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Known Unknowns - Recap

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Jordan is at the Adams Hotel with her friends, waiting to go in for a band premiere. She convinces her friend Phoebe to come in with her by pretending to be the DJ's assistant. The bouncer realizes that they're fakes but the band comes in and the drummer, Colt, invites them to come up with the band to their penthouse. Jordan and Phoebe go up as their friends look on in envy.

The next morning, Jordan and Phoebe meet with their friends at the hotel restaurant. Jordan says that they went up with the band, and she played Drummer God and then hopped a swimming pool fence with Colt and went skinny dipping. As she talks, Jordan's hands swell up and then she collapses, unconscious.

Wilson is packing for a conference and tells House that he's supposed to go with him as part of his therapy. House isn't interested and gets a call from Foreman about Jordan's case. He plays on Wilson's guilt by saying that he has to save a 16-year-old girl and then heads for the hospital. He meets with the team and insists that Jordan has rhabdo. Cameron insists that it must be something else and Chase and Foreman back her. House observes that Cameron is sitting as far away from her husband as possible, and refuses to back down on his diagnosis. Chase agrees to test Jordan for everything.

As Foreman and Chase run the tests, Chase tries to discuss whether he should confess to Cameron that he arranged Dibala's death. Foreman doesn't want to get involved, and is skeptical that Chase is doing it just to spare Cameron the burden.

House goes to see Cuddy to see if the rumors about her record-setting low-cut blouse are true. They are, but he takes the time to notice that she recently put a lot of work in her out box. Once he realizes she's going to the conference with Wilson, he tells her that he's going too. House then goes to give Wilson the news, and finds his friend comforting a dying cancer patient. Wilson reluctantly steps away to listen to House and figures he's only going to be with Cuddy. House gives in to the inevitable and tells House that they're leaving in two hours.

As House packs, Chase comes in and says that he should stay and see how the situation between him and Cameron turns out, since he set it off. House isn't interested and Chase tells him that Jordan proved negative for rhabdo but has low potassium levels. House comes up with a theory and goes to see Jordan. He has her simulate playing Drummer God and realizes that she is suffering from muscle paralysis. House tells her that she couldn't have played Drummer God and climbed over a fence like she claimed, and tells Chase to get an accurate medical history from her. Chase and Cameron interrogate Jordan and Phoebe, and the girls explain that they're fans of Stiletto, a comic book heroine. The creator, Jeffrey Kenner, was at the Adams Hotel and they saw him. They followed him so they could live his life, keeping far enough back so they thought Keener wouldn't notice him. They even ate the same food that he did. Chase and Cameron confirm their story by checking Jordan's credit card, and order in the same oysters that they ate. Foreman suggests that Jordan is bulimic and when she ate the oysters, it triggered her illness.

House and Wilson go to pick up Cuddy. As they wait, House reads the conference program book and realizes that Wilson is presenting a paper. Suspicious, House notes that the last time Wilson gave a paper, he asked House for feedback and this time he didn't. Wilson dismisses his friend's suspicions and then tells House that there's an 80s party at the conference and he should invite Cuddy to attend it with him. House refuses, saying he wants to handle Cuddy carefully and not do anything to upset her. Cuddy comes out with her daughter Rachel.

Foreman and Cameron run a new series of tests on Jordan. Cameron talks about how she's secretly been following Chase because she thinks he's having an affair. Foreman doesn't want to get caught in the middle. When Cameron asks him if Chase is having an affair, Foreman says no and Cameron wonders why she should believe him. Foreman says that she should believe Chase, not him. Jordan's parents, architects who have been out of the country on a project in Shanghai, arrive and Jordan immediately flatlines.

Cameron and Foreman discover that blood has leaked into Jordan's heart cavity. Once they clear it, they go into differential and conclude that Jordan has an acute condition that only recently manifested. They call House at the conference hotel in the Adirondacks, who tells them to trace Jordan's activities in the last 24 hours. He hangs up on them and then steals the badge and registration packet of a Dr. Perlmutter, much to Wilson's irritation.

Cameron talks to Phoebe and Jordan, and Phoebe says that Jordan lied and they didn't do anything special. However, Jordan makes up a new story saying that she went home with Bruce Springsteen and played on his first guitar. Phoebe has no idea what she's talking about, while a seemingly sincere Jordan has no idea why her friend doesn't believe her. Later, Cameron goes to see Keener at the Adams Hotel. He confirms that he saw Phoebe and Jordan despite their efforts to hide. He then flirts with Cameron, much to her dismay.

Foreman talks to Phoebe and explains that she's suffering from internal bleeding. The blood is getting into Jordan's thalamus, causing her to lie without realizing it. Phoebe says that they stayed the night at the hotel using Jordan's credit card, and only woke up after Jordan came back to get some ice. Jordan told her that she only stepped out for ice, but Phoebe admits she has no idea if her friend was telling the truth.

That night at the conference, House goes to the 80s party... dressed in a 1780s costume. He ends up dancing with Cuddy as the music switches to a slow song. As they dance, House talks about how they met at a dance at med school. Cuddy tells him that she actually met him for the first time at a bookstore when she turned over her syllabus and House insulted her. She was so intrigued that she sought him out at a dance. House talks about how he planned to call her but got expelled before he could. Cuddy, uncomfortable with his personal revelation, quickly leaves.

The next morning, the phone rings and House wakes up as Wilson answers the phone. Wilson explains that his cancer patient died and guiltily says that he should have been there. He then asks House how the dance went, and figures that Cuddy was so surprised by House's revelation that she didn't know what to do. House picks up on his guilt and looks at the paper Wilson is writing, and realizes that he's preparing a paper in favor of euthanasia in cancer patients. He warns that it will cost Wilson his career and Wilson simply walks away.

