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Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie

Gregory House is a medical genius and head of the he Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He leads a team of diagnosticians through unorthodox medical approaches, which causes conflict between himself, staff and patients.

Prior to his career at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, House attended Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate and then attended Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. When his time at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was cut short following expulsion, House was accepted into University of Michigan, where he earned his medical degree and met Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

While diagnosing patients, House tends to keep his distance from both the family and the patient. When he does visit his patients, his mix of unconventional treatments and unusual bedside manner typically upset the patient, but leads to rapid and accurate diagnoses.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein

Cuddy is the chief of medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro, which in theory makes her House's boss. In practice, House tends to ignore her orders in favor of his own judgment, which he regards as superior. That he's often right is merely the cherry atop that delightful sundae - the chocolate sauce being the steady stream of sexual innuendo and sexist banter House lobs at her. Prior to assuming her administrative role, she was an endocrinologist. She has no romance in her life and once tried to have a baby using a sperm donor, but couldn't find a good enough person.
Dr. Eric Foreman, played by Omar Epps

Foreman is one of House's best doctors on the team. He is very serious about his job, and resembles House a little bit, something he's less then thrilled about. At the end of Season three he quit his job after he accidentally killed someone. The reason he quit was because he did not want to turn into House. When Foreman killed the patient he was too focused on find out what was killing her and spending less time on trying to save her. House routinely flaunts the rules and safety protocols; he gets away with it because his excellent judgment usually means his patients live. Foreman copied this but had poorer luck; his patient died. Worse for him, he lacked the reputation to overcome the nearly fatal blow this dealt his career; following several failed attempts to find work elsewhere, he returned to Princeton-Plainsboro and rejoined House's team in a supervisory capacity; he's responsible for ensuring (ironically) that House's new students don't break the rules.

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Dr. Allison Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison

Cameron was arguably the most caring member of House's team. She once married a man knowing that he was dying of cancer, so that he would not die alone. She seems to believe it is her job to "fix" people but as it can be difficult to define "broken" she is sometimes ineffective at this. She use to have a crush on House and even went on a date with him. She had an uncommitted sexual relationship with Chase, which started when she tried Ecstasy to experience it from the inside. At the end of the third season, she left House's team but remains at Princeton-Plainsboro, where she is an emergency room attending physician.
Dr. Robert Chase, played by Jesse Spencer

A skilled surgeon originally from Australia, Chase use to be on House's medical team up until the 4th season. Chase has had a sexual relationship with Cameron and currently lives with her. He use to be afraid of being fired and looking like an idiot around House, but his ability to come up with a crazy-but-accurate diagnosis rival those of House. Since leaving House's team, Chase has come into his own as a surgeon and rarely puts up with House's antics when their paths cross. He still respects his former boss, but has little regard for his new team. He knows House's theories are almost always correct: the rest of the team, they're going to have to prove themselves.
Dr. James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard

Wilson works at the hospital as an oncologist, and has been married and divorced three times. He is House's best (and possibly only) friend, chiefly because he has a unique ability to deal with House's arrogance. He does this mostly by shedding House's commentary, but has been known to rise to the occasion with barbs of his own. He once sawed partway through House's cane so that it would collapse under him at an inopportune time, rising to a challenge issued by House himself. During the fourth season, he became romantically involved with Amber, a washed out member of House's array of fellowship applicants. In the final two episodes of that season, House called on Wilson to retrieve him from a bar where he'd drunk himself past safely operating his motorcycle. Amber came, instead - she did this for Wilson, not for House whom she does not like. The pair was involved in a bus accident, and a bizarre combination of circumstances left her fatally intoxicated: she'd taken medication to ward off the flu, and when the crash damaged her kidneys, her body could not clear the drug, which reached fatal levels. It is unclear to what extent Wilson blames House for Amber's death; this may be a fifth season plot arc.
Dr. Christopher Taub [episode 72+], played by Peter Jacobson

He was hired in 2007 after House's team disbanded. House ran an American Idol-like elimination game to choose his new team. He is very similar to Foreman, as he is very serious and takes his job seriously. He used to be a plastic surgeon, but following some sexual adventurism, his partners forced him out of the practice while keeping silent about the reason, and he decided to try diagnostic medicine. He survived the sometimes brutal elimination rounds and is now one of House's apprentices. His wife Rachel was initially unaware of his affair, but Taub eventually told her.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner [Episode 72+], played by Kal Penn

Dr. Kutner was added to the cast of House during the fourth season. House fired his old team and picked his new team through a series of eliminations. Kutner is similar to Chase in the sense that each of them suck up to House. He is a very good doctor, and follows House's lead in thinking outside of the box, but sometimes worries his job isn't permanent.
Dr. Remy Hadley [episode 72+], played by Olivia Wilde

Also known as Thirteen, she was hired in 2007 after House0's team disbanded. House ran an American Idol-like elimination game to choose his new team (Hadley was #13). She is very similar to Cameron in that she cares for people. Initially, she did not want to know whether she had the debilitating and eventually fatal Huntington's Disease (which killed her mother), but in the final episode of season four she ran a test of her own genes and discovered that she is positive for the Huntington gene mutation - she will, sooner or later, develop Huntington's Disease.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 16, 2004
Ended: May 21, 2012
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