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Lucky Thirteen - Recap

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Thirteen brings a woman, Spencer, home to her apartment for sex. Afterward, Thirteen goes to the bathroom and hears a noise. Turning, she sees her bedmate fall to floor in convulsions. She calls the EMTs, who get her to the ER room where Cameron takes a look Thirteen admits she doesn’t know the woman’s name. Cameron goes to show House the case but he’s busy playing a welcome-back practical joke on Wilson, who doesn’t laugh. He seems distracted, noting he had a breakfast but eating a donut.

The team goes into differential and House orders bone marrow tests, while busy asking Thirteen to tell him everything that happened. Thirteen notes that Spencer has seen four doctors in the last year and dismisses her as a hypochondriac. House goes with her as she takes a bone marrow sample and the woman is forthcoming about her sexual activities with Thirteen.

House suspects that Wilson lied to him since he doesn’t usually go to a diner and have a donut afterward. He puts Lucas on the case. Meanwhile, Thirteen confronts her girlfriend after discovering she’s been trying to get to House for over a year. Spencer admits she followed Thirteen to the bar to get her to help her get in to see House. Thirteen tries to discharge her but the woman says she’s constantly tired even though the other doctors say nothing is wrong. Spencer starts to gasp for breath and then crashes. She stabilizes the heart and the team goes back into differential. House believes drugs are responsible and Thirteen figures that Spencer must have gotten something at Thirteen’s apartment. House orders a search and assigns Thirteen to run tests.

Foreman and House end up going to Thirteen’s apartment, and House already has a key thanks to Lucas. Foreman demands a copy of the key House has of his house, but House says he already knows everything about Foreman. House finds no sex toys, suggesting she’s had a lot of one-night stands, and discovers an asthma inhaler. Back at the hospital he claims to have found a recluse spider with a venom that can cause respiration problems. He shows her the inhaler but wonders what she thought he had found. Thirteen checks with the woman, Spencer to see if she has a spider bite, and tells her that she didn’t plan on seeing her again. Spencer suggests they might have a repeat performance but she doesn’t realize that Thirteen is touching her hip.

Thirteen determines that Spencer has low potassium that could account for the numbness. House suggests Thirteen check for calcification in the kidneys. That night, House and Lucas go to spy on Wilson at his apartment. A blonde woman shows up and goes into Wilson’s apartment, much to House’s astonishment.

Chase conducts surgery to find the calcification while Foreman talks to Thirteen. He reveals that he found the test results confirming she has less time than expected. He suggests she should be working on exercises but she insists she’s cramming as much as fun as possible into her life. In the operating room, Spencer stops breathing and they’re forced to intubate. House orders them to take administer a treadmill test.

Cuddy discovers Thirteen giving herself IV fluids while Foreman confronts House over the fact that he’s discovered Lucas was investigating him. He notes that Lucas couldn’t find anything and House admits he’s right. However, he notes that it’s because Foreman hasn’t done anything interesting with his life. House is called to Cuddy’s office where she orders Thirteen to take a drug test. House tells Cuddy to back off, much to Thirteen’s surprise. Outside, House tells her that she’s fired for missing a differential and an operation, and because she has a drug habit.

House goes to see Wilson and asks what Wilson has been doing with his life. Wilson admits he’s seeing someone and finally admits that his new girlfriend Debbie used to be a prostitute. He says Amber wanted him to be happy and doesn’t want House to judge: House… agrees and then leaves without further comment.

Foreman goes to see Thirteen, who is going over Spencer’s case privately. She asks him for help and they determine Spencer might have lung cysts, and her current tests will cause her lungs to collapse. Thirteen gets in there and manages to save her. However, House refuses to let her participate despite the others saying she deserves another chance, and tells Taub and Kutner to do a lung biopsy. He the meets with Lucas and insists that Debbie is out to get something from Wilson. They’re interrupted when Taub arrives with the results of the lung biopsy.

House goes to see Thirteen as she leaves and he speculates that she likes to control women because she can’t control her own condition. He tells her to play God and tell Spencer that the tests show she only has ten years to live due to LAM. Thirteen agrees, rather than let House give Spencer the news. She sees Spencer and informs her that the cysts will grow back no matter what until her lungs stop working.

Chase removes the cysts for now but Thirteen warns Spencer that they don’t know how long until they come back. Thirteen apologizes again and explains what will happen to her, speaking from personal experience. She asks if she can come back later and Spencer says that would be fine. However, as she goes, Thirteen spots bleeding caused by anemia. She takes the information to the team and asks to finish out the case without pay. The anemia confirms that LAM isn’t responsible and House orders them to test for everything… but tells Thirteen to stay out of it.

While working on the tests, Foreman asks Chase if he’s boring and Chase cheerily says that he is. Chase notes that Foreman is never out of control, which is good… and boring. Foreman never pushes his limits and Foreman considers what he’s saying.

Thirteen lies next to Spencer, who says she’s glad Thirteen is there, and they kiss.

House informs Thirteen that whatever Spencer has, she needs a bone marrow transplant. However, Thirteen warns that Spencer won’t survive body irradiation. However, the new bone marrow will destroy the old bone marrow, killing Spencer. Regardless, House tells Thirteen to get Spencer’s consent to the transplant.

Lucas meets House and shows him what he found in Wilson’s trash: a syringe. House goes to see Wilson after figuring out the prostitution and drug use was Wilson’s practical joke on him. They go out to eat but House still wonders where Wilson went the other day. Wilson tells him that nothing has changed and House will have to trust him, and House says that’s fine. Then Wilson figures House will follow him anyway and tells him to meet him that night on front of his apartment.

Thirteen gets Spencer’s consent and House tells her she’s in a downward spiral that won’t end well. However, he notes she did good work and he can still use her so he hires her back. She wonders what changed and realizes that House set it up so that she would connect with Spencer and fight to stay alive. House interrupts her when he notices her lips are cracked. She admits she’s been using her inhaler and he wonders if she cried when Spencer found out she was going to die. Thirteen says she didn’t.

House cuts an onion and waves it in front of Spencer, but she still doesn’t cry. She has Sjoegren’s, which attacks the glands that generate tears and saliva and also causes lung cysts. They both used the inhaler so Thirteen had the same lack of saliva which caused the cracked lips.

Foreman talks to Thirteen who admits that she feels alone even though Spencer will live. She heads home and Foreman considers what she’s said.

House follows Wilson to a baby store, where Cuddy is there picking out a crib. Cuddy easily figures out that Wilson led House there, and explains that Cuddy is adopting and he was busy the other morning as a character witness. She held off until she knew she had been accepted as a parent. Cuddy wonders if she’s going to congratulate her and he says if she’s happy… and then walks out.

Thirteen finds a new woman to bring home for the night.