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The Fix - Recap

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Two men, Glenn and Tony, go out to a missile target and Tony attaches a photo of a woman, Dr. Wendy Lee, to the cone of the missile. They then drive away to a safe distance and Tony calls in to say that the target area is clear.

At the bunker, Dr. Lee gets word from her assistant, Cesar, that the area is clear. She explains the advantages of her company’s new missile and Cesar fires it at the target. Tony and Glenn watch from a distance, and Ton says that he feels better already. In the bunker, Wendy collapses from a seizure.

House is at home exercising his right leg. He goes to work as the team is discussing the differential on Wendy, a case that House brought to them. Hadley figures that the seizures are karma for Wendy for creating weapons of destruction. House seems indifferent to the team’s suggestions, but says that he has a second puzzle. Wilson comes in and dances a victory dance while demanding that House pay $50 for a losing bet on a boxer, Terry Foley. House insists that the fight was fixed and the punch barely touched Terry. Wilson disagrees but gives House a day to prove that the fight was rigged.

Hadley and Chase take Wendy to the MRI, who picks up on Hadley’s dislike of her career. Wendy admits that her family feels the same way, and she makes bombs because they can be used for good or bad.

House tracks down Terry to a diner and asks him to call Wilson and admit he took a dive. The boxer insists that he didn’t as House takes a photo of him as proof, and says that no one pays a boxer on a losing streak to take a dive. Terry says that he just sucks, and House stares into his eyes. He then goes to Wilson and shows him the photo, and points out that Terry’s pupils show that he has anisocoria, meaning he collapsed from tachycardia and the bet is no contest. Wilson refuse to accept a possibly Photoshopped picture as proof and tells House that he isn’t less of a man for being wrong once in a while.

Outside, Cesar approaches House and explains that he’s Wendy’s boyfriend, and that her last boyfriend was a nut who stalked her. House doesn’t care until Cesar says that Tony poisoned her. House tells the team and Foreman points out that they tested for every poison they could think of. Taub says they need to test for the poisons they didn’t think of. Chase suggests activated charcoal to treat for poison, and House decides to make things a little dangerous by sending them to search Tony’s and Wendy’s apartments. Chase and Hadley find nothing conclusive at Tony’s apartment other than proof that he’s a hunter. They’re interrupted when Foreman and Taub call from Wendy’s: they’ve found dozens of empty alcohol bottles.

The next day, Taub and Foreman confront Wendy with the evidence, but she explains that she collects them for a friend and she hid them because her housekeeper keeps throwing them out. The team figures that she’s telling the truth but Foreman orders Valium treatment for alcohol addiction because it’s the best they have.

House has managed to convince Terry to come in for an EKG, but the results are negative. Terry wonders why House cares, and House finally admits that he doesn’t want Terry to be a loser, and if he’s sick then he can get better and he doesn’t have to suck. Terry realizes House is talking about his personal issues and tells him to fix those first.

Wendy suffers from pancreatic and the team goes back into differential. Foreman thinks that it supports his differential of alcoholism, but Hadley disagrees, figuring that it’s stress. When they can’t come up with a differential, Taub tries to call House, who doesn’t respond to his pages. Foreman goes to Wilson and pays him House’s $50, and tells him to tell House that he’s right. Wilson thinks that House obsessing over a bet is good, because it’s normal compared to his crazy stunts after his breakup with Cuddy. Foreman isn’t impressed, noting that it’s killing their patient.

After another session exercising his right leg, House injects himself with white powder.

They restart the treatment but Wendy gets worse, disproving all their theories. Chase notes inflammation in the renal capsule, but Foreman thinks it’s a benign cyst. Hadley disagrees and says they need to prep Wendy for emergency surgery. House comes in and starts discussing Terry’s case instead, intent on saving his money. Taub suggest Wendy has an underlying neurological condition brought on by her sexual escapades, and they agree to treat for it. As the team leaves, Foreman notes that House at least answers his pages and sleeps, and offers to help. House ignores him and leaves.

At Terry’s gym, House finds the boxer mopping the floor. He tells Terry that he has an underlying neurological condition and insists that it’s about dignity, not his $50. House injects Terry with epinephrine to trigger tachycardia He figures that combined with chest trauma brought on by a bunch should knock him unconscious He punches terry lightly, then a little harder, and Terry shoves him to the floor and orders him out.

Wendy has a heart attack and the team manages to revive her. Foreman confronts Cuddy and figures that House is avoiding them to avoid Cuddy. She says that House knows what he’s doing and that House is fine, and is always fine. Foreman figures that she’s also avoiding House, and Cuddy tells him to do his job so the patient doesn’t die.

