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House's Head (Part 1) - Recap

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House finds himself in a gentleman's club with a stripper, but has no memory of the last four hours of his life. He's bleeding from a head wound, his cane is missing, and he has memory flashes of a bus and injured people. He says that someone is dying then limps outside to see an overturned bus in the street outside with emergency teams helping the injured, and House realizes he was in the accident.

The injured are taken to the hospital and House gets his head wound treated. Despite his memory loss, he insists that he saw someone with a symptom indicating a life-threatening disease. He seizes upon the driver as the likely suspect, since his illness could have caused the crash. However, the driver appears okay. The less injured patients are being released so House claims to have found a case of meningitis to get the place quarantined so he can check everyone. He then tries to determine what happened prior to the accident but has no luck. The team head back to ER until House can remember, but Kutner suggests that they use hypnosis to uncover House's memories.

Chase is trained with hypnosis and has House visualize himself on the empty bus. House then goes back in his memories to the bar where he was at prior to the accident, and realizes that he was on the bus because the bartender took away his keys because he was drunk. Wilson is there with Chase, and is interested when House mentions seeing Amber at the bar in his memories.

Chase finally takes House back to the accident where House remembers seeing a Goth kid picking his nose. He figures it's the symptom of a tumor and goes to diagnose the kid. However, a test proves negative. They're interrupted when the driver suddenly declares his legs are paralyzed. They're unable to diagnose a cause and House tries to trigger more memories by sniffing the passengers' clothing. As he does so, he takes more and more doses of Vicodin, worrying his staff.

House manages to get a memory of the bus with the driver representing House' subconscious. The driver notes that House is bleeding from his head wound and needs further treatment. House is more interested in a new passenger, a woman in black, whom he realizes couldn’t have been on the bus. However, Wilson interrupts his memory recovery and gets him into a MRI, where he confirms a serious head injury. Wilson is also interested in knowing why House didn't have a sexual fantasy about Amber, and wonders if his friend has feelings for her.

As House's head pains become more severe, he obsessed over the case without knowing why. They put the driver on antibiotics and he starts to recover, but then has incapacitating stomach pains. House tries sensory deprivation in a sealed water tank and this time his subconscious manifests as Cuddy, who is wearing a skimpy schoolgirl's outfit. "She" tries to help with his diagnosis, but House insists she strip and do a pole dance while she helps out. She finally stops and they're back on the bus, saying House would rather fantasize about a diagnosis then about her naked. Even though it's his subconscious telling him this, House is disappointed. The Woman in Black appears and says that she is the answer, but House doesn't know whom she represents in his subconscious. The driver also appears in House's memory and then the other passengers, and House finally remembers seeing the driver shuffling as he helped an elderly woman on the bus: the shuffling is a symptom of Parkinson's disease. Cuddy and the others bring House out of the tank and he tells them to treat for Parkinson's and then collapses.

Cuddy has House taken home where a Nurse Dickerson treats him while a guard makes sure he stays there. He calls Cuddy and confirms that the drive is negative for Parkinson's. Suspecting TPP, he orders them to test his carbohydrate intake by feeding him bagels and running on a treadmill. Dickerson takes his phone, but House steals hers and locks himself in the bathroom. He has the staff hold the phone up to the driver's chest and hears him wheezing, eliminating TPP. Cuddy calls House back in and he notices the driver had recent dental surgery. They prepare to take the driver into surgery but House seals himself and Thirteen in with the driver and orders her to put a syringe into the driver's heart. The man had an air bubble forced into his gums during the surgery and it moved through his body from his spine (the paralysis) to the lungs (breathing problems) and now to the heart. Cuddy tries to override House, but Thirteen goes ahead with the procedure before she can break into the room, and successfully removes the air bubble.

Cuddy takes House home and puts him to bed, then stands watch outside. He seemingly wakes up and goes out to talk to her, only to find that the Woman in Black has taken Cuddy's place: he's still dreaming. She's wearing a necklace with a fly embedded in resin, and he realizes he's missing something. Then a red scarf appears in his hand and he feels compelled to wrap it around her leg as she complains that she's cold. Her leg starts bleeding, and then House wakes up.

He calls Cuddy, telling her he's saved the same patient. He saw something in someone else, and has them recreate the bus accident by having the staff wear photos of the passengers. The staff realize House is taking Alzheimer's drugs to jumpstart his brain, despite the risk of a heart attack. House finally remembers more of the accident, and confronts the Woman in Black. She says he knows who she is and indicates her necklace. House keeps repeating it's made of resin... until he realizes she means amber. He then relives the entire accident, and sees Wilson's girlfriend Amber on the bus. In the crash her leg is impaled and she suffers a head wound, and House is forced to apply a tourniquet using her red scarf to stop the bleeding, as she complains about feeling cold.

House snaps out of his memory fugue to discover he's had a heart attack and his team are trying to revive him. He explains that Amber was on the bus and Wilson doesn't believe him, until House notes Wilson hasn't talked to her since before the accident. Going over the records, they discover she was one of two unidentified patients who was transferred to another hospital.

(to be continued)