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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A young teacher suffers from seizures in front of her class of kindergartners. She is taken to Princeton Hospital, where a world renowned doctor, Dr. Gregory House is assigned to her case. With his team of young doctors, House finds a tumor within the teacher and it turns out that she hardly has any time to live.
Special Guest Stars: Robin Tunney as Rebecca Adler |
Guest Stars: Andrew Airlie as Orange-Colored Patient |
Co-Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Melanie Landon | Maya Massar as Asthma Mom | Dylan Basu as Asthma Boy | Ava Rebecca Hughes as Sydney | Kyarra Willis as Kid #2 | Candus Churchill as Substitute Teacher | Ethan Kyle Gross as Molnar | Michale Ascher as Egg Salad Lady | Alana Husband as Tech | Janet Glassford as Reception Nurse
Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: David Shore
Songs: The Rolling Stones -- You Can't Always Get What You Want

2 :01x02 - Paternity

A 16-year-old patient comes in suffering from double vision and night terrors. House dismisses the kid but as he's leaving the hospital the patient suffers from myoclonic jerks. House thinks that the patient may be suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, but the night terror hallucinations disprove the diagnosis. As he gets worse, Cuddy is horrified at the fact that House is making bets on the child's paternity, which might be the key to solving the case. Meanwhile in the clinic, House is having to deal with a man who is trying to set up a lawsuit and a mother who refuses to give her baby vaccinations.
Guest Stars: Scott Mechlowicz as Dan | Robin Thomas as Dan's Father | Wendy Gazelle as Dan's Mother | Alex Skuby as John Funsten |
Co-Guest Stars: Kylee Cochran as Young Woman | Paul Ganus as Trainer | Scott Hochstadt as Jake |
Uncredited: Amber Matthews as Nurse
Director: Peter O'Fallon
Songs: Rickie Lee Jones -- On Saturday Afternoons In 1963

3 :01x03 - Occam's Razor

Brandon is 22-year-old male, who ends up passing out after having rowdy sex with his fiancée. He complains of abdominal pain, nausea, and suffers from fever and low blood pressure. House and Foreman test out their theories, but after a dangerous drop in white blood cells, they realize they must find a solution and soon. Meanwhile in the clinic, House must deal with a boy and an unusual situation involving a MP3 player.
Guest Stars: Kevin Zegers as Brandon Merrell | Alexis Thorpe as Mindy | Faith Prince as Becky Merrell |
Co-Guest Stars: Lauren Cohn as Jodi Matthews | Marco Pelaez as Hospital Pharmacist | Jason Stuart as Adam Brown | Ben Campbell as Jerry Morris | John Kelly (1) as Robert Marrell | Joshua Wolf Coleman as Suburban Pharmacist | Beth Hall as Shelby Lever
Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: David Shore
Songs: Three Dog Night -- One is the Loneliest Number

4 :01x04 - Maternity

After two newborns in Princeton Plainsboro's maternity ward fall ill, House takes on the case. Soon the illness has spread to six babies, all of which have high fevers and low blood pressure which could mean that these newborns will die in less than a day. House wants to test which medicine works better, by putting one of the babies on a different medicine, despite the fact that this experiment may have a fatal effect, which angers Dr. Cameron and the rest of the specialists.
Guest Stars: Ever Carradine as Karen Hartig | Hedy Burress as Jill | Cress Williams as Hospital Attorney | Melissa Marsala as Judy Lupino | Alexandra Bokyun Chun as Kim Chen (as Alexandra Chun) | Kenneth Choi as Dr. Lim | Benjamin Parrillo as Dr. Kubisak (as Ben Parrillo) | Sam Trammell as Ethan Hartig |
Co-Guest Stars: Dwight Armstrong as Charlie | Shawn Carter Peterson as Male Med Student | Nate Torrence as Young Man | Jocelyn Jackson as Young Woman | Marc Menard as Soap Doctor | Madison Bauer as Soap Patient | Donna Stearns as Volunteer |
Uncredited: Amber Matthews as Nurse

5 :01x05 - Damned If You Do

House has a new patient whose hands are red with boils. She is a nun and all of her fellow nuns believe her condition to be stigmata. After what seems to be an allergic reaction to the medicine House prescribes, Cuddy orders him to research the case. During an MRI, the nun starts to suffer from convulsions. House wonders if her past is coming back to haunt her, as the doctors provide different theories about the nun's condition. However, only one of them has the correct answer.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Mitchell as Sister Mary Augustine | Lucinda Jenney as Sister Mary Eucharist | Dakin Matthews as Marvin/Santa Claus Guy | Lori Rom as Sister Mary Pius | Ann Dowd as Mother Superior |
Co-Guest Stars: Taji Coleman as Tech | James Symington as Priest
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: John Denver -- Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Mohr & Gruber -- Silent Night

6 :01x06 - The Socratic Method

Lucy Palermo is a schizophrenic mom with deep vein thrombosis and also displays mixed symptoms, including a tumor, but House realizes her cannot figure out what is wrong with her. After an anonymous call to Social Services, House begins to question whether Lucy is really schizophrenic, and causes her son, Lucas, to blame Dr. House for making the call which will take him away from her. House decides to then take Lucy off all her medication and then secretly sends Foreman and Chase to search her apartment for clues. All of this happens on House's birthday which he is trying to forget, but no one will let him.
Guest Stars: Stacy Edwards as Lucy Palmeiro | Aaron Himelstein as Luke Palmeiro | Al Espinosa as Hiccuping Patient | John Prosky as Dr. Bergin |
Co-Guest Stars: Sonya Eddy as Sally | Pat Musick as Trina Wyatt | David Vegh as Clark | Lilas Lane as Terri | Veronica Leigh as Wendy | C. Xavier Drayton as Male Truant Officer |
Uncredited: Kenya D. Williamson as Scrub Nurse | Farrah Skyler Greye as Nurse
Director: Peter Medak

7 :01x07 - Fidelity

After a husband finds his wife in bed and cannot wake her up, he rushes her to the clinic. Puzzled by her symptoms, they consider everything from cancer to rabbit fever. When all the treatments fail, House comes up with the diagnosis of African sleeping sickness. The woman will die without the proper treatment but neither she nor her husband admit to having an affair because the only way she could have contracted the disease was through sex.
Guest Stars: Dominic Purcell as Ed Snow | Myndy Crist as Elyse Snow | Brennan Elliott as Adam | Clementine Ford as Samantha Campbell | Henri Lubatti as Head Chef |
Co-Guest Stars: Endre Hules as Sous Chef | James Conkle as Young Boy
Director: Bryan Spicer

8 :01x08 - Poison

A young high school male comes in to the hospital with a lethal poisoning, but neither House or the rest of his team can find out what has caused it. House decides to send Cameron and Chase to the teen's home to find the hot new drug House is sure he's taking. They don't find drugs, but do find something that would explain his symptoms. That is until another student comes in with the exact same symptoms. Meanwhile, an 82-year-old patient becomes obsessed with House who is trying to figure out the basis of her renewed fascination with her sexual feelings.
Guest Stars: Roxanne Hart as Margo Davis | John Patrick Amedori as Matt Davis | Kurt Fuller as Mark Adams | Andy Milder as Bus Driver | McNally Sagal as Mrs. Miller | Shirley Knight as Georgia Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Lau as Chou-Young Ling | Linda Wang as Jen Ling | Molly Mankiewicz as Blonde Woman | Kenya D. Williamson as Nurse | Christopher Malpede as Math Whiz | Ulysses Lee as Chi Ling |
Uncredited: Nina Avetisova as Patient #2
Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Matt Witten

9 :01x09 - DNR

After jazz musician John Henry Giles checks into Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital believing he's dying from ALS, he signs a DNR to avoid a slow death. House disagrees with the diagnosis then violates the man's DNR to save his life. House ends up in court and the man's paralysis ends up getting worse. Soon though, the man begins to get better for no reason, leading the team to ponder how this is occurring. Meanwhile, Dr. Foreman meets with an old friend who ends up offering him a West Coast partnership and he might just take him up on the offer.
Guest Stars: Harry Lennix as John Henry Giles (as Harry Lennix) | Chloe Webb as Cora | Mike Starr as Willie | Victor Raider-Wexler as Judge Winter | Rif Hutton as Morris | Michael Oberlander as Ross | David Conrad as Marty Hamilton | Brandy as Herself |
Co-Guest Stars: Clint Baker as Tommy | Courtney Henggeler as Server | Dennis Howard as Chaplain | Richard Sinclair as Doctor |
Uncredited: Deirdre M. Smith as Carol Moffatt
Director: Fred Keller
Songs: Louis Armstrong -- What A Wonderful World

10 :01x10 - Histories

Dr. Foreman is convinced that a homeless woman is faking seizures just so she can get a free meal. However, Dr. Wilson is determined to keep her from falling between the cracks of the system. Soon, her symptoms actually do get worse, and House and his team feel that getting an accurate history of the patient will be the key to solving the mystery. Foreman believes that she has contagious meningitis, but when he goes to tell her, she has disappeared. She soon returns, after being tasered by police, which ends up giving House a clue to the real diagnosis. Meanwhile, House is supposed to be helping two med students with their case studies, but chooses to blow them off with mixed results.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hope as Victoria Madsen | Larry Clarke as Officer Gilmar | Smith Cho as Julia | Ogy Durham as Chris |
Co-Guest Stars: Leslie Karpman as Jodi | Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. as Walter | Suzanne Ford as Mrs. Whitney (Angela Whitney) | Tomiko Martinez as Tall Girl | Patty Onagan as Girlfriend | Bonnie Perlman as Mom | Farrah Skyler Greye as Nurse | Troy Robinson as Cop #1 | Paul Sklar as Cop #2 | Kevin Moon as EMT | Brandon Bracato as Phil
Director: Daniel Attias
Songs: Mutaytor -- On Fire Like This, Dave Matthews -- Waste

11 :01x11 - Detox

House decides to take Cuddy's challenge and stops taking Vicodin for a week in exchange for no clinic duty for a month. House's withdrawal symptoms become increasingly severe as he and his team have to figure out why a 16-year-old boy won't stop bleeding after a car accident. Foreman and Cameron begin wondering if House is stable enough to even be attending the patient.
Guest Stars: Mark Harelik as Mr. Foster | Nick D'Agosto as Keith Foster (as Nicholas D'Agosto) | Amanda Seyfried as Pam | Maurice Godin as Dr. Hourani |
Co-Guest Stars: Marco Pelaez as Pharmacist | America Olivo as Ingrid | Akiko Morison as Anesthesiologist (as Akiko Ann Morison)
Songs: Windy Wagner -- You Don't Have To Worry, Joe Cocker -- Feelin' Alright

12 :01x12 - Sports Medicine

Although baseball player, Hank Wiggen thinks he just has a badly broken arm, it turns out he has some severe bone loss and his career is over. Soon, House believes that Hank is using steroids, even though he swears he has not. Hank's kidneys begin to fail and his wife says she will gladly donate one of hers, but if she does she will have to abort her still early pregnancy. Hank, after hearing this, tries to kill himself. It's up to House and his team find out what the true problem is and soon if this pitcher's life, as well his career, is going to be saved. Meanwhile, Foreman dates a pharameutical rep and House ends up getting stuck with two tickets to a monster truck rally and ends up going on a "date" with Cameron.
Guest Stars: Art LaFleur as Warner Fitch | Meredith Monroe as Lola | Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Sharon | Deirdre M. Smith as Carol Moffatt | Bryan Singer as Himself | Scott Foley as Hank Wiggen |
Co-Guest Stars: Timothy McNeil as Patient #2 | Sean Everett as Patient #4 | Richard Swaidan as College Student
Director: Keith Gordon
Songs: Windy Wagner -- I Never Saw It Coming, Robert L. Wyckoff -- You Better Stop

13 :01x13 - Cursed

After a 12 year old boy is convinced he is cursed because a Ouija board revealed to him that he is going to die soon, his father, who just so happens to be major financial supporter of the hospital, makes unbelievable demands of House and his team as they struggle to find a diagnosis for his symptoms, which include a rash and a week long fever. Chase becomes outraged when House invites his father from Australia to help him with his diagnosis. House is shocked to see that Chase and his father are not close at all. After House finally diagnoses him, the boy begins to believe that his father might not be so truthful after all.
Guest Stars: Tracy Middendorf as Sarah Rilek | Daryl Sabara as Gabriel Rilek | Patrick Bauchau as Dr. Rowan Chase | Jack Walsh as Ozzy | Alejandro Patino as Cabbie | Nestor Carbonell as Jeffrey Rilek | Dennis Bendersky as Davey | R.J. Root as Sam | Abbey McBride as Blonde | David Henrie as Tommy
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Songs: The Who -- Baba O'Riley

14 :01x14 - Control

The hospital is turned upside-down when billionaire entrepreneur Edward Vogel ends up buying his way into becoming Chairman of the Board. Vogler sees the new job as a way of making the hospital a new biotech venture. This means that they would no longer need the services of Dr. Gregory House. Meanwhile, a powerful young woman ends up paralyzed for no reason that anyone can explain. Soon House is on to her deadly secret, but he wonders if he will be on the job long enough to save her life which could end up costing him his medical license.
Guest Stars: Andrew Borba as Mr. Van Der Meer | Sunny Mabrey as Jenny | David Joyner (1) as Cardiac Surgeon #2 | Dar Dixon as Don | David Castellani as Boardmember #2 | Vivian Bang as Robin | Sarah Clarke as Carly Forlano | Joshua Miller (2) as Ricky | Sheila Cavalette as Anesthesiologist | Kim Meredith as Vogler's Assistant | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Chi McBride as Edward Vogler | A.J. Trauth as Henry
Director: Randall Zisk
Songs: The Who -- Baba O'Reilly

15 :01x15 - Mob Rules

Moments before mobster Joey Arnello is set to reveal his mob secrets in federal court, he ends up collapsing. A court order instructs House to find out if he is faking and quickly. House and his team struggle to diagnose and cure Joey mainly because his brother, Bill, is dead set against Joey testifying at all. In the meantime, Cuddy tries to convince a disbelieving Vogler that House is actually an essential part of the hospital and not just costly as he thinks. Joey keeps mysteriously slipping in and out of a coma and now that his job is on the line, House decides it's time to make an exception to his own policy and tries to get to know his patient.
Guest Stars: Greg Collins as Marshal Brady | A.J. Trauth as Henry | Joseph Lyle Taylor as Joey Arnello | Danny Nucci as Bill Arnello | Ingrid Sanai Buron as Kimberly | David Burke (1) as Everhardt | Chi McBride as Edward Vogler
Director: Tim Hunter
Songs: Daniel Moynahan -- Crazy World

16 :01x16 - Heavy

An obese 10-year-old girl presents with a heart attack. At first thinking it's an adverse reaction to diet pills, they ultimately uncover a much more deadly source of her illness. Also, House is also faced with a woman who will not accept a surgery for a 30 lb. tumor because she actually wants to remain overweight. Meanwhile, House is under orders from Vogler to fire one of his team. He finally makes a decision but Vogler doesn't accept it and demands he pick someone else, it leads House to suspect one of his own team members is giving inside information to Vogler.
Guest Stars: Teddy Lane, Jr. as Mr. Conroy | Susan Slome as Mrs. Lucille Hernandez | Cynthia Ettinger as Mrs. Simms | Karen Goberman as Mrs. Ayers | Bryan Fabian as Classmate #3 | Jennifer Stone as Jessica Simms | Austin Leisle as Seth | Alyson Morgan as Clementine | Alec George as Classmate #1 | Ramon Franco as Mr. Hernandez | Rose Colasanti as Cashier | D.J. Evans (1) as Classmate #2 | Chi McBride as Edward Vogler
Director: Fred Gerber
Songs: Jon Cleary -- Got to Be More Careful

17 :01x17 - Role Model

After Senator Wright become ill at a fundraiser, Vogler convince House to take Wright's case. To save his whole team, House must deliver a speech on behalf of Vogler's pharmaceutical company, which he does. However, it's certainly not the speech Vogler wanted him to give. Meanwhile, after the Senator's symptoms and tests point to AIDS, a condition which would end his hope of becoming the President, House and the team dig for different answers.
Guest Stars: Missy Crider as Susan | Dominic Oliver as Reynolds | Bobbin Bergstrom as ICU Nurse | Elizabeth Karr as Hostess | Sahar Bibiyan as Clinic Nurse | Chi McBride as Edward Vogler | Joe Morton as Senator Gary H. Wright
Director: Peter O'Fallon
Writer: Matt Witten
Songs: Earlimart -- It's Okay to Think About Ending

18 :01x18 - Babies & Bathwater

House and his team are trying to find out discover just what is causing brain and kidney dysfunction in a pregnant woman. After House finally diagnoses his the woman's illness, she and her husband must chose whether to save her life or that of their unborn child. Meanwhile, Vogler sets up a board meeting to get rid of House, but when Wilson refuses to make the vote a unanimous one, Vogler lashes out against him and shocks Cuddy and the rest of the board with his decision.
Guest Stars: Reggie Jordan as Anesthesiologist | Kevin Brief as Officer Angle | Michael Goorjian as Sean Randolph | Veronica Brown as Female Boardmember | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Marin Hinkle as Naomi Randolph | John Berg as Dr. Prather | Diane Sellers as Gail Friedman | Natalie Shaw as Rachel Kaplan | Martin Rutegard as Male Nurse | Guy Camilleri as Hayden Brown | S.E. Perry as Officer Davis | Kenneth Choi as Dr. Lim | Chi McBride as Edward Vogler
Director: Bill Johnson
Songs: Grant Lee Buffalo -- Happiness

19 :01x19 - Kids

After a meningitis outbreak hits the hospital, House decides to focus on a 12-year-old whose symptoms are similar to the disease. House, Foreman and Chase must devise ingenious ways and locations to treat the girl's delicate condition amid the chaos, even though Cuddy only gives them an hour. In the meantime, House decides to ask Cameron to come back to her job now that Vogler has left. She agrees, but on one surprising condition.
Guest Stars: Cindy Lu as Nurse | Eddie McClintock as Coach | Dylan Kussman as Mr. Carroll | Erin Foster as Second Applicant (Dr. Petra Gilmar) | Tim Haldeman as Mature Man | Skye McCole Bartusiak as Mary Carroll | Geraldine Singer as Woman | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda | Shari Headley as Third Applicant | Diego Clare as Dawson | Mark Bloom as Doc #1 | Lindsay Pulsipher as Teammate #1 | Rhea Lando as Teammate #2 | Kelly Kirklyn as Mrs. Carroll | Ben Jelen as Dr. Roger Spain | Eric Cazenave as Doc #2
Director: Deran Sarafian

