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Small Sacrifices - Recap

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Ramon and his friends reenact the Crucifixion on a hill overlooking the city, with Ramon as Jesus. Ramon's friends nail his hands to the cross and lift him up, and he starts vomiting blood.

When House arrives at the hospital in the morning, Cuddy brings him the case. House would rather discuss how she is refusing to sleep with him because he lied to her, and continues to insist that he only lied to her at work, not in their personal life. Cuddy isn't buying it, and House prepares to drop the case until she tells him it involves the victim being crucified. As he goes, House briefly threatens not to go to the chairman of the hospital board's wedding that weekend, but Cuddy make sure that he goes, and attends the rehearsal dinner as well.

House, Chase, and Masters talk to Ramon, who is with his teenager daughter Marisa. House is skeptical of Ramon's religious beliefs, and the patient explains that he made a deal with God. Marisa has brain cancer, and every year that God keeps her alive, he'll go through the Crucifixion reenactment. Since then, she's lived four years beyond what the doctors gave her to survive. House figures the man is crazy, and Ramon admits that his wife left him over his beliefs. When House suggests that Marisa's doctors misdiagnosed her, Ramon refuses to belief that it's anything other than his faith that cured her.

House goes to see Wilson and discovers that he's late. Wilson tries to make excuse but House sees right through them, and his friend finally admits that he stopped off to get an engagement ring for Sam: he's going to propose. They fell in love at a wedding, so he wants to propose to her at the chairman's wedding. House asks Wilson for his professional opinion on whether Marisa could have spontaneously recovered from brain cancer. Wilson figures that House is still in trouble with Cuddy for refusing to apologize, and tells him to lie and say he believes that he was wrong.

As the team checks Ramon's lumbar fluid, Taub talks about his wife took her cell phone into the bathroom for her shower, and wonders if she's having an affair. He knows she's meeting with someone at a hotel, and becomes paranoid. There are no signs of infection, and Taub suggests that Ramon acquired a horse infection from working around horses with open wounds. When they check on Ramon, however, they discover that he has a different symptom: his teeth are falling out.

In differential, Chase suggests heavy metal poisoning and House sends him and Masters to break into Ramon's house. Taub begs off and House tells him to deal with his wife's suspected adultery. Once the team leaves, House puts on a suit and goes to see Cuddy to get her opinion on how he looks. First he asks her for Marissa's file, admitting that Ramon won't let him see it and he needs her sign-off. Cuddy refuses, and says that he looks weird in a suit. She then realizes that House was hoping she'd like and say he looked good, so he could claim that she lies in their relationship. House tries to deny it without success.

Chase tries to pick the lock on Ramon's apartment, but Masters reveals that she asked the patient for permission and that he told her the door was unlocked. They go in and discover that the apartment is Spartan, and there are a few cans of food scattered around. There are no indicators of heavy metals, but they realize that he's on a starvation diet and that the teeth loss is from malnutrition.

House goes to see Wilson at his office, and his friend is slow in opening the door. Wilson finally lets him in, and House shows him Marisa's file... which he got by forging Cuddy's signature. Wilson doesn’t want to look at it, claiming he's busy, and House spots the files that Wilson is reviewing. They're Sam's files from her hospital job, and Wilson explains that her supervisor is doing a clinical review and she wanted Wilson to check them first. If he doesn't help, she will be too busy herself to go to the wedding, and he can't propose. House warns that a wedding isn’t the place to propose and tells Wilson to look at Marisa's file.

In his bedroom at home, Taub starts to check Rachel's laptop. She comes in and he claims she left the laptop open, and she says she saw him at the hotel. Taub says that he doesn't think she's having an affair, and Rachel finally admits that she made a friend in her infidelity support group: a male friend.

Masters asks Ramon about his diet, and he admits that he didn't have much money and has been dieting as a result. As they talk, he complains about pain in his legs, but gives a freakishly large smile. The team examines him and realizes that Ramon is suffering from neurohecatia, which causes him to display emotions the opposite of what he's feeling. Intrigued, House suggests he has a neural disorder, which is accounting for his religious "dementia," and they begin running tests.

When Cuddy realizes that House has Marisa's file, she confronts him and he "honestly" admits that he forged her signature. He gets her to say that it's her 45th birthday, and then reveals that he checked her HR records and knows she's only 45. Cuddy counters by saying that she lied to the HR department, and claimed she was two years older than she really was to get her job. She warns him that she's not going to embrace lying even if House catches her lying to him, but House insists that she already has. Now he just has to prove it.

The team runs the MRI and Taub says that Rachel isn't having an affair. Chase figures that she's using the support group as cover. They spot lesions on Ramon's brain and realize that he has MS, and they didn't catch it earlier because swelling caused by the malnutrition disguised them. They inform House, who explains to Ramon that the lesions cause dementia and hallucinations, accounting for his religious beliefs. Ramon insists that his faith isn't an illness, and then realizes that he can't move his right arm.

