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Better Half - Recap

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Natalie takes her husband Andres to the hospital for tests. Once inside, he looks around nervously as she tells him that they’re going to the doctor’s office. Dr. Banerjee asks him if he can identify the utensil that she’s holding, but he is unable to do so and screams at her. Natalie reassures him that everything is fine and he calms down, and she tells him that they can go home after he answers a few more questions. Andres apologizes, saying that he has Alzheimer’s, and Dr. Banerjee says that he’s perfect for the drug trial. However, Andres starts coughing up blood onto the desk.

Foreman brings the case to House’s team. House comes in, surprised to find out that Foreman has bypassed him. The hospital administrator wants the team to take the case since they’re running the drug trial, and wants to sit in because Taub is out for a day off to be with his daughters. House notes that he refused it and Foreman says that he overrode him and gave Taub the time off. They go ahead with the case, since House has already predicted that Foreman would try to overrule him, and takes an interest in the case when he hears that Andres was vomiting blood.

Wilson meets with a married patient, Kayla, who says that she and her husband don’t have sex because they’re asexual.

Chase warns Foreman that he’s making a mistake, but Foreman insists that what House is up for parole review and could get the monitor off. He notes that what House is doing isn’t rational, so he must have a plan. Chase isn’t convinced.

Chase and Park perform an endoscopy while Natalie thanks them. A man comes in and Natalie explains that he’s Joseph and helps her with her husband sometimes. Park insists that only family is permitted in the room and Chase suggests that Natalie take Joseph to the lounge. Once they leave, Chase points out that Park could have been a bit more diplomatic.

In the cafeteria, Wilson talks about Kayla and they discuss the merits of asexuality. House bets his friend that he can find a medical reason why Kayla doesn’t want sex, and promises that he won’t go near her. Wilson agrees once he makes sure that House will have no contact with her.

House brings his team in to meet with Foreman now that he’s on his team. The lining is ripped, which would account for the bleeding, but Park says that it wouldn’t cause so much bleeding. Foreman suggests that the liver has fat deposits and suggests they keep Andres alive for the ultrasound test. However, House overrules him and starts to walk out. As he goes, Foreman interrupts and points out that House is trying to make him feel like a subordinate to define their relationship. House immediately agrees. However, Foreman figures that House is setting him up and intercepts Chase and Adams as they take the ultrasound machine to Andres’ room. The only thing he finds is a card from House predicting that’s what he’d do.

As Adams and Chase prepare to run the ultrasound test, Andres goes into another rage, punching Natalie. As they restrain him, they realize that he has blood in his urine, meaning Foreman’s diagnosis is incorrect. The team discusses Andres’ rage and Park insists that only the bleeding is relative. House and Chase both suspect that Natalie is having an affair with Joseph, but House figures that Andres and Natalie don’t have a marriage because Andres has Alzheimer’s and effectively no longer exists. As they walk, House tries to dodge Foreman without success. Foreman insists that they should have kept him on the antiemetics, but House points out that all Foreman did was delay the biopsy. When Foreman insists that House couldn’t have predicted that Andres would punch his wife, House produces another card with his prediction. He also has a card proving that Foreman would dispute his prediction. Adams suggests TTP and House orders plasmaphresis.

Chase explains the procedure to Natalie and Joseph, and she suggests that Joseph should go. Once he leaves, Natalie insists that nothing has happened between her and Joseph even though they’ve discussed it. Chase suggests that she get a full night’s sleep at home.

House is running tests on Kayla’s blood samples with Park and Adams, trying to find a way to identify her lack of sexual interest. Adams figures that her woman’s life is better off without sex, while Park doesn’t see a problem with having lots of sex. House figures that everyone wants sex and someone who doesn’t is either six, dead, or lying. He gets an idea and leaves.

The next day, Natalie comes in and tells Chase that the rest did her good. However, they discover that Andres is gone. Foreman has checked and confirmed that he’s not in the hospital. They notify the police and Natalie blames Chase since he told her to leave. She goes to find him but House stops her, realizing that she was having sex with Joseph. He warns her that her guilt is distracting her and they need her to focus and answer questions. House asks her what her husband would do at home five, ten years ago. Natalie relates Andres’ history, including the time he went to watch soccer practice, and Chase notices that his soccer trophy is gone.

Chase and Adams go to the soccer field where Andres practiced and find him huddled beneath the bleachers. They manage to revive him and get him back to the hospital ICU and House advises a rapid treatment. Adams disagrees but Foreman sides with House. Once they get him stabilized, Foreman tells Natalie that they are warming his temperature outside of his body and then putting it back in. However, he admits that if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing else they can do.