20 :01x20 - Love Hurts

House apparently finds a way to scare one of the clinic patients into having a stroke. Soon the team is trying to find their way through the patient's odd lifestyle, an overbearing "friend" and reluctant parents in order to stop the strokes and try to save the guy's life. Meanwhile, the hospital is abuzz with House's upcoming date with Cameron, so Chase, Cuddy, Foreman and Wilson all try to give him and Cameron advice.
Guest Stars: John Cho as Harvey Park | Elizabeth Sung as Marilyn Park | Christina Cox as Annette Raines | Matt Malloy as Aubrey Shifren | Peter Graves (1) as Myron Chase | Keone Young as Clyde Park | Kristoffer Ryan Winters as New Guy | June Squibb as Ramona | Marco Pelaez as Pharmacist | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda | Mark Brown (2) as Dr. May
Director: Bryan Spicer
Songs: Dave Matthews -- Some Devil

21 :01x21 - Three Stories

House is surprised when his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner, makes a visit. He's even more surprised when he finds out that she's not there to see him, but to get help for her ailing husband. As House debates over whether or not to take the case, Cuddy decides to make him a substitute lecturer to a class of medical students. While there, he weaves together three stories of patients who all have the same symptom. The lecture is one that the students, and all those who hear it, will never forget.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Nicole Bilderback as Caring Student | Andrew Keegan as Rebellious Student | Josh Zuckerman as Keen Student | Brent Briscoe as Farmer | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda | Carmen Electra as Herself | James Saxenmeyer as Late 30s Men |
Co-Guest Stars: Andi Eystad as Volleyball Player | Ingrid Sanai Buron as Nurse #3 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse #2 | Susan Gallagher as Volleyball Player's Mom |
Uncredited: Christopher J. Marcinko as Patient's Cousin
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: David Shore

22 :01x22 - Honeymoon

House is convinced that just because Stacy married someone else, he can handle treating her husband. However, when Mark's tests come back normal, House is stumped as to why all the symptoms show that his brain is still dying. Wilson worries about his friend's emotional well-being and the entire team wonders if he can put his feelings for Stacy aside long enough to find out what's really wrong with Mark. Cuddy ends up adding to the dilemma when she ends up offering Stacy a reason to stay.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Mark Holmes as Ambulance Driver | Revital Krawetz as Woman | Currie Graham as Mark Warner
Director: Fred Keller
Songs: Blind Willie McTell -- Delia, The Rolling Stones -- You Can't Always Get What You want

Season 2

23 :02x01 - Acceptance

An inmate on death row starts seeing hallucinations of the people he has murdered. Cuddy reluctantly offers a very excited House the case. Without a respirator the inmate will die within an hour. Stacy pulls some strings and the inmate is brought to the hospital, where House's team of doctors couldn't care less about treating a man who will die anyway. Meanwhile, Cameron is having trouble telling a patient that she has cancer and will soon die.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Michael Dietz as John Clift | Marshall Bell as Warden | Tony Ross as Emmitt | Warren Davis as Kent | Bryce Johnson as James | Adrienne Janic as Dr. Vivian | Michael J. Gonzalez as Carlos | Anesha Ndiaye as Darriene | LL Cool J as Clarence | Christie Lynn Smith as Cindy Kramer | Mustafa Shakir as D'Vontray | Joseph Williamson as Dr. Bruce | Jody Millard as Prison Guard
Director: Daniel Attias
Songs: Jeff Buckley -- Hallelujah, The Rolling Stones -- You Can't Always Get What You Want

24 :02x02 - Autopsy

A young girl who suffers from cancer is about to administer her medicine when she begins hallucinating. An ill House shows up to work and Wilson asks him for help on the case. The doctors learn that the hallucinations are unrelated to the patient's cancer. After numerous tests, the doctors can find nothing wrong with the young girl. However, House believes that the girl's bravery is a symptom of a dangerous disease.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Fraser as Salesperson | Sasha Pieterse as Andie | William Jones (1) as Dr. Murphy | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda | Randall Park as Brad | Eamon Hunt as Neurologist | Gwen Holloway as Neurologist #2 | Jewel Christian as Pam
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Elvis Costello -- Beautiful, Christina Aguilera -- Beautiful, Bird York -- In the Deep, Stereophonics -- Maybe Tomorrow, Luciano Pavarotti -- Nessun Dorma, Christina Aguilera -- Stripped

25 :02x03 - Humpty Dumpty

Cuddy's young handyman, Alfredo, ends up falling from her roof and she soon joins the team in figuring out what caused him to fall in the first place. Cuddy is racked with guilt, even more so after House must amputate his hand after it becomes infected, because he is the sole provider for his family. After taking a trip to his neighborhood, the team may figure out just what caused Alfredo's illness in the first place.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Charles Robinson as Robert | Christine Avila as Luisa | Ignacio Serricchio as Alfredo | J.R. Villarreal as Manny
Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Matt Witten
Songs: Damien Rice -- Delicate, Christine Avila -- Duérmete, Mi Niño

26 :02x04 - TB or Not TB

After Dr. Sebastian Charles, who is renowned physician and head of an international organization to fight the spread of tuberculosis among the poor in Africa, is rushed to the hospital after collapsing, he immediately determines all the symptoms are from TB. House does not believe it and orders rounds of tests. Soon after the case gets the attention of the media, Dr. Charles refuses any more tests and medication in order to bring to light about the medical needs in Africa. Cameron actually sees eye to eye with Dr. Charles, but House ends up making his situation worse. Meanwhile, Foreman fills in for House in the clinic with mixed results.
Guest Stars: Joram Moreka as Father | Andrea Bendewald as Cecelia Carter | Ken Weiler as Jerry | Mary Wickliffe as Mandi | Ron Livingston as Dr. Sebastian Charles
Director: Peter O'Fallon
Songs: Me'Shell Ndegéocello -- Beautiful, Leon Russell -- Stranger In A Strange Land

27 :02x05 - Daddy's Boy

A recent Princeton graduate ends up in internal shock while attending a frat party. With his father by his side, it's clear that Carnell is not being too truthful about his life. House soon thinks that his symptoms could be caused by a recent Spring Break trip the young man took. Meanwhile, House is actually having his own issues with his father and keeps trying to get out of a dinner engagement with both his parents who have just arrived for a visit.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Blythe House | Bobbin Bergstrom as OR Nurse | Jon Hershfield as Timekeeper | Clifton Powell as Ken Hall | Brian David Cohen as EMT | Matt McKenzie (1) as Dr. Fedler | R. Lee Ermey as John House | Vicellous Reon Shannon as Carnell Hall | Wil Horneff as Taddy | Brian D. Johnson as Taddy's Boss | Brian Chase as EMT | Mackenzie English as Katrina | Mark Delisle as Paramedic
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Korn -- Word Up

28 :02x06 - Spin

After a professional bicyclist is brought in, House refuses to treat him because he is convinced the man is lying about using steroids to help him perform better. Cameron is upset at the fact that the man is actually a hero to little kids and ponders what she should ethically do. Meanwhile, House decides to ruin Stacy and Mark’s relationship by attending a group therapy session with Mark.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Mark Warner | Taraji Henson as Moira | Tom Lenk as Allen | Kristoffer Polaha as Jeff | Julie Quinn as Matthew's Mother | Drew Gardner as Blind Guy | Scott Kradolfer as Matthew's Father | Nathan Kress as Scott | Austin Whitlock as Matthew
Director: Fred Gerber
Writer: Sara Hess
Songs: Solomon Burke -- None of Us Are Free

29 :02x07 - Hunting

A scuffle with House lands a gay man with AIDS in the hospital, where he provides the disagreeable diagnostician with a medical puzzle. The man coughs up blood on Cameron, who begins behaving uncharacteristically. Elsewhere, House finds an unusual way to spend time with Stacy.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Matthew John Armstrong as Kalvin | Currie Graham as Mark Warner | Wings Hauser as Michael | Hamilton Mitchell as Infection Control Officer
Director: Gloria Muzio
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Amos Lee -- Colors, Goldfrapp -- Crystalline Green

30 :02x08 - The Mistake

Chase misdiagnoses a woman with an ulcer, and flashbacks dissect the case as her condition deteriorates. Stacy questions him and House about it following the patient's death and prior to a hospital disciplinary hearing.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: John Rubinstein as Dr. Ayersman | Allison Smith as Kayla | Kate Enggren as Mrs. Ayersman | Sammi Hanratty as Dory | John Lafayette as Dr. Schisgal | Stephanie Venditto as Nurse Brenda | Greg Winter as Chuck | Sterling Beaumon as Boy Magician | Shon Blotzer as Medical Student | Ryan Hurst as Sam | Adair Tishler as Nikki | Nancy Criss as Visitor
Director: David Semel

31 :02x09 - Deception

After a gambler collapses in front of House while they’re both betting on horse races, the team soon discovers she’s been seeing a number of doctors for a variety of supposed illnesses. This leads everyone, but a skeptical House, to believe that it is Munchausen’s which is a disease that causes people to fake symptoms for the medical attention. Of course, with Foreman as House's supervisor, it becomes more difficult for him to get things done his way.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Nixon as Anica Jovanovich | Patrick LoSasso as Do-Gooder | Larry Weissman as Fat Man | David DeSantos as ER Doctor | Rod Britt as Teller | Nell Rutledge as Hailey | Bru Muller as John | Peter Abbay as Cab Driver
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: The Vince Guaraldi Trio -- Christmas Time Is Here

32 :02x10 - Failure to Communicate

After journalist collapses at his editor's retirement party and hits his head, he regains consciousness but his words do not make sense. Since House is in Baltimore trying to defend his Medicaid billings with Stacy, the only way the team can help figure out what's wrong with Fletcher is through the telephone conversations. Meanwhile, as they are stranded at the airport together, House and Stacy realize that they still have feelings for one another.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Michael O'Keefe as Fletcher Stone | Erica Gimpel as Elizabeth Stone | Mimi Kennedy as Greta | Bruce French as Peter Foster | Pat Caldwell (1) as Mary Jean | Derek Anthony as Guard | Amy Margolis as Mother | Michael Len as 9 Year Old Boy
Director: Jace Alexander
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Guns N' Roses -- Used to Love Her

33 :02x11 - Need to Know

A young housewife, who happens to be taking some fertility medication, is brought to the hospital when she begins having muscle spasms so bad that she crashes her car. As Margo's symptoms continue to get worse, House and the team think she might have Huntington's Disease but when Margo descends into paranoia, they dig deeper and discover that she might not be telling them the whole truth. Meanwhile, after House and Stacy return from Baltimore with a rekindled relationship, Wilson begins to worry that House is just setting himself up for a hard fall. Also, Cameron is refusing to find out the results of her HIV test.
Special Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: Julie Warner as Margo Dalton | Currie Graham as Mark Warner | Elle Fanning as Stella Dalton | Edward Kerr as Ted Dalton | Holly Daniels as Debbie
Director: David Semel
Writer: Pamela Davis
Songs: The Student Prince -- Serenade

34 :02x12 - Distractions

A young man comes into the hospital severely burned, but the test quickly show that their is something unusual about his blood tests. The team has to get creative to figure out how to test the patient before his body completely shuts down. To make matters worse, House is hellbent on proving that one of his old medical school colleague's new migraine drug does not work no matter what he happens to be saying. So, House decides to make himself the guinea pig for his own batch of tests with some painful results.
Guest Stars: Christopher Cousins as Doug | Lisa Darr as Emily | James Immekus as Adam | Dan Butler as Dr. Weber | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda The Nurse | Michael Merton as Anesthesiologist | Judy Louise Johnson as Surgeon | Dorothea Harahan as EMT | Kristen Pate as Paula
Director: Daniel Attias
Songs: Gomez -- Get Miles

35 :02x13 - Skin Deep

House must treat a teenage supermodel for her heroin addiction, but soon realizes there is something different about her. Wilson is wondering if House's increased leg pain means that his leg nerves are actually regenerating. Also, a male patient in the clinic is somehow experiencing his wife's pregnancy, including her labor pains.
Guest Stars: Cameron Richardson as Alex | Tom Verica as Martin | Stephanie Venditto as Nurse Brenda | James DuMont as George | Karis Campbell as Pregnant Woman | Donzaleigh Abernathy as Brady | John Burke as Austin | Jim Hoffmaster as Surgeon
Director: James Hayman
Songs: Fluke -- Atom Bomb, Ryan Adams (1) -- Desire

36 :02x14 - Sex Kills

After man experiences a seizure but has no idea he has had it arrives at the hospital, House eagerly takes on the case. The team believes he has a bacterial infection, but Henry suffers a heart attack before the treatment for his infection is able to work and now needs a heart transplant. He chooses to approach the husband of the deceased woman, and feigns interest, only because he wants the heart. House and the team have to race against time to find out what the woman died of before they can use her heart for Henry.
Guest Stars: Craig Patton as Second Table East | Jean St. James as Cecile | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Yvette Nicole Brown as Stambler | Greg Grunberg as Ronald | Keri Lynn Pratt as Amy | Howard Hesseman as Henry | Adam Busch as Tony | Marcie Lynn Ross as Second Table West | Susan Grace as First Table North | Noel Conlon as First Table East | Stephen DeCordova as Second Chief Surgeon | Bobbin Bergstrom as ER Doctor
Director: David Semel
Writer: Matt Witten
Songs: Rush -- Freewill (Live), Taj Mahal -- Honky Tonk Women

37 :02x15 - Clueless

Bob comes in suffering from a breathing attack after role-playing with his wife. After trying to find out what's wrong with him, House decides to tell the man he has a sexually transmitted disease, which causes his wife to tell House a secret. Meanwhile, Wilson has moved in with House and things are not going too well for either of them.
Guest Stars: Samantha Mathis as Maria | Eddie Mills as Bob | Peter Birkenhead as Vincent | Stephanie Erb as Charlotte | Yareli Arizmendi as Lady
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Love And Happiness, Al Green -- Love and Happiness

38 :02x16 - Safe

Melinda, a rebellious girl, has a severe allergic reaction and ends up going into shock because she is immunocompromised from a heart transplant she had earlier in life. Soon Melinda's condition worsens and she becomes paralyzed, with the paralysis slowly moves up her legs. To make matters worse, her overprotective mother and boyfriend are constantly fighting about her condition. The team must find a way to stop the paralysis and figure out what is wrong with her before it gets to her heart. Meanwhile, House and Wilson are still having problems with their living arrangement.
Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg as Melinda | Mel Harris as Barbara | Lance Guest as Lewis | Jake McDorman as Dan
Songs: Alexi Murdoch -- Orange Sky, Otis Redding -- Pain in My Heart

39 :02x17 - All In

A 6 year boy is brought into the hospital with symptoms that House is convinced he has seen before in an elderly woman who died. House tries to convince Wilson to keep Cuddy from knowing what he is up to as he becomes frustrated in trying to find a way to cure the boy.
Guest Stars: Laura Allen as Sarah | MacKenzie Astin as Alan | Al Espinosa as Dr. Wells | Michelle Harrison as Nicole | Carter Page as Ian
Director: Fred Gerber
Songs: Diana Krall -- Deed I Do, Oscar Peterson Trio -- Hymn to Freedom

40 :02x18 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

After a patient, Hannah, is brought after taking an overdose of sleeping pills, it is revealed that she previously had not slept in 10 days. As her condition becomes worse, House discovers that she will need a liver transplant. It turns out that the woman's girlfriend, Max, is the perfect match. However, after the team discovers something else about the couple's relationship, it forces them in an ethical quandary. Meanwhile, Cameron accuses Foreman of stealing a medical article she wrote, but he says he wrote one almost exactly like it before hers was even submitted.
Guest Stars: Jayma Mays as Hannah | Dahlia Salem as Max | Julia Ling as Anne | Alice Lo as Mrs. Ling | K.T. Thangavelu as Surgeon | Kendall Clement as Anesthesiologist
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Sara Hess

41 :02x19 - House vs. God

House takes the case of Boyd, a 15-year-old faith healer, who thinks he can talk to God. House thinks he's making it up, until he sees Boyd touch one of Wilson's cancer patients and she later goes into remission. After Boyd decides that he will not have brain surgery because he his afraid he will lose communication with God, the entire team must confront their feelings about faith. Meanwhile, Cameron and Foreman are still at odds over the medical article she accused him of stealing.
Guest Stars: Thomas Dekker as Boyd Stanley | William Katt as Walter Stanley | Tamara Braun as Grace | Sandra J. Marshall as Agnes |
Co-Guest Stars: Marco Antonio Martinez as Dry Cleaner | Michael Edwin as Tax Accountant | David Cheaney as Bus Stop | Will Rogers (2) as Pastor
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Sister Rosetta Tharpe -- My Journey to the Sky, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Oh Happy Day, Massive Attack -- Teardrop, Gordon Mote -- What a Friend We Have In Jesus, Hugh Laurie -- What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- White Palms

42 :02x20 - Euphoria (1)

After a police officer is shot and begins experiencing unexplained giddiness, House sends Dr. Foreman to the man's home to see if he can gather a clue as to why he is acting the way he is. Soon the officer's health begins to decline and Foreman suddenly begins to experience the exact same symptoms as the officer. The team must race against time and solve the man's case before Foreman begins to suffer the exact same fate.
Guest Stars: Scott Michael Campbell as Joe | Loreni Delgado as Haines | Chioke Dmachi as Baby Shoes | Chil Kong as Morgue Tech
Director: Deran Sarafian

43 :02x21 - Euphoria (2)

In the conclusion, the police officer has died and Foreman's symptoms continue to get worse. He is now experiencing the same blindness, excruciating pain and muscle contractions that the officer had just before he succumbed to the still unknown disease. As Foreman realizes that he may die, he gets in contact with his father who quickly comes to be at his side. Foreman's condition quickly begins to worsen and the only solution is a brain biopsy. House is determined to find the solution in the dead officer's apartment before Cameron has to do the biopsy on Foreman's brain.
Guest Stars: Leigh-Allyn Baker as Claire | Scott Michael Campbell as Joe | Charles S. Dutton as Rodney Foreman | Amber DeMarco as Rose
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Marc Cohn -- One Safe Place

44 :02x22 - Forever

After a young mother has a seizure while bathing her child and almost drowns him, House and the team must discover what is causing Kara's seizures and find a way to save her son's life. Soon, both of their conditions worsen and Kara's husband is forced to make a tough decision, but he soon learns a shocking secret about his wife. Meanwhile, Chase decides he needs a break from the hospital and House wants to know why Cuddy has asked Wilson out on a date.
Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as NICU nurse | Hillary Tuck as Kara | Kip Pardue as Brent | Kevin Moon as EMT
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: The American Boychoir -- Over Yonder

45 :02x23 - Who's Your Daddy?

