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Selfish - Recap

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Della Carr is participating in a skateboarding exhibition on behalf of a muscular dystrophy charity event. Her brother Hugo, who suffers from CMD, is watching with his friends while their parents George and Claire look on. Della grabs Hugo and starts wheeling him around the ramps, but suddenly lets him go rolling when she collapses.

House is waiting for Cuddy in the parking garage and takes her hand. She wants to formerly report their relationship to HR, and House says he'll tell everyone. Cuddy wants him to wait until she goes to HR, and insists she doesn't want their relationship affecting their job. They go into the lobby and House loudly pretends they didn't have a relationship. She tells him about Della's case, which involves her heart temporarily stuffing, and House agrees to take it.

The team goes over Della's case and House immediately announces that he's seeing Cuddy. Wilson doesn't believe it and leaves. Taub doesn't think it's a good idea, but Foreman is happy for them. Chase would rather focus on the case and suggests long QT. House notes that Hadley is gone, and the team tells him that she tricked them and then disappeared. When House immediately moves onto the case, Taub wonders why he's not interested. Chase suggests a sudden onslaught of congenital muscular dystrophy, but Foreman and Taub are more interested in why he doesn't care about Thirteen. House tells them to focus on the case and tells them to scare Della to trigger another heart seizure.

As Foreman and Taub leave, Foreman figures that House's new relationship is mellowing him out. Taub figures that once it inevitably fails, House will make them all miserable.

House goes to see Wilson, who figures mocking him. Cuddy comes in to collect him for their trip to HR. Wilson isn't convinced they're seeing each other until Cuddy grabs House's crotch. They go to HR and the representative, Ernest Griffin, asks about their relationship. He insists that there should be no chance of liability, and has them review the consensual relationship documents. Griffin warns that they have to sign consensual relationship documents. When he wonders if there are any supervisory issues, House says that they've determined they're going to scare Della to confirm long QT. She forbids it and House agrees. Outside, she figures he's going to do it anyway and argues against it. House agrees but she doesn't believe him, until he calls Taub and tells him to do the less effective tests.

George and Claire wonder why they House isn't going with the more effective test. Before they start the test, they tell Della to urinate. She says she doesn't have to despite all the fluid they've been giving her, and they realize that her kidneys are failing.

House wonders what could cause heart and kidney problems, and Taub says that his relationship is undermining his judgment. House insists that Cuddy was right, and Taub wants to undermine their relationship so he can prove that relationships fail and his marriage isn't an exception. Foreman suggests amyloidosis and House orders marrow treatments, using Hugo's bone marrow.

The elderly Sydney brings his 102-year-old father Maurice to see House at the clinic. Sydney insists his father is sick and Maurice agrees, and House warns that Maurice's only symptoms are standard for someone his age. However, he agrees to do the tests.

Taub talks to Della and her parents, but she insists that she doesn't want to put Hugo in any danger. When Taub tells House, he figures Della is living her life for her brother and feels she should be more selfish. As House leaves, he runs into Wilson, who is happy that he's happy. When Wilson learns that Cuddy will still be supervising House, he has his doubts that it'll work, and warns House that he's changed. House insists that he only agreed with her on one test, and that nothing's changed.

Taub gives medication to Della and points out that she's living his life for him. She agrees and explains that they live through it together. He wonders if she's experiencing self-denial. Della suddenly starts choking as her lungs fill with blood, and they realize it's not amyloidosis. They get Della into surgery, and House suggests to Cuddy that they fill a quarter of the lung with foam. She warns that it will kill her, but the only other option is slowly suturing the lung, but Della could bleed out before then. Cuddy agrees that faster is better and tells him to foam the lung. However, once she leaves, House tells Chase to suture the lung.

House goes to see Wilson and admit that he can't handle Cuddy supervising him. He figures she was agreeing with him even though she disagreed. Wilson tells him that they need to figure out a way to work out their problems, but House would rather avoid it entirely.

The team goes back into differential and confirms the suturing is working, but it won't last forever. Taub still objects to Cuddy's influence on House. Foreman suggest Goodpasture's and House orders immunosupressants to treat and a kidney biopsy to confirm, and leaves for the night. As he goes, Sydney approaches House and says that he has to get Maurice out of the house, and he needs to be in a care facility. He offers House money to lie about the tests and tell Maurice that he can't live with Sydney any more.

