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Wilson - Recap

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It's the middle of the night and House has decided to play the guitar, waking up Wilson. Wilson staggers out and House informs him that he had the urge to play, and went to his apartment to get his guitar. House notes that Wilson is usually up by then, and Wilson explains that he's taking the day off to go hunting. He tries to go back to sleep but House comes in the bedroom and warns that Tucker is self-important jerk who calls him Jim. Wilson admits that he's attracted to self-important jerks for friends.

Later, Tucker and Wilson go hunting in the woods without success. Tucker nails a chemo treatment bag to a tree and reminds Wilson that he gave him six months to live when he was diagnoses with leukemia. Six months later, he didn't die. Tucker insists that he'll find a new way to thank Wilson every year. Wilson moves out but Tucker's rifle goes off. His left arm is paralyzed and he dropped the rifle.

Wilson gets Tucker to the hospital and mistakes his new girlfriend Ashley for his daughter Emily. He tells Tucker he didn't have a stroke and notices that Ashley has a cold sore. Wilson theorizes that the virus from the cold sore infected Tucker with transverse myelitis, causing his paralysis. He prescribes medicine to treat it and assures Tucker that he'll be fine. He then goes to see House, who is with his team dealing with a patient who is having stomach pains. As Wilson goes, House warns him that Tucker has cancer, not transverse myelitis, and admits he's been paying a nurse to keep tabs on Wilson's patients. House figures the paralysis indicates a recurrence of leukemia. Wilson disputes it and House bets $100. He warns that Wilson's caring is clouding his diagnosis. Wilson accepts the bet and leaves.

Wilson meets with his head nurse, Sandy, who has him check on Del Clinton. He asks about Del's grandchildren, but realizes something is up when Del doesn't say he's proud of them. Wilson is paged but stays long enough to ask if Del is depressed. Del admits he is and Wilson warns that it's a sign that something else is going on, and orders extra tests.

Wilson goes to see Tucker, who says he has a tingling feeling in his foot. He asks Ashley to leave and then admits to Tucker that the medicine isn't working and steps up the treatment. As Wilson goes, Tucker asks if it is a recurrence and admits that Ashley isn't equipped to deal with severe medical issues. Wilson insists it isn't leukemia and Tucker asks him to call his daughter Emily and have her come to visit. He admits that Emily hasn't talked to him since he got together with Ashley.

As Wilson finishes the call, Cuddy asks about Tucker. Wilson stands by his diagnosis of transverse myelitis but she wants to know what House thinks, and warns that it's not a good idea for doctors to treat their friends. Cuddy asks if she can call Bonnie and set up purchase of the house. She's explains that she's moving in with Lucas. Wilson figures she could have called Bonnie on her own, so she came to him to get his blessing, and implicitly House's. Cuddy insists she doesn't need their blessing.

Wilson checks on Tucker, who is coughing regularly. Emily and her mother, Melissa, come to visit. Tucker's cough grows worse and Wilson realizes it's something other than transverse myelitis and orders a crash cart. He then goes to see the team, who tell him that their patient was overeating popcorn. House is now hiding from Cuddy so he won't get a new case. Wilson asks them to go over Tucker's case and help him win the bet. They take an immediate interest and conclude that a fungal infection may have spread to Tucker's lungs and spine. He goes to Tucker and explains they can place in anti-fungal capsules, but it will require surgery. Tucker asks Ashley what she thinks, and she defers to her boyfriend. Melissa steps in and finds out the details, and then tells Tucker he has to do it. Tucker agrees and Wilson goes to get Chase.

As Wilson leaves, Sandy tells him that another cancer patient, Saul Koplovitz, wants to see Wilson. She also warns him that House is looking for him. Koplovitz complains that he can't sleep. As Wilson treats him, he hears the bathroom toilet flush and goes inside. House is waiting for him and hiding from Cuddy at the same time. He asks Wilson what Cuddy wanted and figures it's about him. House then wants his $100 and insists it's not a fungal infection. Cuddy comes in without noticing House and describes the house that Bonnie set her up with.

Wilson explains the procedure to Tucker and asks why he left Melissa. Tucker admits they got married young but can't come up with anything more definite. As Wilson watches Chase operating on Tucker, House comes in and wants to discuss the fact he's discovered that Cuddy is moving in with Lucas. He suspects that Wilson thinks he's not over Cuddy, but House insists that he's okay with it. However, he can't help speculating that Cuddy is buying a loft for a reason. Wilson tells him to drop it. Chase informs them that there's no sign of fungal infection but Tucker has PCP pneumonia, meaning his immune system has been compromised by cancer.

Later, Wilson goes over Del's case and confirms he found a lesion. The staff is impressed that he realized the depression indicated a lesion. House comes in and informs Wilson that the tests have proven positive: Tucker has cancer.