House's ex-bandmate brings in a 16 year old girl Katrina victim, whom he recently just found out was his daughter, because she has been suffering hallucinations about the catastrophe. House is convinced the girl is trying to scam his friend and must work through the girl's lies to try and figure out what is truly wrong with her. Meanwhile, House is asked by Cuddy to review two medical files and discovers she is looking for a sperm donor.
Guest Stars: D.B. Sweeney as Crandall | Aasha Davis as Leona | Christopher Carley as John Linehan | Tuffet Schmelzle as Young Mother | Owen Pearce as Max | America Olivo as Ingrid | Krista Lewis (1) as Flight Attendant
Director: Martha Mitchell
Songs: Hadouk Trio -- Parasol Blanc 2

46 :02x24 - No Reason

Just as House and his team are working on the a man with a giant, swollen tongue, a disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty walks into House's office and shoots him. House decides he must continue to treat Vince from his ICU hospital bed with Moriarty, shot by hospital security and hand-cuffed to his bed, as his roommate. Soon, the aftereffects of the shooting begin to impact House and he starts to question his own ability to properly diagnose. As Vince's body deteriorates, House must struggle through his self-doubt and trust his team to find a way to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Elias Koteas as Moriarty | Chris Tallman as Vince | Michelle Clunie as Judy | Obie Sims as Cuddy's Patient
Director: David Shore
Songs: The Who -- Baba O'Riley, Me'Shell Ndegéocello -- Beautiful, Nine Inch Nails -- Closer, Amos Lee -- Colors, Ryan Adams (1) -- Desire, Dave Porter -- Desire, Jeff Buckley -- Hallelujah, Stereophonics -- Handbags and Gladrags, M. Ward -- Here Comes the Sun Again, Hadouk Trio -- Parasol Blanc 2, Joe Purdy -- Rainy Day Lament, Dave Mathews -- Road to Gettysburg, Gordon Mote -- What a Friend We Have In Jesus

Season 3

47 :03x01 - Meaning

House is back to work after his gunshot wounds and insists on dealing with two cases which involve paralysis. However, his life-threatening wounds have left House with a new outlook on life that leave his co-workers suspicious of his motives.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Quinlan as Arlene | Edward Edwards as Richard | Carter Jenkins as Mark | Clare Kramer as Caren | Terry Rhoads as Artie | Eamon Hunt as Surgeon | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Remy Thorne as Kid
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Maurice Brown -- A Call for All Angels, Ryan Adams (1) -- Desire, Gorillaz -- Feel Good Inc., Miles Davis -- So What, The Rolling Stones -- You Can't Always Get What You Want

48 :03x02 - Cane & Able

House takes on the case of a 7-year old boy who claims to be the subject of alien abduction and experimentation. Meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson conspire to convince House that his last diagnosis was incorrect in the hope that he might learn some humility.
Guest Stars: Edward Edwards as Richard | Skyler Gisondo as Clancy | Sheryl Lee Ralph as Stephanie | Johnny Sneed as Todd | Stephanie Venditto as Brenda The Nurse | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Songs: Snoop Dogg -- Beautiful (feat. Pharrell), -- Flying High, John Mayer -- Gravity

49 :03x03 - Informed Consent

House and the team take on the case of a medical researcher who is suffering from an unidentified debilitating case that proves life-threatening despite the hospital's best efforts. Meanwhile, House is forced to return to using his cane when the new treatment for his leg proves less than successful.
Guest Stars: Joel Grey as Ezra Powell | Stephanie Venditto as Nurse Brenda | Leighton Meester as Ali | William Charlton as Mark | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Laura Innes
Songs: John Mayer -- Gravity, Mazzy Star -- Into Dust, John Mayer -- Waiting On the World to Change

50 :03x04 - Lines in the Sand

House sympathizes with a 10-year-old autistic boy who screams loudly for no reason, but his co-workers soon wonder if House empathizes with the boy because he has no social graces either. Meanwhile, House spars with Cuddy over the remodeling of his office, and deals with a teenage crush.
Guest Stars: Braeden Le Masters as Adam | Geoffrey Blake as Dominic | Heather Kafka as Sarah | Leighton Meester as Ali | Stephanie Venditto as Nurse Brenda | Kat Sawyer-Young as Laura Smith | Johnny Crear as Thomas Williams | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Gomez -- Get Miles, Ben Harper -- Waiting On an Angel

51 :03x05 - Fools for Love

A 20-year-old female patient, Tracy Dawson, arrives at the hospital with with breathing difficulties and intense abdominal pain after a robbery. However, her husband starts displaying the same symptoms and the team suspects the couple's illnesses are related. Meanwhile, antagonizing the wrong patient in the clinic.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Michael Tritter | Jurnee Smollett as Tracy | Kimberly Quinn as Nurse Wendy | Brett Wagner as L.K. | Scott Rinker as Bobby | Rod Damer as Counterman | Carissa Koutantzis as Waitress | Sam Ayers as Large Man | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Ricky Ullman as Jeremy
Director: David Platt
Songs: Michael Penn -- Walter Reed

52 :03x06 - Que Sera Sera

An immensely overweight man is brought in after he's found at home in a coma. Upon regaining consciousness, he demands to be released. When Cameron comes up with a way to force him to stay, the man insists the find a reason for his illness other than his obesity. Meanwhile, Det. Tritter arrests House, searches his home, and questions his co-workers about his Vicodin usage.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Michael Tritter | Pruitt Taylor Vince as George | Stephanie Venditto as Nurse Brenda | Kadeem Hardison as Howard | Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Sophie | Cooper Thornton as John | Damien Wayans as Haller | Jim Vickers as Folman | Denver Dowridge as Garcia | Bruno Amato as Lt. Smith | Ryan Thomas Brockington as Rookie | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Richard Chance as Reilly | Michael James Faradie as Paramedic | Alan Frazier as Vagrant
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: mr.loco -- bubblegum, Paul Anka -- Having my Baby

53 :03x07 - Son of a Coma Guy

Gabe, a 10-year coma patient, receives a visit from his son Kyle. When House induces a coma in Kyle, he realizes the boy may be suffering from a genetic condition, and has to turn to Gabe for answers. Meanwhile, Tritter puts pressure on Chase, Cameron, and Foreman to reveal what they know about House's abuse of drugs.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Michael Tritter | John Larroquette as Gabe | Zeb Newman as Kyle | Jonathan Strait as Fake House | Holly Kaplan as Woman |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Blitz -- The Beatiful

54 :03x08 - Whac-A-Mole

A young man forced to raise his younger siblings has to choose between a necessary medical treatment and keeping his family together. Meanwhile, Tritter goes after Wilson in his quest to bring charges against House.
Guest Stars: Patrick Fugit as Jack Walters | David Morse as Michael Tritter | Cassi Thomson as Kama Walters | Tanner Blaze as Will Walters | Alan Rosenberg as Bruce Steinerman | Mandy June Turpin as Beth | Deborah Lacey as Lorraine | Marco Pelaez as Pharmacist | Dorothea Harahan as EMT | Cassius Willis as Officer | Patrick Birkett as Old Man |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Pamela Davis

55 :03x09 - Finding Judas

Divorced parents argue over how to treat their daughter, who seemingly has pancreatitis. House takes them to court on behalf of the hospital to force the treatment he believes she needs. Meanwhile, Tritter continues to try and find something against House, and goes to obsessive lengths to do so.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Officer Michael Tritter | Alyssa Shafer as Alice | Christopher Gartin as Rob | Jodi Long as Judge | Paula Cale as Edie | Jordana Capra as Wealthy Wife |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Sara Hess

56 :03x10 - Merry Little Christmas

Wilson betrays House to Tritter in the belief that House will finally gets the help he needs. House refuses, and Cuddy is forced to cut off House's Vicodin supply, leaving him unable to deal with a 15-year-old little person who entered the hospital with a collapsed lung and anemia, and whose condition soon deteriorates.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Officer Michael Tritter | Kacie Borrowman as Abigail | Meredith Eaton as Maddy | Michael Medico as Clinic Doctor | Teddy Vincent as Mrs. Zebalusky | Cole Evan Weiss as Teenage Boy | Shyann McClure as Little Girl |
Co-Guest Stars: Marco Pelaez as Pharmacist | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Tony To
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Ella Fitzgerald -- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Louis Armstrong -- Zat You Santa Claus?

57 :03x11 - Words and Deeds

House must make a tough decision to avoid going to jail, while a firefighter refuses to reveal the secret that may save his life.
Guest Stars: David Morse as Detective Michael Tritter | Tory Kittles as Derek | Meagan Good as Amy | Jason George (2) as Brock | Kadeem Hardison as Howard | Brian Leckner as Ivan | Helen Carey as Judge Davis | Vyto Ruginis as Asst. Dist. Attorney Velez | Donald Sage MacKay as Neil |
Co-Guest Stars: Hira Ambrosino as Anesthesiologist | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Leonard Dick
Songs: Donovan (1) -- Season of the Witch

58 :03x12 - One Day, One Room

House has beaten the drug charges and is back at the hospital after a short stint in rehab. Cuddy comes to collect on House's debt for perjuring herself on the stand and keeping him out of jail. She forces House to pay off the debt in clinic hours, requiring him to carry out a series of less-than-desirable patient exams in the clinic. Tired of House's incessant whining about his disdain for the patients, Cuddy turns his clinic duty into a game, with the stakes raised to a level that speaks to House: money. At the clinic, House encounters patient Eve, who has tested positive for an STD and admits she's very recently been raped. Knowing he can't do anything more for Eve medically, House refers her to a psychiatrist, but she refuses to talk to the doctor and will only be treated by House. He repeatedly tries to dismiss himself from her case, but finds himself forced to unravel a very different puzzle than the sort he's used to and is compelled to come to terms with events in his own life in order to help Eve make sense of her own. Meanwhile, at the clinic Cameron encounters a homeless man with terminal cancer who, in spite of her pleas to let her ease his suffering, admits to her his basis for refusing pain medication during his final hours.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Katheryn Winnick as Eve | Geoffrey Lewis as Older Man | Drew Matthews as Kid | Sean Christopher Davis as Father | Michelle L. Gardner as Dr. Stone | Todd Sandler as Ear Patient | Roger Ainslie as Nose Patient | Joel David Moore as College Student | Marco Pelaez as Pharmacist | Bryna Weiss as Patient #3 | Michael Rivkin as Patient #4 | Hope Shapiro as Patient #6 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | George Williams as Doctor | Ray Chavez as Sick Patient | Nick Slatkin as Hiccuping Patient | Randy Evans as Patient #1 | Jason Galloway as Patient #5 | Kristen Glass as Beautiful Woman |
Uncredited: Joey Paul Gowdy as Obese Diabetic Patient
Writer: David Shore

59 :03x13 - Needle in a Haystack

16-year-old Stevie Lipa is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital with a serious respiratory condition and internal bleeding. Oddities of his case land him under House and the team's care, but at the moment, House is irritated to learn that new hospital researcher Dr. Julie Whitmer has been assigned his handicapped parking spot by the hospital entrance. Since she's in a motorized wheelchair (and he has to walk), he asks her to give up the parking spot, but she refuses. House, determined to get a parking spot closer to the hospital entrance, appeals to Cuddy, who dares him to prove how much he wants the spot by spending one week in a wheelchair, a bet House takes on. As the team tries to get personal history information from Stevie, they can't seem to get a straight answer out of him, and it's revealed he's from a family of gypsies. Stevie's parents arrive with homeopathic remedies; they won't consent to House and the team's suggested course of action, and refuse all modern medical treatment. As Stevie's body continues to bleed internally, Foreman makes the risky decision to sidestep Stevie's parents and appeals directly to the teenage patient, putting his medical license on the line while asking Stevie to lie to his parents.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Jake Richardson as Stevie | Wendy Makkena as Dr. Julie Whitner | Arabella Field as Judy | Jessy Schram as Leah | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Rob Brownstein as Franklin | Sandra Purpuro as Marina | David Kelsey as Ron |
Co-Guest Stars: Antonio D. Charity as Police Officer | Hira Ambrosino as Anesthesiologist | Tyrace Richardson as Jack | Joni Barth as Patron #1 | Maxine Hayden as Patron #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Tasha Taylor as Kate
Director: Peter O'Fallon
Songs: Zero 7 -- In the Waiting Line

60 :03x14 - Insensitive

Its Valentines Day at Princeton-Plainsboro and the ER is short-staffed due to a snowstorm. House encounters Foremans latest patient, Hannah, who has sustained injuries from a car accident with her mother, Abby. House notices that despite her best efforts to act injured, Hannah is not feeling a bit of pain. House determines that Hannah has an incredibly rare condition that makes her completely insensitive to pain, and he takes a special interest in her case. He orders further testing to see if Hannah has any serious injuries from the car accident that she may not be able to feel, including an unnecessary procedure that causes Cuddy and Wilson to question his motives. Meanwhile, Abby undergoes surgery for her own injuries sustained in the car accident. Hannah refuses further examination and demands to see her mother, but House has little sympathy. She and House argue about which of their lives is worse, Hannah who is impervious to pain or House who suffers from pain constantly. When Hannah passes out and her temperature spikes, the doctors realize that Hannah is much sicker than they had thought. The team takes drastic measures in an attempt to inflict pain on Hannah to measure her pain threshold, but her condition only worsens. House adamantly pushes for a spinal nerve biopsy that could leave her paralyzed, a risky procedure in which few see the benefit, especially Cuddy and Wilson, who accuse House of pushing the test to get information that may benefit his own pain management. As Hannahs body deteriorates without her so much as flinching, House works through his own chronic pain to find out why this young woman cannot feel any pain at all.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Mika Boorem as Hannah | Jenny Robertson as Abby | Kimberly Quinn as Nurse Wendy | Josh Stamberg as Bobby Herrick | Ruth Silveira as Female Surgeon |
Co-Guest Stars: Aulani Rhea as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian

61 :03x15 - Half-Wit

Patrick Obyedkov, a 35-year-old musical savant, is in the middle of playing a piano concert when he suffers a painful involuntary muscle contraction in his left hand. After Patrick is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital with a rare movement disorder, his case attracts the attention of Dr. House. House learns from Patrick’s father, Dr. Obyedkov, that Patrick suffered severe brain damage at age 10 from a bus accident that also killed his mother. House is intrigued as to why Patrick, who was a healthy 10-year-old at the time of his accident with no prior musical training, could. suddenly play the piano flawlessly after suffering a severe injury. He pushes for further testing on Patrick’s brain even though the team has diagnosed him with a simple muscle-contraction problem. While trying to deduce the origin of the brain rewiring responsible for Patrick’s mysterious gift of music, House and his team must stop the deadly bleeding that is quickly threatening his life. Patrick’s condition worsens as he suffers an onset of seizures, and as the team attempts to stabilize him, House presents a very difficult option to Patrick’s father – a neurological procedure that would change Patrick’s life forever. In the meantime, Cameron discovers that House has been in contact with a hospital in Massachusetts and suspects that House may be looking to take a new job there. When Cuddy contacts the hospital, she learns that House has been in contact with a brain cancer specialist – not as a job applicant, but as a patient for a clinical trial. When confronted by his team, House denies the gravity of the situation and resents their interference, and they are forced to contend with the possibility his condition may be more serious than he’s letting on.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Dave Matthews (1) as Patrick Obyedkov | Kurtwood Smith as Dr. Obyedkov | Dru Mouser as Arlene | Scott Weintraub (1) as Stage Manager | Tyler Patton as Neurosurgeon | Kendra Cover as Patient | Ingrid Sanai Buron as Nurse Bev | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse |
Uncredited: David Pearl (2) as Concert Hall Patron
Director: Katie Jacobs
Songs: Boomtown Rats -- I Don't Like Mondays, Joe Purdy -- Rainy Day Lament, Gomez -- See the World, Beethoven (composer) -- Waldstein Sonata

62 :03x16 - Top Secret

House is bewildered yet intrigued when he meets his newest patient, John Kelley, an ex-Marine who had saved Houses life in a very realistic dream the night before. House is puzzled about how this man could have appeared in his dream before he met him.

Recently returned from a two-year deployment in Iraq, Kelley is complaining of fatigue, pain and other non-specific ailments he thinks are the result of Gulf War Syndrome. Just like the V.A. doctors before them, the team is wary about the validity of Kelleys symptoms, but since his uncle is an important benefactor to the hospital, they continue to investigate his case.

Meanwhile, House is suffering from ailments of his own he is unable to urinate, most likely a side effect of his Vicodin abuse, and is sleep-deprived. Unable to concentrated on the case, he eventually turns to Wilson for an under-the-table prescription.

While administering tests in the sleep lab, Cameron and Chase forego their clinical duties when they find each other (and a bed in the sleep lab) much more exciting. A foul infection shows up in Kelleys mouth while Cameron and Chase were supposed to have been on the clock, and his condition only worsens as he begins to lose his hearing, sight and mobility.

A brain scan reveals tumors in Kellys brain that were not there a week earlier when the government doctors at the V.A. examined him. When traces of uranium show up in Kelleys test results, the teams wonders if the government had something to hide,

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Keisha Alfred as Technician | Bert Belasco as PFC Garcia | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Marco Morales as Cpl. Foley | Hira Ambrosino as Anesthesiologist | Annie Quinn as Gina | Marc Blucas as John Kelley
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: KC & the Sunshine Band -- Get Down Tonight, Curtis Mayfield -- Superfly

63 :03x17 - Fetal Position

A famous, 42-year-old, pregnant photographer, Emma Sloan, is brought to the hospital after suffering a stroke in the middle of a high-profile photo shoot with Tyson Ritter. Although Emma's condition initially stabilizes, her health takes a turn for the worse when her kidneys inexplicably fail. As her health continues to deteriorate, Emma is more concerned about her baby's well-being than her own.

With no other viable explanation for the kidney failure, House realizes Emma may have a rare condition called Maternal Mirror Syndrome, in which the mothers health mimics the distress level of her fetus.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Chases secret relationship is exposed to Foreman and Cuddy, and House makes extravagant plans to take a much-needed vacation.

