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Last Temptation - Recap

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Masters wakes up and starts the day by drilling on medical terminology. Her roommate, Donovan, notes that it’s Masters’ last day as a medical student and she doesn’t have to drill, but Masters notes that House has higher standards. Donovan points out that she hasn’t completed her last lumbar puncture, and Masters says that she’s been busy. At the hospital, Masters goes to the ER to do a LP but finds Cruz, another student, already doing it. He wants money to let her do it, and Donovan comes over and tells her that there’s an opening in the diagnostic department for an intern. Donovan figures that House wants Masters.

Masters goes to the conference room and finds Dr. Hadley there. The rest of the team arrives to greet Hadley, and Foreman wonders why she lied about going to Rome. House claims that Hadley went into drug rehab, covering for her. He then gives them their case on Kendall Pearson, a sixteen-year-old planning to break a record and sail around the world. She collapsed during a practice run and cameras captured it. They have three days to cure her before she has to begin her flight and satisfy her corporate sponsors. Masters suggests dehydration, but House is more interested in whether Masters applied for the internship. Taub suggests damaged adrenal glands from a back injury and House orders tests. When Masters says she has to do her last LP, House orders her to help Hadley take the blood draws from Kendall.

As Hadley does the blood draws, she assures Kendall that if they’re right, she’ll be able to sail on schedule. Kendall’s parents Paige and Bobby deal with the publicity and Masters tries to bond with Kendall. She then suggests that they stress Kendall on a treadmill to see if her adrenals respond. Masters gets a page for an LP and leaves, but runs into Cuddy in the hallway. She asks for advice and Cuddy warns that House will fire her again, hire her back, and continue insulting her. Masters claims that it’s toughened her up, and Cuddy says that she needs to make her own decision.

Masters runs to the ER for the LP, but discovers that Cruz has taken it again. She goes to find House in his office and finds a brown chicken on his desk, and a note telling her to meet him in the ER. Masters goes there and overhears Hadley complaining to House about his fake rehab story. She points out that there’s a chicken on his desk, but House says there isn’t. When Hadley realizes Masters knows about the fake rehab story, House assures her that Masters won’t tell, and then asks if she wants the job. Masters says that she accepts and House signs off on the LP log. When she points out that he forged it, House says that she knows how to do it and it’s time to grow up.

Masters gets a page on Kendall and finds out that her hands turned blue during the treadmill test, ruling out adrenal inefficiency. They meet at House’s office and they discover that the chicken is gone. House is busy marking chicken tracks on the floor leading to Wilson’s office. He non-explains that Wilson has obtained an australop, a very quiet chicken. Foreman suggests a cerebral vasospasm and House tells them to give a calcium infusion. As the team leaves, House asks why Masters hasn’t turned in the log. When it’s clear she’s stalling, he orders her to do it.

Masters goes to the office to turn in her log, but can’t bring herself to turn over the false report. She runs into Donovan, who says that Masters is weird, but House is okay with it, which is good weird. They notice a white chicken walking down the hallway, and Wilson hastily picks it up and takes it to his office. As Masters goes to check on Kendall, she asks about the chickens and Hadley explains that House and Wilson have a bet to see who can keep a chicken in the hospital the longest without getting busted. Foreman says that he’s glad that Masters is sticking around so they have a different perspective on following rules. Masters points out that she’ll have to lie to get around House, and admits that she needs a tenth LP. Hadley volunteers and critiques her technique. When Masters asks why she lied about rehab, Hadley says that she doesn’t want to discuss the real reason, and they wouldn’t take that for an answer.

Foreman finds a calcified pineal gland in Kendall and they give hormone treatments to cure. House realizes that Masters defied him by doing the LP on Hadley and objects to the fact that Masters broke his rule. He thinks she’s wasting her potential, and says he doesn’t want her like him because then neither one of them would be exceptional. When Masters refuses to back down, House tells her that the internship is no longer available.

The next day, Masters wakes up and starts drilling on surgery. She gets her ID photo taken as a surgical intern and attends her first class under Dr. Simpson. He has them observe on an operation, and Masters interjects with some advice. Simpson takes her advice and it works out. Afterward, Masters notices that House has scheduled surgery for Kendall. Simpson compliments her, and she asks about Kendall, who she thought had been discharged. Her teacher explains that he doesn’t know what House is up to, and tells her to scrub up to participate in surgery. Masters looks in on Kendall and finds Bobby, who explains that Kendall collapsed in the parking lot so they’re performing a sympathectomy. Masters assures him that Kendall will be okay and read to launch, and Bobby says that he and his wife are just trying to help Kendall reach her dream. Masters says that she understands and promises to make sure Kendall is okay.