Adams and Chase watch over Andres and she wonders if their patient knows what he was doing. Chase figures that Andres was trying to kill himself and that he’d do the same thing, or hope someone would do it for him. As Andres starts to revive, Chase explains that his father left him to take care of his alcoholic mother and raise his sister. Her sister drank her life away and her mother died, and Chase admits he wishes she had killed herself. They start defibrillating Andres and manage to bring him back, but Foreman warns Natalie that there’s a possibility of brain damage on top of whatever was killing him.

At the clinic, House is toying with a patient over a flu shot when Wilson comes by and complains that House contacted Kayla. House notes that he called in the husband, who is in the next room, and figures that the husband, Randy, wants sex but is simply claiming to be asexual. When Wilson protests that House is testing Randy under false pretenses, House points out that his friend is a sucker for people being happy.

Natalie is at Andres’ bedside when he starts to revive. He talks to her in Portuguese but Natalie admits to Park that she doesn’t speak the language. Andres’ temperature continues to rise and they stabilize him. Foreman calls the team into differential and House comes in, pointing out that the fever may have been caused because Foreman let his patient escape. House stands by his differential of TTP but Foreman suggests they add amnesia and language loss to the list of symptoms, and notes that Andres complained about a sore throat, suggesting encephalitis. House reluctantly orders interferon treatment and Chase admits to Natalie that they’re not sure if it’s encephalitis. She admits that she can’t take care of Andres anymore.

House goes to Wilson’s office and shows him a report proving that Randy has a tumor on his pituitary, lowering his libido and causing erectile dysfunction. Wilson figures that they’re ruined Randy’s life and House suggests that it’s a slow-growing tumor and they don’t need to tell him. In response, Wilson complains that House always meddles. However, House points out that Wilson knew what he would do and that he didn’t believe they were celibate any more than he did.

In his office, Foreman considers House’s parole papers to remove the ankle monitor. However, he gets an idea and goes to see House, figuring that he let him win the diagnosis challenge so that he would be overconfident and remove the monitor. House notes that no matter what, Foreman has to remove the monitor either to prove his control, or prove he can’t be controlled. Foreman tears up the papers and starts to walk out, but they get a page. Andres has gone into vfib and House revives him with the paddles, and then smugly walks away since the heart attack disproves encephalitis.

Back in differential, House figures that they’re wasting time. Foreman tries to come up with a diagnosis of aseptic meningitis, but House disagrees and suggests that Andres has been exposed to a toxic while wandering. House tells the team to check the house for toxins but Foreman finally overrules him and walks out. Disgusted, House goes to talk to Natalie, who isn’t aware of any toxins. As they talk, Andres whispers in Portuguese. House understands the language and tells Natalie that he’s repeating “blue shack.” She tells House that’s where they had their first date, and she asks him what else her husband is saying. House translates, describing how Andres felt during their first date. Natalie realizes that her husband is still there, somewhere inside, but then Andres asks who she is. House warns her not to get her hopes up and tells her to have Joseph get samples from the house.

Wilson meets with Randy and Kayla and tells him that he has a tumor. Kayla asks if there are any side effects and Wilson hesitantly admits that his sex drive could come back. Randy wonders if he can refuse the treatment, insisting that he is asexual, but Kayla promises that they’ll get through it. When he says that he doesn’t want her to have to have sex, she admits that it’s fun and that she’s had before. When Randy wonders what she means, Kayla says that she has needs.

A donor, Mr. Laffont, is there to find out why the hospital’s ranking has gone down. Foreman notices a bowl of flowers on the table and wonders why they’re still alive a week later, and gets an idea. He goes to see House and tells him that it’s Reye’s Syndrome. Natalie uses crushed aspirin in the flower water to make them last longer. Andres had a sore throat and took the aspirin, setting off the syndrome. Foreman has already had Chase put Andres on steroids, and tells House that he wanted to hear it from him.

Andres recovers and recognizes Natalie, at least for the moment. He doesn’t remember hitting her in the eye and Natalie assures him that she can handle it.

Wilson comes to see House and tell him that Randy is getting the treatment. He pays House the $100, and House notes that Wilson did save a man’s life. Wilson insists that they were happy when they were asexual, and House figures that the best relations are based on lies. He lights up a cigar using the $100 bill and offers another cigar to Wilson. Wilson admits that it’s satisfying. A man from the parole board comes in with an order to remove House’s ankle monitor.

Chase calls his sister, who is surprised to hear him after so many years. He explains that he was thinking of her on his mother’s birthday and asks how she’s doing.

House goes to see Foreman, who admits that House was wife and then orders him out. After a moment, House knocks over his pencil cup and walks away.