House calls Cuddy on the fact shes taken a special interest in the case as she identifies with Emma's struggle to have a child later in life, but her compassion for Emma may be clouding her judgment in the case. When Emma's liver begins to fail, House presents her with the heart-wrenching choice to terminate her fetus or die herself. But with Cuddy on her side, Emma demands they come up with another option an option that may not exist. With Cuddy and House at odds over how to handle her case, Emma faces a life-and-death situation for both herself and her unborn child.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Anne Elizabeth Ramsay as Emma | Tyson Ritter as Himself | Jeff Sugarman as Fetal Surgeon | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matt Shakman
Songs: Lucinda Williams -- Are You Alright, The Replacements -- Bastards of Young

64 :03x18 - Airborne

House and Cuddy board a flight back to the United States from Singapore, where they were speakers at an international conference. Shortly after takeoff, a passenger seated next to House becomes violently ill. While House brushes it off as a hangover, Cuddy suspects the man might have a deadly contagious virus and the other passengers could be at risk. Assuming the worst, Cuddy suggests the plane turn back and land, but House dissuades the flight attendant and the flight continues on. As the man's condition worsens, the rest of the passengers on the flight become increasingly uneasy, and so does House when a second passenger falls ill with the exact same rash and debilitating symptoms.
Back at Princeton-Plainsboro, Wilson leads the team when they encounter Fran, a middle-aged woman who collapsed at her home and soon goes into seizures. Cameron and Chase investigate Fran's house to look for clues to a diagnosis, but they are distracted by the prospect of an empty house and an inviting bed. When they return empty-handed and Fran's health continues to decline, the team must focus on finding out what is killing Fran without House's help. Back on the flight, with First Class turned into a makeshift isolation area, House calls upon a misfit team of passengers to fill in for his own team, as he bounces questions and theories off of them. When Cuddy collapses and several more passengers fall ill, the situation turns dire as the plane is hours away from any viable landing place. Without the help of his team or even proper medical equipment, House finds himself with Cuddys life and a plane-full of passengers lives in his hands.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Jenny O'Hara as Fran | Meta Golding as Robin | Tess Lina as Keo | Jamison Yang as Peng | Krista Kalmus as Joy | Pej Vahdat as Foreign Man | Connor Webb as 12-year-old Boy | Melissa Kite as Sour Faced Girl | Gayla Goehl as Businesswoman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Ben Carroll as Businessman | Karla Droege as Mother | Savannah Paige Rae as Crying Child | Victor Buno as Passenger #1 | Donna Silverberg as Passenger #2
Director: Elodie Keene
Songs: A Fine Frenzy -- Hope for the Hopeless

65 :03x19 - Act Your Age

The team takes on the case of 6-year-old Lucy, who collapsed at daycare. They discover that the tissues surrounding Lucy's heart have hardened and are strangling her heart, a condition usually found in much older patients. As the team searches for an explanation, Lucy's condition worsens and she suffers a stroke.

There's a palpable tension between Cameron and Chase, and House intentionally assigns them tasks to do together, including a trip to Lucy's house to check for any possible environmental explanations for her condition. While there, they discover surprising evidence indicating that Lucy may have been abused.

Lucy's 8-year-old brother develops a not-so-innocent crush on Cameron, and as he becomes increasingly aggressive, House suspects that whatever is killing Lucy has begun to affect her brother, too. As they try to narrow down what is causing Lucy's condition before its too late, House and Cameron clash over how to treat her.

Meanwhile, when Wilson takes Cuddy out to see a play, House puts ideas in Wilson's head regarding Cuddy's motivation for going with him.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Erich Anderson as Deran | Carla Gallo as Janie | Joel David Moore as Eddie | Bailee Madison as Lucy | Slade Pearce as Jasper |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellery Sprayberry as Girl | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Marcus Folman as Security Guard
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Sara Hess

66 :03x20 - House Training

The team takes on the case of Lupe, a young female scam artist who passes out while working a card-playing scheme on the streets. Lupe suffers from a lack of blood to the brain which had temporarily paralyzed her ability to make decisions or exercise free will. Measuring from her background, Foreman immediately suspects Lupe's condition stems from drug abuse, while Chase looks for other possibilities, such as toxins, in Lupe's apartment.

Lupe senses Foreman's disdain for the decisions she's made in her life, and Foreman grapples with his own humble past when his parents come to visit him. When Lupe's symptoms worsen and her organs begin to shut down, Foreman and the team suspect cancer to be the culprit.

Meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson go out on a date to see an art exhibit together, and House probes Wilson's ex-wife about Wilson and his dating habits.

When the team learns some devastating news about Lupe's condition, they realize that their own decisions, rather that Lupe's, may cost Lupe her life.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Charles S. Dutton as Rodney Foreman | Monique Gabriela Curnen as Lupe | Beverly Todd as Alicia Foreman | Jane Adams (2) as Bonnie |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles F. Porter as Operator | Thomas Lee Webbs as Nurse | Aulani Rhea as Nurse | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Paul McCrane
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Matthew Ryan (1) -- Follow the Leader

67 :03x21 - Family

Wilson prepares his 14-year-old leukemia patient, Nick, for a last-resort bone marrow transplant from his younger brother, Matty. With Nick's immune system completely wiped out from chemotherapy, Wilson is extremely cautious about keeping him healthy before the transplant. However, when Matty sneezes during a pre-op visit to his brother, Wilson knows that Matty is not healthy enough to donate. House and the team race to find out what is making Matty sick so that they can treat him quickly and allow him to donate healthy, uninfected bone marrow to his dying brother. With no other matching donors available, the team knows that Matty is their best shot at saving Nick's life, since giving Nick bone marrow from a partial-match donor could lead to an excruciating death if Nick's body rejected it. House decides they must purposefully make Matty sicker and use his developing symptoms as a method of narrowing the diagnosis field. As both brothers' conditions worsen and Nick has only days to live, the team must diagnose and treat Matty before it's too late for both brothers.

Meanwhile, Foreman is haunted by his mistake that killed a patient just one week earlier, and House only wishes he could incur similar misfortune upon his new pet and nemesis, Hector.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Adina Porter as Claudia | Thomas Mikal Ford as Scott | Jascha Washington as Nick | Dabier as Matty (as Dabier) | Greg Cipes as Salesman |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Brent Dennen -- Ain't No Reason, AC DC -- Highway to Hell

68 :03x22 - Resignation

Addie, a 19-year-old college student, is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after coughing up a mouthful of blood during karate class. Before treating the patient, Foreman unapologetically informs the rest of the team that he is resigning, but will not say why.

House strongly believes an infection is to blame for Addie's bleeding, even though her symptoms indicate otherwise. When Addie's lungs suddenly fill with fluid, the team believes that cancer or toxins could be an underlying cause, but House refuses to stray from his initial infection diagnosis. As Addie's condition worsens, House suggests a risky life-or-death treatment to confirm his suspected diagnosis, leaving the team wondering whether he cares more about making a diagnosis than he does about saving Addie's life.

Meanwhile, House takes a special interest in a young, attractive nutritionist named Honey, who accompanied her boyfriend to the clinic for treatment. Knowing he will have a position open soon on his team, House has Honey fill out an employment application and sees to it they meet again under more casual circumstances.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Lyndsy Fonseca as Addie | Eve Gordon as Jody | Tony Spiridakis as Ben | Shonda Farr as Jamie | Tracy Howe as Stacey | Piper Perabo as Honey |
Co-Guest Stars: Bayani Ison as Sensei | Wayne Sable as Kyle | Kwabena Manso as Daniel | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: Pamela Davis
Songs: Otis Rush -- Whole Lotta Lovin'

69 :03x23 - The Jerk

Obnoxious 16-year-old chess prodigy Nate is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro suffering from intense head pain that came on after he attacked his opponent during a speed chess tournament. Nate's mother tells the team that Nate has been having behavior problems ever since he became a teenager, and House suspects the behavior is a symptom of cluster headaches. As House's team carries out further testing to see why he might be having the headaches, Nate manages to offend and annoy each doctor on the team. As Nate's illness progresses, his liver and kidneys begin to fail. To narrow down the list of possible diagnoses, House carries out a series of unconventional and eccentric tests of his own, including engaging Nate in a game of chess to try to beat him at his own game. Meanwhile, Foreman's frustration with House reaches a new level when he believes House sabotaged his job interview with another hospital, and Cuddy makes Foreman an offer she's sure he can't refuse.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Nick Lane as Nate | Colleen Flynn as Enid | David Bowe as Doug |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Bledsoe as Opponent | Jack Maxwell as Male Proctor | Kyra da Costa as Female Proctor | Cindy Lu as Nurse | Dustin Joiner as Mark | Katie Boggs as Screaming Girl | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Leonard Dick
Songs: Iron Butterfly -- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

70 :03x24 - Human Error

A Cuban couple flee to America to find Dr. Gregory House, as the wife is suffering from undiagnosed illness. However, when they finally get there they find that House can do little for them. Meanwhile, the staff deal with Foreman's departure, which heralds the first of several radical changes in the staff.
Guest Stars: Omar Avila as Esteban Hernandez | Mercedes Renard as Marina Hernandez | Stephen Markle as Dr. Gooding |
Co-Guest Stars: Tiya Sircar as Student #1 | John Bobek as Student #2 | Kathryn Adams as Pretty Student #3 | Ken Luckey as Sowinski | Lucas Ford (1) as Pilot | Eltony Williams as Co-Pilot | Kinsey McLean as Fisher | Michelle Josette as Nurse #1 | Liz Benoit as Nurse #2 | Helena Apothaker as Nurse #3 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Katie Jacobs
Songs: John Ritter -- Good Man, Ramsey Lewis -- Since I Fell For You, The Commodores -- Slippery When Wet

Season 4

71 :04x01 - Alone

An office building collapses and House must race against the clock to diagnose Megan, a young woman who survived the disaster but can only communicate through blinking. However, House is without a team after Foreman and Cameron quit and the firing of Chase, so he's forced to talk through his ideas with the hospital janitor. But when Megan's condition worsens, House is pressured to hire a new team. Though reluctant to do so, House begins to realize diagnosing patients by himself is not as easy as he thought.
Guest Stars: Conor Dubin as Ben | Kay Lenz as Mrs. Bradberry | Maurice Godin as Dr. Hourani | Pat Millicano as Leon |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Megan | Liliya Toneva as Liz | Xhercis as Imelda | Kathryn Adams as Young Doctor | Leo Vargas as Male Nurse | Ken Takemoto as Sam Lee | Shannon McClung as Doug | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian

72 :04x02 - The Right Stuff

House reluctantly agrees to interview potential new team members and does so in his own way. He calls in all 40 applicants and places each of them in a Darwinian trial period. As he tests them, and fires some along the way, he is approached by Greta, a NASA training program candidate, who is having neurological issues and begs House to help her in private so she can be accepted into the training program.

House takes Greta's case to his applicants, pitting them against one another as they compete to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Later, House is shocked when he sees what appears to be Cameron, Chase and Foreman in the hospital hallways.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Carmen Argenziano as Henry | Andy Comeau as Brennan | Meera Simhan as Jody | Essence Atkins as Greta | Melinda Dahl as Twin 15A | Caitlin Dahl as Twin 15B | Jonathan Sadowski as Mason | Jason Manuel Olazabal as O'Reilly | Heather Fox as Ashka |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathryn Adams as Number 23 | Larkin Campbell as Dave | Jaimarie Bjorge as Beautiful Doctor | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian

73 :04x03 - 97 Seconds

The final 10 candidates are put to the test when House splits them into gender groups. Each team is assigned to accurately diagnose and treat a man with muscular atrophy who is slowly suffocating. Complications arise when one team treats the patient, but doesn't make sure their treatment was executed.

Meanwhile, as the teams work, House conducts experiments on himself to see how it feels and what occurs in the moments when a person is in between life and death.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Carmen Argenziano as Henry | Andy Comeau as Brennan | Meera Simhan as Jody | Brian Klugman as Stark | Melinda Dahl as Twin | Caitlin Dahl as Twin | Charlie Hofheimer as Almore | Kathleen York as Dr. Schaffer | Mary Kate Schellhardt as Female Fellow | Reynaldo Rosales as Handsome Fellow | Douglas Spain as Latino Fellow |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Hot Hot Heat -- Let Me In, Alanis Morissette -- Not As We

74 :04x04 - Guardian Angels

The team treats a patient who not only claims to see the dead, but she communicates with them and knows things about them she normally couldn't find out.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Carmen Argenziano as Henry | Andy Comeau as Brennan | Azura Skye as Irene | Caroline Lagerfelt as Connie | Tom Wright as Dr. Pilcher | Scott Alan Smith as Dr. Brady |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth White as Old Man | Jerry Hauck as Martin | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse |
Uncredited: Vince Deadrick, Jr. as Mr. Franklin | Jose Vasquez as Gang Banger
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: DJ Harry -- All My Life

75 :04x05 - Mirror Mirror

The team takes on the case of a man who collapsed while being mugged. When the man complains of new symptoms that do not fit his initial admission profile, the team suspects he is a hypochondriac. As Mr. X continues to fall ill with symptoms unrelated to his neurological disorder, Foreman and the remaining six fellows are assigned to keep watch, and are bemused as they see their own behavioral idiosyncrasies reflected through him. As they attempt to diagnose this human chameleon, they seem to learn more about themselves than their patient, whose true identity is a mystery. Meanwhile, Cameron and Chase keep a running pool on whom House might cut next from the team of candidates, and Foreman engages in a power struggle with House and Cuddy.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Andy Comeau as Brennan | Frank Whaley as Mr. X/Robert Elliott |
Co-Guest Stars: Luke Baybak as Tony | Brendan Michael Coughlin as Mickey | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Platt
Songs: The White Stripes -- We’re Going To Be Friends

76 :04x06 - Whatever It Takes

House is recruited by the CIA to help diagnose a deathly ill agent with an unknown illness. The agent's medical case is being spearheaded by Dr. Samira Terzi, who offers up very little information about the agent's history or previous assignments. With limited information to go on, House uses some unorthodox methods to try to crack the code and determine a diagnosis in time to save his mystery patient's life. Meanwhile, Foreman faces resistance from the remaining six fellowship candidates when they question his judgment and argue over the diagnosis of a female drag car racer who passed out after a race

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Andy Comeau as Brennan | Amy Dudgeon as Casey | Thomas F. Wilson as Lou | Holmes Osborne as Dr. Curtis | Chad Willett as Brian Smith | Joel Bissonnette as John | Michael Michele as Samira Terzi |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Warnock as Reporter | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

77 :04x07 - Ugly

A documentary film crew is chronicling a teenager with a major facial deformity who opts to undergo a dramatic reconstructive procedure. When the patient suffers a heart attack just prior to the surgery, House and the team are called in to determine the cause, since the surgery cannot proceed until the patient's cardiac condition is diagnosed. With the film crew covering their every move, Cameron and Chase are especially self-conscious, and House looks for ways to escape from the cameras. Meanwhile, House finds himself distracted by several of the candidates vying for a spot on his team, and he questions his motives for having chosen them.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Khleo Thomas as Kenny | Laurie Fortier as Darnell | Michael Whaley as Joe | David Campbell (3) as Plastic Surgeon | Michael Adler as E.R. Patient | Michael Michele as Samira Terzi |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Pilver as Cranio Surgeon | David Um Nakase as Physician | Mandy Schneider as Pretty Woman | Troy Vincent as Father | Lily Howe as Jenny | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Joseph Arthur -- My Home is in Your Head, The Verve -- Slide Away

78 :04x08 - You Don't Want to Know

House treats a magician who had a heart attack during an illusion. House doesn't like magicians and figures the guy screwed up, but the tests prove otherwise. Meanwhile, the fellows participate in House's newest game: the winner gets immunity and the chance to pick two other fellows, and House will fire one of them.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Edi Gathegi as Cole | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Steve Valentine as Flynn |
Co-Guest Stars: Noelle Drake as Ilana | Joe Ochman as Surgeon | Mandy McMillian as Nurse #1 | Adria Johnson as Nurse #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Sara Hess

79 :04x09 - Games

When Cuddy puts the pressure on House to choose the final members of his team, House deliberately assigns the candidates to a particularly challenging case an uncooperative, over-the-hill former punk rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience. House informs the candidates their potential future depends on correctly diagnosing the patient. As the candidates race to find out if the patient is ailing due to drug abuse, an underlying disease or an unknown condition, House keeps a running tally of their efforts, making a few arbitrary point deductions along the way. Meanwhile, Wilson informs a former patient whom he had previously diagnosed with terminal cancer that he is going to live, and the news throws a wrench in the man's carpe-diem lifestyle

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Peter Jacobson as Taub | Kal Penn as Kutner | Olivia Wilde as Thirteen | Matt DeCaro as McKenna | Alex Weed as Ian | Nick McCallum as Fred | Eli Bildner as Chris | Jeremy Renner as Quidd |
Co-Guest Stars: Boris Kievsky as Club Owner | Raf Mauro as Doctor | Darren S. Kim as Parent #1 | Dina Defterios as Luisa Maria | Justin Brannock as Rex | Tanika Brown McKelvy as Parent #2 | Kes Reed Miller as Kid #1 | Olivia Everhard as Kid #2 | Spencer Bridges as Kid #3 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Eli Attie
Songs: Pussy Galore -- Kicked Out, Alan Milman Sect + Man-Ka-Zam -- Nicotine Caffeine, Norman Greenbaum -- Spirit in the Sky

80 :04x10 - It's A Wonderful Lie

A mother's hands are paralyzed during an indoor rock-wall climbing incident, causing her daughter to injure herself. At the hospital, her condition worsens and House and his newly-assembled team race to find a cure. Meanwhile, House decides to add a few twists to the season's Secret Santa gift exchange.
Guest Stars: Liana Liberato as Jane | Jennifer Hall as Melanie | Anthony Starke as Roger | Janel Moloney as Maggie |
Co-Guest Stars: Cheyenne Wilbur as Minister | Scott Maguire as Bystander (as Scotty Maguire) | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matt Shakman
Writer: Pamela Davis
Songs: Roy Hargrove -- God Rest You Merry Gentlemen, Frank Sinatra -- Hark the Heralds Angels Sing, Ramsey Lewis Trio -- Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Fab Four -- The Little Drummer Boy, Frederic Austin -- The Twelve Days of Christmas, Jimmy Butler -- Trim Your Tree, Staples Singers -- Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas

81 :04x11 - Frozen

House and his team must diagnose an ailing researcher by webcam, as she's iced in at an Antarctic research base with a limited amount of resources. Meanwhile, House is determined to find out who it is that Wilson is now dating.
Guest Stars: Jeff Hephner as Sean | Mira Sorvino as Dr. Cate Milton | Anne Dudek as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Mungal & Nitwin Sahwney -- Alone, Marvin Gaye -- Let's Get It On