House's team checks the security footage from the hotel and confirms that Jordan found Keener's journal in the restaurant. She claimed it was her own and then went to the author's room to return it.

House confronts Wilson outside and warns that he won't be hirable if he comes out in favor of doctor-supported euthanasia. Wilson insists that he's just saying what many doctors believe, and that he learned about brutal honesty from House. As Wilson leaves, House points out that it's never worked well for him.

Chase and Cameron go to see Kenner at his hotel room. He insists that Jordan never came to his room and refuses to let them test the place. Cameron accuses him of putting Jordan's life in danger and stalks away. When Chase goes after her, he realizes that Cameron thinks that Keener is having an affair. Chase doesn't believe it and figures that she's taking out her anger about Chase on Keener. Cameron theorizes that Keener gave Jordan too many rufies and the overdose is causing Jordan's illness.

Wilson talks with Cuddy, who is outside with Rachel. Cuddy says that her babysitter had an emergency so she stepped out of the conference. He brings up the dance and Cuddy explains that now that she's a mother, she needs somewhat stable in her life and House is anything but.

Jordan begins bleeding in the abdomen behind the kidneys, which disproves Cameron's rufies diagnosis. She believes that Keener gave her something that caused a toxic reaction. To relieve the pressure on Jordan's thalamus, Cameron suggests they give her amobarbital despite the risks. Chase accuses her of pursuing a vendetta against Keener because of her suspicions about Chase, and suggests they call House. Foreman notes that House is going to approve Cameron's proposal because it's risky and they prepare to give Jordan the amobarbital.

Wilson goes back to his room and finds House taking pretzels and grape soda from the wet bar. House invites him to sit down and pours him a soda, and Wilson tells him what Cuddy wants. House insists that there's no way he can convince her that he's changed so it's not worth trying. Wilson suggests he start by offering to babysit Rachel, but figures that House is going to start scheming. House denies it and Wilson apologizes... and then realizes that House has drugged his grape soda.

The team administers the amobarbital and Cameron asks what happened while Chase and Foreman monitor Jordan's condition. Jordan explains that Keener invited her in and then gave her something that he claimed was ecstasy. She fuzzed out and then Keener raped her. Her parents are furious but Foreman, monitoring her symptoms, points out that Jordan is still lying.

House goes to Cuddy's room and suggests that he babysit. She says that she put Rachel into the conference daycare but he hears Rachel giggling and goes into the room. He finds private detective Lucas Douglas playing with Rachel. House admits that it's awkward and it would be less awkward if he wasn’t there, and then walks away.

Hours later, Wilson wakes up in his hotel room when Foreman calls to try and get hold of House. He tells Wilson that Jordan is bleeding internally and they can't replace her blood quickly enough. Cameron has checked Keener's web page and determined he travels with a dog, and figure that Jordan has rickettsia. Wilson says he'll pass on the information and then realizes that he's five minutes later for his presentation.

House is in the conference room and reads Wilson's paper. In it, Wilson talks about telling his patient how to use the morphine pump to give himself an overdose and kill himself. Wilson arrives as House reads Wilson's words that he blamed himself for abandoning his patient to come to the conference. House then adds his own words, saying that "he" has never let anyone down or failed in his responsibilities, and his close friend has sometimes taken advantage of that. House concludes that the patient knew that and doesn't blame Wilson. As he goes, one pharmaceutical representative congratulates House on telling the truth. However, he believes that House is Dr. Perlmutter.

Outside, an angry Wilson confronts House and demands to know what his friend was doing. House tells him that if he wanted to get the story out there, then House did the right thing. He wonders if there was something else at work, and asks if Wilson wanted to get himself fired out of guilt. Wilson insists it was his decision and House had no right to choose for him, and House gets an idea.

At the hospital, Cameron gets House's phone call and puts it on speakerphone. He tells his team and the parents that Jordan has vibrio vulnificus brought on from the oysters. The vibrio is normally harmless, which is why everyone else who ate them had no ill effects. However, Jordan has hemochromatosis. That and the vibrio caused her joints to swell up. They believed it was bulimia and gave her iron supplements. The iron supplements caused the internal bleeding, they gave her blood, which raised her iron levels, which accelerated the bleeding. House proscribes the proper treatment and tells them to stop the blood transfusions.

House and the others all meet for lunch. Cuddy explains that she met Lucas again after she hired him to investigate someone in the accounting department. Lucas starts to talk... and talk... and talk about all of House's issues and how he hallucinated sex with Cuddy and imagined she was his savior. Lucas finally realizes he should shut up as everyone else stares at him in surprise

Jordan recovers and her parents say that they're taking a break from work to be with her. However, they're almost immediately back on the phone to deal with their project. Jordan admits to Cameron that she's used to it. The girl then tells Cameron the truth, that she never went to Keener's room. She left the journal there and went back to her hotel room. Cameron sighs in relief and realizes that she was wrong about Keener.

House and Wilson watch Lucas and Cuddy play with Rachel. He admits that Lucas is a stable guy. Wilson thanks House for saying what he did, and admits that no matter what he believed about his actions, he needed to hear the same thing from a friend. He thanks House and says he's a good friend, and Cuddy needs to hear it too. As they go, Wilson wonders if House put himself at risk. House points out that he hasn't attended a U.S. conference in 15 years and Dr. Perlmutter is at a conference in Toronto. Nobody will ever know who gave Wilson's paper.

That night at home, Cameron apologizes to Chase about suspecting he was having an affair. She says that she can tell something is bothering him and that she'll do whatever it takes to help him get past it. Chase finally admits that he killed Dibala.