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Gut Check - Recap

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Szabo is on the ice playing hockey in a minor league game and checks his opponent. The coach then sends in the 22-year-old enforcer Bobby “The Hatchet” Hatcher. As he squares off against Szabo, they agree to fight and the two of them go at it. Szabo goes down and Duncan skates to the side, waiting for his opponent to get up. However, he starts coughing blood and then collapses.

House is in the conference room playing table hockey. When the team comes in, he tells them that Bobby has hemoptysis. Taub figures that he had a punctured lung after fighting, but House says that the ER eliminated the theory already. House tells Taub to check Bobby’s stool for blood and sends the others to test. Adams goes with Taub to see Bobby, and Taub complains about how fighting ruins the sports. Bobby insists that he helps the game by taking the hits so that smaller players don’t have to.

House goes to see Wilson, who is sleeping in his office because he can’t sleep through the neighbor’s baby crying. However, House doesn’t buy it and suggests that Wilson is having paternal urges. Wilson finally admits that he is and complains that they’re missing out on fatherhood. House reminds him of Beth Falconer, a woman that Wilson dated, and explains that Wilson came to his place the night that he split up with Beth. Wilson was drunk and passed out, and Beth called to tell him that he had unprotected sex and now Wilson has an 11-year-old son. When House asked him about it the next day, Wilson said it would be the worst mistake of his life. Wilson doesn’t believe it and House walks out, leaving his friend to ponder.

As they run a MRI test, Park complains to Chase that her mother Popo is on her own because her father is having a cyst removed and Park has to take care of her. Chase suggests that she move out of her parent’s home but Park insists that it would be a sign of disrespect. They confirm that Bobby doesn’t have sarcoid but he does have a super-sized spleen. Back in differential, the team analyzes the new symptom and Chase suggests an ultrasound and blood test for leukemia to confirm a DVT. As Taub takes a blood sample, Bobby gets a call from his agent, Kenny. He takes it but learns that it isn’t the call from the major leagues that he was expecting. Meanwhile, Taub discovers that Bobby’s breasts are enlarging.

That night, House checks on Wilson, who says that he called Beth and confirmed that he has a son.

Back in differential, Park suggests alcoholism and House notes that she has a buckle print on her chin. He figures that she didn’t stay at home and she admits that they had a fight. Taub figures that Bobby is on steroids and House plays the hit back. Taub says it was legal but Adams disagrees, and House says that the league ruled it an illegal hit and suggests that Taub is biased. He sends Taub and Adams to run antibody titers for lipto while Park and Chase check Bobby’s locker.

As they go through the lockers, Chase suggests that Park stay at his spare bedroom. She thinks it would be odd and he assures her that the bedroom door has a lock on the inside. Park finds a prescription for mono medicine and she figures that accounts for the most of the symptoms, and Epstein-Barr would account for his liver. She then agrees to stay with Chase.

Wilson takes House shopping for presents for his son, and House figures that Beth couldn’t have told her son Duncan anything good about his father. He accuses Wilson of wanting vicarious immortality more than a lifetime burden. Wilson figures that Duncan could be a good kid and wants to meet him no matter what.

Chase returns home and finds Popo knitting on the couch. Park comes out and Chase points out that the point was for Park to get away from her mother. Park admits that her father is at the clinic and tells Chase not to worry, and he assures her that he isn’t worried because it isn’t his issue.

Taub goes to check on Bobby and discovers that he’s not in his bed. The hockey player is curled up in the fetal position on the floor, crying.

The next day in differential, Park suggests that Bobby is crying because his liver damage has put his hormones out of whack. Adams insists that Bobby is recovering nicely, but Taub doesn’t believe it and insists that he’s had trauma to the skull causing CTE. House figures that Taub wants Bobby to quit just to take a little violence out of the sport rather than concern for the patient. Park notices House looking at her and Chase’s coffee cups and admits that they’re living together but not sleeping together. House doesn’t believe that Chase took her in just to be nice, while Park is insulted that House thinks Chase had an ulterior reason. He figures that since Chase suggested she leave Popo, he feels guilty and put Park up. House then tells them just to do a psych eval rather than a MRI for CTE, and discharge Bobby if he proves clean.