82 :04x12 - Don't Ever Change

A bride collapses during her Hasidic Jewish wedding, but her husband isn't convinced by House's bedside manner. House is occupied dealing with the shock brought on when he discovers who Wilson's new girlfriend is.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Laura Silverman as Roz | Eyal Podell as Yonatan |
Co-Guest Stars: Faye Dewitt as Mrs. Silver | Karen Strassman as Female Guest #1 | Yossi Mintz as Rabbi | Yanky Lunger as Cantor | Brent Katz as Uncle Moishe | Heather Sher as Female Guest #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Waldeck -- Jerry Weintraub, Accentus Ensemble -- Nani, Nani, The Rolling Stones -- Waiting for a Friend, (Unknown artist) -- Alter of the Niggun Rebbe, (Unknown artist) -- Eshet Chayil

83 :04x13 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

House is intrigued by a patient who is nice... constantly. Believing he's suffering from some illness, House orders a series of tests. Meanwhile, Amber and House haggle over spending time with Wilson, the team discover a shocking secret about their boss, and Cuddy tries to get House to complete his performance reviews.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Paul Rae as Jeff | Chad Morgan as Deb |
Co-Guest Stars: Marwan Gazali as Delivery Man | Christopher Emerson as Young Man | Dina Defterios as Luisa Maria | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Bread -- Baby I'm a Want You, Sly and the Family Stone -- Everyday People, Diana Ross -- You Keep Me Hanging On

84 :04x14 - Living the Dream

After observing one of the actors from his favorite soap opera "Prescription Passion" showing symptoms of a serious medical condition while on TV, he decides to take matters into his own hands. But both the actor and House's own team believe there is nothing wrong with him and dismiss Dr. House's assessment.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Robert Patrick Benedict as Dr. Jamie Conway (as Rob Benedict) | Kristina Anapau as Marie Actress | Jason Lewis as Evan Greer |
Co-Guest Stars: Dominic Flores as Pharmacist | Brett Ryback as Salesman | Kimberly Pfeffer as Anna | Joe Marinelli as Director | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: The Beta Band -- Needles in my Eyes

85 :04x15 - House's Head (Part 1)

A bus accident has left House with a head injury along with dozens of passenger with injuries. Although he is dazed, House has flashbacks where he can recall one passenger having had the signs of a deadly illness, but can't remember who it was or what he saw that clued him in.
Guest Stars: Henry Hayashi as Bus Driver / Kaneshiro | Anne Dudek as Amber | Julie Ariola as Nurse Dickerson | Fred Durst as Bartender | Ivana Milicevic as Woman in Black |
Co-Guest Stars: Boogie as Dreadlocks | Issac Bright as Goth Kid | Rebecca Rhae Larsen as Bohemian Girl (as Rebecca Larsen) | Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Stripper | Sharmila Devar as Nurse | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: !!! Chk Chik Chick -- There's No Fucking Rules, Dude

86 :04x16 - Wilson's Heart (Part 2)

House is still suffering from injuries resulting from the bus crash, and struggles through his amnesia to recall a key symptom that he saw an associate suffering from, before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Dan Desmond as Doctor | Jennifer Crystal as Taub's Wife (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Fred Durst as Bartender |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Katie Jacobs
Songs: People in Planes -- Light for the Deadvine, Iron & Wine -- Some Passing Afternoon, Bon Iver -- Stacks, Jose Gonzalez -- Teardrop

Season 5

87 :05x01 - Dying Changes Everything

After Wilson threatens to resign, House thinks of anything to try and keep him at the hospital, and to keep their friendship alive. Meanwhile, the team treat an executive assistant with a Class A personality who reminds Thirteen of herself.
Guest Stars: Christine Woods as Lou | Jamie Rose as Patti Mishner |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob Sherer as Patient | Janet Song as Surgeon | David Kagen as C.E.O. | Paul Haitkin as Another Suit | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Eli Attie

88 :05x02 - Not Cancer

The team deals with an organ donors whose organs prove fatal, and the two surviving patients. Meanwhile, House hires a private detective to spy on Wilson, but hears a few things about himself that he'd rather not.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Felicia Day as Apple | Tim Conlon as Dr. O'Shea | Elaine Kagan as Belinda |
Co-Guest Stars: Denice J. Sealy as Nurse (as Denice Sealy) | Melissa Loprire as Girl | Christine Lucas as Emma | Tyler Patton as Neurosurgeon | Jamine Alvarez as April | Eric Kaldor as Frank | Mark Beltzman as Tibalt Oyylant | Mike Gaines as Morgan | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Dave Matthews Band -- You Might Die Trying

89 :05x03 - Adverse Events

House and his team diagnose a struggling artist dying of an unknown disease, whose illness affects not only his career and his relationship, but his work.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Marika Dominczyk as Heather | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Sarah Knowlton as Susan | Drew Powell as Anthony | Breckin Meyer as Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Benoit as Surgical Nurse | Bart Tangredi as Man | Deanna Smith as Female Doctor | David Goldman (1) as Short Doctor | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Ray Charles -- Drown in My Own Tears

90 :05x04 - Birthmarks

House's friends and teammates coerce him going into his father's funeral. However, en route they get the case of a young Chinese girl and House must participate in the differential by phone... until he's unable to take a call at a critical moment.
Guest Stars: Samantha Quan as Nicole | Christine Healy (1) as Janice | Scott Paulin as Bob | Jack Conley as Sheriff Costello | Diane Baker as Blythe House |
Co-Guest Stars: Ho-Kwan Tse as Fang Dong We | Raymond Ma as Wu Zheng | Esther Kwan as Wu An Lan | Jonathan Palmer as Minister | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Platt

91 :05x05 - Lucky Thirteen

Thirteen's female lover has a seizure after a night of partying and she takes the woman to the hospital. It turns out the woman has a long-standing medical condition and slept with Thirteen to get House to see her. Meanwhile, Foreman confronts Thirteen about her destructive lifestyle and House continues to have Lucas spy on Wilson.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Angela Gots as Spencer |
Co-Guest Stars: Al Damji as Paramedic | Helena Barrett as Woman With Thirteen | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: The Kills -- Cheap and Cheerful, Joseph Arthur -- Could We Survive, Annie Lennox -- Dark Road

92 :05x06 - Joy

A middle-aged man finds himself suffering from blackouts and sleepwalking, and is admitted to the hospital. As his condition deteriorates, his daughter needs to transplant a kidney. Meanwhile, Cuddy prepares to adopt a baby but the mother's prior drug use damages the baby's lungs, forcing Cuddy to choose between delivering the baby early and endangering the child, or waiting and putting the birth mother's life at risk.
Guest Stars: Salvator Xuereb as Jerry Harmon | Joanna Koulis as Samantha Harmon | Vanessa Zima as Becca |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Janice Allen as Sadie
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Daniel Lanois -- Fire

93 :05x07 - The Itch

Due to her previous experience, Cameron works with the team to treat a agoraphobic man who refuses to leave his home. As the man's condition worsens and they have to figure a way to operate at home or relocate him to the hospital, House suffers from a maddening itch he can't identify. Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron deal with an issue in their relationship.
Guest Stars: Todd Louiso as Stuart Nozick | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack J. Bennett as Fireman | Yoyao Hsueh as EMT | Frank Noel as Hal | Marcus Eley as Larry Ruseckas | Diarra Kilpatrick as Sally | Kelly Michaels as Guy | Jim Vickers as EMT #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Big Star -- I'm In Love With a Girl

94 :05x08 - Emancipation

An emancipated 16-year-old factory worker falls ill to the point of near unexplained death. Meanwhile, Foreman tries to handle his own caseload and the diagnosis of a child without House's oversight.
Guest Stars: Emily Rios as Sophia Valez | Nathan Gamble as Evan | Alexandra Lydon as Melinda | Liza Colon-Zayas as Maria | Kyle Silverstein as Jonah |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob McCracken as Doug | Al Coronel as Ray | Chrissie Fit as Girl | Dawn Frances as Nurse | Jose Chavez as Sophia's Dad | Yolanda Rubio-soto as Sophia's Mom | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: James Hayman
Songs: Alexi Murdoch -- Through the Dark

95 :05x09 - Last Resort

A man seeking the right diagnosis for his illness is willing to take on the hospital and the SWAT team to get it. He takes Thirteen, a nurse, and several patients from the waiting room and puts them in Cuddy's office. To put an end to the crisis they must come up with the right diagnosis, treat the wounded, and hold off a SWAT team.
Guest Stars: Wood Harris as Bowman | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Evan Peters as Oliver | Evan Jones as Bill | Marcus Chait as Mitch | Alex Sol as Larry | Sarah Thompson as Nikki | Natasha Gregson Wagner as Sandra | Zeljko Ivanek as Jason |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Guzman as Security Guard #1 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Katie Jacobs
Songs: The Dead Texans -- A Chronicle of Early Failures, Part 1, Bonobo -- Between the Lines, Four Tet -- Glue of the World, Chris Clark -- Herzog, Yppah -- It's Not the Same

96 :05x10 - Let Them Eat Cake

House and the team try to help a fitness guru who collapsed during an infomercial filming. Foreman conducts drug trials for Huntington's and Thirteen participates: Cuddy moves into House's office while her's is repaired, and Kutner runs an Internet advice clinic using House's name.
Guest Stars: Samantha Shelton as Emmy | Becky Baeling as Deedee | Brad Grunberg as Irv | Lori Petty as Janice Burke | Christopher J. Stapleton as John Hadley (as Christopher Stapleton) |
Co-Guest Stars: David Lengel as Video Director | Nicole Cannon as Nurse Helen | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Julie Putnam as 9 Year Old Thirteen | Danielle Petty as Anne Hadley
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Harry Nilsson -- Coconut

97 :05x11 - Joy to the World

House and the team diagnose a bullied girl who collapses at her school's holiday pageant. Meanwhile, House gives one of his patients a gift, Cuddy gets a gift, the team tries to figure out who gave House a special gift, and Foreman learns a lesson from Thirteen during the Huntington's drug trials.
Guest Stars: B.K. Cannon as Natalie Soellner | Sherilyn Fenn as Mrs. Soellner | Bitsie Tulloch as Whitney | Phyllis Lyons as Dr. Schmidt | Lucas Till as Simon | Michael Leydon Campbell as Dr. Soellner | Meaghan Jette Martin as Sarah | Taylor Dooley as Rachelle | John Forest as Goeff | Alix Korey as Anna | Lori Petty as Janice Burke |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher DeMaci as Squatter | Marissa Ingrasci as Woman | Ben Shields as Jonathan | Caitlin Gorfaine as Chorus #1 | Carmel Echols as Chorus #2 | Dallas Wells as Chorus #3 | Gary Leroi Gray as Chorus #4 | Christopher Johnson as Chorus #5
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Mel Torme & Bob Wells -- A Christmas Song, Gavin Degraw -- Chestnuts Roasting, Bobby Helms -- Jingle Bell Rock, Isaac Watts -- Joy to the World, A Fine Frenzy -- Whisper

98 :05x12 - Painless

House and the team diagnose a suicidal man suffering from chronic pain. Meanwhile, Cuddy discovers that her new baby takes up more time then she anticipated, and Foreman and Hadley deal with their relationship.
Guest Stars: Martin Henderson as Jeff | Jake Cherry as Zack | Sarah Danielle Madison as Lynne | Alex Fernandez as Fernando | Anthony Montgomery as James Carlton | Lori Petty as Janice Burke |
Co-Guest Stars: James Ingersoll as Chris Carrick | Aisha Kabia as Nurse Rita | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Ray LaMontagne -- I Still Care for You

99 :05x13 - Big Baby

House suspects a Special Education teacher of becoming ill from her inherent goodness. Meanwhile, Cameron takes on some of Cuddy's duties and finds herself up against House. And Foreman has to make a decision when he learns that Thirteen is receiving the placebo in the Huntington's clinical trials.
Guest Stars: Erika Flores as Sarah |
Co-Guest Stars: Andy Scott Harris as Johnny | Saige Ryan Campbell as Jessica | Tammy Dahlstrom as Tammy | Sam Gregory as Screaming Kid | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons -- On My Side

100 :05x14 - The Greater Good

The team take on the case of a cancer researcher who gave up her career to pursue personal happiness. While House's staff question how much happiness they've found, Cuddy metes out some poetic justice to House, and Thirteen begins suffering reactions to the Huntington's trials.
Guest Stars: Judith Scott as Dana Miller | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | David Purdham as Chef Anthony |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Sara Hess
Songs: Joshua Radin -- Brand New Day

101 :05x15 - Unfaithful

A priest sees a bleeding Jesus on his doorstep and House insists on taking the case to poke fun at the man's religion. However, when the priest displays more symptoms, the case becomes serious as he takes a turn fro the worse. Meanwhile, House gives Thirteen and Foreman an ultimatum, and Cuddy invites the staff to her baby's christening.
Guest Stars: Jimmi Simpson as Daniel Bresson | Jake Thomas as Ryan |
Co-Guest Stars: Janet Haley as Eileen | Terrance Ellis as Daryl | Nick Josephs as Man | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Hugh Laurie -- Cuddy's Serenade, The Doves -- Firesuite, Rolling Stones, played by Hugh Laurie -- You Can't Always Get What You Want

102 :05x16 - The Softer Side

Jackson, a boy born with genetic mosiacism, collapses during a basketball game. His parents don't want the doctor to tell their son that Jackson has both male and female genes, even if that is the source of his illness. Meanwhile, Thirteen and Foreman try to hide their relationship so House won't fire them, and House is in a surprisingly good mood.
Guest Stars: Dominic Scott Kay as Jackson | Julia Campbell as Melanie | Ben Reed (1) as Joseph | Nick Puga as Ian |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Kronenberg as Doctor | Meagan Gordon as Young Woman | Nicole Cannon as Nurse Helen | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Soul Coughing -- $300, Galactic -- Bobski 2000

103 :05x17 - The Social Contract

The team takes on the case of a book editor who suffers from frontal-lobe disinhibition, causing him to uncontrollably speak his mind. Meanwhile, Wilson finds his long-lost mentally ill brother and recruits Taub to cover for him so House doesn't find out.
Guest Stars: Jay Karnes as Nick Greenwald | Susan Egan as Audrey Greenwald | Darcy Rose Byrnes as Marika Greenwald | Devon Michaels as Timothy Moore |
Co-Guest Stars: Jodi Harris as Elaine | Cyrus Deboo as Dr. Kapur | Sheri Foster as Cashier | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Badly Drawn Boy -- The Shining

104 :05x18 - Here Kitty

Morgan, a nursing-home nurse, fake an illness to get House to see her. She believes that a "death cat" at the nursing home can predict who will die next... and the cat has settled on her. Meanwhile, Taub considers an investment opportunity.
Guest Stars: Judy Greer as Morgan | Christopher Moynihan as Neil Zane |
Co-Guest Stars: Lorene Noh as Business-Suited Woman | Charlie Carter as Billy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Steve Winwood -- I'm Not Drowning

105 :05x19 - Locked In

House is injured in a motorcycle accident in New York, but he's more interested in the case of Lee, a man who had a bicycle accident and now appears brain-dead. House quickly determines that Lee can still think and has him transferred to Princeton to find a cure. Meanwhile, Wilson is intrigued by why House was in New York in the first place.
Guest Stars: Faune Chambers as Molly | John Kapelos as Dr. Kurtz | Mos Def as Lee |
Co-Guest Stars: Skye Barrett as Jolie | Scotty Noyd as Drake Percy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Attias

106 :05x20 - Simple Explanation

Charlotte is tending to her dying husband Eddie when she goes into respiratory distress. At the hospital, Eddie seems to recover while Charlotte gets worse. However, the team's attention is divided when an unexpected tragedy strikes the members from within.
Guest Stars: Colleen Camp as Charlotte | Mary Jo Deschanel as Julia Kutner | Meat Loaf as Eddie (as Meat Load Aday) |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed Brigadier as Richard | Bob Rusch as Phil | Hart Boykin as Arthur | Debbie Campbell as Katherine | Taylor Hardick as Rosabel | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Roger Narayan as Pundit | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Leonard Dick
Songs: Lose You -- Pete Yorn

107 :05x21 - Saviors

When Cameron learns of an environmentalist who collapsed during a protest, she postpones her vacation with Chase to refer the case to House and stays on to make sure her former boss follows through. Chase begins to wonder if Cameron is in love with House. Meanwhile, Wilson goes on a mysterious health diet, piquing House's interest.
Guest Stars: Tim Rock as Doug Swenson | Lindsey McKeon as Franni | Anne Dudek as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Parisa Fakhri as Susan | Bruno Oliver as Paul | Jill Remez as Sandy | Grinnell Morris as Mine Employee #1 | Paul Benz as Mine Employee #2 | James McAndrew as State Trooper #1 | Cory Blevins as State Trooper #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matthew Penn
Songs: Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell (performed by Hugh Laurie) -- Georgia on My Mind

108 :05x22 - House Divided

A deaf 14-year-old wrestler collapses during a wrestling match while hearing imaginary "explosions." However, House is distracted by his lack of sleep, hallucinations of a familiar face, and his preparations for Chase's bachelor party.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Ryan Lane as Seth Miller | Clare Carey as Ellie Miller | Treshelle Edmond as Laura | Becky O'Donohue as Karamel |
Co-Guest Stars: Noah Schuffman as Immigration Officer #1 | Italia Ricci as Immigration Officer #2 | Jamie Sorrentini as Stripper | Andrew Johnson (7) as Referee | Jorge Borrelli as Deaf Coach | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Jada -- American Cowboy, Mr. Scruff's Soul Party Remix -- Do What You Wanna, Public Enemy -- Fight the Power, Viibrolux -- Spread Your Love