House is giving himself another injection when Hadley breaks into his apartment. He says that the pain is worse and he can’t take Vicodin without going nuts again, so he is now using heroin. Hadley tells him that they’re putting an automatic cardio-defibrillator to stabilize Wendy long enough to do something, and that Cuddy and Wilson both asked her to break in. However, she realizes that House knew it is and isn’t using heroin. He explains that he’s taking Compound CS-804, which regenerated muscle tissue in rats. Hadley points out that it’s only been tested on rats and says that he’s an idiot.

As Chase surgically places the cardio-defibrillator, he spots rectal and vaginal blood. Back in differential, Taub says they can treat for a blood disorder. Chase says that House can’t be worried about Cuddy, or he would have left weeks ago. Foreman notices that Hadley isn’t saying anything, and she admits that House can’t help them but she’ll respect his privacy and asks them to respect hers. Foreman rattles off causes and Taub goes to treat the symptoms.

House runs out of the compound and goes to see Dr. Riggin, who is running the study at the hospital. Riggin says that the results are promising and there’s no reason to expect problems at any level of dosage. House asks Riggin to get him some coffee and then steals more of the compound when the scientist leaves.

Foreman and Taub get a page that Wendy is bleeding from the mouth. When they arrive, they discover that her gums appear to have been burned.

Back at his apartment, House throws away the compound when it doesn’t help, and takes more Vicodin from his hidden stash. As he leaves, he finds Wilson at his doorstep, and his friend knows all about the experimental drug he’s taking. House tries to get by him without success and then says that he’s off the drug because they don’t work. He tells Wilson that he’s trying to fix his leg, but Wilson figures that House thinks all of his problems are from his leg. Wilson says that House wants everything to be physical so he can fix his happiness. Disgusted, House leaves.

The team tries to figure out why Wendy has a candidiasis infection causing the burns, indicating AML, autoimmune deficiency. Hadley suggests that there’s another cause for AML, radiation, and take her to an isolation room so they can do a stem cell transplant. When Cesar finds out, he says that it isn’t possible because she hasn’t been exposed to radiation, but Hadley says he might not know her as well as he thinks he does.

House catches up to Terry as he jogs and tells him to drink.

They find a match for Wendy and prepare to do the transplant. She asks to see Cesar, but Foreman says that they have to keep him out to minimize the chance of infection in her weakened condition. The nurse spots a new symptom: genital engorgement.

House has Terry drink bottle after bottle of water, and explains that he wants Terry to have a seizure to prove that his kidneys aren’t working, accounting for his defeat. Terry realizes that House will keep making him miserable and never accept that he’s wrong. However, House figures that Terry is doing what he says because he wants hope that he can be fixed. Terry finishes drinking the water, but nothing happens.

Finally, House gives Wilson the $50. When Wilson tries to talk out the issue, House knocks everything off his desk and asks if there is something else he wants to say. Wilson says that House has a problem, and House starts smashing his poster frames. When Wilson backs down and says that they’ll talk later, House says that there’s nothing to talk about and leaves.

Back in differential, Chase thinks they’re diagnosis is wrong, but Foreman insists that Wendy is improving. Taub pages House, and Foreman and Chase both tell him to shut up.

House goes to a bar to drink and the bartender eventually cuts him off. The customers look on, annoyed, as House lectures them on the fact that they drink to kill the pain. One of them tells the bartender to get House a drink and the bartender agrees, and House tells him not to compromise. Another customer insults House, who figures that it’s the right thing to do. He tells the customer to stand up so he can throw the first punch, and then throws it first. He bumps his leg against the edge of the bar and is surprised, and the customer punches him.

Hadley and Chase tell Cesar that he was exposed to radiation and needs a bone marrow transplant, which will put him at risk of infection. Cesar insists that Wendy doesn’t have radiation poisoning, and they figure that he knows what is really killing her, because he’s poisoning Wendy. They tell him to come clean and tell them what he used before Wendy does die.

House finishes exercising his leg and casually walks across the room. As he twirls his cane, he accidentally hits himself in the back of his head and gets an idea. He goes to the gym and confronts Terry, and taps him on the back of his neck. After a few seconds, Terry collapses.

Hadley tells Wendy that Cesar tried to kill her, since he found out she was seeing Glenn, after Cesar met her while she was dating Tony. Cesar used Spanish fly to poison her, since it contains canthardin, which causes symptoms similar to radiation poisoning.

House goes to see Wilson and tell him that he’s proven that Terry had an abnormal growth of nerves caused by a glomus tumor. When Terry took a blow to the neck during a clinch, he went down a few seconds later. Wilson chooses not to debate the case and admits that House probably saved his life, but House points out that Terry will need surgery and will never box again.

Later at home, House takes the compound out of the garbage and prepares another injection.

At the lab, Riggin discovers that one of his test rats is dead.