rim with a tissue and the wife almost gags on what they find.

Next, Anthony goes to check with Hoat and Megan and admits that he's stunned at what he's found. They confirm that they haven't used the freezer in seven years, and they like the ice cream cone outside. The couple bought the hotel because they wanted to make money and raise their kids there. They have no employees: just the two of them and their kids. Anthony tells them that they're not doing a good job of cleaning the rooms, and shows them an Internet review from six days ago. He figures that they're doing too many things and Megan admits that she disagrees with her husband's approach. However, the woman has no say in their culture. Hoat insists that the treadmill and the freezer in the chapel is a good thing. The couple explains that they owe $250,000 to the bank and another $500,000 to their friends and relatives. Hoat decided to start renovating the rooms at the end of 2012, and they are using their daughter's savings. They don't have salaries and are living on the property. Hoat breaks into tears and admits that he's under a lot of pressure. Anthony tells them that he realizes that they're working hard, but warns that they're not working smart.

The first thing Anthony sets out to fix the chapel. He brings in designer Carrie Drosnes and she recoils in horror. However, she says that she can turn it into a real chapel. Anthony tells her that she'll also redesign the lobby and separate out all of the different functions.

On the second day, Anthony checks out the pool and admits that it's not terrible. However, he sees garbage and junk on the other side of the pool fence. Looking around, he discovers that the back side of the building has a sign for an old hotel on the site, and the room visible from the parking lot is filled with more junk. Anthony talks to the Oeys and asks about the old hotel sign. They admit that it's confusing and Megan says that she told Hoat to take it out but he didn't. Anthony tells Hoat that he needs to listen to his wife no matter what his culture is like.

Anthony confirms that Hoat is renovating eight rooms at $1,000 a room, and asks to see one of the renovated rooms that goes for $79 a night. Hoat explains that they put in a wood floor and painted the walls. The beds are old and there's new insulation and drywall in the bathroom. Anthony tells Hoat that insulation doesn't impress guests. He checks a lamp that they kept and it falls apart when he touches it. Anthony has Carrie see what she can do to renovate a room on a $1,000 budget.

Alvina, Carissa, Elrika, and Edbert Oey gather to meet with Anthony. The children explain that they were brought up in the hotel but none of them are currently helping there full-time. None of them want to become hoteliers and laugh at the idea. They explain that they want to get out and do their own thing, but Anthony figures that they're laughing because it's a crazy idea. Anthony shows them footage his crew made of Hoat breaking into tears and they admit that their father doesn't show a lot of emotion. He tells the children that they have an investment there worth saving and they need to want to save the hotel.

Once the children agree, Anthony checks out the lobby and discovers that Carrie's gutted it and started over. She's put in a wall to separate the front desk from the trucking business. Carrie then shows him the chapel which has a mural of Niagara Falls. Anthony is less than impressed and suggests that any couples will have already seen Niagara Falls. Carrie disagrees and says that it works, and Anthony tells her to have it ready an hour ahead of schedule in case he doesn't like the murals.

Anthony gathers Megan and the children in a room and asks why they're not cleaning as well as they can. They show him their cleaning kit, and the multi-surface cleaning cloth is covered in dirt. None of the children refuse to touch it and they insist it's what has been given. The bag itself is filthy and Anthon shows them how to properly clean the room. He brings in his own housekeeping cart and shows them a housekeeping checklist. Anthony then explains that they use different-colored rags for different surfaces and a Swiffer to clean the ceiling. They all think that Hoat should be there because he was the one who implemented their cleaning system. Anthony explains that the rooms smell because the cleaning rags smell, and tells Hoat that he has to get mad when he sees disgusting things at the hotel.

Next, Anthony takes Hoat and Megan out front and shows them the barbeque pit. Hoat insists that it looks good, but Anthony tells him that it has to go. They move onto the signs and Hoat admits that he put all of it up. Megan is the one who says that first impressions count, and Anthony tells Hoat to give his wife a voice in maintaining the hotel. Hoat grasps the idea that the exterior isn't very good and agrees to listen to Megan.

Unsure if Hoat will revert, Anthony talks to the children and asks how they can keep Hoat on task. They suggest that Hoat stick to maintenance and Megan work on customer service. Anthony wants them to have the final word when their parents' duties cross over. They're skeptical, explaining that their father is used to taking command, but Anthony wants them to be able to make actual business decisions. He tells them to make up a contract for their parents to sign agreeing that the children will break any ties.

Crews come in to clean up and remove the junk. Hoat tells Anthony that they're selling the ice cream cone for $750. Carrie continues her work on the redesign. Anthony takes the Oeys to the Niagara River to take them out on a whirlpool jet boat. They meet with the owners, John and Vanessa, who explain that there they take the boats out on the whitewater rapids beneath Niagara Falls. They work with local hotels and set up package deals, and take everyone out for a trip. The pilot spins the boat around a few times and returns to the dock. Anthony tells the Oeys that they can market it as a unique experience tied into the Ritz.

On the last day, Anthony takes one more look at the chapel and admits that it isn't what he envisioned. He wanted something quainter and worries that it will fall flat with the owners. Carrie says that once she finishes it, they'll like it.

When everything is ready, Anthony takes Megan and Hoat to see the lobby, which is much simpler. When they ring the service bell, Carrie and Ryan from Arctic Red come out and explains what they've done. The Oeys thank them and Anthony then shows the couple the new computer system that he's had installed. Pegasus Solution has also given the Ritz a new website to promote the hotel. Next they go to the chapel and Carrie explains that she painted the door a different color than the others. Inside they find a simple layout in blue and silver, with the Niagara mural on the wall.

Anthony brings the entire family together and shows them the room that Carrie renovated. American Hotel Register has donated new linens and Carrie has color-coordinated the décor. Anthony figures they can get $80 more a room once they implement the design in all of the rooms. Finally, the children present their contract giving them veto power in case their parents disagree. Hoat breaks into tears and admits that it's a blessing from God to have such a family. Anthony has Hoat and Megan sign the contract.