Back in differential, House is busy having himself measured for a suit for the wedding. The team disagrees on whether Ramon has MS, and they realize that he has Marburg MS, which is far more lethal. Chase suggests stem cell treatment, but warns that it involves embryonic cells, which means that Ramon will refuse due to his religious beliefs. House points out that he knew that, but now that Chase has said it out loud, Masters knows too and will tell Ramon if they try to treat him secretly. He tells them to tell Ramon anywhere and see if he's sincere in his beliefs.

In Wilson's office, House and Wilson discuss Marisa's case, and Wilson admits that Marisa appears to have had a spontaneously remission. House has been reviewing Sam's files, and notes that she gave excessive radiation treatment to five of her patients. Wilson admits that he came to the same conclusion, but that Sam denied it when he told her. House figures that she took the risk to save her patients, just as Wilson would have done, and that makes the two of them an ideal match.

Cuddy and House meet in her office to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. House figures that the newlyweds won't be married for long, and Cuddy talks about how under New Jersey divorce law, they have to be together for a certain period before divorcing. House gets a page notifying him that Ramon has refused treatment, and triumphantly tells Cuddy that he now has an excuse to skip the dinner. He goes to see his patient, who is insisting that the embryonic treatment is an insult to God. House accuses him of hypocrisy, noting that he didn't let himself actually be crucified. If they do cure Ramon, then he'll have to abandon his faith. Masters is there, and House says that they're the same, standing by their convictions no matter the consequences, and they're both idiots. House leaves and Masters goes after him. She suggests that in the interests of honesty, they tell Marisa what her father is doing so she'll appeal to him as a daughter, and House agrees.

Marisa visits her father and accuses him of letting himself die. When he insists that it's God's will, Marisa says that God doesn't want people to die, and that she hates God if he does.

At the wedding reception, Chase is busy picking up women and tries to get Foreman to help. Foreman isn't interested in being his wingman, but Chase points out that he has nothing else to do. Meanwhile, Taub dances with Rachel and finally confronts her about her "affair." Rachel insists she hasn't done anything inappropriate, but Taub accuses her of having an emotional affair to torment him as revenge for his infidelity. When he refuses to drop the matter, Rachel walks away.

House and Cuddy are dancing, and he compliments her on her dress. She warns him that flattery won't work either, and he admits that he's actually enjoying himself even though he normally hates weddings. Meanwhile, Chase hits on two women with Foreman's help, and one of them appears interested in Foreman.

At the hospital, Masters apologizes to Ramon for involving his daughter. Ramon admits that he has doubts, but he insists that his beliefs make him who he is, and he won't give them up.

Taub comes over and apologizes to Rachel, but they end up arguing about the same thing. When her husband gives her an ultimatum, Rachel refuses to give up her friendship and Taub leaves her.

While they take a break from dancing, House asks Cuddy what color dress she would wear if they got married. When she says she'd wear white because it's her first time, he tells her that he's discovered she was married for six days in 1987: her talking about divorce law gave him the clue he needed. He forgives her for lying to him, and Cuddy congratulates him on a game well-played... and then walks away.

Wilson finally proposes to Sam, who wonders where it's coming from. He says that he admires her morality for overdosing the patients, but she insists that she didn't do anything wrong. When Wilson doesn't believe her, she says that he doesn't trust her and leaves.

A depressed Foreman watches as Chase ends up with two girls.

After the wedding, House sits around with Taub, Foreman, and Wilson, who are all depressed. When Taub talks about how Rachel is harboring ill feelings toward him, House gets an idea and goes back to the hospital. He tells Ramon that he ran a PET scan on Marissa, and the more detailed scan confirmed that she still has brain cancer. House apologizes for her illness, but insists that he was right all along. Ramon calls him a bastard, but then agrees to the treatment since God has broken their deal.

As the team administers the treatment and monitors Ramon's condition, Chase comes in late and admits he had no choice but to get involved in a threesome, abandoning Foreman. They spot something on the scans, and tell House. He informs Ramon that he switched Marisa's scan with that of a patient with brain cancer, and claims it was an accident. Ramon figures that God will punish him by letting Marisa dies, but House triumphantly informs him that Ramon is getting better. If Marisa doesn't have brain cancer, and Ramon is recovering, than his faith in God is misplaced. Ramon reconsiders and says that Marisa is right, and God is merciful. When House notes that God "wins" whether Ramon lives or dies, Ramon insists that faith isn't an argument.

Out in the hall, Masters realizes that House told everyone except her his plan, so that she wouldn't ruin it by being honest. When she realizes that if she had known and told Ramon the truth, he would have died, she wonders if they can work like this. House says that he's fine with the situation.

When Wilson comes home early, he discovers that Sam is moving out. She tells him that they're jus going back to the same situation they had when they divorced, and she doesn't want to go there again. Wilson accuses her of running out again and that nothing has changed, and she leaves.

Later, Wilson comes to see House, who says that Cuddy is coming over. House explains that he resolved matters... by lying about an apology, just like Wilson told him. He notes that Wilson should have followed his own advice.