109 :05x23 - Under My Skin

When a ballerina's lungs collapse during a performance, she's brought to the hospital where the team soon discovers that her skin is coming off. House is distracted by his hallucinations of Amber and the realization of the only way to stop them. Meanwhile, Cameron asks Chase for a special pre-nupitial gift.
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Amber | Jamie Tisdale as Penelope | Alex Schemmer as Jeremy |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles Gavoian as Maury | Pamela Shafer as Company Manager | Scott Dawson as Ballet Master | Joey Gaynor as Len | Shelli Boone as Molly | Courtney Clonch as Burn Unit Nurse | Shelly Rabara as Corps Dancer #1 | Mallauri Esquibel as Corps Dancer #2 | Krystal Ellsworth as Corps Dancer #3 | Charlene Hoffman as Corps Dancer #4 | Corina Gill as Corps Dancer #5 | Aubrey Morgan as Corps Dancer #6 | Theresa Farrell as Corps Dancer #7 | Lisaun Whittingham as Corps Dancer #8 | Stephanie Powell as Corps Dancer #9 | Aleksandra Wojda as Corps Dancer #10 | Britany Benington as Corps Dancer #11 | Carrie Lee Riggins as Corps Dancer #12 | Lauren Gregory as Corps Dancer #13 | Sarah Spradlin as Corps Dancer #14 | Stephen Nelson as Corps Dancer #15 | Kyle Hill as Corps Dancer #16 | Zac Brazenas as Corps Dancer #17 | Dominic Chaiduang as Corps Dancer #18 | Rhapsody as Corps Dancer #19 | Dionne Figgins as Corps Dancer #20 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Philip Glass -- Company: II, Dawn Landes -- Drive

110 :05x24 - Both Sides Now

A patient, Scott, has a rebellious left hand when the left and right sides of his brains start acting independently. Meanwhile, House deals with the aftermath of his one-night stand with Cuddy.
Guest Stars: Ashton Holmes as Scott | Maria Thayer as Annie | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Carl Reiner as Eugene Schwartz | Kal Penn as Kutner | Anne Dudek as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Conley as Warren | Sheila Daley as Paula | Richard Sabine as John | Jason Boegh as Leo | William Woff as Minister | Adam Trahan as Pirate Stripper | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Vitamin String Quartet -- As Tears Go By, The Rolling Stones -- As Tears Go By, The Doobie Brothers -- China Grove

Season 6

111 :06x01 - Broken

House undergoes treatment for his hallucinations at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, and quickly declares himself cured and ready to leave. The doctor in charge, Darryl Nolan, disagrees and forces House to stay by threatening not to recertify his license until he believes House is cured. A battle of wills begins until House draws closer to the sister-in-law of a catatonic patient, endangers another patient, and admits that he actually does need help.
Guest Stars: Franka Potente as Lydia | Lin-Manuel Miranda as Juan "Alvie" Alvarez | Megan Dodds as Dr. Beasley | Derek Richardson as Freedom Master / Steve | Curtis Armstrong as Richter | Andrew Leeds as Dr. Medina (as Andrew Harrison Leeds) | Angela Bettis as Susan | Jack Plotnick as Hal | Artemis Pebdani as Diane | Alex Desert as Jay-Bird | Kim Rhodes as Female Donor | Andre Braugher as Dr. Darryl Nolan |
Co-Guest Stars: Dale E. Turner as Duane "Stomp" Milbratt | Ana Lenchantin as Annie "Silent Girl" Bohm | Albert Malafronte as Garney | Sloan Robinson as Nurse Safer | Henderson Wade as Orderly | Meghan K. Bradley as Nurse Valez | Harrison Forsyth as Ben | Rickey G. Williams as Ski Cap Guy | Audrey Kelley as Pretty Woman
Director: Katie Jacobs
Songs: Radiohead -- No Surprises, Robert Schumann -- Kinderszenen, Op. 15, Iron and Wine -- Love Vigilantes, James Hunter -- No Smoke Without Fire, Franz Schubert -- Impromptu #3 in B Flat, Sly & The Family Stone -- Life, Nat King Cole -- No Moon At All, Oliver Nelson -- Night Train, Cole Porter -- I Love Paris, Cole Porter -- Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, Los Del Río -- Macarena River Mix, Russ Morgan -- You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- The Magic Flute, Johann Sebastian Bach -- Cello Suite #1, Prelude in G Major, Gilbert & Sullivan -- Carefully on Tip-Toe Stealing (HMS Pinafore), Cass McComb -- Harmonia, Big Strides -- I Do Not Fear Jazz, Billy Moon, Sharkey & Zooks from the Spark -- Little Cabin Song, Stanton Moore -- Poison Pushy, The Frames -- Seven Day Mile

112 :06x02 - Epic Fail

House resigns his position as chief diagnostician at Princeton, much to the surprise of his co-workers. Foreman immediately leaps in to take command and is given one chance to prove himself. However, his first case is a videogame magnate suffering from burning hands and swollen lymph nodes, and insists on consulting the Internet for medical solutions. Meanwhile, Thirteen tries to reconcile herself with this new side of her boyfriend, Taub looks for employment elsewhere, and Wilson discovers that his new roommate is obsessed with cooking.
Guest Stars: Rick D. Wasserman as Vince | Freda Foh Shen as Cecile | Andre Braugher as Dr. Darryl Nolan |
Co-Guest Stars: Barry Pearl as Dr. Paulson | Wai Mui as Lee | Brett Gilbert as Roy | Mike Kirkland as Dr. Felker (as Michael J. Kirkland) | Corie Vickers as Instructor | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes

113 :06x03 - The Tyrant

When a brutal dictator visiting the U.S. falls ill, the government brings him to Princeton. Foreman is forced to bring in Cameron and Chase to help with the differential, and House returns to announce he wants his job back. Foreman tries to deal with House, and Cameron and Chase try to deal with the repercussions of their decision to try and heal the dictator. Meanwhile, Wilson tries to deal with an obnoxious neighbor who has taken an instant dislike to House.
Guest Stars: James Earl Jones as President Dibala | David Marciano as Murphy | Garikayi Mutambirwa as Ruwe | Roger Aaron Brown as Joseph Ntila |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Fairbanks (2) as Agent Bass | Kelly Scott as Ama | Jason Nash as Long Hair | Jarell Dubose as Dibala's Son | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton

114 :06x04 - Instant Karma

When an oil executive's son suffers inexplicable symptoms, the man brings him to Princeton and insists that House treat him. House continues to take an advisory role while Foreman leads the team. Meanwhile, Foreman Chase try to cover up the events leading to President Dibala's death, and Hadley tries to figure out who wants to keep her at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Lee Tergesen as Roy Randall | Tanner Maguire as Jack Randall |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Kramer as Ken | Michael Dean Connolly as Oliver | M.K. Bakshi as Pete | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Cindy Lu as Nurse Diane | Tim Kahle as Dr. Johnson | Kavi Raz as Driver | Gigi Hessamian as Marina | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Fanfarlo -- Fire Escape, Ray LaMontagne -- Sarah

115 :06x05 - Brave Heart

Cameron takes on the case of a reckless police detective who believes he will die at age 40 because of a family history of sudden heart failure that killed his father, grandfather and great-grandfather at the same age. The team takes on the case despite House's insistence it is coincidence. Meanwhile,Chase is haunted by his actions in the Dibala case, and House hears voices.
Guest Stars: Jon Seda as Donny Compson | Alexandra Barreto as Cheryl | Samuel Carman (1) as Michael | Doug McKeon as Priest |
Co-Guest Stars: Taira Soo as Anne Ayala | Jack Impellizzeri as Brian | Sanjay Madhav as Singh | Marcus Toji as Dex | Samantha Colburn as Marta | Briana Venskus as Nona | Amy Shelton-White as Nurse Felicia | Judith Morton Fraser as Janice | Richard King (2) as Boutain | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matt Shakman
Songs: Ben Harper -- Faithfully Remain, Monotonix -- Set Me Free

116 :06x06 - Known Unknowns

A teenager is admitted due to swollen joints but soon suffers from bleeding of the liver. It soon turns out that she is unable to tell the truth due to blood leakage into her thalamus. While Foreman, Cameron, and Chase try to solve the case, House attends a medical conference with Wilson and Cuddy and tries to start a relationship with his superior.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Anna Lucia Attanasio as Jordan (as Anna Attanasio) | Marcus Giamatti as Jeffrey Keener | Bianca Collins as Phoebe | Eric Lutes as Derek Retzinger | Holly Gagnier as Michelle Berkley |
Co-Guest Stars: Annie Young as Madison | Lindsay Johnston as Kaitlin | Ana Lucasey as Avery | Rachel Marie as Brianna | James R. Bowers as Drummer God (Colt) | Andre M. Johnson as Bouncer (Dave) | Tom Astor as Pharma Guy | Michael Nye as Joseph Schultz (as Michael D. Nye) | William Christopher Stephens as Man | Sharon Swainson as Registration Woman | Corey M. Curties as Security Guard | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Men Without Hats -- The Safety Dance, Cyndi Lauper -- Time After Time

117 :06x07 - Teamwork

House gets his license and his position back and insists on taking the case of Hank Hardwick, a porn star stricken with photo-sensitivity. When Cameron and Chase announce that they're leaving, House schemes to convince them to stay and bring back Taub and Thirteen as well.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Jolene Blalock as Lexa | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Ben Giroux as Rick / Director | Troy Garity as Hank Hardwick |
Co-Guest Stars: Deborah Quayle as Phyllis | Paul Hayes (1) as Mr. Klingman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Eli Attie
Songs: The Whitest Boy Alive -- Golden Cage, Jets Overhead -- Where Did You Go?

118 :06x08 - Ignorance is Bliss

An accomplished physics prodigy, James Sidas, suffering from burnout, is stricken by an unknown disease while working as a courier. House realizes that the physicist has turned his back on his own intelligence. Meanwhile, Cuddy navigates around House's attempted interference in her relationship with Lucas, Chase deals with the aftermath of his marriage's breakup, and Taub takes steps to prevent the destruction of his marriage.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Esteban Powell as Dr. James Sidas | Vicki Davis as Dara Sidas | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Larry Cedar as Bob Beringer | Andrea Gabriel as Ronnie |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Price as Nurse Jeffrey | Dava Krause as Cashier | Cheryl Carter as Dianna | Gabrielle Thomas as Woman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: James Taylor (1) -- Enditol, James Taylor (1) -- Games People Play

119 :06x09 - Wilson

When Wilson's friend and former leukemia patient Tucker suffers paralysis of the arm, Wilson initially insists it's something other than cancer. House disagrees and offers a wager. However, when Wilson discovers what Tucker's illness really is, he has to decide whether to make a personal sacrifice to help Tucker live. Meanwhile, Cuddy tries to buy a house for herself and Lucas.
Guest Stars: Joshua Malina as Tucker | Katherine LaNasa as Melissa | Marnette Patterson as Ashley | Christina Vidal as Sandy | Willie C. Carpenter as Del Clinton |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessica Whitaker as Emily | Marisa Tayui as Aikoa Tanaka | Robert Katims as Saul (Saul Koplovitz) | Anna Khaja as Dr. D’Razio | Gil Espinoza as Juan | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Scott Bondy -- A Slow Parade, George Michael -- Faith

120 :06x10 - The Down Low

A drug dealer collapses in the middle of a sale, and his partner takes him to the hospital clinic for treatment. House soon realizes what they do for a living, and Mickey collapses again. The patient refuses to give up any information about his past, and House is determined to get at the truth. Meanwhile, Foreman learns that his teammates are all making more money and tries to negotiate with Cuddy. And House and Wilson vie for the affections of an attractive neighbor, only to discover that she believes they're homosexuals living together.
Guest Stars: Ethan Embry as Mickey | Sasha Alexander as Nora | Nick Chinlund as Eddie |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Zies as Marco | Preston James Hillier as Tommy | Sean Carrigan as Guy | Rosalie Vega as Nurse Yvette | Sherry Weston as Diner | Bonnie Kathleen Ryan as Mickey's Wife | Sammy Busby as Gorski | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Nick Gomez
Songs: Funkadelic -- Maggot Brain, Dean Martin -- Sway

121 :06x11 - Remorse

House and his team take on the case of an ailing businesswoman, Valerie, who suffers from ear pains. As her condition worsens, the doctors realize that Valerie is a clinical psychopath. However, they're not sure if it's a symptom or a psychological condition... and time is running out.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Beau Garrett as Valerie | Shane Edelman as Bill | Ray Abruzzo as Lorenzo Wibberly | Joseph Culp as Russ Smith | James McCauley as Norris |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Jaime Alvarez as Jose | Kathleen Macdonald as Sarah
Songs: Fiona Apple -- Why Try to Change Me Now?

122 :06x12 - Moving the Chains

When a college football player goes berserk on the field, the team try to diagnose but he continues to get worse despite their best efforts. Meanwhile, House hires Foreman's brother, a recently-released convict, to get a rise out of Foreman. And House and Wilson engage in a war of pranks.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Davon McDonald as Daryl (as Da'Vone McDonald) | Denise Dowse as Glenda | Trever O'Brien as Jim Dunnagan | Orlando Jones as Marcus Foreman |
Co-Guest Stars: Shon Little as Scout | Harry Zinn as Coach Denning | Chris Robbins as Quarterback | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Teddybears -- Rocket Science

123 :06x13 - 5 to 9

Dr. Lisa Cuddy has to deal with an ailing daughter, insurance negotiations, a nervous board of directors, a thieving pharmaceutical aide, warring surgeons, and... House, in what proves to be anything but a typical day at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Maurice Godin as Dr. Hourani | Patrick St. Esprit as Keith Tannenbaum | Celia Finkelstein as Gail | Mark D. Espinoza as Stan (as Mark Espinoza) | J.D. Jackson as Ronald Westbrook (as JD Jackson) | John Lacy (1) as Dr. Dave Thomas | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Nigel Gibbs as Sanford Wells | Anthony Tyler Quinn as Eli Morgan | Jeremy Howard as Oscar | Kim Estes as Hall |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Rajni Kareer as Claudia | Mary Mackey as Board Member | Bernardo Verdugo as Martin (Martin Acevedo) | Tara Rice as Masseuse | Kathleen Antonia as Marina Alexander | Frank Ruotolo as Business Executive | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: The Pretenders -- Break Up the Concrete, Eric Bibb -- Shine On

124 :06x14 - Private Lives

A blogger comes down with bruising and bleeding from the gums, and insists on posting her ailments on the illness despite her boyfriend's wishes. As he tries to solve the case, House discovers a dark secret from Wilson's past and can't resist telling everyone. Wilson seeks revenge and learns a secret about House. Meanwhile, Chase worries that he might be too good-looking.
Guest Stars: Laura Prepon as Frankie | Adam Rothenberg as Taylor | Christina Vidal as Sandy | Gonzalo Menendez as Stuart |
Co-Guest Stars: Elena Evangelo as Belinda | Dava Krause as Cashier | Catherine Kresge as Joan | Linda DeMetrick as Hostess | David Loren as Stag-Man | Jennifer Kristin Cox as Moon Woman | Tracy Esposito as Leeanne | Anise Fuller as Melodie | Tonya Kay as Chloe | Annie Weirich as Dionne | Alexandra Cramer as Grace | Lindsay Halladay as Nicole | Tina Sanchez as Elizabeth | Pamela Rooney as Mary | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Doris Egan
Songs: Norah Jones -- Chasing Pirates, J Grey and Mofro -- Lochloosa, JJ Grey and Mofro -- The Sun is Shining Down, The Dynamites -- What's It Gonna Be

125 :06x15 - Black Hole

House and the team try to diagnose a high school girl suffering from a rapidly escalating series of symptoms. Meanwhile, Taub tries to demonstrate to his wife that she can trust him after his philandering, and House dares Wilson to decorate the condo by himself.
Guest Stars: Cali Fredrichs as Abby Nash | Nick Eversman as Nick | Dennis Boutsikaris as Artie | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Sunil Malhotra as Mr. Damon |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Duffy as June | Callie Thompson as Young Abby | Molly Kasch as Jeanine | Floriana Lima as Gabriella | Danna Brady as Maya | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Procol Harum -- A Whiter Shade of Pale, Andrew Lloyd Webber -- Phantom of the Opera (overture), Johann Sebastian Bach -- Toccata & Fugue in D-Minor

126 :06x16 - Lockdown

When a newborn is abducted, Princeton goes into lockdown, and the staff find themselves trapped together. House deals with a dying patient, Taub and Foreman check the personnel records, Cameron asks Chase to sign their divorce papers, and Wilson and Thirteen play Truth or Dare.
Guest Stars: David Strathairn as Nash | Neill Barry as Donald Lozinski | Riki Lindhome as Sarah Lozinski | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Nurse Smits (as Vernee Watson) | Shelly Cole as Nurse Adrienne Maldonado |
Co-Guest Stars: Riley Thomas Stewart as Walker (Walker Lozinski) | Tom Billett as Security Guard #1 | Dava Krause as Daria | Al Foster as Davies | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Hugh Laurie
Songs: Elvis Costello -- Alison, Billy Bragg & Wilco -- Birds and Ships, Alberto Turco and Nova Scola Georgiana -- Intoitus: Adorate Deum, Les Yeus Noirs -- Les Deux Guitares - Tzigane Russe, Mabel Mercer -- Once in a Blue Moon, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood -- Tequila & Chocolate, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood -- Tottie Ma is a Big Fine Thing, Derek Trucks Band -- Volunteer Slavery

127 :06x17 - Knight Fall

When a medieval reenactment knight, Sir William, collapses during a battle, the team takes on the case and Thirteen is intrigued by William's insistence on honor above all else. Meanwhile, House discovers that Wilson is dating his first ex-wife, the "soul-sucking harpy," and vows to break them up to protect Wilson from himself.
Guest Stars: Michael Weston as Lucas Douglas | Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Noah Segan as William | Sarah Jones (1) as Shannon | Wes Ramsey as Miles |
Co-Guest Stars: Carey Embry as Sarah | Ryan Radis as Apothecary | Keith Blaney as Medieval Man | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Richard & Linda Thompson -- Just the Motion

128 :06x18 - Open and Shut

Julia and Tom have a happy--and open--marriage. However, when Julia is stricken with abdominal pains, and her condition gets worse, House and his team must find out if honesty is all that it's cracked up to be, and if the happy honest couple actually have a honest marriage. Meanwhile, Wilson and Sam have an argument, and Rachel Taub wonders if her husband wants an open marriage.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Sarah Wayne Callies as Julia | Rob Evors as Tom | Charlie Weber as Damien | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) |
Co-Guest Stars: Danna Brady as Maya | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Erica Teeple as Evelyn | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Jude -- The Way That You Want Me

129 :06x19 - The Choice

When a groom collapses at the altar, the team discover that he harbors a secret that will affect their diagnosis. Meanwhile, Wilson pays House's team to take him out, and Taub tries to have an affair despite House's interference.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Adam Garcia as Ted (Theodore Phillip Taylor) | Eva Amurri Martino as Nicole (Nicole Margaret Murray) | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Jonathan Murphy as Cotter Macklin |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Price as Nurse Jeffrey Sparkman | F. William Parker as Reverend Bowden | Gregory Franklin as Henry | Eugene Long as Cop #1 | Tyler Scott Gilmour as Esteban | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Pachelbel -- Canon, Gladys Knight & The Pips -- Midnight Train to Georgia

130 :06x20 - Baggage

House meets with Dr. Nolan, who is intrigued when House insists on describing the case of an amnesiac woman suffering from what appears to be a quick-spreading prion infection. It soon becomes clear that House has more on his mind than just his patient's health.
Guest Stars: Lin-Manuel Miranda as Juan "Alvie" Alvarez | Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Zoe McLellan as Sidney | David Monahan as Jay | Carl Gilliard as Dutch | Paul Keeley as Harris | Andre Braugher as Dr. Darryl Nolan |
Co-Guest Stars: Annette M. Lesure as Durdanna | Gil Glasgow as Court Officer | Tina Huang as Public Defender | Ric Maddox as Officer Durkee | Angelyna Martinez as Nurse Jody | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Buddy Guy & Junior Wells -- In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel -- Make Me Smile, Shuggie Otis -- Me and My Woman

131 :06x21 - Help Me

House reluctantly accompanies Cuddy and emergency teams to the site of a crane accident. However, he's more interested in diagnosing the crane operator back at the hospital than dealing with the injured victims... until a trapped victim must decide whether to allow her leg to be amputated to save her life.
Guest Stars: China Jesusita Shavers as Hanna | Doug Kruse as Dolce | Jamie McShane as Captain McCreavey | Desean Terry as Charles |
Co-Guest Stars: Angel Oquendo as EMT Coumont | Kimberly Bailey as Dolce's Wife (as Kimberly M. Bailey) | Jason Paul Field as Rescue Worker #5 | Teddy Chen Culver as Rescue Worker #2 | Matthew Brent as Dislocated Shoulder | Caroline Pho as Head Wound | Marty Hrejsa as Purple Toes
Director: Greg Yaitanes

Season 7

132 :07x01 - Now What?