Wilson explains to Tucker that he has ALL leukemia, caused by the chemotherapy from five years ago. Since it's in the brain, they have a 90% chance of treating it. If he falls in the other 10%, he'll have six months to live. They can treat with drugs by surgically placing a shunt in his head. As they take him to the OR, Wilson says that Tucker needs to appoint a medical proxy. Tucker says that he'd rather have Melissa making the decision. As they get to the OR, House arrives with his new patient and bumps Tucker's surgery. As they wait in the prep area, Tucker explains that Ashley has only been through the good stuff with him, but Melissa has been through the rough stuff as well. He insists that she's the one that he loves.

After the surgery, Wilson tests for paralysis and wonders where everybody is. Tucker admits that Ashley is pissed and pretending she has work, and Tucker is letting her pretend. Wilson realizes the chemo isn't working because the first round of treatment made the new leukemia more resistance. He gets an idea and goes to House to suggest they double Tucker's chemo dosage. House thinks it's a stupid idea and warns that chemo is poison. He can handle a risky treatment when things go wrong, but he doesn't think Wilson can. Wilson insists that he can and describes the procedure to Tucker, Emily, and Melissa. Melissa suggests that he bring in Ashley, but Tucker says he jus wants his family. Emily suggests he go with what will keep him alive longer and her mother and father agree, and Wilson increases the dosage.

Later, Tucker recovers from the paralysis, but Wilson notices that the whites of his eyes have turned yellow. His liver is failing and Wilson goes to the lab. House comes in and Wilson admits that the chemo worked and cured the cancer, but it destroyed Tucker's liver.

Wilson explains to Tucker and his family that he'll die within 24 hours unless they find a liver donor. Ashley, Emily, and Melissa aren't compatible donors. House comes in, soaking wet, and tells them that a trauma came in and a motorcycle driver was killed. The driver's liver is a match, but House warns that there's a problem. The dead man's sister is refusing to okay the donation and the man didn't have an organ donor card.

House and Wilson drive to see the sister, Aikoa, and wait outside for her to arrive. House asks if Cuddy has bought the house but insists he's making casual conversation. Wilson wonders what he plans to do to punish her, and House insists that he has nothing planned. However, he does admit that he's not okay, but he's moving on. Aikoa arrives and they talk to her. She explains that she didn't speak to her brother for years, but they made peace at their parents' funeral. Aikoa admits their relationship was growing, and she can't allow them to desecrate his body per her religion. House suggests that she consider her brother is still alive, and they only need one small piece of his liver. However, Wilson gets word that the liver started to degrade and it's no longer viable for transplant.

Wilson tells Tucker the news and the patient admits he's not ready. He blames Wilson for depriving him of the six months he would have had if Wilson hadn't doubled the treatment, and insists he can't lose his family again. Tucker reminds Wilson that he gave a transfusion of his blood five years ago, so he can donate a part of his liver. Wilson insists he can't, even when Tucker fires him.

At home, Wilson comes in late and cranky. He says that he was drinking and notices all of his frozen dinners are on the counter. House explains he needed the space to make cane-shaped Jello shots and asks what happened. Wilson explains that Tucker wants him to donate part of his liver and House realizes that he plans to go through with it. He tries to convince Wilson he's not responsible and tells him not to be a doormat. Wilson throws out the Jello shots and tells House to move out.

The next day, Wilson checks with Sandy, who tells him that Del is recovering but Tucker isn't getting any better. Wilson shows Del the scans and explains that the spot on his lung is gone thanks to early treatment. Del is impressed that Wilson realized it was causing his depression. Wilson goes to Cuddy, who tells him that she placed a reasonable offer on the lot but the seller turned her down. He tells her he's donating a lobe of his liver to Tucker, and she says that he's nuts. Wilson notes that she made him Head of Oncology because he's caring, and he has to care now and save Tucker's life. Cuddy gives in and Wilson leaves.

Wilson goes to see House, who argues that he might need Wilson's liver some day, and that he can't help all of his patients. Wilson stands by his decision and asks House to be there for him. House refuses, saying if Wilson dies then he's alone.

As Wilson is taken into the operating theater, he sees House watching from the gallery. Afterward, House sits at Wilson's bedside and keeps him company. Once he's well enough, Wilson goes to see Tucker. Tucker says he's going to rehab by his new house, and Wilson realizes that Tucker is going back to Ashley full time. Tucker is glad to have his family back, but admits the person he wants when he's dying isn't the same person he wants when he's leaving. Ashley comes in and when she calls Wilson "Jim," he tells her it's "James" and leaves.

Wilson tells House what Tucker decided, and House points out again that Tucker is a self-important jerk. Wilson insists he still feels good about what he did, but the best he'll admit to is disappointment. House tells him it's okay to be angry once in a while and leaves. Once he's gone, Wilson makes a call to Bonnie.

Later, Wilson takes House to see the house that Cuddy tried to buy. He admits that he outbid Cuddy and he and House now have a bigger house to move in. Wilson also admits that Cuddy hurt House, so she needed to be punished. House is proud that Wilson got mad and Wilson figures they'll have to tell Cuddy… eventually.