Masters is paged to participate in the surgery, but overhears a nurse saying that Kendall is having problems in surgery. She fakes having a peeing accident and gets away, going to Kendall’s OR. Kendall is having hypotension issues. House is watching, and notes that Masters lied to get away, lied about caring about Kendall, and lied to Bobby that she would take care of Kendall. Hadley suggests that she has Wegener’s, but Masters says that the calcified pineal gland means sarcoidosis. House goes with Hadley’s diagnosis, and House suggests that Masters stick around if she wants to fight him

Masters talks to Simpson, who notes that she wants to be loaned out to another department and warns that he can easily forget her. In the locker room, Cruz invites Donovan and Masters to go out drinking. Masters wants to run tests on Kendall instead, and works into the night. She then takes the papers to the conference room to work things out, and hears chicken squawks coming from a covered cage in House’s office. Masters ignores them and goes to work, and later notices Wilson sneaking into House’s office. He pulls off the cover only to discover that it’s a fake chicken. House locks Wilson in the office and goes to get his friend’s chicken, and Wilson climbs out the balcony. Masters watches the entire thing and gets an idea.

Kendall confirms that she got sick from poultry from pheasant-in-a-can, and Masters believes that she got salmonella enteritis, which entered her bones. As she checks the bones, Masters asked when Kendall got into sailing. The girl admits there are things that she hates about it, but she has to deal with those things to do what she loves. Kendall feels a sudden pain in her arm and Masters takes her for a MRI. As he runs it, Chase helps and says that Masters should go back to surgery. When she notes that Chase chose House over a career in surgery, he says that not everyone thought he made the right decision, and once you change it’s not so simple to go back. They spot masses in the humerus, but realize that it’s cancer, not salmonella bacteria.

Masters informs Kendall and her family that she has lymphoid sarcoma in her arm bone, and they have to amputate. Kendall refuses to accept that and asks if there are any alternatives. She insists that she feels fine, but Masters warns that postponing the surgery could cause the cancer to spread. Kendall asks her parents not to take away her record-breaking opportunity, and Paige tells Masters that they’ll consider it.

Later, Bobby tells Masters that Kendall convinced Paige to refuse the surgery. When Masters says that one parent’s signature is enough, Bobby explains that the last time he tried to stop Kendall from doing her first solo voyage, she filed for emancipation. He figures his daughter will do what she wants, and he’d rather she do it with him. Masters goes to see House, who is training a dog to attack a white chicken. She admits that she’s stuck, but House tells her that the case is over and everything else is none of his business. He’s fine with the Pearsons making a decision that could kill their daughter, and tells Masters to break the rules if she objects.

Next, Masters goes to Wilson for advice. He knows about Kendall and she asks what he would do. Wilson says that he’d keep trying to convince Kendall to have the surgery, but there’s nothing else to do. When he starts twitching, Masters says she knows that he has his chicken beneath the desk. He actually has two: his and House’s. Wilson points out that House was in the same situation as Kendall when Stacey ordered a surgical operation on him without his permission. They’re interrupted when House’s dog runs in and takes off with Wilson’s white chicken. Wilson runs after it and the security guard sees House’s chicken, and Wilson cheerfully rats out his friend.

After a night pondering the situation, Masters goes back to see Kendall and persuade her to have her arm amputated now. Kendall insists that it’s not about the record, it’s about her being the best at doing something that no one else can see what she sees. Masters seemingly gives in and gives Kendall the chemotherapy, and then waits in the conference room. Her pager goes off and she runs to Kendall’s room, where the team tells her that Kendall’s heart is slowing down. Masters tells the Pearsons that they have to get Kendall to the OR to treat her, and says that they have to sign the consent form so they can amputate Kendall’s arm and save her life. They sign off, and Masters then tells the team to give Kendall calcium chloride to fix the heart block. They realize she did it, and Masters says that they have consent to amputate Kendall’s arm.

After the surgery, Masters explains to Kendall that they had to amputate her arm to save her life. She’s furious with her parents for signing the consent form, and insists that the record was everything. As Masters leaves, Paige thanks her for what she did, unaware of what really happened.

The next morning, Masters wakes up but doesn’t bother drilling. She goes to House’s office and admits that she did things no sane doctor would do. Masters follows House as he goes to pay off Wilson. When Masters says that she didn’t do it to be happy, but she thought she would be, House tells her that you can’t always get what you want. Masters tells him that she can’t do it and she’s leaving. She isn’t going to do surgery, either, but she knows she doesn’t want to be at the hospital. House warns her that nothing will be simple again, but Masters says that she’s fine with that. She walks away, crying, but trips over House’s chicken. Startled and amused, she leaves, smiling.