After they declare their love for each other, House and Cuddy decide to spend a day in House's apartment examining their new relationship. Meanwhile, Princeton's status as a Level 1 Trauma Center is threatened when their only remaining neurosurgeon is taken ill, and the team try to diagnose him while wondering where House is.
Guest Stars: George Wyner as Richardson | Chris Connor (1) as Alex | Matt Salinger as Malkin |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Doris Egan

133 :07x02 - Selfish

A young girl who lives her life for her brother, a victim of muscular dystrophy, suffers from heart arrhythmia and is taken to Princeton. House attempts to diagnose the girl but ends up second-guessing himself when Cuddy disagrees with him. Meanwhile, an elderly father and son come to the clinic, each with a hidden agenda concerning the other.
Guest Stars: Alyson Stoner as Della Carr | Allan Rich as Sydney | Stephanie Courtney as Claire Carr | Murray Gershenz as Maurice | Cody Saintgnue as Hugo Carr | Dwier Brown as George Carr | Sean Smith (1) as Ernest Griffin |
Co-Guest Stars: Reggie De Leon as Vincent | Chase Austin as Billy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Eli Attie
Songs: !!! Chk Chik Chick -- AM/FM

134 :07x03 - Unwritten

A children's novelist tries to kill herself, but is thwarted when she has a seizure. House, a fan of the books, puts her on psych hold but has to deal with a patient that is eager to die rather than be cured. Meanwhile, House worries that he'll lose Cuddy because they have nothing in common.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Seidy Lopez as Christina | John Bain as Jack Cannon | Amy Irving as Alice Tanner |
Co-Guest Stars: Todd Bosley as Go-Cart Attendant | Rosalie Vega as Nurse Yvette | Allison Ochmanek as Very Hot Woman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes

135 :07x04 - Massage Therapy

The team's newest patient is a wife who suffers from vomiting and stomach pains. While they attempt to diagnose her case, Chase brings in a new female, a psych major who House and Foreman both take offense with. Meanwhile, when Cuddy discovers that House is still seeing his massage therapist and former hooker, she refuses to sleep with him until he loses the woman.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Shaw as Dr. Kelly Benedict | Zachary Knighton as Billy McPherson | Erin Cahill as Margaret McPherson | Eddie Matos as Felipe |
Co-Guest Stars: Jamie Tomplins as Brandi | Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Doug Paisley -- End of the Day, Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars -- Ride Free

136 :07x05 - Unplanned Parenthood

A newborn baby, Kayla, suffers from liver failure and the team discovers that her mother Abbey's blood provides a temporary cure. While they try to identify the underlying cause, House and Wilson end up babysitting Cuddy's daughter, Rachel, and realize that parenthood isn't all it's cracked p to be.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Grey as Abbey | Gabrielle Christian as Justine | Keiko Agena as Dr. Cheng | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Nurse Smits (as Vernee Watson) | Charlene Amoia as Dr. Fraser |
Co-Guest Stars: Vanessa Waters as Dr. Taylor | Feliz Miguel Avitia as Crying Boy | Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Bill Callahan -- Night

137 :07x06 - Office Politics

Cuddy forces House to hire a med school prodigy as his new team member to replace Hadley, but House insists on making things difficult. The newcomer's first case involves a political consultant who has liver failure and a rash, and whose condition steadily worsens. With time running out, House realizes that the consultant's illness is tied to his employer, a senator running for re-election.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Jack Coleman as Joe Dugan | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Pat Finn (1) as Senator Hal Anderson |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Seth Hoffman
Songs: White Denim -- I Start to Run

138 :07x07 - A Pox on Our House

A young girl on a dive brings up a jar from a sunken slave ship and breaks it, infecting herself with what appears to be smallpox. When House and his team confirm her illness, they call in the CDC, which puts the hospital under quarantine. However, House soon realizes that the girl has something else... but the only way to confirm his diagnosis is to expose himself to the disease. Meanwhile, Wilson and his ex-wife Sam try to tend to a young girl awaiting chemotherapy whose mother is trapped outside by the quarantine.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Samantha Smith as Lulu | Andrew Fiscella as Niles | Hayley Chase as Julie | Aaron Refvem as Roger | Devon Woods as Eva | Tess Kartel as Geerte | Dylan Baker as Dr. Dave Broda |
Co-Guest Stars: Leslie Murphy as Natalie | Demetrius Grosse as Hacinte | Elijiah Montgomery as Ebo | Neil Sandilands as Captain Vanderhoof | Daniel Colembie as Dr. Trimingham | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Tucker Gates
Songs: The Black Ryder -- All That We See

139 :07x08 - Small Sacrifices

A religious patient is admitted to the hospital after vomiting blood, after undergoing a crucifixion which he believes keeps his daughter alive. Meanwhile, Wilson proposes to Sam, Taub believes his wife is cheating on him, Masters gets a lesson on the consequences of her honesty, and House tries to prove that Cuddy is a liar.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Cynthia Watros as Sam Carr | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Kayla Ewell as Nika | Stella Maeve as Kenzie | Nigel Gibbs as Sanford Wells | Madalyn Horcher as Marisa | Kuno Becker as Ramon |
Co-Guest Stars: Jamie Zevallos as Marcus | Alan Marco as Victor | Kirby Griffin as Casey | Ed Williams as Anthony | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Jude -- I Know, Ohio Players -- Love Rollercoaster, V.V. Brown -- Shark in the Water

140 :07x09 - Larger Than Life

A subway hero collapses after saving a woman, and is brought to the hospital. House dismisses heroism as stupidity, but is unable to determine the man's illness. Meanwhile, Cuddy's mother comes to see her daughter and her new boyfriend, and Taub discovers that a new billboard with his face has aroused his wife's libido.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Matthew Lillard as Jack | Sprague Grayden as Eva | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Shyloh Oostwald as Daisy | Candice Bergen as Arlene Cuddy |
Co-Guest Stars: Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Julie Mitchell as Chloe (Chloe Jefferies) | Nate Witty as Bike Messenger | Rosalyn Sidewater as Woman in Suit | Thai Douglas as Conductor | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Sara Hess
Songs: The Nationals -- Start a War

141 :07x10 - Carrot or Stick

A drill instructor at a disciplinary camp is stricken with back and bladder pains. The team try to diagnose his condition and suspect that one of his charges poisoned him. However, they soon discover that the student is showing the same symptoms... and the two patients share a hidden connection.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Sasha Roiz as Driscoll | Tyler James Williams as Park Landon (as Tyler James Williams) | Nigel Gibbs as Sanford Wells | Kayla Ewell as Nika | Stella Maeve as Kenzie | Maite Schwartz as Ali | Rachel Melvin as Winn Phillips |
Co-Guest Stars: Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Kyle Fain as MacDonald | Patrick Rafferty as Trucker | Grace Rowe as School Director | Elizabeth Ann Roberts as Teacher | Melanie Cruz as ER Doctor | Turner Dixon as Delivery Guy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Crowded House -- Falling Dove

142 :07x11 - Family Practice

When Cuddy's mother Arlene is admitted to the hospital complaining of heart arrhythmia, House refuses to treat her, warning Cuddy that it won't end well. Cuddy insists, and House soon antagonizes Arlene so that she fires him. He continues to proscribe progressively more dangerous treatments behind the attending physician's back, putting Arlene's life at risk. Meanwhile, Taub is forced to take a part-time job with his brother-in-law and suffers a crisis of conscience.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Paula Marshall as Julia | Ben Bode as Dr. Marty Kaufman | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Michael Gladis as Jamie (as Michael Gladis) | Candice Bergen as Arlene Cuddy |
Co-Guest Stars: Julia Rose (1) as Kara | Kelly Frye as Salesgirl | David Olejnik as Timothy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: The Chordettes -- Mr. Sandman

143 :07x12 - You Must Remember This

A waitress with perfect memory suffers from paralysis of the legs and heart arrythmia, and is admitted to the hospital. House suspects that her memory is a symptom and tries to pin down the cause. Meanwhile, Foreman is forced to tutor Taub when it looks like the latter will fail his re-certification, and Wilson gets a new roommate.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Tina Holmes as Nadia | Claire Rankin as Elena |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Davidson as Blonde | Jackie Goldberg as Elderly Patient | J. Paul Boehmer as Husband (Henry) | Lisa Renee as Wife | Tim Barraco as Young Cop | Jacqueline McKenzie as Young Nadia | Amanda Leighton as Young Elena | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Platt
Songs: The Constellations -- Felicity, Wilco -- How to Fight Loneliness

144 :07x13 - Two Stories

To get Rachel Cuddy into an exclusive preschool, House volunteers to talk at Career Day. While telling the story of a patient who has coughed up his lung, House pretends to be someone else to avoid liability in a car accident, but things go wrong and he's soon in the principal's office. Intrigued by his exploits, two students get House to tell them the whole story.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Brittany Ishibashi as Mrs. Corwin | Erika Alexander as Mrs. Fields | Maurice Godin as Dr. Hourani | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Haley Pullos as Colleen | Austin Michael Coleman as Zack | Logan Arens as Gabe | Michael Cheyovich as Alex | Tiffany Espensen as Sophie | Matthew Haddad as Timothy Morgan | Nigel Gibbs as Sanford Wells | Joyce Greenleaf as Mrs. Washburn |
Co-Guest Stars: Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Jared Hillman as Brett | Gwen Mihok as Carmen | Jarret Wright as David Dryden | Suzy Cote as Female Lawyer | Aubrey Manning (2) as Receptionist | Victoria Hoffman as Mother | Jack Frank as Teenage Boy (Luke) | Carmen Surles as Worried Patient | Willis Chung as Phillip Wright | Sheena Zadeh as Cute Nurse | Doug Locke as Roger | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes

145 :07x14 - Recession Proof

A former real estate agent loses his job in the recession and conceals it from his wife, secretly taking a job as a janitor to make ends meet. He suffers from a high fever and swollen joints, and the team tries to determine which job caused his symptoms. Meanwhile, House tries to make a charity gala in Cuddy's honor "fun," Masters and Chase argue over honesty with one's spouse, and Taub and Foreman adjust to being roommates.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Adrian LaTourelle as Bert Vesky | Ashley Jones as Diane Vesky |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Connolly as Officer Smith | Mike Moh as Waiter | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: S.J. Clarkson
Songs: Fyfe Dangerfield -- Barricades, Damien Jurado -- Everything's Trying, The Prodigy -- Stand Up

146 :07x15 - Bombshells

While a teenage boy spits up blood for no apparent cause, House chooses to focus on Cuddy, who has a mass on her kidney. Unable to bring himself to see her, House dodges his personal and professional responsibilities. Meanwhile, Taub realizes that the boy is suffering from depression and must decide what to do when he discovers the teenager has considered violence against himself and others.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Brett Del Buono as Ryan (as Brett DelBuono) | Lesley Fera as Kay | Ken Garito as Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Paula Marshall as Julia | Emily Hahn as Rachel Cuddy (Dream) | Beau Dremann as Police Officer | Lee Simpson as Hayes | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Chuck McCollum as Urologist | Kai Schmoll as Lawyer | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse | Martha Nichols as Dancer #1 | Noelle Marsh as Dancer #2 | Allison Holker as Dancer #3 | Dominic Chaiduang as Dancer #4 | Katie Schaar as Dancer #5 | Ryan Ramirez as Dancer #6 | Chaz Buzan as Dancer #7 | Scott Myruck as Dancer #8 | Billy Bell as Dancer #9 | William Wingfield as Dancer #10
Director: Greg Yaitanes

147 :07x16 - Out of the Chute

A champion bull rider is attacked by a bull, but when he's taken to the hospital, it's clear that there is a deeper underlying medical problem. The team tries to diagnose without House's presence, since he's gone to a hotel to get over his breakup with Cuddy by hiring a parade of hookers. As the patient's symptoms grow worse, the team wonders if House's judgment is impaired as he proposes progressively more dangerous diagnostic techniques.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Chad Faust as Lane | Cleo Berry as Carnell |
Co-Guest Stars: Kristin Peterson as Alexis | Kristina Anderson as Isabella | Noelle Bellinghausen as Emily | Katie Stegeman as Anke | Candace Kita as Sarah | Kristen De Luca as Ruth (as Kristen DeLuca) | Leanne Wilson as Elizabeth | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Fred Cross as Bartender | Eric Almquist as Bullfighter | Ann Judson-Yager as Masseuse #1 | Barbara Kerford as Masseuse #2 | Jeri Lynn Brown as Screaming Woman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Peter Gabriel -- My Body is a Cage, Black Lab -- This Night

148 :07x17 - Fall From Grace

A 23-year-old homeless man is admitted to the hospital with a skewed sense of smell, which soon turns into gastrointestinal bleeding. The man refuses to tell the team anything, making it difficult to diagnose him. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of his breakup with Cuddy, House decides to marry a much younger woman to help her get a green card... or so he claims.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Chris Marquette as Danny (as Christopher Marquette) | Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova |
Co-Guest Stars: Harrison Bliss as Ryan | Thomas Crawford as Bernard | Tacey Adams as Mrs. Weston | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Tucker Gates

149 :07x18 - The Dig

House goes to greet Hadley as she gets out of prison after six months, and find out why she was really in prison. Hadley has no interest in talking, and a battle of wills ensue as they go to a spud gun competition. Meanwhile, the team takes on the case of a science teacher with lungs full of blood and a home filled with junk, and discover a secret about the man. While they work on the case without House, Taub renews a sexual relationship with an old acquaintance.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Terry Maratos as Brian | Justin Chon as Harold Lam | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Kimberlee Peterson as Nina | Zena Grey as Ruby |
Co-Guest Stars: Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matt Shakman
Songs: S. Carey -- In the Dirt

150 :07x19 - Last Temptation

A 16-year-old girl preparing to sail around the world collapses without explanation. Masters, preparing to graduate and become an intern, bonds with the girl and is forced to make an ethical decision when the girl refuses treatment that could save her life, but prevent her from setting a record. Meanwhile, House and Wilson play chicken.
Starring Roles: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters |
Guest Stars: Jennifer Landon as Donovan | Michelle DeFraites as Kendall Pearson | Ron Perkins as Dr. Simpson | Gerald McCullouch as Bobby Pearson | Tommy Savas as Cruz |
Co-Guest Stars: Bridgett Newton as Paige (Paige Pearson) | Tony Edwards (3) as Roscoe | Will Deutsch as Dr. Pressman | Helena Apothaker as Nurse Ellen Hoffner | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Tim Southam

151 :07x20 - Changes

The team treats a lottery winner who suffers from paralysis of the legs, and soon discover that he has cancer... and then he doesn't. Meanwhile, Foreman and Chase make a mutual wager, and Cuddy's mother sues the hospital for her treatment at House's hands.
Guest Stars: Donal Logue as Cyrus Harry | David Costabile as Phil | Megan Follows as Jennifer Williams | Candice Bergen as Arlene Cuddy |
Co-Guest Stars: Dawn Frances as Nurse Colleen | Sheena Zadeh as Nurse Laura | David A. Kimball as Lawyer | Adele Robbins as Janet | Jody Booth as Doorway Jennifer | Kaela Dobson as Real Jennifer | Roger Burtona as Male Patient | Jacob McCafferty as Ricky | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Story: Eli Attie, Seth Hoffman | Teleplay: Eli Attie

152 :07x21 - The Fix

The team takes on the case of a missile design expert suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. She fails to show improvement and the team looks to House, only to discover that he's obsessed with the case of a boxer who collapsed during a fight.
Guest Stars: Linda Park as Dr. Wendy Lee | Kevin Phillips as Terry Foley | Kevin Daniels as Cesar | Brian Huskey as Dr. Riggin |
Co-Guest Stars: John T. Woods as Tony | Drew Cohn as Glenn | Ken Olandt as General Spain | Frank Drank as Bartender | Robert Kariakin as Patron | Jeff Wolfe as Guy on the Next Stool | Denice J. Sealy as Nurse Gibbs (as Denice Sealy) | Helena Apothaker as Nurse Ellen Hoffner | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Sonny Boy Williamson -- Unseen Eye

153 :07x22 - After Hours

Hadley's prison cellmate comes to her for help when she receives a knife wound. However, her condition soon grows worse and Hadley calls in Chase for help. Meanwhile, House takes extreme measures to remove the tumors growing in his leg, while Taub receives news from his girlfriend and takes it poorly.
Guest Stars: Amy Landecker as Darrien | Kendra Andrews as Dina | Brian Huskey as Dr. Riggin | Zena Grey as Ruby |
Co-Guest Stars: Kayla Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Rylie Colbert as Rachel Cuddy | Noelle Bellinghausen as Emily | Alex Maccormick as Admitting Nurse Colleen | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Bon Iver -- Flume, My Morning Jacket -- Victory Dance