Wilson meets Duncan at a diner and they start an awkward conversation. He gives Duncan a gamedeck but the boy admits that he has one already, but apologetically says that he can use a spare. When the waitress sees it, she compliments Wilson on being a good father.

Taub checks on Bobby after the psych eval and tells him that he’s fine. Bobby says that he’s feeling better now but Taub suggest that CTE could cause depression and offers to do a MRI to test. Bobby refuses, saying that he has enough evidence that he has head trauma.

Duncan tells Wilson what his mother has told him about him. He gets a call and says that he has to go, but asks if Wilson wants to hang out with him that night. Surprised, Wilson hesitates but then agrees.

Chase promises Bobby anonymity if he’ll do the MRI and the hockey player agrees. Taub comes in and Chase tells him that nothing has turned up, but Taub points out a density on the scan. Chase isn’t convinced but Taub insists that he’s not seeing things. However, House speaks up over the intercom, revealing that he’s the one in the MRI. He figures that Taub is still seeing what he wants to see. They get pages that Bobby is stroking out and leave, abandoning House in the MRI chamber.

House checks on Bobby later and confirms that he’s lost the use of one eye. It’s not a stroke, however, and House admits that Taub was right that something more was going on, but wrong that it was CTE. Bobby asks for a minute with House alone, and then House goes out into the hallway. Taub suggest neurosyphilis and House tells him that Bobby demanded that he apologize to Taub for pointing out his incompetence. Chase suggests microscopic polyangiitis but notes that they have to run an ANCA panel to confirm. Otherwise the treatment could kill Bobby. Taub disagrees, warning that Bobby won’t have time before MPA reaches his lungs. House agrees with Taub and tells him to begin the plasmapheresis treatment.

In the cafeteria, House sits down with Wilson and asks if he’s miserable. When Wilson says that Duncan is bright and well-adjusted, House figures that means that the boy doesn’t need Wilson. Wilson says that he’s making dinner and House figures that Duncan is going along because he’s gutless just like his father. He warns Wilson that it’s a terrible idea but Wilson figures that he’s jealous.

That night, Wilson is making pizza and asks Duncan to talk about himself. The boy doesn’t have much to say and looks around, and finally asks if Wilson has prosciutto and goat cheese. Wilson is relieved to hear he likes them because he does as well. Later, he drives Duncan homes and the boy explains that his mother got into a fight with his father and the family cut her off. Duncan asks if Wilson is talking to his parents, and he says that they’ll be surprised and pleased to meet him. As Wilson drops Duncan off, he hugs him and says he loves him, calling him, “Dad.”

As Bobby receives treatment, Taub asks if he likes playing hockey. He then talks about how he made money as a plastic surgeon but he wasn’t happy. After a moment, Bobby explains that as he grew larger, his coach said that he’d have to use his size. He spent most of his time fighting rather than playing hockey even though he loved the game... and then realizes that his arms are paralyzed.

The next morning, House comes in as Taub brings the team up to speed. The ANCA panel was negative, meaning it’s not MPA. House notices that Chase is tired, and Chase explains that he was up late playing cribbage with Popo. However, House figures that it means that Chase feels guilty about all the women that he’s screwed over in the past. Taub suggests that it’s botulism brought on by food poisoning, and House figures that Taub is on Bobby’s side now but he’s just as biased, just for different reasons. House notes that there was no contaminated food, but Taub suggests that a trainer may have used botox for muscle spasms. He says that they need to test first because the antitoxin could cause anaphylaxis, and House points out that the last time Taub was the one in a hurry to treat. Taub defends his decision but House doesn’t buy it and tells them to administer the antitoxin.