That night, House and Cuddy are in bed when the phone rings. It's Foreman , who tells them that the tests show it's not Goodpasture's, but confirm LAM. Taub has gone to the transplant committee to get a lung for Della. House figures they have it all under control and hangs up. Cuddy says she needs to go, but House assures her he bribed her nanny.

Taub and Chase tell the parents that they have a lung for Della, and the surgery goes well. However, the donor long starts failing. Either the new lung is infected or Della's body is rejecting the lung. If they treat one, the other will kill her. However, treating for infection will kill her much more quickly. As they go, Taub notes that they gave potentially lethal meds based on a guess, and he figures Cuddy will take the safer course, so he'll wait to hear from House. House tells Taub to get Cuddy's approval if he wants to argue with her.

Maurice comes to see House and says he wants House to lie on his diagnosis so that he has to go to a nursing home, because Sydney is too clingy. He pays House $100 and House agrees. Cuddy comes in, having learned from Taub what's going on. She feels the treatment for rejection is too risky. House lies and says that was their analysis from the start, and blames Taub for disagreeing and going behind their back.

Afterward, Taub complains to Chase, and notes that House hasn't given him any grief. Chase figures that House is happy and won't care about making them miserable. Taub figures that Chase doesn't care because he has a woman, and Chase implies that he has four. Della crashes and they realize it's rejection.

House is in the cafeteria when Wilson comes in, and he admits that he caved. Wilson suggests he develop a plan with Cuddy. Taub and Chase report that refection treatment didn't work, and her lung has crashed. House figures the LAM test was wrong. He goes out into the hallway, and Hugo confronts him. He insists that House do everything possible to cure Della, and says that he's the one who is supposed to die and Della never even gets a cold. House gets an idea and goes to see Della, and asks when she last had cold symptoms. Della admits that she had symptoms starting a year ago during a tournament in Denver. She didn't consider it important given what Hugo goes through. House tells Taub to go to the transplant committee now that they know she has a clotting disorder caused by sickle cell trait. It screwed up the blood tests, which gave a false-positive for LAM. Taub warns that the transplant committee will never approve a second lung, but House figures they don't need the committee's approval.

Cuddy goes to confront House when she realizes that he plans to talk to the parents about taking Hugo's bone marrow and part of a lung. Hugo will die of respiratory failure due to CMD and he will die that much sooner without a lung. She insists they can't compromise one life for another, and House gives in. Cuddy wonders if he's deferring to her because they're seeing each other, and House admits that he is. Cuddy admits that it's screwing her up as well when she approved him foaming up the lung. She goes to call HR and find someone else to supervise him.

House goes to see Maurice and Sydney and tells them that Maurice is sick enough that he should be in a home. They both object to make sure the other doesn't suspect, and House realizes that Maurice can't feel hot and cold because he uses denture cream that is giving him zinc poisoning. He tells them that medically, Maurice doesn't need to go anywhere. House then gives them their money back and claims it's a hospital rebate, and suggests they get therapy.

George comes to see House and asks if he can give them any options. House tells him that they can harvest Hugo's lung and bone marrow to save his sister, and they have until morning to decide. George thanks him and goes to talk with Claire. They argue through the night. The next morning, Della tells Taub that she overheard her parents arguing. She realizes that Hugo is a bone marrow match and that her parents are considering using his lung for her. Taub tells her not to worry about it.

Outside, Claire wonders how they can go on, and says that they can't live with sacrificing either child for the other. They see Chase running by and follow him to the stairwell, where Foreman is trying to revive Della. She left her room and went to the stairwell, hoping that she would die so her brother wouldn't have to.

Once they get Della back to her bed, they confirm that the additional shock has left her with only a few hours left to live at most. While the parents consider which child to lose, Cuddy tells House that HR can't find a supervisor for him. She tells him to present the treatment option to the parents, and he admits he already did. House apologizes and Cuddy doesn't get mad. George and Claire tell House that they've decided to let Hugo live and Della die. House tells them that they're idiots for making the crappy choice, and Cuddy angrily argues with him, insisting that Hugo isn't a math equation. House snaps back, until they realize that Hugo has heard the entire thing. He tells Della that he wants her to take half his lung, and he wants to give her something of his so he can really share something with her. He begs her not to let him live without her.

As House and Cuddy leave, House admits that they got lucky and he did give the parents an impossible choice. Cuddy says that their fight was honest, and as long as they're brutally honest with each other, things could work out. He agrees and tells her she has a big ass, and grabs it, and they get in the elevator.