154 :07x23 - Moving On

The team treats an esteemed performance artist, but discover that she wants to perform a new piece using House as her unwilling assistant. Meanwhile, House vows to change, but when Cuddy and Wilson insist that he talk out his feelings, he takes a radical approach to making a new life for himself.
Guest Stars: Paula Marshall as Julia | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | James Hiroyuki Liao as Luca | Thom Bishops as Jerry Bennett | Zena Grey as Ruby | J.R. Cacia as Officer Soltes | Shohreh Aghdashloo as Afsoun Hamidi |
Co-Guest Stars: Jay Tapaoan as Bartender | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Amy Shelton-White as Nurse Felicia | Adrienne Whitney as Artsy Young Woman | Jake Martin as Julia's Husband | Damien Bray as Drunk Man | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Spoon -- Got Nuffin

Season 8

Swan Song

A retrospective on eight years of House.
Featuring: Hugh Laurie as Himself | Robert Sean Leonard as Himself | Omar Epps as Himself | Jesse Spencer as Himself | Peter Jacobson as Himself | Odette Annable as Herself | Charlyne Yi as Herself | Jennifer Morrison as Herself | Lisa Edelstein as Herself | Olivia Wilde as Herself
Director: Matthew Fife
Songs: Champion Jack Dupree -- Junker's Blues, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours -- Live Forever, (Unknown artist) -- James Bond Theme from "Dr. No", (Unknown artist) -- The Glory of Love, (Unknown artist) -- The Tennessee Waltz

155 :08x01 - Twenty Vicodin

House has spent a year in prison after crushing through Cuddy's living room window. Now to win his parole, House has to behave for just five more days. However, an ailing prisoner pits House and his diagnosis against the hospital doctor, and his only ally is a young doctor who believes there's more to why he's in prison then he'll tell her.
Guest Stars: Thom Barry as Sykes | Sebastian Sozzi as Nick | Jaleel White as Porter | Michael Massee as Frankie | Michael Paré as Warden Delaire | Michael Bailey Smith as Sullivan | Nate Mooney as Rollo | Mars Crain as Stomper (as Mars M. Crain) | Jude Ciccolella as Mendelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaleti Williams as Asofa | Wayne Lopez as C.O. Alvarez | Jeannine Cota as C.O. Hsueh | Pamela Shaddock as Case Worker | Bianca DeGroat as Nurse Kathy Hostetter | Michael C. Monroe as Turner | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse |
Uncredited: Robbie Kaller as Garcia | Damon Christopher as Nick's Cellmate
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Kari Kimmel -- Black

156 :08x02 - Transplant

House returns to Princeton Plainsboro on parole to provide his expertise on a unique case: a pair of donor lungs that are suffering a mysterious ailment. However, House soon finds himself hobbled when he learns that his old team has been let go, Wilson bears him a grudge, his new team member has personal problems, and if he crosses the new Dean of Medicine then he'll be sent back to prison.
Guest Stars: Liza Snyder as Vanessa | Heather McComb as Theresa | Ron Perkins as Dr. Ron Simpson | Charles Chun as Kwansik Park (as Charles Rahi Chun) | Ralph Garman as Bobby |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce McKenzie as Mr. Weathers | Wayne Lopez as C.O. Alvarez | Kamall Shaikh as Technician | Michele Marsh as Betty | Jim Stathis as Dr. Pinto (Dr. Mike Pinto)
Director: Daniel Attias
Songs: Celine Dion -- My Heart Will Go On, Fink -- Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us

157 :08x03 - Charity Case

Benjamin, a wealthy man intent on giving away his money to charitable causes, collapses on the street. House doesn't believe there's anything seriously wrong with him, but treats him so that he can convince Benjamin that he's "cured" and to donate money to fund House's diagnostic team. However, when Benjamin starts showing serious symptoms, House realizes that he has a real illness on his hands. Meanwhile, Thirteen must decide whether to return to the hospital or go to Greece with her girlfriend, and new volunteer team member Dr. Adams tries to determine why Park won't take a gift.
Guest Stars: Wentworth Miller as Benjamin Byrd | Ron Perkins as Dr. Ron Simpson | Toni Trucks as Trina |
Co-Guest Stars: Rene Hamilton as Carol | Joanna Strapp as Kate | Jacklyn Jonet as Amy | Niko Baur as Clancy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Sara Hess
Songs: The Wellspring -- The Ballad of el Goodo

158 :08x04 - Risky Business

House takes on the case of Thad Barton, a CEO relocating his employees to China who is suffering from vision problems. As Thad gets progressively worse, House engages in insider training with the company's stock so he can finance his department and bring Chase and Taub back. Meanwhile, Park makes the mistake of betting House that she won't get fired at her disciplinary hearing, and Adams has anger issues that puzzle and intrigue House.
Guest Stars: Michael Nouri as Thad Barton | Alexie Gilmore as Ainsley Barton |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Lemon as Dr. Andrews (Dr. Mark Andrews) | Jade Carter as Dr. Morgan | Jun Hee Lee as Simon | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Writer: Seth Hoffman
Songs: Cat Stevens -- Morning Has Broken

159 :08x05 - The Confession

A well-respected community leader has a heart attack while secretly having an affair. However, when his condition worsens, the man decides to confess all of his sins to the community, endangering his chances of getting a necessary liver transplant. Meanwhile, Taub and Chase return and House insists on knowing the paternity of Taub's two daughters.
Guest Stars: Jamie Bamber as Bob Harris | Heather Stephens as Denise Harris | Carlie Casey as Cindy | E.E. Bell as Mayor Collins |
Co-Guest Stars: Natalie Dye as Sally (Sally Harris) | Blake Bertrand as David (David Harris) | Ed Zajac as Client | Erika L. Holmes as Prostitute | Vincent Angelo as Manny | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Kate Woods
Songs: Whiting, Egan & Kahn -- Ain't We Got Fun

160 :08x06 - Parents

House and his team take on the case of Ben, a teenager who aspires to be a circus clown like his biological father, who died years ago. When Ben becomes ill, the team need to find a compatible bone marrow donor and learn a dark secret about the family. Meanwhile, Taub ponders fatherhood when his wife wants to move to Portland with their daughter, and House tries to bypass his ankle monitor and go to a boxing match in Atlantic City with Wilson.
Guest Stars: Harrison Thomas as Ben | Elizabeth Lackey as Janey (as Lisa Lackey) | John Scurti as Monroe | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Jim Lampley as Himself | Zena Grey as Ruby | Kathe Mazur as Sandy |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Atteberry as Phil | Kovar McClure as Ron | Jim Gleason as Mitchell (Mitchell Gordon) | Jack Harding as Vince | Tim Chou as Dad #1 | Donnabella Mortel as Mom | Henry Clarke as Dad #2 | Trevor Larcom as Young Boy | David Charles (3) as Police Officer #1 | Keith Markey as Police Officer #2 | David Bickford as Man on Screen #1 | Greg Allan Martin as Man on Screen #2 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Eli Attie

161 :08x07 - Dead & Buried

A 14-year-old girl suffers from an allergic reaction at her birthday party, but House is more interested in solving the death of a 4-year-old boy several years previously, despite the fact that he has to violate his parole to do so. Meanwhile, the team wonders why Chase has taken an interest in personal grooming.
Guest Stars: Channon Roe as Emory LeMaine | Madison Davenport as Iris | Julie McNiven as Mickey Darro | Sarah Aldrich as Faye | Robert Pine as Drew's Grandfather |
Co-Guest Stars: Alex Quijano as Ray | Jeff Doba as Gene | Leslie Fleming-Mitchell as Lana | Michael Linstroth as Dixon (as Mike Linstroth) | Neil Schwary as Don | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

162 :08x08 - Perils of Paranoia

The team treats a prosecutor suffering from what at first appears to be an anxiety attack. However, his symptoms soon grow worse and the man manifests extreme paranoia. While the doctors try to determine whether the paranoia is a symptom or not, Park grows paranoid about whether the others like her. Meanwhile, Wilson goes to extreme lengths to prove that House is paranoid enough to keep a gun, and Foreman believes Taub is trying to set him up on dates.
Guest Stars: Vincent Spano as Tommy | Amanda Foreman as Olivia | Yaya DaCosta as Anita (as Yaya DaCosta) | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Blake Anderson as Ethan |
Co-Guest Stars: Yan Feldman as Mike | Inger Tudor as Judge Foley | Michael McLafferty as William Anderson | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Rachel Sterling as Mariel (Mariel Wilkerson) | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Schuyler Fisk -- Waking Life

163 :08x09 - Better Half

A man suffering from Alzheimer's coughs up blood and flies into violent rages. While the team tries to diagnose him, House tests Foreman's limits, and Wilson takes the case of a woman who claims that she and her boyfriend have an asexual relationship.
Guest Stars: Melanie Lynskey as Natalie | Corri English as Kayla | Ivo Nandi as Andres | Tracy Vilar as Nurse Regina | Roma Chugani as Dr. Shirya Banerjee | Brian T. Skala as Randy (as Brian Skala) |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Alosio as Joseph | Ian Gregory as Mr. Laffont | Mario Cortez as Uniformed Man | Angel Oquendo as EMT Coumont | Bobbin Bergstrom as ICU Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Songs: Morgan Taylor Reid -- Simply Human

164 :08x10 - Runaways

House and his team treat an underage runaway girl who refuses to identify her parents, and House takes a personal interest in the case. Meanwhile, Taub tries to find common ground with his infant daughters, Foreman's affair takes a surprising turn, and House treats two brothers who engage in Civil War reenactments.
Guest Stars: Bridgit Mendler as Callie Rogers | Yaya DaCosta as Anita (as Yaya DaCosta) | Darlene Vogel as Ellen Rogers | Kai Lennox as George |
Co-Guest Stars: Brad Carter as Sheldon | Zylan Brooks as Adele (Adele Brown) | Mark Hengst as Fake Dad | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Foy Vance -- Be the Song

165 :08x11 - Nobody's Fault

When a team member is injured while treating a patient, Foreman brings in his old mentor Dr. Cofield to get to the truth. However, it soon becomes clear that someone is at blame... even though the team insists that nobody is to blame.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Walter Cofield | Audrey Marie Anderson as Emily Koppelman | David Anders as Bill Koppelman | Deborah Lacey as Lorraine |
Co-Guest Stars: Cheyenne Haynes as Jordan | Mariah I. Wilson as Madison (as Mariah Wilson) | Angel Oquendo as EMT Coumont | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Greg Yaitanes

166 :08x12 - Chase

To cope with his near-death experience, Chase seeks out an emotional bond with a nun preparing to take her vows, who is in the hospital with a life-threatening disease. Meanwhile, Taub tries to cope by learning self-defense, and House puts Taub's newly acquired skills to the test.
Guest Stars: Julie Mond as Moira |
Co-Guest Stars: Valeri Ross as Sister Joan | Jessica Luza as Cindy | Kandis Erickson as Leisha | Terrence Beasor as Elderly Man | Liz Benoit as Nurse Anne | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Matt Shakman
Songs: Ben Howard -- Promise

167 :08x13 - Man of the House

While House tests his team by declaring that one of them will be his new second, they treat a marriage coach who suffers from fever, uncontrollable self-urination and double-vision. It turns out that low testosterone levels are the cause, but the patient worries that the treatment may change him into a man that his wife doesn't want.
Guest Stars: Jake Weber as Joe Reese | Rena Sofer as Marlene Reese | Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova | José Zúñiga as Nate Weinmann |
Co-Guest Stars: John Gloria as Calvin Ayres | Duane R. Shepard, Sr. as Hastings | Mykee Selkin as Staff Member | Denny Siegel as Diane | Joseph Falasca as Phil | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Colin Bucksey
Songs: Amy Grant -- Every Heartbeat

168 :08x14 - Love is Blind

House and his team treat a blind man suffering from auditory hallucinations, but his condition soon worsens. Meanwhile, Blythe House arrives in town with news for her son.
Guest Stars: Michael B. Jordan as Will Westwood | Margo Harshman as Melissa | Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova | Diane Baker as Blythe House | Billy Connolly as Thomas Bell |
Co-Guest Stars: John Eric Montana as Sam | Ryan Driscoll as Stacy | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Tim Southam

169 :08x15 - Blowing the Whistle

The team treats an Army PFC suffering from abdominal pains, who leaked a video of a botched military operation to the Internet and is awaiting a court marital. His condition gets progressively worse but he refuses treatment until the Army provides him with the files that will prove how his father, a military officer, really died. Meanwhile, the team comes to believe that House has a liver condition that will result in his death, but he refuses to accept their diagnosis.
Guest Stars: Arlen Escarpeta as Brant Macklin | Sharif Atkins as Hayes Macklin |
Co-Guest Stars: Lindsay Zappala as Gloria | Steve Nevil as Mel | Adam Cagley as Jason | Kristy Johnson as Joni | Sayeed Shahidi as Evan | Dava Krause as Daria | Albert Owens as Major Mathewson | Thomas Riordan as MP #1 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Director: Julian Higgins

170 :08x16 - Gut Check

A 22-year-old minor league hockey player collapses on the ice, coughing up blood. While the team tries to diagnosis his condition, Chase offers to let Park move in with him and House gives Wilson some mixed news.
Guest Stars: Greg Finley as Bobby Hatcher | Will Shadley as Duncan Falconer (Wendel Wagner) |
Co-Guest Stars: Saachiko as Popo | Stephanie Whitfield as Waitress | Christian Lalonde as Szabo | Joe Kelly (4) as Linesman | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse
Songs: Lee Dorsey -- Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky, Lionel Richie. -- Hello

171 :08x17 - We Need the Eggs

House and his team handle the case of a man who cries blood, and discover that he has a unique ladyfriend who may be contributing to his health issues. Meanwhile, House auditions new hookers when his old one gives up the business for a husband. However, when he discovers he can't do without, House recruits Dominika to help ruin the relationship.
Guest Stars: Kevin Christy as Henry | Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova | Amy Davidson as Molly | Patrick Stump as Micah |
Co-Guest Stars: Noelle Bellinghausen as Emily | Alexis Raben as Wendy (Wendy Jacobson) | Nik Isbelle as Amy | Eddie Pepitone as Operator | George Sharperson as Harris | Elizabeth J. Carlisle as Butterscotch | Malana Lea as Fawn | Laura Carpenter as Cindy | Beckie King as Debbie | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey)
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Sonny & Cher -- I've Got You Babe, The Association -- Never My Love

172 :08x18 - Body and Soul

House's team treat a boy who is apparently possessed by demons, and they must deal with the mother's slowly developing belief that faith rather than science holds the answer to her son's cure. Meanwhile, Park and Chase have sex dreams about each other, and House lies to Dominika to keep her with him.
Guest Stars: Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova | Samantha Cutaran as Lida | Riley Lennon Nice as Lue | George Cheung as Xang (as George Kee Cheung) |
Co-Guest Stars: Ginette Rhodes as Nurse Rebecca | Peyton McDavitt as ICU Nurse | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey)
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Songs: Wilco -- Black Moon

173 :08x19 - The C-Word

When House takes some vacation time to be with Wilson, the team must go on without him and handle the case of a six-year-old girl suffering from a genetic mutation which may or may not account or her current symptoms. Further complicating the situation is the fact that the girl's mother is a doctor and insists on treating her daughter. Meanwhile, House helps Wilson... whether his friend wants his help or not.
Guest Stars: Jessica Collins (2) as Dr. Elizabeth Lawson | Chris McKenna (2) as Simon Lawson (as Chris L. McKenna) | Rachel Eggleston as Emily Lawson | Art Chudabala as Dr. Michael A. Kondo |
Co-Guest Stars: Gabriel Suttle as John Taylor | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey)
Director: Hugh Laurie
Songs: Journey -- Any Way You Want It

174 :08x20 - Post Mortem

While the team takes on the case of a resident pathologist who refuses treatment from anyone except House, House and Wilson go on a road trip to Cleveland to see Julie Christie. Meanwhile, Chase wonders if he should stay or go.
Guest Stars: Jamie Elman as Dr. Peter Treiber |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Weller as Dr. Penza | Carol Herman as Ina | Carole Gutierrez as Helen | Jennifer Christopher as Molly | Jeremy Scott Glenn as Orderly | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey)
Director: Peter Weller
Songs: Kathleen Edwards -- A Soft Place to land, Motorhead -- Ace of Spades, Gareth Dunlop -- Here Comes the Night, Georgia Steamroller -- Radar Love, Steppenwolf -- Rock Me

175 :08x21 - Holding On

The team tries to deal with a patient, Derrick, who suffers from nosebleeds, dizziness, and the voice of his dead brother in his head. However, Park, Adams, and Taub are on their own after Chase resigns and House spends his time trying to convince Wilson to undergo chemotherapy to stay alive as long as possible despite the cancer eating away at him.
Guest Stars: Skylar Astin as Derrick | Natalie Dreyfuss as Courtney | Jacob Zachar as Mikey (Michael Kimble) | Derek Mio as Floyd | Enzo Cilenti as Matt Johnson |
Co-Guest Stars: Moira Squier as Jen | Michael C. Alexander as Man | Pat McNeely as Woman | David Waknine as Janitor | Brayden Brooks as 6 yr. old Christopher | Lindsay Dennis as Cheerleader | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey) |
Uncredited: David Fraioli as Janitor #2
Songs: Motopony -- Euphoria

176 :08x22 - Everybody Dies

In the series finale, House treats a heroin-addicted patient whose outlook on life puts House in a burning building haunted by the ghosts of his past.
Special Guest Stars: Andre Braugher as Dr. Darryl Nolan | Anne Dudek as Amber | Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron | Kal Penn as Kutner | Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters | Sela Ward as Stacy Warner |
Guest Stars: James LeGros as Oliver | Karolina Wydra as Dominika Patrova | Jennifer Crystal as Rachel Taub (as Jennifer Crystal Foley) | Zena Grey as Ruby | Diane Baker as Blythe House |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Price as Nurse Jeffrey | Jaclyn Jonet as Amy | Patrick O'Connor as Dr. Frankel | Patrick Quinlan as Patient #1 | Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse (as Bobbin Bergstrom-Busey)
Director: David Shore
Songs: Louis Prima -- Enjoy Yourself, Warren Zevon -- Keep Me In Your Heart
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 16, 2004
Ended: May 21, 2012
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