After Taub gives Bobby the antitoxin, Park comes in. Once she confirms that there have been no adverse effects, Park wonders why Chase is being so nice to her. She figures that Chase is romantically interested in her but Taub doesn’t buy it. Bobby is able to move his hand and they realize that he’s no longer paralyzed.

In the elevator, Wilson thanks House for not making him wait eleven more years. When he points out that he doesn’t plan to abandon Duncan, House warns him that nothing he’s done has prepared him for being a father and that there’ll be no running away like he has with his other relationships. Wilson says that he knows and admits that he’s excited about it.

Taub and Bobby play table hockey and Taub explains that he’s happier doing differential than plastic surgery because of the joy he finds in helping a patient. Bobby says that the best part of his day is when he’s in the penalty box because he feels safe. He tells Taub that he’s not going back to enforcing no matter what the cost. Bobby then has breathing problems as his lungs seize up.

Back in differential, Taub tells the team that the tests are negative for botulism. House admits that he’s out of ideas and an increasingly desperate Taub tries to come up with a diagnosis that gives them a chance of saving Bobby’s life. The only likely possibility is prion disease, but they would have to do a brain biopsy and Bobby isn’t likely to survive it. House finally tells Taub that Bobby doesn’t have his back, and that he told House he wanted Taub off of his case. He then tells them to biopsy Bobby’s brain and walks out.

Duncan arrives late for his lunch date for Wilson and explains that he had an argument with Beth. She wants to move to Costa Rica to open a bird reserve and has already bought plane tickets. Wilson tries to put a good face on it but Duncan says that he has no intention of going. When Wilson wonders what he’ll do, Duncan asks if he can stay with him. Wilson hesitates and Duncan begs him not to send him to the jungle. Once he considered it, Wilson says that if it’s okay with Beth then it’s okay with him, and Duncan hugs him.

Taub asks House to take him off his case because he’s lost his neutrality House agrees and asks why he shouldn’t take him off of all his cases. Taub says that he a problem with bullies, but doesn’t believe that House is a bully because he thinks that ideas are bigger than feelings. As he starts to go, House calls him back and says that he screwed up and kept screwing up, but what Taub has to do is trust nothing and question every call instead of walking away. When House mentions playing through every whistle, Taub gets an idea and House tells him that he can trust ideas.

Taub and House go to the OR and stop the brain biopsy, and Taub explains that Epstein-Barr gave Bobby mono, just like Park thought. However, it also gave him Miller Fisher Syndrome. The plasmapheresis helped him, but when they took him off of it he got worse and they gave him antitoxins because they had moved on to a different diagnosis. House congratulates Taub on the diagnosis but says it doesn’t make up for him being an idiot the rest of the time.

House goes to Wilson’s office and finds him sleeping on the couch. Wilson tells him that he let Duncan move in with him, knowing that neither one of them is ready for it. He admits to House that he can’t do it and he was right. House says that he has an idea to make the whole thing go away, but Wilson doesn’t believe it works that way. However, House opens the door and reveals Duncan waiting outside. “Duncan” is actually Wendel, and hands over his acting portfolio. House insists that he was helping Wilson, but Wilson orders him out. Once they’re gone, Wilson tosses the portfolio aside and then chuckles.

Taub goes to see Bobby, who says that he got the call on his $2.1 million deal to play in the major leagues. He admits that after all he did to get to the majors, half a dream is better than nothing and he hopes that the new coach will see what he wants. Taub says that’d be nice.

Park and Chase ride the elevator together and he notices that she’s staring at him. She says that she isn’t sleeping with him and he says that it’s a shame. Park realizes that Chase is jealous of her and her family, and Chase admits that she’s right. As they get off the elevator, Park says that she might sleep with him after all.

Later, Chase and Popo play cribbage and share a toast.

Park moves in with her relatives.

Wilson makes pizza with House and learns that House got the real Beth to play along because she still hates Wilson.