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Last Resort - Recap

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At Princeton General, the clinic is filled with patients and one man, Larry, talks to Thirteen saying he needs a refill on his migraine medication. Thirteen tells him to wait. Foreman comes in and tells her about clinical tests for a Huntington’s cure and offers to get her in. She refuses, saying she doesn’t need a consult. Another man, Jason, sees Cuddy’s office and goes in, and finds House behind the desk. House tells him to leave as he goes through her desk and Jason quietly goes back outside…. and draws a gun. He then ushers Thirteen, a nurse, and a handful of patients into Cuddy’s office and demands that he be treated. He asks for the best doctor in the hospital or he starts killing people.

Jason forces the patients to close the blinds and barricade the room. He explains he’s been to 16 doctors in the last two years and hasn’t gotten any results concerning his heart palpitations, rash, insomnia, and shortness of breath. Jason tells House to do his job and gives him his files. Outside, the security teams get everyone out. House borrows a lighter to have Jason perform a simple breath test and says he has a cure for his pulmonary scleroderma. Cuddy calls in and House says they can cure him but he needs an alkylating agent. Recognizing Cuddy from her photo, Jason demands that Cuddy bring in the propofol that House needs to test for the disease. Cuddy delivers it and House prepares to give a dose but Jason tells him to give it to someone else first. House notes that all the patients have an illness that the drug will harm, but Jason points Larry who has the migraines and didn’t get the treatment. Larry suggests that House inject Thirteen, and House points out she’s ill as well. House gives Larry the injection and nothing bad happens. House prepares to give Jason the injection but Larry collapses. Jason shoots another patient, Mitch, in the leg to make sure House knows he can’t screw with him.

Outside, the police SWAT leader, Lt. Bowman, arrives and informs Cuddy he’ll know when to start shooting. Meanwhile, Kutner, Taub, Chase, and Cameron are dealing with the movement of patients when House calls them to bring them in on the differential. Chase is less than impressed with Jason’s threat and refuses to help. He walks out and the rest of the team goes to work. House orders Kutner and Taub to check out Jason’s house. When Jason readily gives him his address, House figures he has a way to leave. Bowman calls in but Jason hears someone outside and orders everyone down and orders the policemen back. House is more interested in the fact that only Jason heard the men and figures it’s nerve related. House and Thirteen examine the man and they figure he has post-herpetic neuralgia. House warns the test is painful if he doesn’t have neuralgia, but Jason agrees. He calls out to Bowman to ask for two doses of the treatment. Bowman refuses to negotiate until Jason lets a hostage go. Jason offers to let two go but demands that Cuddy bring it in. Cuddy agrees and they bring out Mitch and Larry.

They need a volunteer to take the second dose and Thirteen finally volunteers. House isn’t thrilled and points out that she’s being self-destructive, but she tells him to get on it. Once she receives the injection, House prepares to give Jason his injection while figuring that he got fired from his job. Jason says that isn’t the case House wonders why Jason wants an answer but before he can say anything, he collapses from the pain, indicating he doesn’t have neuralgia.

Kutner and Taub check the house and find his unpaid medical bills. Foreman and Cameron go over the blood tests and eliminate an infection. Thirteen notices that Jason has an extended jugular and House checks his pulse, which is racing. Jason wants them to use paddles but House warns that it will cause muscles spasm that might set off the gun. Thirteen suggest a drug to get his heart stabilized and Jason gives her 30 seconds before he shoots Oliver, another hostage. As she grabs the drug, Thirteen sees the SWAT shooters lined up outside. With time running out, a nurse, Regina, volunteers herself. When Jason prepares to shoot her, she begs for more time and Thirteen arrives. Jason wants Thirteen to take the same drug first, but House warns it would be dangerous to slow her heart. Thirteen goes ahead and injects herself and then collapses. House injects Jason and his heart stabilizes. However, he starts sweating on only one side of his face. House figures there’s a tumor pressing on his sympathetic nerves: Jason has lung cancer.

As Regina tries to stabilize Thirteen, House calls Wilson to confirm the diagnosis, and he notes it tends to be in the throat. House has Jason spit, confirming his saliva glands aren’t working and the tumor has metastasized. They need an x-ray to confirm and Jason sends out two more hostages to get access to Radiology for a scan. Jason ties House, Thirteen, and the remaining three hostages around him as a human shield and they get onto the elevator. As they proceed, House asks Jason why he snapped and he insists he just wants an answer.

As they get Jason into the scan chamber, House insists that curiosity isn’t a sufficient motive and Jason insists he’d rather go to jail then not know. House finishes the scan but then informs Jason that the gun is throwing off the scan and Jason is going to have to give it up. Jason reluctantly agrees and two of the hostages run for it. The remaining one, Oliver, stays because he’s curious and it’s safe. House completes the scan but is forced to tell Jason there’s no tumor and he doesn’t know what he has. Jason thanks House for trying and House gives him the gun back. Thirteen accuses him of arrogance and he points out that she’s the one who needs to be in control. Oliver has to stay in case they need him. Meanwhile, Bowman wonders if House is lying and House calls for a differential. Foreman accuses House of getting someone killed and walks off. House notices that Jason is now having hearing problems on one side. House suspects Cushing’s Syndrome and asks for medication but Bowman tells him they’re through negotiating. Jason releases Oliver and agrees not to test drugs on the hostages.

Cuddy delivers the medicine and House quickly takes it away from her. House tells Jason the medication will slow his breathing but Jason tells him to give it to Thirteen: he lied to Bowman. Thirteen says the chances are slim and injects herself. As she waits, he asks her how long she has to live and realizes she doesn’t have a cure. Jason takes the injection and admits he was miserable not knowing what was wrong with him and took the risk to learn. However, he notes that there’s no risk to the chances Thirteen is taking. Thirteen’s kidneys shut down but Jason’s breathing is unchanged: House was wrong.

House insists they need to get Thirteen out and reports in to the rest of the team. House concludes he needs to slap Jason who reluctantly agrees, and notices a twitch. House concludes from it he has a calcium deficiency: the same drugs that cause calcium loss protect the kidneys. Cameron suggests meliodosis but Jason would have had to go to a tropical environment to get it. Jason admits he hasn’t been anywhere south of Florida, and they realize that’s the key. House calls Bowman and orders drugs for it, and Bowman says he’s done negotiating. Jason offers House to be released, and House realizes that Jason plans to give the drug to Thirteen. Jason points out that Thirteen is the only one who has had the same drugs. Thirteen tells House to get out as she’s going to die either way.

House walks out into the hallway as an officer tosses the drug treatment in. Thirteen wonders if Jason feels bad about killing her, and he points out she wants to die. House stands outside as the SWAT team prepares to blast through the wall. Thirteen balks at injecting herself but he refuses to back down and she prepares to inject herself… and stops, saying she doesn’t want to die. Jason prepares to shoot her… then puts down the gun. The SWAT team blasts their way in, knocking him down. The police take him away and House checks on Thirteen. She explains that Jason didn’t make her take the drug.

Thirteen undergoes a week of temporary dialysis to restore her kidneys. Foreman apologizes for backing out of the differential, and she accepts his offer to participate in the drug trial.

Cuddy returns to her office and finds it in disarray. House comes in and tells her they’ve confirmed the diagnosis. She accuses him of enabling Jason and he notes she enabled him. She asks if he thinks she would have handled it differently if it had been someone else, and House notices that they already have a non-relationship and there’s only one thing to change. She wonders if he wants a relationship and he denies it, saying he was just trying to follow her reasoning. As he leaves, her desk drawers fall out from what he set up earlier.